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Study of the uterine involution and recovery of ovarian function in Canchim cows, with different body condition score at calving

Oliveira Filho, B.D.; Toniollo, G.H.; Gambarini, M.L.; Carvalhedo, A.S.; Gordo, J.M.L.

Revista Brasileira de Reproducao Animal 23(3): 164-166


Accession: 011417594

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The uterine involution and recovery of ovarian function after calving was studied in 30 Canchim cows, maintained on Brachiaria brizanta cv. Marandu pasture and provided ad libitum access to a mineralized mixture, showing body condition score (BCS) of 5, 6 and 7 at calving. The uterine involution and recovery of ovarian function was observed using an ALOKA 210 scanner with a 5-MHz transducer designed for intraretal use in the cow. From calving on, the cows was examined twice a week. Uterine diameter was defined as the distance from the dorsal surface of the uterus to the uterine lumen multiplied by two, considering complete when two consecutive observations gave the same results. The ovaries was scanned and all follicles gtoreq4mm in diameter were identified, and the presence of one or more follicles gtoreq8mm was considered as recovery of ovarian function. The time needs to complete uterine involution was 25,5 days and 27 for recovery of ovarian function. Neither uterine involution or ovarian function was not affected by calving BCS, however the BCS 6 cows showed the better results for both parameters studied.

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