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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 11347

Chapter 11347 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ritter, G.; Cohen, L.S.; Williams, C.; Richards, E.C.; Old, L.J.; Welt, S., 2001:
Serological analysis of human anti-human antibody responses in colon cancer patients treated with repeated doses of humanized monoclonal antibody A33

Masuzawa, T.; Dancel, L.A.; Miyake, M.; Yanagihara, Y., 2001:
Serological analysis of human leptospirosis in the Philippines

Motta, F.C.; Luiz, M.O.; Couceiro, J.N., 2000:
Serological analysis reveals circulation of influenza C viruses, Brazil

Pankova, I.; Kokoskova, B., 1999:
Serological and biochemical distinguishing of Pseudomonas syringae: Pathovars on peas

Salama, A.; Ahrens, N.; Kiesewetter, H., 2002:
Serological and clinical aspects of autoimmune hemolytic anemias

Ozsan, M.; Erbay, B.; Ozkul, A.; Erturk, S.; Karaarslan, A.; Ates, K., 1999:
Serological and clinical follow up of cytomegalovirus infection in renal transplant patients and prevalence of symptomatic infection after transplantation

Queiroz, D.M.; Mendes, E.N.; Rocha, G.A.; Oliveira, A.M.; Oliveira, C.A.; Cabral, M.M.; Nogueira, A.M.; Souza, A.F., 1999:
Serological and direct diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori in gastric carcinoma: a case-control study

Titov, L.P.; Samoilovich, Y.O.; Kochanovsky, B.; Wolf, H.I., 1999:
Serological and epidemiological features of infection caused by Epstein-Barr virus in the Belarus Republic

Lewis-Ximenez, L.L.; Oliveira, J.M.; Mercadante, L.A.; D.C.stro, L.; Santa Catharina, W.; Stuver, S.; Yoshida, C.F., 2001:
Serological and vaccination profile of hemodialysis patients during an outbreak of hepatitis B virus infection

el Mubarak, H.S.; Van D.B.ldt, M.W.; Mustafa, O.A.; Vos, H.W.; Mukhtar, M.M.; Groen, J.; el Hassan, A.M.; Niesters, H.G.; Ibrahim, S.A.; Zijlstra, E.E.; Wild, T.F.; Osterhaus, A.D.;, R.L., 2000:
Serological and virological characterization of clinically diagnosed cases of measles in suburban Khartoum

Bobkova, M.R.; Kazennova, E.V.; Selimova, L.M.; Buravtsova, E.V.; Lister, S.; Prilipov, A.G.; Weber, J.N.; Pokrovsky, V.V.; Bobkov, A.F., 2001:
Serological approaches to subtyping of HIV-1 in injecting drug users in Russia: evidence of subtype homogeneity at the main sites of the epidemic

Kamanin, E.I.; Panova, N.V., 2003:
Serological assessment of destructive processes in the pharynx in conservative and cryosurgical treatment of patients with chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis

Nishizono, A.; Gotoh, T.; Fujioka, T.; Murakami, K.; Kubota, T.; Nasu, M.; Watanabe, M.; Mifune, K., 1998:
Serological assessment of the early response to eradication therapy using an immunodominant outer membrane protein of Helicobacter pylori

Borrow, R.; Andrews, N.; Goldblatt, D.; Miller, E., 2001:
Serological basis for use of meningococcal serogroup C conjugate vaccines in the United Kingdom: reevaluation of correlates of protection

Shchelkanov, M.Y.; Yaroslavtseva, N.G.; Yudin, A.N.; Mirskov, Yu, A.; Eremin, V.F.; Titov, L.P.; Rytik, P.G.; Karamov, E.V., 1998:
Serological characteristics of HIV-1 isolates from an epidemic focus in the Gomel region in Republic of Belarus (1996)

Mandal, M.N.A.; Chand, L.; Lakhchaura, B.D.; Garg, G.K., 2000:
Serological characterization of the globulin fractions of pigeonpea seed storage proteins

Jäger, D.; Stockert, E.; Jäger, E.; Güre, A.O.; Scanlan, M.J.; Knuth, A.; Old, L.J.; Chen, Y.T., 2000:
Serological cloning of a melanocyte rab guanosine 5'-triphosphate-binding protein and a chromosome condensation protein from a melanoma complementary DNA library

