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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 11455

Chapter 11455 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Mozaffari, M.S.; Schaffer, D., 2001:
Taurine modulates arginine vasopressin-mediated regulation of renal function

Verzola, D.; Bertolotto, M.Bianca.; Villaggio, B.; Ottonello, L.; Dallegri, F.; Frumento, G.; Berruti, V.; Gandolfo, M.Teresa.; Garibotto, G.; Deferran, G., 2002:
Taurine prevents apoptosis induced by high ambient glucose in human tubule renal cells

Wu, Q.D.; Wang, J.H.; Fennessy, F.; Redmond, H.P.; Bouchier-Hayes, D., 1999:
Taurine prevents high-glucose-induced human vascular endothelial cell apoptosis

Nonaka, H.; Tsujino, T.; Watari, Y.; Emoto, N.; Yokoyama, M., 2001:
Taurine prevents the decrease in expression and secretion of extracellular superoxide dismutase induced by homocysteine: amelioration of homocysteine-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress by taurine

L.J.X.ang; L.Z.i Quan; Pang Yong Zheng; Tang Chao Shu; D.J.n Bao, 2003:
Taurine protects rat hepatic nuclear nucleoside triphosphatase from hypochlorous-induced suppression

Takahashi, K.; Ohyabu, Y.; Takahashi, K.; Solodushko, V.; Takatani, T.; Itoh, T.; Schaffer, S.W.; Azuma, J., 2003:
Taurine renders the cell resistant to ischemia-induced injury in cultured neonatal rat cardiomyocytes

Benyajati, S.; Renfro, J.L., 2000:
Taurine secretion in primary monolayer cultures of flounder renal epithelium: stimulation by low osmolality

Balakrishnan, S.D.; Anuradha, C.V., 1999 :
Taurine supplementation attenuates erythrocyte lipid peroxidation in fructose-fed hypertensive rats

Balkan, J.; Kanbağli, O.; Aykaç-Toker, Gülçin.; Uysal, Müjdat., 2002:
Taurine treatment reduces hepatic lipids and oxidative stress in chronically ethanol-treated rats

Hasegawa, C.; Yamada, T.; Ohara, H.; Nakazawa, T.; Sano, H.; Ando, H.; Kunimatsu, M.; Ozaki, Y.; Takahashi, S.; Nomura, T.; Joh, T.; Itoh, M., 2003:
Taurochenodeoxycholic acid induced biphasic hepatotoxicity in isolated perfused rat liver: roles of Ca2+ and calpain

Gorelik, J.; Harding, S.E.; Shevchuk, A.I.; Koralage, D.; Lab, M.; de Swiet, M.; Korchev, Y.; Williamson, C., 2002:
Taurocholate induces changes in rat cardiomyocyte contraction and calcium dynamics

Calabresi, P.; Goulette, F.A.; Darnowski, J.W., 2001:
Taurolidine: cytotoxic and mechanistic evaluation of a novel antineoplastic agent

Ribizzi, I.; Darnowski, J.W.; Goulette, F.A.; Akhtar, M.S.; Chatterjee, D.; Calabresi, P., 2002:
Taurolidine: preclinical evaluation of a novel, highly selective, agent for bone marrow purging

Beuers, U.; Denk, G.U.; Soroka, C.J.; Wimmer, R.; Rust, C.; Paumgartner, G.; Boyer, J.L., 2003:
Taurolithocholic acid exerts cholestatic effects via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent mechanisms in perfused rat livers and rat hepatocyte couplets

Caglieris, S.; Giannini, E.; Dardano, G.; Mondello, L.; Valente, U.; Testa, R., 2000:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid administration as adjuvant therapy in cirrhotic patients on transplantation waiting lists

Duan, W-Ming.; Rodrigues, C.M.P.; Zhao, L-Ru.; Steer, C.J.; Low, W.C.; Rodrigures, C.M.P., 2002:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid improves the survival and function of nigral transplants in a rat model of Parkinson's disease

Glasova, H.; Berghaus, T.M.; Kullak-Ublick, G.A.; Paumgartner, G.; Beuers, U., 2002:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid mobilizes alpha-PKC after uptake in human HepG2 hepatoma cells

Piepoli, A.L.; Caroppo, R.; Armentano, R.; Caruso, M.L.; Guerra, V.; Maselli, M.A., 2002:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid reduces damaging effects of taurodeoxycholic acid on fundus gastric mucosa

