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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 11415

Chapter 11415 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Xiao Wen; Jia Hui Xian; P.L.M.i, 2000:
Studies on physiological index of some halophytes

Nowak, P.; Wachowicz, B., 2001:
Studies on pig blood platelet responses to peroxynitrite action

Esfhani, M.Nasr, 1999:
Studies on pink root-rot disease of onion in Esfahan, Iran

Gao, H.; Li, H.; Wang, Y.; Luo, P., 1998:
Studies on plantlet regeneration of cotyledon and hypocotyl in Descurainia sophia

Wei Qin; Zhou L.J.n; Chen Dong Lin; L.X.u Feng; Chen Fang, 2000:
Studies on plantlet regeneration of receptacle in Cheiranthus cheiri L

Liu, H.; Zhang, Z., 1998:
Studies on plantlet strengthening medium for Dendrobium candidum Wall. et Linde. of clonal propagation in vitro

Ezenwaka, C.E.; Premanand, N.; Orrett, F.A., 2000:
Studies on plasma lipids in industrial workers in central Trinidad and Tobago

Thomas, C., 2000:
Studies on pollen germination of 40 plant species on sucrose-gelatine and on onion epidermis

Sun-Kun; Ma-Rui-Jun; Yang-Yong-Li, 2002 :
Studies on pollen morphology of Ruppiaceae

Jin Qiao Jun; Wei Zhong Xin, 2002:
Studies on pollen morphology of Stachyuraceae and Staphyleaceae

Shi Yaohua; Guo Youhao; Huang Shuangquan, 1999:
Studies on pollination biology and breeding system in Najas oguraensis

Jayabalan, M.; Thomas, V.; Sreelatha, P.K., 2000:
Studies on poly(propylene fumarate-co-ethylene glycol) based bone cement

L.Z.i Xiao; Huang Cheng Gang; Chen Yao Zu, 2000:
Studies on polysaccharide from Sophora subprosrata

Wali-Ur-Rahman, 1999:
Studies on poplar borers in Northern Areas and Chitral, Pakistan

Skrzypczynska, Malgorzata, 2002:
Studies on population frequency of insects (Insecta) and mites (Acarina) causing galls on the leaves of lime-tree Tilia cordata Mill. in southern Poland

Tan-Shu-Hua; Lin-Yuan-Shao; Cao-Wen-Qing; Chen-Gang; Yang-Ming, 2003:
Studies on population genetics of Calanus sinicus (Copepod) in Yellow Sea and the East China Sea I: Allozyme analysis

Ludwig, M.; Becker, N., 1997:
Studies on possible resistance against Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis in Aedes vexans (Diptera, Culicinae) after 15 years of application

Mai, K.; He, G.; Xu, W., 1998:
Studies on postprandial changes of digestive status and free amino acids in the viscera of Haliotis discus hannai Ino

Raj, Bt, 2003:
Studies on potato pests in western Gangetic plains

Hidaka, T.; Kirigaya, T.; Kawamura, T.; Kawauchi, S., 1999:
Studies on precursors of chloroform formed in cabbage by sodium hypochlorite treatment

Shao Jian; Yang Y.M.n, 1999:
Studies on preparation of oligoglucosamine

Tang Jiaqi; Cao Min; Wang Changjun; Wei Chunbao; Y.C.unyan, 1999:
Studies on preparations of nucleocapsid protein recombinant antigen and genotyping of hantaviruses

Liao F.C.u,.;,.; Huang Xiang Rong,.; Jing Qiu Lin,.; Chun,, 2002:
Studies on present situation and change trend of Dongting Lake fishery resources and environment Shuang;; Luo Gui Fen, 2001:
Studies on prevalenting state of carnation viruses in Kunming district and methods of producing virus-free carnation seedlings

Brizuela, M.-Antonieta; Serrano, P.; Perez, Y., 2001:
Studies on probiotics properties of two Lactobacillus strains

Woo, S.-Ryong; Kim, J.-Man; Park, J.-Won; Kim, J.-Yeom; Jee, E.-Kyung, 1998:
Studies on production and efficient separation method of K88(F4) and K99(F5) antigens from Escherichia coli strains cultured on different media

Tseng,; Huang,, 2001:
Studies on production of homozygous diploids of maize through parthenogenesis induced by chemicals

Anupama; Ravindra, P., 2001:
Studies on production of single cell protein by Aspergillus niger in solid state fermentation of rice bran

Kikuchi, Y.; Kawamura, F.; Ohira, T.; Yatagai, M., 2000:
Studies on production of taxol from natural sources. I preparation and taxol composition of the needles from Taxus cuspidata Zucc

Yang, T.L.n; Jin,; Yang, J.M.n; Ma, Q.Y.n; Wang,; Liu, L.R.i, 1998:
Studies on programmed cell death of cancer induced by IgY-ricin A

Chiu Chung Young; Zhao Qin Huang; Dah F.L.n, 2000:
Studies on properties of solubilizing tricalcium phosphate of Pseudomonas cepacia Al-74 strain

Chiba, H.; Iwata, E., 2002:
Studies on protein denaturation and enzyme inactivation caused by lipid hydroperoxides containing radicals

Fleiner, M.; Benzinger, P.; Fichert, T.; Massing, U., 2001:
Studies on protein-liposome coupling using novel thiol-reactive coupling lipids: influence of spacer length and polarity

Simon, L.; Bouchet, B.; Bremond, K.; Gallant, D.J.; Bouchonneau, M., 1998:
Studies on pullulan extracellular production and glycogen intracellular content in Aureobasidium pullulans

Wagatsuma, Y.; Naritaka, Y.; Shimakawa, T.; Ogawa, K., 1998:
Studies on pulmonary and systemic hemodynamic changes after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS)

Zou-Hao; Ma-Boliang; Guo-Tao; Jiang-Xuetao, 1999:
Studies on pulsed release tablet of verapamil hydrochloride

Vesell, E.S.; Beyer, K.H., 1999:
Studies on pyrazinoylguanidine. 7. Effects of single oral doses in normal human subjects

Qi-Jian-Jun; Guo-Hui-Yuan, 2001:
Studies on pyridonecarboxylic acids as antibacterial agents: XVI. Synthesis and antibacterial activity of 6-fluoro-1-(2-fluoro-5-pyridinyl)-7-(1-piperazinyl)-1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-quinoline-3-carboxylic acid and analogues

Kim, S.-Sook; Park, M.-Kyung; Oh, N.-Soon; Kim, D.-Chung; Han, M.-Su; In, M.-Jin, 2003:
Studies on quality characteristics and shelf-life of chlorella soybean curd (tofu)

G.H.o Qi; Yang Hui Hui; Jin Fang; L.M.n, 2000:
Studies on quality control of beclomethasone dipropionate dry powder inhalation

Xiao-Yong-Qing; Yang-Bing; Yao-San-Tao; Li-Wen; Li-Li; Huang-Lu-Qi; Xue-Bao-Yun, 2001:
Studies on quality specification standards for Saposhnicovia divaricata (Turcz.) Schischk

Zhang-Shui-Han; Wang-Shi-Qiang; Liu-Chun-Hai; Yang-Yong-Hua, 2000:
Studies on quality standards for Pollen Typhae (Puhuang)

Yang Yang; Liu Ming Qing; W.Z.en Bin; Han Jing Lei, 2001:
Studies on quantitative assessment and prediction of nutrient status in the subtropics waters