Williams, J.N.; Jones, G.R.; Christodoulides, M.; Heckels, J.E., 2003:
Serological correlates of protection against meningococci in a cohort of university students, before and during an outbreak of serogroup C infection

Negrao, A.M.G.; Molnar, E.; Molnar, L., 1999:
Serological dates of bovine leptospirosis from some regions of Para State

Swanson, M.M.; Valand, G.B.; Muniyappa, V.; Harrison, B.D., 1998:
Serological detection and antigenic variation of two whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses: Tobacco leaf curl and croton yellow vein mosaic viruses

Eichmuller, S.; Usener, D.; Dummer, R.; Stein, A.; Thiel, D.; Schadendorf, D., 2001:
Serological detection of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma-associated antigens

Masciotra, S.; Rudolph, D.L.; van der Groen, G.; Yang, C.; Lal, R.B., 2000:
Serological detection of infection with diverse human and simian immunodeficiency viruses using consensus env peptides

Sakharov, R.S.; Kondratova, I.V.; Fedulova, M.V.; Krestyanova, I.N., 2002:
Serological detection of rhesus antigen D in blood traces from Rh-negative (CDE) subjects

Schröter, M.; Feucht, H.H.; Schäfer, P.; Zöllner, B.; Laufs, R., 1999:
Serological determination of hepatitis C virus subtypes 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, and 4a by a recombinant immunoblot assay

Meda, N.; Gautier-Charpentier, L.; Soudré, R.B.; Dahourou, H.; Ouedraogo-Traoré, R.; Ouangré, A.; Bambara, A.; Kpozehouen, A.; Sanou, H.; Valéa, D.; Ky, F.; Cartoux, M.; Barin, F.; Van de Perre, P., 1999:
Serological diagnosis of human immuno-deficiency virus in Burkina Faso: reliable, practical strategies using less expensive commercial test kits

Kitamura, T.; Uchida, K.; Tanaka, N.; Tsuchiya, T.; Watanabe, J.; Yamada, Y.; Hanaoka, K.; Seymour, J.F.; Schoch, O.D.; Doyle, I.; Inoue, Y.; Sakatani, M.; Kudoh, S.; Azuma, A.; Nukiwa, T.; Tomita, T.; Katagiri, M.; Fujita, A.; Kurashima, A.; Kanegasaki, S.; Nakata, K., 2000:
Serological diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary alveolar proteinosis

Donati, D.; Cellesi, C.; Rossolini, A.; Lorusso, V.; Moschettini, D.; Amato, T.; Valensin, P.E., 1998:
Serological diagnosis of respiratory viral infections. A five-year study of hospitalised patients

Zolotarev, Y.V.; Meshandin, A.G.; Zolotareva, L.V., 2001:
Serological diagnosis of salmonellosis

Bertozzi; Suzuki; Rossi, 1999:
Serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis: usefulness of IgA detection and IgG avidity determination in a patient with a persistent IgM antibody response to toxoplasma gondii

L.S.ola, B.; Rydkina, L.; Ndihokubwayo, J.B.; Vene, S.; Raoult, D., 2000:
Serological differentiation of murine typhus and epidemic typhus using cross-adsorption and Western blotting

Arvaja, M.; Lehtinen, M.; Koskela, P.; Lappalainen, M.; Paavonen, J.; Vesikari, T., 1999:
Serological evaluation of herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 infections in pregnancy

Ogunkoya, A.B.; Hassan, A.J.; Jahun, B.M.; Yilla, A.S.; Oshinubi, M.O.V.; Beran, G.W., 2003:
Serological evaluation of the response of Nigerian dogs to Flury (LEP) vaccine

Silins, I.; Wang, Z.; Avall-Lundqvist, E.; Frankendal, B.; Vikmanis, U.; Sapp, M.; Schiller, J.T.; Dillner, J., 1999:
Serological evidence for protection by human papillomavirus (HPV) type 6 infection against HPV type 16 cervical carcinogenesis

