Section 12
Chapter 11,524

The main directions and research results regarding improving of technology of fodder production using maize and grasses in the main and intermediated crops

Shlapunov, V.; Nadtochaev, N.

Vyestsi Akademii Ahrarnykh Navuk Respubliki Byelarus' 1997(2): 60-64


Accession: 011523629

From the of many-years researches agro-climatic basis was given for the production of maize with different early maturing, their predicted yield with the account of losses by siloing. Maize hybrid crop structure with FAO 181-330 has been suggested. The results of field trials revealed the possibility of obtaining 2-3 yields annually in the field with annual grasses and providing 10 t FU/ha and more. The reserves of fodder production increase owing to postharvest crops are shown.

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