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Synthesis of branched cyclomaltooligosaccharide carboxylic acids (cyclodextrin carboxylic acids) by microbial oxidation

Carbohydrate Research 331(4): 423-430

Synthesis of branched cyclomaltooligosaccharide carboxylic acids (cyclodextrin carboxylic acids) by microbial oxidation

Novel branched cyclomaltooligosaccharide carboxylic acid (cyclodextrin carboxylic acid) derivatives were synthesized by microbial oxidation using Pseudogluconobacter saccharoketogenes to oxidize five types of branched cyclodextrins, including maltosyl (beta-cyclodextrin (maltosyl-(beta-CyD). For each novel cyclodextrin carboxylic acid derivative synthesized, the hydroxymethyl group of the terminal glucose residue in the branched part of the molecule was regiospecifically oxidized to a carboxyl group to give the corresponding uronic acid. In addition, the physicochemical properties of cyclomaltoheptaosyl-(6 to 1)-alpha-D-glucopyranosyl-(4 to 1)-alpha-D-glucopyranosiduronic acid (GUG-beta-CyD) (1) and its sodium salt were studied more extensively, as these compounds are most likely to have a practical application.

Accession: 011443439

PMID: 11398984

DOI: 10.1016/s0008-6215(01)00053-2

Download PDF Full Text: Synthesis of branched cyclomaltooligosaccharide carboxylic acids (cyclodextrin carboxylic acids) by microbial oxidation

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