Robinson, A.J.; Kirkland, P.D.; Forrester, R.I.; Capucci, L.; Cooke, B.D.; Philbey, A.W., 2002:
Serological evidence for the presence of a calicivirus in Australian wild rabbits, Oryctolagus cuniculus, before the introduction of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV): Its potential influence on the specificity of a competitive ELISA for RHDV

Körner, I.; Blatz, R.; Wittig, I.; Pfeiffer, D.; Rühlmann, C., 1999:
Serological evidence of Chlamydia pneumoniae lipopolysaccharide antibodies in atherosclerosis of various vascular regions

Lieberman, D.; Lieberman, D.; Shmarkov, O.; Gelfer, Y.; Ben-Yaakov, M.; Lazarovich, Z.; Boldur, I., 2002:
Serological evidence of Legionella species infection in acute exacerbation of COPD

Black, P.N.; Scicchitano, R.; Jenkins, C.R.; Blasi, F.; Allegra, L.; Wlodarczyk, J.; Cooper, B.C., 2000:
Serological evidence of infection with Chlamydia pneumoniae is related to the severity of asthma

Owoade, A.A.; Adeniji, J.A.; Olatunji, M.O., 2002:
Serological evidence of influenza A virus serotypes (H1N1 and H5N1) in chicken in Nigeria

Baba, S.S.; E.Y.guda, A.D.; Baba, M.M., 1998:
Serological evidence of mixed infections with Newcastle disease and Egg drop syndrome 1976 viruses in village chicken in Borno state, Nigeria

Lodes, M.J.; Dillon, D.C.; Mohamath, R.; Day, C.H.; Benson, D.R.; Reynolds, L.D.; McNeill, P.; Sampaio, D.P.; Skeiky, Y.A.; Badaro, R.; Persing, D.H.; Reed, S.G.; Houghton, R.L., 2001:
Serological expression cloning and immunological evaluation of MTB48, a novel Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen

Rodnin, N.V.; Tykhonkova, I.O.; Nemazany, I.O.; Gorlova, L.M.; Komissarenko, I.V.; Palchevskiy, S.S.; Kuharenko, O.P.; Drobot, L.B.; Matsuka, G.H.; Filonenko, V.V.; Gout, I.T., 2000:
Serological identification of autoimmune reactive antigens in human thyroid cancer cells

Betsou, F.; Sueur, J.M.; Orfila, J., 1999:
Serological investigation of Chlamydia trachomatis heat shock protein 10

Clausen, H.F.; Fedder, J.; Drasbek, M.; Nielsen, P.K.; Toft, B.; Ingerslev, H.J.; Birkelund, S.; Christiansen, G., 2001:
Serological investigation of Mycoplasma genitalium in infertile women

Adamu, N.B.; Ajogi, I., 2000:
Serological investigation of camels (Camelus dromedarius) slaughtered at Kano municipal abattoir for evidence of brucellosis

Maho, A.; Mopate, L.Y.; Kebkiba, B.; Boulbaye, G., 1998:
Serological investigation on five fowl diseases in the north region of Guera (CHAD)

Zusman, I.; Ben-Hur, H., 2001:
Serological markers for detection of cancer (Review)

Tavendale, R.; Parratt, D.; Pringle, S.D.; A'brook, R.; Tunstall-Pedoe, H., 2002:
Serological markers of Chlamydia pneumoniae infection in men and women and subsequent coronary events; the Scottish Heart Health Study Cohort

Vianello, F.; Tison, T.; Tagariello, G.; Zerbinati, P.; Zanon, E.; Scarano, L.; Girolami, A., 1999:
Serological markers of autoimmunity in patients with hemophilia A: the role of hepatitis C virus infection, alpha-interferon and factor VIII treatment in skewing the immune system toward autoreactivity

Suárez, A.; Viejo, G.; Navascués, C.A.; García, R.; Díaz, G.; Otero, L.; Saro, C.; Román, F.J., 1998:
Serological markers of hepatitis A, B and C in first year student nurses

Miranda, L.V.; Passos, A.D.; Figueiredo, J.F.; Gaspar, A.M.; Yoshida, C.F., 2000:
Serological markers of hepatitis B in people submitted to blood testing in health care clinics