Domagala, Jacek, 2003:
Tauryna - cenny skladnik mleka koziego

Pérez-Cañadilllas, Jé.Manuel.; García-Mayoral, M.Flor.; Laurents, D.V.; Martínez del Pozo, A.; Gavilanes, Jé.G.; Rico, M.; Bruix, M., 2003:
Tautomeric state of alpha-sarcin histidines. Ndelta tautomers are a common feature in the active site of extracellular microbial ribonucleases

Reitz, A., B.; Gauthier, D., A.; Ho, W.; Maryanoff, B., E., 2000:
Tautomerism and physical properties of pyrido(1,2-a)benzimidazole (PBI) GABA-A receptor ligands

Gutman, I.; Markovic, Z., 1999:
Tautomerism in hypericin

Roche, B.; Dedieu, B.; Ingrand, S., 2001:
Taux de renouvellement et pratiques de reforme et de recrutement en elevage bovin allaitant du Limousin

Biddison, W.E.; Turner, R.V.; Gagnon, S.J.; Lev, A.; Cohen, C.J.; Reiter, Y., 2003:
Tax and M1 peptide/HLA-A2-specific Fabs and T cell receptors recognize nonidentical structural features on peptide/HLA-A2 complexes

Ye, J.; Xie, L.; Green, P.L., 2003:
Tax and overlapping rex sequences do not confer the distinct transformation tropisms of human T-cell leukemia virus types 1 and 2

Nicot, C.; Opavsky, R.; Mahieux, R.; Johnson, J.M.; Brady, J.N.; Wolff, L.; Franchini, G., 2000:
Tax oncoprotein trans-represses endogenous B-myb promoter activity in human T cells

Georges, S.A.; Giebler, H.A.; Cole, P.A.; Luger, K.; Laybourn, P.J.; Nyborg, J.K., 2003:
Tax recruitment of CBP/p300, via the KIX domain, reveals a potent requirement for acetyltransferase activity that is chromatin dependent and histone tail independent

Haller, K.; Ruckes, T.; Schmitt, I.; Saul, D.; Derow, E.; Grassmann, R., 2000:
Tax-dependent stimulation of G1 phase-specific cyclin-dependent kinases and increased expression of signal transduction genes characterize HTLV type 1-transformed T cells

Japtap, A.P.; Singh, N.P., 1998:
Taxa belonging to the families Asclepiadaceae and Periplocaceae not recollected after type collections

Bicudo, S.D.; Paganini-Filho, P.; Souza, M.I.L.; Sousa, D.B., 2002:
Taxa de concepcao no estro induzido com CIDR(R)/eCG e no estro natural pos-inducao/sincronizacao em programa de inseminacao artificial de ovelhas

Oliveira, A., F.; De-Carvalho, D.; Rosado, S., C.S., 2002:
Taxa de cruzamento e sistema reprodutivo de uma populacao natural de Copaifera langsdorffii Desf. na regiao de Lavras (MG) por meio de isoenzimas

Pires, M.F.A.; Ferreira, A.M.; Saturnino, H.M.; Teodoro, R.L., 2002:
Taxa de gestacao em femeas da raca Holandesa confinadas em free stall, no verao e inverno

Kilsztajn, S.; Da-Silva, C.-Roberto-Leite; Da-Silva, D.-Francisco; Michelin, A.-Da-Cunha; Rendall-De-Carvalho, A.; Ferraz, I.-Lopes-Bezerra, 2001:
Taxa de mortalidade por acidentes de transito e frota de veiculos

Fernandes, C.A.C.; Oba, E.; Ferreira, A.M.; Uribe-Velaquez, L.F.; Viana, J.H.M., 2002:
Taxa de ovulacao e concentracao plasmatica de progesterona em femeas bovinas imunizadas com liquido folicular suino

Del-Rei, A.J.M.; Baruselli, P.S.; Bartolomeu, C.C.; Barnabe, R.C., 2002:
Taxa de prenhez em novilhas receptoras de embrioes (Bos Taurus x Bos Indicus) tratadas com protocolo CIDR-B para inovulacao em tempo fixo

