Section 12
Chapter 11,496

The effect of long-term fertilization on the heavy metal accumulation in the leached chernozem

Parasyuta, A.N.; Stolyarov, A.I.; Suetov, V.P.; Kil'dyushkin, V.M.; Soldatenko, A.G.

Agrokhimiya 11: 62-65


Accession: 011495555

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Long-term studies showed that the systematic application of moderate doses of fertilizers did not have a significant effect on the amount of the majority of the studied elements in leached chernozem. The total heavy metals concentration and also the amount of their mobile forms were below the maximum permissible concentrations, although a tendency toward an elevation in the soil content of mobile forms of lead, which reached the maximum permissible concentration level, was noted.

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