Thivolet, C.; Abou-Amara, S.; Martin, X.; Lefrancois, N.; Petruzzo, P.; McGregor, B.; Bosshard, S.; Dubernard, J.M., 2000:
Serological markers of recurrent beta cell destruction in diabetic patients undergoing pancreatic transplantation

Jacaj, Z.; Fico, Z.; Andoni, R.; Xhumari, P., 1999:
Serological markers of viral hepatitis A, B, and C in haemophiliacs

Fedorova, O.Ye, 1999:
Serological markers to hepatitis E virus in the population of nonendemic regions

Wieckowska Szakiel, M.; Rozalski, M.; Krajewska, U.; Rudnicka, W.; Rozalska, B., 1998:
Serological methods for the detection of Listeria

Jeon, S.H.; Yong, T.S., 2000:
Serological observation of Toxoplasma gondii prevalence in Apodemus agrarius, a dominant species of field rodents in Korea

Woolley, P.D.; Chandiok, S.; Pumphrey, J.; Sharratt, S.; Shanley, L.; Bennett, S., 2000:
Serological prevalence of herpes simplex virus type 2 amongst GUM clinic attenders in a district general hospital setting

Almeida, A.C.; Abreu, V.L.V.; Lobato, F.C.F., 2000:
Serological profile of C and D type Clostridium botulinum strains used for toxoid production in Brazil

Kitada, K.; Okada, Y.; Kanamoto, T.; Inoue, M., 2000:
Serological properties of Abiotrophia and Granulicatella species (nutritionally variant streptococci)

Wallon, M.; Cozon, G.; Ecochard, R.; Lewin, P.; Peyron, F., 2001:
Serological rebound in congenital toxoplasmosis: long-term follow-up of 133 children

Boot, R.; Thuis, H.C.W.; Veenema, J.L., 1999:
Serological relationship of some V-factor dependent Pasteurellaceae (Haemophilus sp.) from guineapigs and rabbits

Liu Wenbin; Chen Kunrong; Zhang Zhongyi; X.Z.yong, 1999:
Serological relationships of several kinds of peanut viruses

Naus, C.W.A.; Jones, F.M.; Satti, M.Z.; Joseph, S.; Riley, E.M.; Kimani, G.; Mwatha, J.K.; Kariuki, C.H.; Ouma, J.H.; Kabatereine, N.B.; Vennervald, B.J.; Dunne, D.W., 2003:
Serological responses among individuals in areas where both schistosomiasis and malaria are endemic: cross-reactivity between Schistosoma mansoni and Plasmodium falciparum

Atkinson, C.T.; Dusek, R.J.; Lease, J.K., 2001:
Serological responses and immunity to superinfection with avian malaria in experimentally-infected Hawaii amakihi

Carlsson, A.K.; Axelsson, I.E.; Borulf, S.K.; Bredberg, A.C.; Ivarsson, S.A., 2001:
Serological screening for celiac disease in healthy 2.5-year-old children in Sweden

Sato, T.; Nishimura, G.; Nonomura, A.; Miwa, K.; Miyazaki, I., 1999:
Serological studies on CEA, CA 19-9, STn and SLX in colorectal cancer

Krawczyk, M., 1999:
Serological studies on leptospirosis in sheep

Ongradi, J.; Miheller, P.; Csiszar, A.; Menezes, J.; Marodi, C.L.szlo; Sreter, L.; Horvath, A., 1999:
Serological studies on the role of human herpesviruses 6 and 7 in patients with lymphoma

Lledó, L.; Gegúndez, M.I.; Saz, J.V.; Alves, M.J.; Beltrán, M., 2002:
Serological study of hantavirus in man in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Spain

Nitatpattana, N.; Chauvancy, G.; Dardaine, J.; Poblap, T.; Jumronsawat, K.; Tangkanakul, W.; Poonsuksombat, D.; Yoksan, S.; Gonzalez, J.P., 2000:
Serological study of hantavirus in the rodent population of Nakhon Pathom and Nakhon Ratchasima Provinces Thailand

Jindal, M.; Rana, S.S.; Gupta, R.K.; Das, K.; Kar, P., 2002:
Serological study of hepatitis A virus infection amongst the students of a medical college in Delhi and evaluation of the need of vaccination

