Section 12
Chapter 11,526

The microevolutionary trends in the Quaternary floras of the East-European plain

Velichkevich, Felix-Y.

Acta Palaeobotanica Suppl (2): 529-535


Accession: 011525534

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The flora of the ancient glaciation province of the East-European plain was strongly affected by the Pleistocene glaciations and re-established itself during the interglacial epochs in a much changed and renewed form. The processes of emergence and extinction of taxa were very intensive in the Glaciopleistocene; despite this, the number of relics in the Pleistocene flora of Europe was much higher than might have been supposed. Changes in the taxonomic composition of the fossil floras were mostly evidenced in communities of aquatic and water mire plants studied at the microevolutionary level.

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