Studies on Tiger Beetles. CI. Re-discovery and re-establishment of Cicindela varians Ljungh, 1799 (Coleoptera, Cicindelidae)

Cassola, F.

Fragmenta Entomologica 31(1): 71-80


ISSN/ISBN: 0429-288X
Accession: 011412994

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Re-discovery, from old material of the Lund University, Sweden, of the original type specimen (here designated as lectotype) of Cicindela varians Ljungh, 1799, hitherto considered in all catalogues to be synonymous with Cicindela sexguttata Fabricius, 1775, showed that in reality C. varians is the same North American species which was later described by Say in 1823 with the name scutellaris. Therefore, a new synonymy and several new combinations are established, and moreover a substitution name (Cenothyla cognata (Chaudoir, 1843)) is provided for the South American Prothymine species Cenothyla varians (Gory, 1833), because of primary objective homonymy.