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Superoxide electrode based on covalently immobilized cytochrome c: Modelling studies

Tammeveski, K.; Tenno, T.T.; Mashirin, A.A.; Hillhouse, E.W.; Manning, P.; Mcneil, C.J.

Free Radical Biology and Medicine 25(8): 973-978


ISSN/ISBN: 0891-5849
PMID: 9840743
DOI: 10.1016/s0891-5849(98)00182-8
Accession: 011426843

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We have recently described an optimized electrode for the detection of enzymatic and cellular superoxide (O2.-) production based on cytochrome c immobilized covalently at a surface-modified gold electrode and applied this system to the study of free radical production by activated human glioblastoma cells. In this paper we report the development of a mathematical model for the O2.- electrode responding to enzymically produced O2.- which should enable the determination of absolute concentrations of O2.- in biological systems when this electrode is employed for direct, real-time monitoring of free radical release and interactions.

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