Protein markers used to identify genetic material of teosinte (Euchlaena mexicana) in Zea mays L.XEuchlaena mexicana hybrids

Tsanev, V.; Ivanov, P.; Todorova, L.; Dimitrov, I.; Kunova, T.

Genetics and Breeding 28(1-2): 27-33


Accession: 011218415

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Data from the electrophoretic profiles of the esterase enzyme system, SDS-denaturated seed proteins, and zein-2 storage protein fraction reveal similarity between inbred maize lines and teosinte, which is supposed to be due to their genetical relationship. Considerable differences are also found in the esterase and zein proteins of the above forms. In Z. maysXE. mexicana hybrids specific for teosinte components are found in the electrophoretic profiles of the proteins studied. It is concluded that the latters may be used as markers for introgressed genetic material from teosinte. Esterase enzyme system is suggested as the most suitable protein marker.