Ribeiro, H.F.L.; Pantoja, C.; Silva, M.C.; Sousa, J.S.; Silva, A.O.A.; Reis, A.N., 2001:
Taxa de prenhez em novilhas selecionadas por escore ovariano, submetidas ainseminacao artificial com tempo pre-fixado, sincronizadas pelo protocolo ovsynch

Pantoja, C.; Ribeiro, H.F.L.; Silva, M.C.; Sousa, J.S.; Silva, A.O.A.; Reis, A.N., 2001:
Taxa de prenhez em vacas Santa Gertrudes e Pintangueiras inseminadas com tempo pre-fixado e sincronizadas pelo protocolo Ovsynch

Da-Silva, W.; Sediyama, T.; Da-Silva, A.-Alberto; De-Souza, A.-Pereira, 2001:
Taxa fotossintetica liquida de Eucalyptus citriodora Hook e. E. grandis W. Hill em resposta a diferentes niveis de agua no solo e associacao com Brachiaria brizantha Stapf

Guillemard, V.; Saragovi, H.U., 2001:
Taxane-antibody conjugates afford potent cytotoxicity, enhanced solubility, and tumor target selectivity

Greco, F.A.; Gray, J.; Burris, H.A.; Erland, J.B.; Morrissey, L.H.; Hainsworth, J.D., 2001:
Taxane-based chemotherapy for patients with carcinoma of unknown primary site

Griffon-Etienne, G.; Boucher, Y.; Brekken, C.; Suit, H.D.; Jain, R.K., 1999:
Taxane-induced apoptosis decompresses blood vessels and lowers interstitial fluid pressure in solid tumors: clinical implications

Cunha, K.S.; Reguly, M.L.; Graf, U.; de Andrade, H.H., 2001:
Taxanes: the genetic toxicity of paclitaxel and docetaxel in somatic cells of Drosophila melanogaster

Kim, Jin-Ill, 2000:
Taxanomic review of the genus Protaetia Burmeister from Korea (Coleoptera, Cetoniidae)

Bhattacharyya, T.P., 2002:
Taxanomic status of the genus Harpiola Thomas, 1915 (Mammalia: Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae), with a report of the occurrence of Harpiola grisea (Peters, 1872) in Mizoram, India

Santos, R.R.; Silva, J.R.V.; Matos, M.H.T.; Machado, V.P.; Brasil, A.F.; Ferreira, M.A.L.; Costa, S.H.F.; Amorim, C.A.; Rodrigues, A.P.R.; Figueiredo, J.R., 2001:
Taxas de degeneracao em foliculos ovarianos pre-antrais caprinos

Fonseca, J.F.; Silva-Filho, J.M.; Pinto-Neto, A.; Palhares, M.S.; Ruas, J.R.M., 2001:
Taxas de gestacao de novilhas receptoras submetidas a administracao de rbST, GnRH ou hCG no quinto dia do ciclo estral

Vasconcelos, J.L.M.; Cerri, R.L.A.; Araujo, T.P.B.; Valarelli, R.L.; Vilela, E.R.; Meneghetti, M.; Santos, R.M., 2001:
Taxas de ovulacao e de sincronizacao em vacas Holandesas e Girolandas, em duas estacoes, que receberam PGF2alpha no dia 6 ou 7 do protocolo Ovsynch

Murta, J.E.J.; Andrade, V.J.; Pereira, J.C.C.; Vale-Filho, V.R., 2001:
Taxas de prenhez em vacas Nelore corn utilizacao do protocolo Crestar(R) * para sincronizacao do cio

Lapernat, P.E.; Razouls, C., 2001:
Taxinomie et repartition des Copepodes pelagiques profonds de Mediterranee (au large de Malte)

Lee, D.Yun.; Ramos, A.; Macomber, L.; Shapleigh, J.P., 2002:
Taxis response of various denitrifying bacteria to nitrate and nitrite

Ham, R.W.J.M. van der; Konijnenburg van Cittert, J.H.A. van; Burgh, J. van der, 2001:
Taxodiaceous conifers from the Maastrichtian type area (Late Cretaceous, NE Belgium, SE Netherlands)

Jennewein, S.; Rithner, C.D.; Williams, R.M.; Croteau, R., 2003:
Taxoid metabolism: Taxoid 14beta-hydroxylase is a cytochrome P450-dependent monooxygenase

