Section 12
Chapter 11,472

The Oenococcus oeni genome: physical and genetic mapping of strain GM and comparison with the genome of a 'divergent' strain, PSU-1

Zé-Zé, L.ı B.; Tenreiro, R.ér.; Paveia, H.

Microbiology 146 Pt 12: 3195-3204


ISSN/ISBN: 1350-0872
PMID: 11101677
Accession: 011471077

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The physical and genetic maps of the Oenococcus oeni strains GM and PSU-1, which represent two genomic divergent groups on the basis of macrorestriction and ribotyping analysis, were compared. To achieve this comparison, the GM maps were constructed and the PSU-1 maps, already established, were improved. All the recognition sites of the restriction enzymes ASC:I, I-CEU:I, FSE:I, NOT:I and SFI:I were located in both chromosomes and the position of 26 genetic markers, including two rrn operons and 14 new putative oenococcal genes, were allocated to the restriction fragments generated by the five enzymes. The comparative analysis of O. oeni GM and PSU-1 genomes revealed extensive conservation of loci order. As for the differences encountered in the locations of restriction sites, they seem to be a reflection of the differences in restriction fragment sizes, explainable by insertion/deletion events and point mutations. No evidence for major genomic rearrangements was found. The genomic conservation between the two strains is in agreement and suggests homogeneity within the species, which was not unexpected in view of the restricted ecological niche of O. oeni. Further comparisons of physical maps, both of O. oeni strains and related species, will certainly help to assess whether O. oeni is really an homogeneous species and physical mapping is suitable for taxonomic purposes, both at the supra- and intraspecific levels.

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