Chern,; Chang, J.Y.; Usifoh, C.O.; Gutsait, A., 1998:
Studies on quinazolines IX: Fluorination versus 1,2-migration in the reaction of 1,3-bifunctionalized amino-2-propanol with DAST

Chern, J.-Wang; Lo, J.-Chun; Lin, H.-Mei; Cheng, F.-Chi; Usifoh, C., O., 1999:
Studies on quinazolines X. Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of 4(3H)-quinazolinone biphenyl tetrazoles as angiotensin II antagonists

Chen, G.-Shiahuy; Kalchar, S.; Kuo, C.-Wei; Chang, C.-Shiang; Usifoh, C., O.; Chern, J.-Wang, 2003:
Studies on quinazolines. 11. Intramolecular imidate-amide rearrangement of 2-substituted 4-(omega-chloroalkoxy)quinazoline derivatives. 1,3-O fwdarw N shift of chloroalkyl groups via cyclic 1,3-azaoxonium intermediates

Valderrama, J., A.; Gonzalez, M.F.orencia; Valderrama, C., 1999:
Studies on quinones. Part 32. Regioselective synthesis of benz(b)phenantridines related to phenantroviridone

Valderrama, J., A.; Astudillo, C.; Tapia, R., A.; Prina, E.; Estrabaud, E.; Mahieux, R.; Fournet, A., 2002:
Studies on quinones. Part 37. Synthesis and biological activity of o-aminoester functionalised benzo- and naphtho(2,3-b)-thiophenequinones

Sobkowski, M.; Wenska, M.; Kraszewski, A.; Stawiński, J., 2001:
Studies on reactions of nucleoside H-phosphonates with bifunctional reagents. Part VI. Reaction with diols

Lu, C.; Yao, S.; Lin, N., 2001:
Studies on reactions of oxidizing sulfur-sulfur three-electron-bond complexes and reducing alpha-amino radicals derived from OH reaction with methionine in aqueous solution

Wang, Z.; Le, G.; Shi, Y.; Wegrzyn, G., 2002:
Studies on recovery plasmid DNA from Escherichia coli by heat treatment

Liu-Yueying; Fu-Jinkun; Hu-Rongzong; Yao-Bingxin; Weng-Shengzhou, 1999:
Studies on reduction of Au3+ by bacteria for preparating gold catalyst

Masuda, T.; Ichikawa, A.; Kano, M.; Kawabe, T., 1999:
Studies on reduction of phosphorus and nitrogen excretion in growing and finishing pigs

Ruan, C.; Wu, Y.; Okada, T.; Motoi, S.; Kondo, T.; Jiang, M.; Xin, X.; Peng, L.; Ichihara, K.; Ikeda, Y., 2002:
Studies on reference intervals for platelet counts in three cities in China and one in Japan

Wang, C.; Cui, X.; Li, Z.; He, C.; Yu, S.; Luo, W., 1998 :
Studies on relationship between root rot on Panax notoginseng Burk. F. H. Chen and its environmental conditions

Zhang L.X.a; Zhang Feng; Shangguan Tie Liang, 2001:
Studies on relationship between species in plant communities of Luya Mountains

Guo Feng; Zhao Shuping; Zhang Lezhi, 1999:
Studies on relationships between ability of red cell adhering to tumor cells and CR1 activity and CR1 genomic density polymorphism on red cell in patients with primary hepatocarcinoma

Jinag, L.; Chen, B.; Hou, X., 1998:
Studies on release of cytokines by alveolar macrophage in pulmonary fibrosis in rats

Seshasayana, A.; Rao, B.S.eenivasa; Raju, Y.P.asanna; Narayan, C.P.S.; Murthy, K.V.R.mana, 2001:
Studies on release of rifampicin from modified pulsincap technique

Rao, B.S.eenivasa; Seshasayana, A.; Narayan, C.P.S.; Sudha, K.S.i; Pardhasaradhi, S.V.; Kumar,; Murthy, K.V.R.mana, 2001:
Studies on release of rifampicin from sintered matrix tablets

G.J.Z.en; Dai; Huang Zhi Hong, 2000:
Studies on release rate of etodolac sustained release tablets

Adachi, A.; Ikeda, C.; Takagi, S.; Fukao, N.; Yoshii, E.; Okano, T., 1998:
Studies on removal efficiency of chloroform from tap water by rice bran

Adachi, A.; Takagi, S.; Okano, T., 2001:
Studies on removal efficiency of rice bran for pesticides

Li, P.; Li, X.; Du, L.; Wu, X., 1998:
Studies on reproductive biology of Cycas panzhihuaensis L. Zhou et S. Y. Yang: I. Megasporogenesis and female gametophyte, archegenium on the before of fertilization

Staicu, A.-Cristina; Mester, L.-Elena; Craciun, N., 1998:
Studies on reproductive cycle in Ctenopharyngodon idella, Hypophthalamichtys molitrix and Aristichtys nobilis ovarian development stage from Nucet (Dambovita) at the beginning of wintering period

Zhang Yong An; Song; Dai Lian Yun; Zhang Jie; L.C.ang You, 2003:
Studies on resources of cry-type genes of Bacillus thuringiensis from different soil of forest site zone in China

Zhang-Jie; Xu-Ying; Li-Wen; Wu-Wen-Zhong, 2001:
Studies on retiniods and alpha-tocopherol in liver of silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) from Yan-jia lake-high organochlorine polluted lake

Allmere, T.; Andren, A.; Lindersson, M.; Bjorck, L., 1998:
Studies on rheological properties of stirred milk gels made from milk with defined genetic variants of kappa-casein and beta-lactoglobulin

Wu; Pan, 1999:
Studies on rickettsia-like organism disease of the tropical marine pearl oyster I: the fine structure and morphogenesis of pinctada maxima pathogen rickettsia-like organism

Aundhe, D.J.; Deokule, S.S., 2001:
Studies on root morphology of Chlorophytum. Ker-Gawl

Ragaee, S.M.; Campbell, G.L.; Scoles, G.J.; McLeod, J.G.; Tyler, R.T., 2001:
Studies on rye (Secale cereale L.) lines exhibiting a range of extract viscosities. 1. Composition, molecular weight distribution of water extracts, and biochemical characteristics of purified water-extractable arabinoxylan

Silva, Onilda-Santos-Da, 2000:
Studies on sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae) of the Parque Estadual do Turvo, RS, Brazil, and their role in Leishmania transmission

Cui-Xiu-Ming; Chen-Zhong-Jian; Wang-Chao-Liang; Zeng-Jiang, 2001 :
Studies on saponin accumulative in regularities Panax notoginseng (Burk) F. H. Chen

Miyakawa, H.; Kino, K.; Noda, K.; Bamba, H.; Murayama, H., 1998:
Studies on savory meat production of crossbreds that utilized Mikawa breed I: A comparison of meat type crossbred using Mikawa breed

Miyakawa, H.; Kino, K.; Noda, K.; Bamba, H.; Murayama, H., 1999:
Studies on savory meat production of crossbreds utilized Mikawa breed (II) use of the crossbreds of Mikawa breed and meat types as breeding birds, and the characteristics of the offsprings

Singh, U.P.; Singh, S.K.; Sugawara, K.; Srivastava, J.S.; Sarma, B.K.; Prithiviraj, B., 2001:
Studies on sclerotium formation in Curvularia species Jun; Zhang Xiao Jun; Wang Rui; Chen Tuo; Yang Ling; Feng Qing Ping, 2002:
Studies on screening and breeding of alkaline pullulanase producing bacterium and regulation of nutrition