Arsenault, A.L.; Lhotak, S.; Hunter, W.L.; Banquerigo, M.L.; Brahn, E., 2000:
Taxol (paclitaxel) involution of articular cartilage destruction in collagen induced arthritis: an ultrastructural demonstration of an increased superficial chondroprotective layer

Sorochyns'kyi, B.V., 1998:
Taxol (plaxicel) as kind of novel antitumor drugs

Theodoropoulos, P.A.; Polioudaki, H.; Kostaki, O.; Derdas, S.P.; Georgoulias, V.; Dargemont, C.; Georgatos, S.D., 1999:
Taxol affects nuclear lamina and pore complex organization and inhibits import of karyophilic proteins into the cell nucleus

Iancu, C.; Mistry, S.J.; Arkin, S.; Atweh, G.F., 2000:
Taxol and anti-stathmin therapy: a synergistic combination that targets the mitotic spindle

Walker, K.; Croteau, R., 2000:
Taxol biosynthesis: molecular cloning of a benzoyl-CoA:taxane 2alpha-O-benzoyltransferase cDNA from taxus and functional expression in Escherichia coli

Figueroa-Masot, X.A.; Hetman, M.; Higgins, M.J.; Kokot, N.; Xia, Z., 2001:
Taxol induces apoptosis in cortical neurons by a mechanism independent of Bcl-2 phosphorylation

Yang, C.P.; Horwitz, S.B., 2000:
Taxol mediates serine phosphorylation of the 66-kDa Shc isoform

Luo Jie; Mei Xing Guo, 2002:
Taxol production in suspension cultures of Taxus chinensis as affected by the combination of nutrient feed with dissolved oxygen control

Lou, P.J.; Chen, W.P.; Lin, C.T.; Chen, H.C.; Wu, J.C., 2000:
Taxol reduces cytosolic E-cadherin and beta-catenin levels in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line TW-039: cross-talk between the microtubule- and actin-based cytoskeletons

Sangrajrang, S.; Fellous, A., 2000:
Taxol resistance

Spencer, W.; Kwon, H.; Crépieux, P.; Leclerc, N.; Lin, R.; Hiscott, J., 1999:
Taxol selectively blocks microtubule dependent NF-kappaB activation by phorbol ester via inhibition of IkappaBalpha phosphorylation and degradation

Yvon, A.M.; Wadsworth, P.; Jordan, M.A., 1999:
Taxol suppresses dynamics of individual microtubules in living human tumor cells

Navia-Osorio, A.; Garden, H.; Cusido, R., M.; Palazon, J.; Alfermann, A.W.lhelm; Pinol, M.T.resa, 2002:
Taxol(R) and baccatin III production in suspension cultures of Taxus baccata and Taxus wallichiana in an airlift bioreactor

Vieitez, J.M.; Garcia, I.; Jimenez-Lacave, A., 2001:
Taxol, propanolol, cimetidine and cardiorespiratory arrest

Hong, F.D.; Chen, J.; Donovan, S.; Schneider, N.; Nisen, P.D., 1999:
Taxol, vincristine or nocodazole induces lethality in G1-checkpoint-defective human astrocytoma U373MG cells by triggering hyperploid progression

Cui, C.; Li, J.; Hao, X., 1998:
Taxol-containing combination regimen in treatment of adriamycin-resistant breast cancer

Makhija, S.; Taylor, D.D.; Gibb, R.K.; Gerçel-Taylor, C., 1999:
Taxol-induced bcl-2 phosphorylation in ovarian cancer cell monolayer and spheroids

Kim, S.-Su; Kim, Y.-Suk; Jung, Y.-Woo; Choi, H.-Il; Shim, M.-Jeong; Kim, T.-Ue, 1999:
Taxol-induced apoptosis and nuclear translocation of mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase in HeLa cells

Kim, S.Y.; Lee, Y.M., 2001:
Taxol-loaded block copolymer nanospheres composed of methoxy poly(ethylene glycol) and poly(epsilon-caprolactone) as novel anticancer drug carriers

Johnson, Kevin, P., 2001:
Taxon sampling and the phylogenetic position of Passeriformes: Evidence from 916 avian cytochrome b sequences

Rosenberg, M.S.; Kumar, S., 2003:
Taxon sampling, bioinformatics, and phylogenomics