Themeli Digalaki, K.; Kamaradou, E.; Kairis, D.; Oikonomou, M.; Orkopoulou, E.; Koutsia Carousou, C., 1999:
Serological study of infections caused by Coxsackie B1-6 and Echoviruses during 1995-1998

Ohashi, Y.; Nakai, Y.; Tanaka, A.; Kakinoki, Y.; Washio, Y.; Kato, A.; Masamoto, T.; Yamada, K.; Hayashi, M., 1998:
Serological study of the working mechanisms of immunotherapy for children with perennial allergic rhinitis

Greco, M.; Romagnoli, C.; Spita, N.; Fiorini, D., 1998:
Serological surgery of hepatitis B in the Provincia of Perugia

Gauthier Clerc, M.; Eterradossi, N.; Toquin, D.; Guittet, M.; Kuntz, G.; L.M.ho, Y., 2002:
Serological survey of the king penguin, Aptenodytes patagonicus, in Crozet Archipelago for antibodies to infectious bursal disease, influenza A and Newcastle disease viruses

Lin,; Liu, H.J.n; Yang,; Kuo, L.C.ia; Huang, W.L.n, 2000:
Serological survey on the prevalence of avian leucosis in chickens in Taiwan by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Wald, A.; Ashley-Morrow, R., 2002:
Serological testing for herpes simplex virus (HSV)-1 and HSV-2 infection

Lee, J.C.ul; Lee, J.H.on; Cha, H.D.e; Cho, D.T.ek, 1998:
Serological typing of Acinetobacter baumannii species

Rouet, F.; Meertens, L.; Courouble, G.; Herrmann-Storck, C.; Pabingui, R.; Chancerel, B.; Abid, A.; Strobel, M.; Mauclere, P.; Gessain, A., 2001:
Serological, epidemiological, and molecular differences between human T-cell lymphotropic virus Type 1 (HTLV-1)-seropositive healthy carriers and persons with HTLV-I Gag indeterminate Western blot patterns from the Caribbean

Kim, T.H.; Choi, E.H.; Lee, M.G.; Ahn, S.K., 1999:
Serologically diagnosed Lyme disease manifesting erythema migrans in Korea

Vackova, M.; Douda, P.; Beran, J.; Gal, P.; Radovnicky, V., 2002:
Serologicky prukaz hantavirovych protilatek

Pejsak, Z.; Stadejek, T., 2002:
Serologiczna diagnostyka zespolu rozrodczo-oddechowego swin (PRRS): Zasady oceny profilu immunologicznego stada

Fabijanska-Mitek, Jadwiga, 2002:
Serologiczne cechy klinicznie istotnych zimnych aglutynin

Zimmermann, W.; Neff, F.; Birrer, S., 2001:
Serologische Bestandesuntersuchung der Sarcoptes scabiei var. suis Infektion mit Kolostralmilchproben: Vorlaeufige Resultate

Hoefle, U.; Gortazar, C.; Angulo, E.; Kaleta, E.F.; Villafuerte, R., 2001:
Serologische Untersuchungen zur Praevalenz von Antikoerpern gegen aviaeres Paramyxovirus der Serotypen 1, 2 und 3 bei frei lebenden Rothuehnern (Alectoris rufa) in Suedspanien

Henning, K.; Sting, R., 2001:
Serologische und bakteriologische Diagnostik der Chlamydien- und Coxielleninfektionen bei Schaf und Ziege

Weber, R.; Pusterla, N.; Loy, M.; Leutenegger, C.M.; Schaer, G.; Baumann, D.; Wolfensberger, C.; Lutz, H., 2000:
Serologische und klinische Daten weisen auf das endemische Vorkommen der humanen granulozytaeren Ehrlichiose in der Nordostschweiz hin

Cheng Z.Q.ang; Zhao Zhen Hua; Hao Yong Qing; Zhao Xin Li; Hasi Agual, 2002:
Serology investigation and PCR diagnosis of Avian myelocytomatosis

House, D.; Wain, J.; Ho, V.A.; Diep, T.S.; Chinh, N.T.; Bay, P.V.; Vinh, H.; Duc, M.; Parry, C.M.; Dougan, G.; White, N.J.; Hien, T.T.; Farrar, J.J., 2001:
Serology of typhoid fever in an area of endemicity and its relevance to diagnosis