Sridhar, R.P.ilip; Gopalan, M., 2002:
Studies on screening and mechanism of resistance against the shootwebber Antigastra catalunalis (Duponchel)

Sen, A.R.; Sharma, N., 1998:
Studies on selected mitochondrial enzymes for differentiating fresh and frozen-thawed chicken muscles

Miyamoto, H.; Ikeda, Y.; Takeda, O.; Kubo, M.; Higuchi, M.; Sasaki, H.; Okada, M., 2001:
Studies on selection method of crude drugs by statistical analysis. Research on Rhubarb having anti-inflammatory activity

Son, H.; Lee, H.; Huh, J-Sik.; Kim, S.Woong.; Paick, J-Seung., 2003:
Studies on self-esteem of penile size in young Korean military men

Rao, K.B.bu; Naidu, K.V.nugopal; Singh, V.; Rao, A.S.shagiri; Suresh, J., 1999 :
Studies on semen characteristics of Punganur bulls

Li-Xiang-Dong; Wang-Xiao-Yun; Zhang-Gao-Ying; Wan-Yong-Shan; Qu-Hua-Jian; Li-Jun, 2001:
Studies on senescence process of peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

Tsuji, S.; Matsumura, I.; Nakamura, Y.; Tonogai, Y., 2000:
Studies on separation and determination of subsidiary colors, raw materials and intermediates in Food Yellow No. 5 (sunset yellow FCF) by HPLC

Kang Chun; Wen L.Y.; Ding Zhong Bo; Guo Rong; Zhu Xia Shi, 2000:
Studies on separation and identification of Rhizoma Coptidis drugs based on microemulsion thin-layer chromatography

Lee, J.H.; Jeong, J.Y.; Jeon, Y.S.; Seok, H.B., 1999:
Studies on serotyping and detection of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae by multiplex PCR techniques and immunodiffusion test

Sharma, M.C.; Raju, S.; Joshi, C.; Kaur, H.; Varshney, V.P., 2003:
Studies on serum micro-mineral, hormone and vitamin profile and its effect on production and therapeutic management of buffaloes in Haryana state of India

Bodzsar, Eva, B., 2000:
Studies on sexual maturation of Hungarian children

Ingle, H.V.; Athawale, R.B.; Tayde, G.S.; Pakhare, G.B., 2000:
Studies on sexuality and fruitset in various cultivars of acid lime tree

Wei, Y.X.n; Kristiansen, J., 1998:
Studies on silica-scaled chrysophytes from Fujian Province, China

Taira, T.; Shoji, I., 1999:
Studies on simplified method to determine water uptake ratio and total solids of rice at 70degreeC

Xie-Jia-Qing; Chen-Yong; Meng-Xiang-Guang; Wang-Qian; Zeng-Xiaa-Cheng, 1999:
Studies on simulating catalase with Fe( II ) complex

Cheng-Si-Qing; Meng-Xiang-Guang; Chen-Yong; Xie-Jia-Qing; Wang-Qian; Zeng-Xian-Cheng, 1999:
Studies on simulating catalase with Fe(II) metallomicelle

Bringmann, G.; Münchbach, M.; Feineis, D.; Faulhaber, K.; Ihmels, H., 2001:
Studies on single-strand scissions to cell-free plasmid DNA by the dopaminergic neurotoxin 'TaClo' (1-trichloromethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-beta-carboline)

Gajalakshmi, P.; Mallick, P.; Venkatesan, P.; Santhiya, S.Thiagarjan.; Ramesh, A., 2002:
Studies on sister chromatid exchanges in peripheral lymphocytes of spray painters

Chen, Z.; Song, W.; Warren, A., 2000:
Studies on six Euplotes spp. (Ciliophora: Hypotrichida) using RAPD fingerprinting, including a comparison with morphometric analyses

Robitaille, R.; Leblond, F., A.; Bourgeois, Y.; Henley, N.; Loignon, M.; Halle, J.-Pierre, 2000:
Studies on small (<350 mum) alginate-poly-L-lysine microcapsules. V. Determination of carbohydrate and protein permeation through microcapsules by reverse-size exclusion chromatography

Robitaille, R.; Pariseau, J.-Francois; Leblond, F., A.; Lamorreux, M.; Lepage, Y.; Halle, J.-Pierre, 1999:
Studies on small (less than 350 mum) alginate-poly-L-lysine microcapsules. III. Biocompatibility of smaller versus standard microcapsules

Herselman, M.J.; Olivier, J.J.; Snyman, M.A., 1998:
Studies on small ruminant breeds with inherent differences in fibre production and ewe productivity: 1. Relationship between ewe productivity and wool production potential

Leblond, F., A.; Simard, G.; Henley, N.; Rocheleau, B.; Huet, P.M.chel; Halle, J.-Pierre, 1999 :
Studies on smaller (apprx315 muM) microcapsules: IV. Feasibility and safety of intrahepatic implantations of small alginate poly-L-lysine microcapsules

Tang Dong Shan; Qing Ren Wei; F.H.a Long; Lan, 2003:
Studies on soil micro-algae's ameliorative effection to sterile soil

Mohilal, N.; Anandi, Y.; Dhanachand, C., 2000:
Studies on soil nematodes of Manipur - IX: Two new species and a male record of Iotonchinae

Mohilal, N.; Dhanachand, C., 2001:
Studies on soil nematodes of Manipur - X: Species of the family Qudsianematidae

Mohilal, N.; Dhanachand, C., 2003:
Studies on soil nematodes of Manipur-XI: Two new and one known species of Tylencholaimus

Wang-Hong; Li-Xue-Bao, 2002:
Studies on somaclone variation of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Holla, S.S.ivarama; Gonsalves, R.; Shenoy, S., 1998:
Studies on some N-bridged heterocycles derived from bis-(4-amino-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazol-3-yl) alkanes

Chohan, Z., H.; Praveen, M.; Sherazi, S., K.A., 1998:
Studies on some biologically cobalt(II), copper(III) and zinc(II) complexes with ONO, NNO and SNO donor pyrazinoylhydrazine-derived ligands

Bhatt, D.C.; Mehta, S.K.; Nurani, M.A.; Baxi, U.S., 2003:
Studies on some ethnobotanical plants of Barda Hills from Saurashtra

Martinetto, Edoardo, 2001:
Studies on some exotic elements of the Pliocene floras of Italy

Liang, H.; Zhao, T.H.n; Li, L.C.i; Ouyang, J.W.n; Tian,; Jia, X., 1998:
Studies on some factors affecting transformation of wheat immature embryos by biolistic bombardment

Zhao, B.; Yao, K.; Ji, X., 1998:
Studies on some immunological properties of HHV-6 infected cells

Oluwaniyi, J.O.; Nottidge, H.O.; Taiwo, V.O.; Ogunsanmi, O.O., 2001:
Studies on some intra-erythrocytic trace elements of Nigerian guinea pig (Cavia porcellus)

Banerjee, S.; Banerjee, S., 2002:
Studies on some milk production traits in different blood levels of Holstein FriesianXSahiwal crosses

Bloniarz, J.; Bulinski, R., 1999:
Studies on some mineral elements in coffee and coffee infusions. Part I. Zinc, manganese, copper and iron contents