Holomuzki, J.R.; Biggs, B.J.F., 2000:
Taxon-specific responses to high-flow disturbance in streams: Implications for population persistence

Shimeta, J.; Sisson, J.D., 1999:
Taxon-specific tidal resuspension of protists into the subtidal benthic boundary layer of a coastal embayment

Bragio-Bonaldo, Alexandre, 2000:
Taxonomia da subfamilia Corinninae (Araneae, Corinnidae) nas regioes Neotropical e Neartica

Oliveira, R., C.; Valls, J., F.M., 2002:
Taxonomia de Paspalum L., grupo Linearia (Gramineae-Paniceae) do Brasil

Mijares-Urrutia, A.; Senaris, J.C.lsa; Arends, A., 2000:
Taxonomia de algunos microteidos (Squamata) de Venezuela, I: Variacion y distribucion geografica de Euspondylus acutirostris y descripcion de un nuevo Euspondylus del nordeste de Venezuela

Mijares-Urrutia, Abraham, 2000 :
Taxonomia de algunos microteidos de Venezuela (Squamata), II: Situacion nomenclatural de Prionodactylus ampuedai y Prionodactylus phelpsorum

Da-Costa, Esperanca-Maria, F., 1999:
Taxonomia de generos da tribo Genisteae: Genista, Echinospartum e Pterospartum em Portugal e Adenocarpus e Argyrolobium em Angola

Fernandes, Irene, 2003:
Taxonomia dos representantes de cyatheaceae do nordeste oriental do Brasil

Machado, C., P.; Drozinski, N., G.S., 2002:
Taxonomia e distribuicao de Actinocythereis brasiliensis sp. nov. (Podocopida, Trachyleberididae) na plataforma continental brasileira

Abarca, Ma-Lourdes, 2000:
Taxonomia e identificacion de especies implicadas en la aspergilosis nosocomial

Dokmetzian, D.-Ana; Ranalli, M.-Esther, 2000:
Taxonomia numerica de algunas especies del genero Ascobolus (Ascomycetes - Ascobolaceae)

Ketchum, J., T.; Bonilla, H.-Reyes, 2001:
Taxonomia y distribucion de los corales hermatipicos (Scleractinia) del Archipielago de Revillagigedo, Mexico

Danielopol, D.L.; Rouch, R.; Baltanas, A., 2002:
Taxonomic Diversity of groundwater Harpacticoida (Copepoda, Crustacea) in southern France. A contribution to characterise Hotspot Diversity Sites

Gilmour, R., 2000:
Taxonomic markup language: applying XML to systematic data

Lee, Yongpil, 2000:
Taxonomic account of Elachista (Elachistaceae, Phaeophyta) in Korea

Uddin, M.D.G.as; Mahal, M.; Pahsa, M.K., 1997:
Taxonomic account of genus Lygodium Sw. (Lygodiaceae) in Bangladesh

Fartyal, R.S.; Singh, B.K., 2002:
Taxonomic accounts of new species of Drosophilidae (Insecta: Diptera) of Kumaon region, India

L.Corre, Matthieu, 2000:
Taxonomic affinities of Audubon's Shearwater from Europa Island

Hancock, D.L., 2000:
Taxonomic affinities of Deroparia Munro, Euryphalara Munro and Xenodorella Munro (Diptera: Tephritidae: Tephritinae)

Gest, H.; Favinger, J., 2001:
Taxonomic ambiguities: a case history

Sitkowska, M.; Dukowska, M., 1999:
Taxonomic analysis and frequency of green algae in the middle section of the River Warta (central Poland)

Kumar, S.; Parveen, F.; Mertia, R.S., 2003:
Taxonomic analysis of medicinal plants of the Indian Thar: A prioritisation strategy

Newman, L.J.; Norenburg, J.L.; Reed, S., 2000:
Taxonomic and biological observations on the tiger flatworm, Maritigrella crozieri (Hyman, 1939), new combination (Platyhelminthes, Polycladida, Euryleptidae) from Florida waters

Bassi, D.; Woelkerling, W., J.; Nebelsick, J., H., 2000:
Taxonomic and biostratigraphical E-assessments of Subterraniphyllum Elliott (Corallinales, Rhodophyta)

Hrsak, Vladimir, 2002:
Taxonomic and chorologic revision of the Polypodium vulgare complex in Herbarium Croaticum and the Ivo and Marija Horvat Herbarium