Oskam, L.; Slim, E.; Bührer-Sékula, S., 2003:
Serology: recent developments, strengths, limitations and prospects: a state of the art overview

Tekin, E.; Kocdor, M.A.; Saydam, S.; Bora, S.; Harmancioglu, O., 2001:
Seroma prevention by using Corynebacterium parvum in a rat mastectomy model

Patel, P.S.; Patel, M.M.; Raval, G.N.; Rawal, R.M.; Balar, D.B.; Patel, D.D., 1998:
Seromucoid fraction: A useful biomaker for patients with breast cancer

Miyazaki, T.; Inoue, Y.; Takano, K., 2001:
Seromucous cells in human sublingual glands: examination by immunocytochemistry of lysozyme

Kageyama, S.; Maniar, J.K.; Iwasaki, M.; Zhang, J.; Saple, D.G.; Tsuchie, H.; Tanabe-Tochikura, A.; Taniguchi, K.; Shiraki, K.; Kurimura, T., 2000:
Seronegative HIV-2 carriers in India

Nakao, Y.K.; Motomura, M.; Fukudome, T.; Fukuda, T.; Shiraishi, H.; Yoshimura, T.; Tsujihata, M.; Eguchi, K., 2002:
Seronegative Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome: study of 110 Japanese patients

Cuende, E.; Guinea, J.; Ortiz de Urbina, F.; Torrabadella, S.; Templado, J.A.; Vesga, J.C., 1999:
Seronegative oligoarthritis in the course of refractory anaemia with excess blasts

Gonzalez-Gay, M.A.; Hajeer, A.H.; Dababneh, A.; Makki, R.; Garcia-Porrua, C.; Thomson, W.; Ollier, W., 2001:
Seronegative rheumatoid arthritis in elderly and polymyalgia rheumatica have similar patterns of HLA association

Song, J.W.n; Lee, S.W.n; Kho, E.Y.ung; Chung, K.M.; Lee, Y.J.; Song, K.J.on; Baek, L.J., 2000:
Seropositive rate of Orientia tsutsugamushi in Tamias sibiricus from Korea

Peli, A.; Scagliarini, A.; Cinotti, S.; Martinelli, G.N., 2002:
Seropositivity to HCV in Macaca fascicularis

Kibur, M.; Koskela, P.; Dillner, J.; Leinikki, P.; Saikku, P.; Lehtinen, M.; Hakama, M., 2000:
Seropositivity to multiple sexually transmitted infections is not common

Desgrandchamps, D.; Schaad, U.B.; Glaus, J.; Tusch, G.; Heininger, U., 2000:
Seropraevalenz von IgG-Antikoerpern gegen Masern, Mumps und Roeteln bei Schweizer Kindern in den ersten 16 Lebensmonaten

Glowacki, G.; Spinsanti, L.; Basualdo, M.D.L.s A.; Diaz, G.; Contigiani, M., 1998:
Seroprevalence against Flavivirus in young recruits from the Province of Formosa, Argentina

Xu, F.; Schillinger, J.A.; Sternberg, M.R.; Johnson, R.E.; Lee, F.K.; Nahmias, A.J.; Markowitz, L.E., 2002:
Seroprevalence and coinfection with herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 in the United States, 1988-1994

Msuya, S.E.; Mbizvo, E.; Hussain, A.; Sam, N.E.; Jeansson, S.; Stray-Pedersen, B., 2003:
Seroprevalence and correlates of herpes simplex virus type 2 among urban Tanzanian women

Gottlieb, S.L.; Douglas, J.M.; Schmid, D.Scott.; Bolan, G.; Iatesta, M.; Malotte, C.Kevin.; Zenilman, J.; Foster, M.; Barón, A.E.; Steiner, J.F.; Peterman, T.A.; Kamb, M.L., 2002:
Seroprevalence and correlates of herpes simplex virus type 2 infection in five sexually transmitted-disease clinics

Everhart, J.E.; Kruszon-Moran, D.; Perez-Perez, G.I.; Tralka, T.S.; McQuillan, G., 2000:
Seroprevalence and ethnic differences in Helicobacter pylori infection among adults in the United States