Mishra, L.; Yadaw, A., K.; Phadke, R., S.; Choi, C., S.; Araki, K., 2001:
Studies on some new Ru(III) complexes using aryl-azo pentane-2,4-dione and 2,6-bis(2'-benzimidazolyl) pyridine as ligands: Synthesis, spectroscopic, luminescent, electrochemical and biological activities

Cai, C.; Chitaley, S.; Dou, Y., 2002:
Studies on some permineralized lycopsid remains from the Upper Devonian of North Xinjiang, NW China

Obetta, S.E., 2000:
Studies on some physico-thermal properties of palm kernel

Singh, S.K.; Devi, A.A.eeta, 1997:
Studies on some pre-weaning traits in exotics, desi and their crossbred pigs under tropical climate

Komala, Zofia, 2002 :
Studies on some zooplanktonic organisms in the waters of the southern slope of Mt Babia Gora (the Carpathians)

Shepherd, S.A., 1998:
Studies on southern Australian abalone (genus Haliotis): XIX: Long-term juvenile mortality dynamics

Jin Z.Xin, 1999:
Studies on species diversity in Castanopsis eyrei community in the Tiantai Mountain of Zhejiang Province

M.D.n Wei; Zhang Guo; Wang Yue Hua; Wang Dao Muo, 2002:
Studies on species diversity of forest vegetation on Qingcheng mountain

Wang-Xiao-Wei; He-Jian-Yong; Bai-Xiu-Feng, 2001:
Studies on specific metabolites of Streptomyces avermitilis E107

Hong Shui Gen; Huang Qin, 1999:
Studies on spermatogenesis in Tachypleus tridentatus: II. The spermiogenesis

Hoffman, R.L.; Golovatch, S.I., 1998:
Studies on spirostreptoid millipeds. XXV. On the status of some harpagophorid millipeds named by C. Attems, in the Vienna Natural History Museum (Spirostreptida: Harpagophoridae)

Deng Zhaoqun; Qiu Fangcheng; Q.X.eju, 1999:
Studies on stabilizer of immune matter labeled with enzyme

Duan Xin Bin,.; Chen,.; Liu Shao Ping,.; Chi Cheng Gui,.; Yang,, 2002:
Studies on status of fishery resources in Three Gorges Reservoir reaches of the Yangtze River

Ramah, S.; Manimegalai, G.; Vennila, P., 1999:
Studies on steeping preservation of bittergourd in acidified brine solution

Pangas, T.K.; Sachdev, A.K.; Gopal, R.A.M.; Verma, S.S., 1998:
Studies on storage stability of fried chicken gizzard

Suwelack, B.; Witta, J.; Hausberg, M.; Müller, S.; Rahn, K.H.; Barenbrock, M., 1999:
Studies on structural changes of the carotid arteries and the heart in asymptomatic renal transplant recipients

Wada, K., 2002:
Studies on structural elucidation of Aconitum diterpenoid alkaloid by LC-APCI-MS and effects of Aconitum diterpenoid alkaloid on cutaneous blood flow

Yang Wei; Chen Xiuzhu; Yuan Jing; Huan Liandong, 2003:
Studies on structure and function of nisZ promoter

Wang-Dexin; Liu-Hongyan; Huang-Lei; Lin-Hao; Han-Rei, 2000:
Studies on structure modification of osteostatin(OSN) and their biological activities

Falany, C.N.; Falany, J.L.; Wang, J.; Hedström, J.; von Euler Chelpin, H.; Swedmark, S., 1999:
Studies on sulfation of synthesized metabolites from the local anesthetics ropivacaine and lidocaine using human cloned sulfotransferases

Michida, T.; Osawa, E.; Yamaoka, Y., 1999:
Studies on sulfenamides. XV. Semi-empirical calculation of reactivity of 4'-substituted benzenesulfenanilidyl radicals

Majumdar, K.C.; Ghosh, S.K., 2002:
Studies on sulfoxide rearrangements: Regioselective synthesis of 3-(aryloxyacetyl)-2,3-dihydrothieno(3,2-c)(1)benzopyran-4-ones

Gopinath, C.R.; Gowdh, C.V.; Devegowda, G.; Umakantha, B., 2001:
Studies on supplementation of Livfitvet to alleviate the effect of aflatoxin in broilers diet

Guo Qiong Lin,, 2001:
Studies on surface antigens of T lymphocyte in grass carp, Ctenopharyngodon idellus and Chinese soft-shelled turtle, Trionyx sinensis

Rinka, H.; Ujino, H.; Miyachi, T.; Kan, M.; Shigemoto, T.; Kaji, A.; Satani, M.; Tsukioka, K., 2000:
Studies on surfactant replacement therapy in pediatric measles pneumonitis

Tian, D.; Su, M.; Song, T.; Li, G.; Xu, X., 2002:
Studies on survival and outgrowth of processes of cultured rat hippocampus neurons in containing selenium and free serum medium

Huang-Chun-Ji; Dong-Jie-Ju; Xie-Xiao-Zhen; Xu-Qi-Wang, 2002:
Studies on survival means of Proteus mirabilis treated by antibiotic in vitro and in vivo

Wang Zhengrong; L.B.n; Yang Hong, 1999:
Studies on sustained release microspheres of levonorgestrol-poly 3-hydroxybutyrate

Li-Yan-Tuana; Zhang-Yu-Hua; Wang-Hai-Dong; Zeng-Xian-Cheng, 2001:
Studies on synthesis and magnetic property of chloranilato-bridged binuclear chromium(III) complexes

Yang Yushe;; Chen Kaixian; Y.H.i; W.J.min, 1999:
Studies on synthesis and structure-activity relationships of antimycoplasma quinolones

Yang-Yushe; Ji-Ruyun; Chen-Kaixian; Ding-Jian, 1999:
Studies on synthesis antibacterial and antitumor activity of (S)-(-)-ofloxacin analogues

Kim, S.G.on; Cho, J.Y.un; Kwon, S.K.ung; Lee,, 2000:
Studies on synthetic 1,2-benzothiazine anti-inflammatory agents: Pharmacological effect and the expression of xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes

Schuelke, Michael, 1998:
Studies on systematics and faunistics of the genus Tachyporus GRAVENHORST. Part 6: On the occurrence of Tachyporus in Southern Africa (Insecta: Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Tachyporinae)

Zhao Zhi Li; Zhou Kai Ya; Dong Hui; X.L.o Shan, 2001:
Studies on systematics of Alpinia aquatica from China: Evidence from ITS sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA

Zhang, L.; Jiang, Z.; Takashi, T.; Isao, K., 1998:
Studies on tannis from Tripterygium hypoglaucum (Levl.) Hutch

Horiguchi, T.; Rithner, C., D.; Croteau, R.; Williams, R., M., 2003:
Studies on taxol biosynthesis. Preparation of 5alpha-acetoxytaxa-4(20),11-dien-2alpha,10beta-diol derivatives by deoxygenation of a taxadiene tetra-acetate obtained from Japanese yew

Bharamal, D.L.; Nanaware, S.G., 2001:
Studies on temperature induced changes in the ovotesticular glycogen in hermaphrodite garden slug, Semperula maculata

Tomita, R.; Ikeda, T.; Fujisaki, S.; Shibata, M.; Fukuzawa, M., 2001:
Studies on terminal motor latency in the pudendal nerve by sacral magnetic stimulation

Pandey, R.; Singh, S.P., 1999:
Studies on testicular enzymes with abnormal sperm in nickel exposed mice

Matsuzaki, H.; Takeuchi, I.; Hamada, Y.; Hatano, K., 2000:
Studies on the 1,4-oxazepine ring formation reaction using the molecular orbital method