Daniel, Thomas, F., 1999:
Taxonomic and distributional notes on Neotropical Justicia (Acanthaceae)

Ruiz Campos, G.; Rodriguez Meraz, M., 1997:
Taxonomic and ecological composition of the avifauna of El Mayor and Hardy rivers and adjacent areas in the valley of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Lyons, J.; Silva, N.-Mercado, 1999:
Taxonomic and ecological factors on fish communities in rivers and streams of western Jalisco, Mexico

Lourenco, W.R.; Goodman, S.M., 1999:
Taxonomic and ecological observations on the scorpions collected in the Reserve Naturelle Integrale d'Andohahela, Madagascar

Wolowski, Konrad, 1998:
Taxonomic and environmental studies on euglenophytes of the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland (Southern Poland)

Nilsson, Anders, N., 2002:
Taxonomic and faunistic notes on East Palaearctic Colymbetes species, with the description of a new species from the Far East (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)

Ornosa, C.; Martinez, M.D., 1998:
Taxonomic and faunistic notes on Spanish anthophores (Hymenoptera, Anthophoridae, Anthophorini)

Platia, G.; Gudenzi, I., 1998:
Taxonomic and faunistic notes on click-beetles from Near East (Coleoptera, Elateridae)

Degallier, Nicolas, 1998:
Taxonomic and faunistic notes on neotropical Histeridae with the description of Brasilister flechtmanni gen. nov., sp. nov. and Terapus flechtmanni sp. nov. (Coleoptera, Histeridae)

Moravec, Jiri., 1998:
Taxonomic and faunistic notes on the herpetofauna of Syria (Reptilia)

Turnbull, E.; Watling, R., 1999:
Taxonomic and floristic notes on Malaysian larger fungi III

Morozova, O.V., 2002:
Taxonomic and geographic analyses of the agaricoid basidiomycetes biota of the Leningrad region

Baroni, Timothy, J., 1999:
Taxonomic and mycogeographic notes on some Malaysian fungi. IV. Notes on Clitopilus and Rhodocybe

Ruzicka, Jan, 2002:
Taxonomic and nomenclatorial notes on Palaearctic Silphinae (Coleoptera: Silphidae)

Pestova, I.O., 1998:
Taxonomic and nomenclatural study Rumex arifolius complex (Polygonaceae)

Motchurova Dekova Neda, 2001:
Taxonomic and phylogenetic aspects of the shell ultrastructure of nine Cretaceous rhynchonellide brachiopod genera

Brullo, S.; Guarino, R.; Minissale, P., 2000:
Taxonomic and phytogeographical remarks on Trifolium savianum Guss., a misappreciated species of the Italian flora

Kasantsev, S., V.; Yang, P.-Shih, 1999:
Taxonomic and synonymic notes on Lycidae (Coleoptera) with descriptions of new species from Taiwan

Srivastava, R.; Kumar, S.; Singh, M.P., 2002:
Taxonomic and taphonomic appraisal of fish vertebrae from the early Eocene gypseous shales of Kachchh, Gujarat

Conforti, Visitacion, 1998:
Taxonomic and ultrastructural study of naked Euglenophyta from northeast of Argentina

Moon, M.-Ok; Ihm, B.-Sun; Chung, Y.-Cheul; Kang, Y.-Jae; Kim, C.-Soo; Kim, M.-Hong, 1999:
Taxonomic appraisal of Dendropanax morbifera Leveille and D. trifidus (Thunb. ex Murray) Makino based on morphological characters

Chan, Raymund, 2001:
Taxonomic changes and a new species in Lasthenia sect. Amphiachaenia (Compositae: Heliantheae sensu Lato)

Diaz, M.A.eida; Llamacho, J.A.; Sosa, V., 2001:
Taxonomic changes in Cuban orchids: Basiphyllaea

Carter, Susan, 2000:
Taxonomic changes in Monadenium and Synadenium (Euphorbiaceae) for Flora Zambesiaca

Trusch, R.; Erlacher, S., 2002:
Taxonomic changes in the genus Dyscia (Lepidoptera: Geometridae: Ennominae)

