Section 12
Chapter 11,531

The osteology and relationships of Metaxytherium krahuletzi DEPERET, 1895 (Mammalia: Sirenia)

Domning, D., P.; Pervesler, P.

Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft (553): 1-89


Accession: 011530767

Metaxytherium krahuletzi was a halitheriine dugongid distributed throughout the marine waters of the Central Paratethys, and probably other parts of Europe, during the Early Miocene (upper Eggenburgian and Ottnangian apprx early to middle Burdigalian). It was probably an ecological generalist that fed on the leaves and rhizomes of small and medium-sized benthic seagrasses.

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