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Synthesis of branched cyclomaltooligosaccharide carboxylic acids (cyclodextrin carboxylic acids) by microbial oxidation

Synthesis of branched cyclomaltooligosaccharide carboxylic acids (cyclodextrin carboxylic acids) by microbial oxidation

Carbohydrate Research 331(4): 423-430

Novel branched cyclomaltooligosaccharide carboxylic acid (cyclodextrin carboxylic acid) derivatives were synthesized by microbial oxidation using Pseudogluconobacter saccharoketogenes to oxidize five types of branched cyclodextrins, including maltosyl (beta-cyclodextrin (maltosyl-(beta-CyD). For each novel cyclodextrin carboxylic acid derivative synthesized, the hydroxymethyl group of the terminal glucose residue in the branched part of the molecule was regiospecifically oxidized to a carboxyl group to give the corresponding uronic acid. In addition, the physicochemical properties of cyclomaltoheptaosyl-(6 to 1)-alpha-D-glucopyranosyl-(4 to 1)-alpha-D-glucopyranosiduronic acid (GUG-beta-CyD) (1) and its sodium salt were studied more extensively, as these compounds are most likely to have a practical application.

Accession: 011443439

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PMID: 11398984

DOI: 10.1016/s0008-6215(01)00053-2

Download PDF Full Text: Synthesis of branched cyclomaltooligosaccharide carboxylic acids (cyclodextrin carboxylic acids) by microbial oxidation

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