Dunn, C.A.; O'Handley, S.F.; Frick, D.N.; Bessman, M.J., 1999:
Studies on the ADP-ribose pyrophosphatase subfamily of the nudix hydrolases and tentative identification of trgB, a gene associated with tellurite resistance

Kang, J.-Chuan; Kong, R., Y.C.; Hyde, K., D., 1998:
Studies on the Amphisphaeriales 1. Amphisphaeriaceae (sensu stricto) and its phylogenetic relationships inferred from 5.8S rDNA and ITS2 sequences

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Studies on the constituents of Cimicifuga species. XXVII. Malonyl cyclolanostanol glycosides from the underground parts of Cimicifuga simplex WORMSK

Kawata, Y.; Kizu, H.; Miyaichi, Y.; Tomimori, T., 2001:
Studies on the constituents of Clematis species. VIII. Triterpenoid saponins from the aerial part of Clematis tibetana KUNTZ

D.T.mmasi, N.; D.S.mone, F.; Speranza, G.; Pizza, C., 1999:
Studies on the constituents of Cyclanthera pedata fruits: isolation and structure elucidation of new triterpenoid saponins

Kakuda, R.; Machida, K.; Yaoita, Y.; Kikuchi, M.; Kikuchi, M., 2003:
Studies on the constituents of Gentiana species. II. A new triterpenoid, and (S)-(+)- and (R)-(-)-gentiolactones from Gentiana lutea

Shoji, Junzo, 1999:
Studies on the constituents of Ginseng

Kikuchi, M.; Kakuda, R., 1999:
Studies on the constituents of Ligustrum species. XIX. Structures of iridoid glucosides from the leaves of Ligustrum lucidum AIT

Kikuchi, M.; Kawarada, N.; Yaoita, Y., 1999:
Studies on the constituents of Lonicera species. XIII. New fernane type triterpenoids from the leaves of Lonicera gracilipes var. glandulosa MAXIM

Zhang-Xiaorong; Peng-Shulin; Wang-Mingkui; Ding-Lisheng, 1999:
Studies on the constituents of Lysimachia congestiflora

Miyaichi, Yukinori; Ishii, Kaori; Kuno, Takuya; Tomimori, Tsuyoshi, 1999:
Studies on the constituents of Scutellaria species XX: Constituents of roots of Scutellaria strigillosa Hemsl

Machida, K.; Kaneko, A.; Hosogai, T.; Kakuda, R.; Yaoita, Y.; Kikuchi, M., 2002:
Studies on the constituents of Syringa species. X. Five new iridoid glycosides from the leaves of Syringa reticulata (Blume) Hara

Machida, K.; Kikuchi, M., 1999:
Studies on the constituents of Viburnum species. XIX. Six new triterpenoids from Viburnum dilatatum THUNB

Kamiya, K.; Watanabe, C.; Endang, H.; Umar, M.; Satake, T., 2001:
Studies on the constituents of bark of Parameria laevigata Moldenke

Ando, J.; Miyazono, A.; Zhu, X.H.a; Ikeda, T.; Nohara, T., 1999:
Studies on the constituents of solanaceous plants, steroidal glycosides from Solanum nodiflorum

Zhu, X.H.; Ikeda, T.; Nohara, T., 2000:
Studies on the constituents of solanaceous plants. (46). Steroidal glycosides from the fruits of Solanum anguivi

Liang-Li; Zhu-Mei-Zhen; Wu-Yong-Qiang, 1999:
Studies on the construction and expression of Rhodobacter sphaeroides glnB-lacZ fusion

Saeed, M.A.if; Khan, Z.-Ud-Din; Ford, M.R.fiq, 1998:
Studies on the contact dermatitic properties of indigenous Pakistani medicinal plants: Part IX. Irritating potential of some xanthones from Swertia ciliata Buch. et Ham

Kalra, A.; Sood, D.R.; Chokkar, V., 1998:
Studies on the contents of protein and non structural carbohydrates in eight onion (Allium cepa L.) bulb genotypes during bulb development

Mohanty, A.K.; Parija, P.M.; Dhal, A.; Sethi, P.N., 1998:
Studies on the control of macrophomina disease of green gram in Orissa

Xie Jun; Fang Xiu Zhen; Bing, 2002:
Studies on the correlation among various bacteria and physicochemical factors in the nitrogen cycle in fishpond

Capaday, C.; Lavoie, B.A.; Barbeau, H.; Schneider, C.; Bonnard, M., 1999:
Studies on the corticospinal control of human walking. I. Responses to focal transcranial magnetic stimulation of the motor cortex

Wang, Jiun Shong, 2002:
Studies on the criteria and checklist of agricultural research management

Pang-Ji-Liang; Zhang-He-Zhu; Liang-Hai-Man, 1999:
Studies on the critical period of floral determinaton in decapitated seedlings of cucumber

Askari, A.; Solangi, M.S.; Ahmed, S.I., 2002:
Studies on the cultivation and introduction of Sandalwood (Santalum album L) at Karachi, Pakistan 24degree59'N 68degree56'E Lu; Wang Hong Gang, 2002:
Studies on the cultivation and morphological and cytological identification of wheat-Elytrigia intermedium alien disomic addition lines

Jia Yong Jiong; Cao You Long; Wang Shui; Tang Lin;; Chen Fang, 2000:
Studies on the culture of internode of flower branch of China orchid

Kasahara, M.; Suzuki, H.; Komiya, I., 2000:
Studies on the cytochrome P450 (CYP)-mediated metabolic properties of miocamycin: evaluation of the possibility of a metabolic intermediate complex formation with CYP, and identification of the human CYP isoforms

Mohri, T., 2002:
Studies on the cytological function of the biomembrane and the neurons

Kornillowicz-Kowalska, Teresa, 1999:
Studies on the decomposition of keratin waste by saprotrophic microfungi. III. Activity and properties of keratinolytic enzymes

Kornillowicz-Kowalska, Teresa, 1997:
Studies on the decomposition of keratin wastes by saprotrophic microfungi. I. Criteria for evaluating keratinolytic activity

Kornillowicz-Kowalska, Teresa, 1997:
Studies on the decomposition of keratin wastes by saprotrophic microfungi. II. Sulphur and nitrogen balance

Narayan, L.; Chaudhuri, S.G.oshal; Rao, C.M.ralidhar, 1998:
Studies on the degree of soil fertility impoverishment under different plantation crops in little Andaman

Woo, B.-Myeong; Lee, K.-Joon; Choi, H.-Tae; Lee, S.-Ho; Park, J.-Won; Wang, L.; Zhang, K.; Sun, B., 2001:
Studies on the desertification combating and sand industry development (III): Revegetation and soil conservation technology in desertification-affected sandy land

Woo, B.-Myeong; Lee, K.-Joon; Choi, H.-Tae; Lee, S.-Ho; Park, J.-Won; Wang, L.; Zhang, K.; Sun, B., 2001:
Studies on the desertification combating and sand industry development(IV): Technology development for sanddune fixation and sandy land conservation in China

Wu-Xueqiong; Zhang-Junxian; Zhuang-Yuhui; Zhang-Junzi; Jia-Shulin, 1999:
Studies on the detection of rpsL gene mutations in M. tuberculosis by PCR-direct sequencing

Kesiakova, Slaveia, 1999:
Studies on the determinating role of the ecological factors for density of synantropic rodents in the animal farms and possibilities for control