Nakazawa, F.; Poco, S.E.; Sato, M.; Ikeda, T.; Kalfas, S.; Sundqvist, Göran.; Hoshino, E., 2002:
Taxonomic characterization of Mogibacterium diversum sp. nov. and Mogibacterium neglectum sp. nov., isolated from human oral cavities

Song, B.; Häggblom, M.M.; Zhou, J.; Tiedje, J.M.; Palleroni, N.J., 1999:
Taxonomic characterization of denitrifying bacteria that degrade aromatic compounds and description of Azoarcus toluvorans sp. nov. and Azoarcus toluclasticus sp. nov

Casamatta, D.A.; Fleischman, D.J.; Beaver, J.R.; Verb, R.G., 2001:
Taxonomic characterization of the planktonic and metaphytic algal communities in a newly rehabilitated Ohio wetland

Araujo, E., L.; Veloso, V., R.S.; Souza-Filho, F., M.; Zucchi, R., A., 1999:
Taxonomic characterization, new records of distribuition and host plants of Anastrepha turpiniae Stone (Diptera: Tephritidae), in Brazil

Cornelius, P.F.S., 1998:
Taxonomic characters from the hydranths of live thecate hydroids: European Haleciidae (Cnidaria: Leptothecatae)

Boucher, S.; Kon, M., 1998:
Taxonomic complements on the indo-malaysian group of Macrolinus depressus Gravely (Coleoptera, Passalidae)

Hollingsworth, Peter, M., 2003:
Taxonomic complexity, population genetics, and plant conservation in Scotland

Vilicic, D.; Krsinic, F.; Buric, Z.; Caput, K., 2000:
Taxonomic composition and abundance of phytoplankton in the middle reach of the karstic Zrmanja Estuary (Croatia)

Wong, C.K.m; Hwang, J.S.iou; Chen, Q.C.ao, 1998:
Taxonomic composition and grazing impact of calanoid copepods in coastal waters near nuclear power plants in Northern Taiwan

Keqin, G.; Norell, M.A., 2000:
Taxonomic composition and systematics of late cretaceous lizard assemblages from Ukhaa Tolgod and adjacent localities, Mongolian Gobi Desert

Severova, E.E.; Polevova, S.V.; Meyer Melikyan, N.R.; Bovina, I.Y., 2000:
Taxonomic composition of aeropalynological spectrum of Moscow city

Hwang, J.; Chen, Q.; Wong, C., 2003:
Taxonomic composition, density and biomass of free-living copepods in the coastal waters of southwestern Taiwan

Apel, M.; Tuerkay, M., 1999:
Taxonomic composition, distribution and zoogeographic relationships of the grapsid and ocypodid crab fauna of intertidal soft bottoms in the Arabian Gulf

Hall, S.J.; Greenstreet, S.P., 1998:
Taxonomic distinctness and diversity measures: Responses in marine fish communities

Danielopol, D.L.; Pospisil, P., 2002:
Taxonomic diversity of Crustacea Cyclopoida in the Austrian Danube Floodplain National Park

Narendran, T.C., 2001:
Taxonomic entomology: Research and education in India

Geerinckx, T.; Adriaens, D.; Teugels, G., G.; Verraes, W., 2003:
Taxonomic evaluation and redescription of Anaspidoglanis akiri (Risch, 1987) (Siluriformes: Claroteidae)

Matsumoto, J.; Deguchi, H., 1999:
Taxonomic evaluation of Didymium leoninum var. effusum (Physarales, Myxomycetes)

Marhold, Karol, 1999:
Taxonomic evaluation of the tetraploid populations of Cardamine amara (Brassicaceae) from the Eastern Alps and adjacent areas

Burtt, B.L., 1997:
Taxonomic history of Didymocarpus and Henckelia (Gesneriaceae)

Hanagata, H.; Shida, O.; Takagi, H., 2003:
Taxonomic homogeneity of a salt-tolerant lactic acid bacteria isolated from shoyu mash

Zhao-Hongjuan; Zhang-Yueqin, 2000:
Taxonomic identification of a new compound X-435-C of virginiamycin-like antibiotic producing organism X-435

Aravena, G.; Palma, S., 2002:
Taxonomic identification of appendicularians collected in the epipelagic waters off northern Chile (Tunicata, Appendicularia)

Kim, C.H.an; Kim, T.J.n; Sun, B.Y.n, 2000:
Taxonomic identities of some endemic Korean vascular plants

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