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Chapter 11,344

Sequence analysis of Pns11, a nonstructural protein of rice gall dwarf virus, and its expression and detection in infected rice plants and vector insects

Moriyasu, Y.; Ishikawa, K.; Kikuchi, A.; Imanishi, S.; Tomita, S.; Akutsu, K.; Omura, T.

Virus Genes 20(3): 237-241


ISSN/ISBN: 0920-8569
PMID: 10949951
DOI: 10.1023/a:1008192628767
Accession: 011343254

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The nucleotide sequence of genome segment S11 of rice gall dwarf virus (RGDV), a member of Phytoreovirus, was determined. The segment encodes a putative protein of 40 kDa that exhibits approximately 37% homology at the amino acid level to the nonstructural proteins Pns10 of rice dwarf and wound tumor viruses, which are other members of Phytoreovirus. A band of a protein with an apparent molecular mass of 40 kDa was specifically detected in an analysis of cells transfected with S11 cDNA. An antiserum raised against this protein reacted with a protein of approximately 40 kDa after fractionation by SDS-PAGE of materials prepared from infected plants and from viruliferous vector insects. However, the antiserum did not react with purified viral proteins. These results suggest that S11 encodes a nonstructural protein of RGDV. This protein was named Pns11.

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