Kamali, A.; Nunn, A.J.; Mulder, D.W.; Van Dyck, E.; Dobbins, J.G.; Whitworth, J.A., 1999:
Seroprevalence and incidence of genital ulcer infections in a rural Ugandan population

Holland, C.A.; Ma, Y.; Moscicki, A.B.rbara; Durako, S.J.; Levin, L.; Wilson, C.M.; Adolescent Medicine Hiv/Aids Research Network, 2000:
Seroprevalence and risk factors of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and human cytomegalovirus among HIV-infected and high-risk uninfected adolescents: Findings of the REACH study

Apichartpiyakul, C.; Apichartpiyakul, N.; Urwijitaroon, Y.; Gray, J.; Natpratan, C.; Katayama, Y.; Fujii, M.; Hotta, H., 1999:
Seroprevalence and subtype distribution of hepatitis C virus among blood donors and intravenous drug users in northern/northeastern Thailand

Rufat, P.; Dumouchel, P.; Cadranel, J.-Francois, 2002:
Seroprevalence de l'infection par le virus de l'hepatite A et evaluation du cout direct de differentes strategies vaccinales contre le virus de l'hepatite A chez les malades atteints d'hepatite chronique C en France

Eveillard, M.; Daroukh, A.; Desjardins, P.; Legrand, S.; Odzo Gakala, M.; Bourlioux, P., 1999:
Seroprevalence for the hepatitis B and C viruses in a psychiatric institution

Souza, J.C.rlos P.; Soares, C.O.; Massard, C.L.; Scofield, A.; Fonseca, A.H., 2000:
Seroprevalence of Anaplasma marginale in cattle in the Norte Fluminense mesoregion

Soares, C.O.; Souza, J.C.rlos P.; Madruga, C.R.; Madureira, R.C.; Massard, C.L.; Fonseca, A.H., 2000 :
Seroprevalence of Babesia bovis in cattle in the Norte Fluminense mesoregion

Robertson, J.N.; Gray, J.S.; MacDonald, S.; Johnson, H., 1998:
Seroprevalence of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato infection in blood donors and park rangers in relation to local habitat

Lu, S.C.; Chin, L.T.; Wu, F.M.; Hsieh, G.J.; Haung, S.P.; Chen, J.C.; Chang, A.C.; Hsieh, W.K.; Chen, B.H., 1999:
Seroprevalence of CMV antibodies in a blood donor population and premature neonates in the south-central Taiwan

Carvalho, M.E.ther; Latorre, M.D.R.sario Dias D.O.iveira; Ferreira, C.S.ntos; Mello, C.D.S.lva; Barata, J.M.ria Soares, 2000:
Seroprevalence of Chagas disease of Triatoma infestans after vector control measures

Martínez, M.A.; Kogan, R.; Silva, J.J.; Pinto, M.E.; Vidal, C.; Huppo, H., 1999:
Seroprevalence of Chlamydia pneumoniae in Chile

Joshi, V.B.; Katoch, R.C.; Nagal, K.B.; Batta, M.K.; Singh, M., 1998:
Seroprevalence of Chlamydia psittaci among Yaks and equines in Himachal Pradesh

Pancharoen, C.; Bhatrarakosol, P.; Thisyakorn, U., 2001:
Seroprevalence of Epstein-Barr virus infection in Thai children

Pal, B.B.; Acharya, A.S.; Satyanarayana, K., 1999:
Seroprevalence of HIV infection among jail inmates in Orissa

Baqi, S.; Shah, S.A.; Baig, M.A.; Mujeeb, S.A.; Memon, A., 1999:
Seroprevalence of HIV, HBV, and syphilis and associated risk behaviours in male transvestites (Hijras) in Karachi, Pakistan

Bertherat, E.; Nabias, R.; Georges-Courbot, M.C.; Renaut, A., 1999:
Seroprevalence of HIV, hepatitis B, and syphilis in an urban population and isolated villages in Gabon

Malkin, J.E.; Morand, P.; Malvy, D.; Ly, T.D.; Chanzy, B.; de Labareyre, C.; E.H.snaoui, A.; Hercberg, S., 2002:
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Serotonin syndrome

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