Su, S.C.u; Liu,; Chen,; Chang, P.C.iou; Chou, S.S.ou, 1999:
Studies on the determination of hydrogen peroxide and its dissipation in foods

Jiang Xinfa, 1998:
Studies on the development and histological characteristics of testis of black finless porpoise, Neophocaena phocaenoides in the Yangtze River

Baffone, W.; Pianetti, A.; Citterio, B.; Lombardelli, G.; Vittoria, E.; Bruscolini, F., 2001:
Studies on the development and stability of resistance of Helicobacter pylori to metronidazole and clarithromycin

Wang Li; Zhao Gui Fang, 2002:
Studies on the development of embryo and endosperm in Psathyrostachys huashanica

Gao, Z.; Kim, H.D.; Lu, Y.A.; Ha, J.K.; Kwack, B.O., 1999:
Studies on the development of method for mid- or long-term storage of fungi

Cai Xia; H.Z.eng Hai, 2000:
Studies on the development of oil cells in Liriodendron chinense

Brosius-Roggenbuck, H.; Ruhberg, H., 2000:
Studies on the development of ovoviviparous onychophorans, Austroperipatus eridelos Reid, 1996 and Peripatoides novaezealandiae (Hutton, 1876) (Onychophora, Peripatopsidae)

Mandhyan, B.L.; Parihar, P.; Agrawal, R., 2000:
Studies on the development of process for guava squash

Sommer, A.; Hoffmann, J.; Lichtner, R.B.; Schneider, M.R.; Parczyk, K., 2003:
Studies on the development of resistance to the pure antiestrogen FaslodexTM in three human breast cancer cell lines Fei; H.Z.eng Hai, 2001:
Studies on the development of secretory structures and their secretory products accumulation of Hypericum perforatum

Soeda, S.; Akashi, T.; Maeda, K.; Kawagita, T., 1998:
Studies on the development of tacrolimus production-monograph

Cao; Xin Hua; Chu Qing Gang; L.R.i Yun; Tao Shi Rong, 2001:
Studies on the development of tapetum and middle layer of microsporangium in Platycladus orientalis

James, J.; Valamparampil, T.T.; Oommen, O.V., 2000:
Studies on the development of the labial teeth row structure in Rana curtipes Jerdon tadpoles

Cao; Lin Ru; H.Z.eng Hai, 2003:
Studies on the developmental anatomy of rhizome in Dioscorea zingiberensis

Cox, Eileen, J., 1999 :
Studies on the diatom genus Navicula Bory. VIII. Variation in valve morphology in relation to the generic diagnosis based on Navicula tripunctata (O. F. Muller) Bory

Irie, T.; Kawai, A., 2002:
Studies on the different conditions for rabies virus neutralization by monoclonal antibodies #1-46-12 and #7-1-9

Nagashima, H., 2002:
Studies on the different modes of action of the anticoagulant protease inhibitors DX-9065a and Argatroban. II. Effects on fibrinolysis

Yamaguchi, T.; Henmi, Y., 2001:
Studies on the differentiation of handedness in the fiddler crab, Uca arcuata

Rahaman, A.; Manna, B., 1999:
Studies on the digestive physiology of Isoparorchis hypselobagri (Billet, 1898) (Digenea : Trematoda), III. General morphology of gut in adult fluke

Koide, T.; Inoue, M.; Yoshida, T.; Ito, K., 1999:
Studies on the direct seeding culture of rice V relationship between number of seedling and tillering characteristics, grain yield in rice varieties Koshihikari on no-till direct seeding culture of rice on well-drained paddy field

Ito, K.; Inoue, M.; Koide, T.; Yoshida, T., 1999:
Studies on the direct seeding culture of rice VI weeding by mixed application of the contact herbicide and the soil applied herbicide during the dry condition on no-till direct seeding culture on well-drained paddy field

Hirabayashi, K.; Nishio, N.; Yamamoto, M., 2001:
Studies on the distribution and ecology of chironomid midges (Diptera: Chironomidae) in inland climate area: Chironomid midges in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, in summer and fall seasons

Schmitt, T.; Heidenreich, A., 1998:
Studies on the distribution of Issoria lathonia (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Rhineland-Pfalz region and the Saarland 1996 (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)

Nagai, K.; Suzuki, K.; Okada, G., 1998:
Studies on the distribution of alkalophilic and alkali-tolerant soil fungi II. Fungal flora in two limestone caves in Japan

Shiburaj, S.; Abraham, T.K., 1998:
Studies on the distribution of antagonistic actinomycetes in Neyyar and Peppara wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala State, India Hua; Y.D.n; Hui; Wei, 2002:
Studies on the diversity of aquatic plants in Hanjiang River

Narayanan, K.; Sarma, K.K., 2002:
Studies on the dose-age-mortality relationship of nuclear polyhedrosis virus of potato cutworm, Agrotis segetum

Yang Ting Bao; Miao; Liao Xiang Hua; Wang Zhen Ji, 2001:
Studies on the dynamic mechanism of cavity helminths in Gymnocypris przewalskii przewalskii in the Qinghai Lake I: Ecological approach and their relationshop to feeding of host

Tanaka, A.; Asaeda, T., 2002:
Studies on the dynamics of a cladoceran community and its inference on the water quality in an artificial shallow pond

Hori, M.; Morikawa, K., 2000:
Studies on the dynamics of the protozoa in epilithon at Nishiaokidaira in the Akigawa River

Tanabe, Toshiyuki, 2002:
Studies on the early life ecology of skipjack tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis, in the tropical western-north Pacific

Muthukumar, S.; Tarar, J.L., 2000:
Studies on the ecological distribution of microlichens of Vidarbha

Strachan, P.H.; Smith, R.C.; Hamilton, D.A.B.; Taylor, A.C.; Atkinson, R.J.A., 1999:
Studies on the ecology and behaviour of the ghost crab, Ocypode cursor (L.) in northern Cyprus

Muthukimar, S.; Tarar, J.L., 2000:
Studies on the ecology and phytosociology of lichen communities in Pachmarhi environs

Saito, K.; Kanayama, A., 2002:
Studies on the ecology of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) 44. Fauna of the blackflies in Okayama Prefecture in spring

Nam, Jung Chil, 2001:
Studies on the ecology of field mice in Mt. Chuisuh

Matsuura, M.; Koike, K., 2002:
Studies on the ecology of social wasps and bees in urban environments: 1. Records on aerial nests of the giant hornet, Vespa mandarinia japonica (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) within human buildings

Pang, Y.B.n; Li, S.Q.ang, 2002:
Studies on the effect of cytochalasin B on major cortical cytoskeletal proteins of Tetrahymena thermophila during conjugation

Amudha, P.; Mahalingam, S., 1999:
Studies on the effect of dairy effluent on survival and feeding energetics in Cyprinus carpio

Chen, Y.H.; Oace, S.M.; Wolf, G., 1999:
Studies on the effect of dose size on the absorption of beta-carotene by the rat in vivo

Xiang Yan; Nan Zhao Dong; Zeng Xian Cheng; Zhang Hong Lin, 2000:
Studies on the effect of drugs on cells with microcalorimetr

L.Zhen Wen, 2002:
Studies on the effect of fire prevention of biological network of Michelia macclurei

Tomar, K.S.; Tomar, R.S.S.; Gurjar, B.S., 1999:
Studies on the effect of foliar application of nitrogen and potassium levels on physico-chemical composition and yield of guava cultivar Gwalior-27

