The effective secretion of bacterial beta-glucanase into the intercellular space in Nicotiana tabacum transgenic plants

Monzavi Karbassi, B.; Goldenkova, I.V.; Darbinian, N.S.; Kobets, N.S.; Vasilevko, V.T.; Piruzian, E.S.

Genetika 34(4): 475-479


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758
Accession: 011498871

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Bacterial glucanase with a carrot extensin leader peptide was shown to be effectively secreted into the intercellular space in tobacco transgenic plants. A comparison of the glucanase activities in two samples of transgenic plants indicated that the heterologous enzyme was more stable in the intercellular space than within the plant cells. To study the secretion of plant proteins and the role of beta-1,3;1,4-glucanase in the plant's self-protection, a combination of the ricS plant promoter, the sequence for the carrot extensin leader peptide, and the sequence for the thermostable bacterial glucanase with a high specific activity was used.