Deng-Ming; Zhong-Shan; Ren-Bo, 2000:
Studies on the effect of illumination intensity on the content of total saponin in Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Thunb.) Makino

Sriram, P.; Gowrisankar, B.; Selvasubramanian, S., 2000:
Studies on the effect of immunisation against somatostatin on antibody titre and carcass quality in rabbits

Boswell, C., D.; Nienow, A., W.; Hewitt, C., J., 2002:
Studies on the effect of mechanical agitation on the performance of brewing fermentations: Fermentation rate, yeast physiology, and development of flavor compounds

Tomar, K.S.; Singh, V.B.; Gurjar, B.S., 1998:
Studies on the effect of nitrogen and potassium levels on yiled attributes, yield and physico-chemical composition of guava fruits cv Gwalior - 27

Chen-Jian-Feng; Zhang-Yuan-Xing; Guo-Yang-Hao; Luo-Yi-Fa; Huang-Feng-Zhu; Xie-Han-Bin, 2002:
Studies on the effect of phosphate concentration in sisomicin fermentation

Wołuń-Cholewa, M.; Warchoł, J.B., 2001:
Studies on the effect of photodynamic therapy on in vitro cultured neoplastic cells

Quan Jun Li; Liu Zheng Quan; Chen Yao Feng; L.C.un Lian; Ren Hui Li, 1999:
Studies on the effect of sucrose and plant hormone on the formation and growth of immature infloresences somaclone in wheat

Hirai, G.I.hi; Okumura, T.; Takeuchi, S.; Tanaka, O.; Chujo, H., 2000:
Studies on the effect of the relative humidity of the atmosphere on the growth and physiology of rice plants: Effects of relative humidity during the light and dark periods on the growth

Abu-Rezq, T.; Al-Abdul-Elah, K.; Duremdez, R.; Al-Marzouk, A.; James, C.M.; Al-Gharabally, H.; Al-Shimmari, J., 2002:
Studies on the effect of using the rotifer, Brachionus plicatilis, treated with different nutritional enrichment media and antibiotics on the growth and survival of blue-fin sea bream, Sparidentex hasta (Valenciennes), larvae

Oh, S.-Jong; Shin, P.-Gyun; Jang, K.-Yeul; Kim, H.-Kyu, 2003:
Studies on the effect of vinyl mulching on Pleurotus cultivation: Bunch formation on Pleurotus sajor-caju (III)

Oh, S.-Jong; Park, J.-Sik; Lee, D.-Chul; Shin, P.-Gyun, 2003:
Studies on the effect of vinyl mulching on Pleurotus cultivation: Control of mushroom diseases on Pleurotus ostreatus (II)

Oh, S.-Jong; Chun, C.-Sung; Park, J.-Sik; Kim, H.-Kyu; Fermor, T.R., 1999:
Studies on the effect of vinyl mulching on Pleurotus ostreatus cultivation: Quality and productivity of crop (I)

Kreshchenko, N.; Sheiman, I.; Fesenko, E., 2001:
Studies on the effect of weak electromagnetic field on pharynx regeneration in planarians Dugesia tigrina

L.G.i Ling; Feng Qing; Yang Ying; Gao Jun, 2000:
Studies on the effect-increasing components for molluscicides in nut of Areca catech L

Chung, S.Y.un; Yi, S.Y.ung; Yoo, T.M.o; Ahn, M.R.ung; Choi, H.J.n; Chung, M.W.o; Rheu, H.M.ok; Yang, J.S.n, 1999:
Studies on the effects of Evodiae Fructus on the cardiovascular system in N-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester-induced hypertensive Wistar rats

Rajkumar, M.; Nagendran, R., 2000:
Studies on the effects of chromium stress on the germination and growth of Phaseolus mungo: Influence of chromium resistant Pseudomonad

Madigan, D.; Byrne, H.; Matthews, S.; Kelly, R.; Mcenroe, C.; Harmey, D., 2000 :
Studies on the effects of common process variables on the colloidal stability of beer

Jayachandran, V.; Ramassamy, V., 1999:
Studies on the effects of extract of Hypnea muciformis Lamour on germination and seedling morphology in Arachis hypogaea Var. VRI 2

Bhattacharyya, J.; Datta, A.G., 2001:
Studies on the effects of lipopolysaccharide on lipid peroxidation of erythrocyte and its reversal by mannitol and glycerol

Liu, D.C.eng; Lin, J.Y.o; Chen,, 1998:
Studies on the effects of pressurization and heat treatments on SDS-PAGE behavior of porcine muscle protein

Chen,; Lin, J.Y.o; Liu, D.C.eng, 1998:
Studies on the effects of pressurization and heating of sulfhydryl group contents and gelling properties of pork paste

King, V.A.E.l; Chen, J.F., 1999:
Studies on the effects of the addition of curdlan and waxy corn starch on the freeze-drying suitability of soft tofu by using response methodology

Menéndez-Arias, L., 1998:
Studies on the effects of truncating alpha-helix E' of p66 human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase on template-primer binding and fidelity of DNA synthesis

Wiedemann, C., 2000:
Studies on the efficacy of Fipronil against ectoparasites-I. Flea control

Patel, D.; Misraulia, K.S.; Gopala Reddy, A.; Sharma, R.K.; Garg, U.K.; Bagherwal, R.K.; Gupta, B.K.mar, 2000:
Studies on the efficacy of buparvaquone in experimental bovine tropical theileriosis in crossbred calves

Kumar,; Rao, B.N.rasimha; Sriramulu, M., 2000:
Studies on the efficacy of certain insecticides and their mixtures against shoot and fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guen. on bringal

Chen, Y.; Feng, H.; Cheng, C., 1999:
Studies on the efficiency of the hydrolysis of chicken breast meat by a proteolytic enzyme system

Hong, S.G.n; Li, Q.F.; Chen, M.H.a; Huang, D.C.uan, 2002:
Studies on the embryo development of horseshoe crab, Tachypleus tridentatus

Lygo, B.; Crosby, J.; Lowdon, T.R.; Peterson, J.A.; Wainwright, P.G., 2001:
Studies on the enantioselective synthesis of alpha-amino acids via asymmetric phase-transfer catalysis

Zang D.K.i; Sun Shu Tao, 2000:
Studies on the endemism in the flora of Shandong province

Higuchi, A.; Abe, M.T., 2001:
Studies on the energy budget of captive Ural Owls Strix uralensis

Zhu-Xiao-Ming; Wang-Xing-Chun; Jiang-Xiao-Dong; Wang-Gui-Zhong; Chen-Qi-Fa, 2002:
Studies on the energy budgets of juvenile Pseudosciaena crocea (Richardon) during starvation

Zhou-Pei-Jiang; Ling-Xing-Yuan; Zhou-Han-Tao; Qu-Song-Sheng; Zhu-Ying-Guo, 1999:
Studies on the energy liberation of rice mitochondria under different conditions by means of calorimetry

L.Z.ongkuan; Gao Xiuhua; Wang Feng;; Zhang Xiaoming, 1998:
Studies on the energy metabolism of sika deer at antler-growing period

Hong, S.G.k; Kang, B.K.un; Im, H.T.k; Son,; Kim, J.J.n, 1999:
Studies on the environmental condition, the search and the response to temperature and photoperiod of the plants for urban forest aromatic bath

Woo, B.M.eong; Kim, K.H.on, 1998:
Studies on the environmentally and ecologically stable revegetation measures on rock cut-slopes

Joly, S.; Nair, M.S., 2003:
Studies on the enzymatic kinetic resolution of beta-hydroxy ketones

Irie, T.; Matsuda, Y.; Honda, Y.; Morimoto, K.; Kawai, A., 2002:
Studies on the escape mutants of rabies virus which are resistant to neutralization by a highly conserved conformational epitope-specific monoclonal antibody #1-46-12

Lee, Jong-Lak, 2000:
Studies on the estimation of stand volume increment in the jack pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.) in artificial forest

Wang Youchun; Zhuang Hui; Zhang Huayuan, 1999:
Studies on the etiology of patients with serologically negative non A apprx E hepatitis

Chakrabarti, R.; Vikramadithyan, R.K.; Dileepkumar, T.; Kumar, K.B.; Kumar, M.P.; Misra, P.; Rao, P.B.; Lohray, V.B.; Lohray, B.B.; Rajagopalan, R., 1999:
Studies on the euglycemic and hypolipidemic potentials of the novel indole analogue of thiazolidinedione, DRF 2189 Wei; Lin Jin; L.S.uang; Wang Yong Jun; L.W.n Zheng; Zeng Yang Zhi, 2000:
Studies on the evolution of mitochondrial DNA in 11 species of Accipitridae

Khan, I.; Hussein, S.M.K.; Oriowo, M..A., 2002:
Studies on the expression and function of beta-3-adrenoceptors in the colon of rats with acetic acid-induced colitis

Ahmed, S.I.; Thompson, J.; Coulson, J.M.; Woll, P.J., 2000:
Studies on the expression of endothelin, its receptor subtypes, and converting enzymes in lung cancer and in human bronchial epithelium

Tang Bin; Huang Ning; W.Q., 1999:
Studies on the expression of transferred human alpha-defensin HNP1 gene in tracheal epithelial cells cultivated in vitro

Deng Hong; Chen Jin Ping; Ping, 2002:
Studies on the extracting technology and toxicological experiment of Aralia saponin

Kalsi, H.; Dhawan, S.S.; Singh, R., 2002:
Studies on the extraction and concentration of guava juice

Chen Tie Shan; Cui Hong An; Kang Yong Xiang; Zhang Chang Gui; Zhou Z.F., 1999:
Studies on the factors of hardcutting taken from chinese toona of Shaanxi Province in the protected field

Govenkar, M.B.; Wahidulla, S., 1999:
Studies on the fatty acids of the red alga Chondria armata (Kutz.) Okamura

Xia L.Q.u; Xin; Qiu Wen; Zou Xian Qiong; M.X.ang Tao; Chen Yu, 2002:
Studies on the fermentation monitoring of Bacillus thuringiensis

Kong Ling Rang; Dong Y.C.en; Zhang Hong Jun; M.C.en Cheng; Wang Hong Gang, 2000:
Studies on the fertility of original cross and reciprocal cross between T. aestivum and Ae. tauschii

Bensinger, S.; Kugelschafter, K.; Eskens, U.; Sobiraj, A., 2000:
Studies on the fertility of the European hare (Lepus europeaus Pallas, 1778) in Germany

Tsai, Y.Fong, 1998:
Studies on the fertilization of Oncidium

Moon, H.I.; Roh, J.H.a; Lee, K.R.; Zee, O.P.o, 1999:
Studies on the flavonoid components of Adenophora remotiflora var. hirticalyx

Akhani, H., 1999:
Studies on the flora and vegetation of the Golestan National Park, NE Iran: III. Three new species, one new subspecies and fifteen new records for Iran

Akhani, H.; Scholz, H., 1998:
Studies on the flora and vegetation of the Golestan National Park, ne Iran: II. A new Poa and some new and noteworthy grass records for Iran

Kumar, A.; Khanna, K.K., 1998:
Studies on the flora of Betul district, Madhya Pradesh

Mozaffarian, V., 2002:
Studies on the flora of Iran, new species and new records

Marcano-Berti, Luis, 2002:
Studies on the flora of the Guianas no. 101. New Vochysiaceae: Qualea johannabakkeri and Qualea marionii

Ek, R.C.; Ter Steege, H., 1998:
Studies on the flora of the Guianas no. 89: The flora of the Mabura Hill area, Guyana

Gouda, Eric-John, 1999:
Studies on the flora of the Guianas no. 90: Checklist of Bromeliaceae of the Guianas with notes on critical species

Cui; Liao Wen Bo; Zhang Hong Da, 2001:
Studies on the floristic geography of the woody flora from Xinjiang in China

Yanase, M.; Tarumoto, I., 2003:
Studies on the flowering habit in Sorghum. II. Critical daylength and its sensitivity time of Kazetachi with a critical daylength

W.L.n; Zhang Meiwen; L.B., 1998 :
Studies on the food composition of Microtus fortis in Dongting Lake area

Li, S.; Hou, X-pu., 2003:
Studies on the formation mechanism of alginate-chitosan microcapsule and its drug-loading and release properties on macromolecular drug

Sumiyoshi, Y.; Hirahara, F.; Sakamoto, S., 2000:
Studies on the frequency of congenital malformations in Japan and Asian countries

Yan, Q.; Lennarz, W.J., 2002:
Studies on the function of oligosaccharyl transferase subunits. Stt3p is directly involved in the glycosylation process

Yu, K.W.n; Seoung, C.K.n; Lee, S.S.n; Yoo, J.Y.ung, 1996:
Studies on the fungal isolates of Mucorales collected from Korean home made Mejus and Nuluks

Liang Aihua, 1998:
Studies on the gamma-tubulin and the gamma-tubulin gene in Euplotes octocarinatus

Sterrenburg, F.A.S., 2000:
Studies on the genera Gyrosigma and Pleurosigma (Bacillariophyceae): Gyrosigma reversum (Gregory) Hendey and G. naja (Meister) Sterrenburg, nov. comb

Sterrenburg, F.A.S.; Tiffany, M.A.; Lange, C.B., 2000:
Studies on the genera Gyrosigma and Pleurosigma (Bacillariophyceae): Species from the Salton Sea, California, U.S.A., including Pleurosigma ambrosianum, nov. sp

Sterrenburg, F.A.S., 2001:
Studies on the genera Pleurosigma and Gyrosigma: The types of Shadbolt and related taxa

Ming Jen Fan; Ting Rong Shu; Jau Yueh Wang; Wen Long Tsaus; Kin Hsing Yang; Yan Sin Cheng, 2000:
Studies on the genetic relationship of peanut germplasms in Taiwan: I. Studies on the genetic relationship of peanut germplasms by using agronomic traits

Sun, W.; Chang, H.; Yang, Z.P.; Geng, R.Q.; Lu, S.X.; Chang, G.B.; Xu, W.; Wang, H.Y.; Ren, Z.J.; Tsunoda, K., 2002:
Studies on the genetic relationships of sheep populations from east and south of Central Asia

Franke, C.A.; Bolken, T.C.; Hruby, D.E., 2001:
Studies on the genomic organization of recombinant Streptococcus gordonii and the development of a novel intergenic integration site for foreign gene expression

Yadav, J.S.; Kaushik, V.K., 2002:
Studies on the genotoxicity of an organophosphorous pesticide Baytex-1000

Titenko Holland, N.; Shao, J.; Zhang, L.; Xi, L.; Ngo, H.; Shang, N.; Smith, M.T., 1998:
Studies on the genotoxicity of molybdenum salts in human cells in vitro and mice in vivo

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