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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 11540

Chapter 11540 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nguyen, Jacqueline, 1999:
The regulatory protein Reg1 of Streptomyces lividans binds the promoter region of several genes repressed by glucose

Brábek, J.; Mojzita, D.; Hamplová, L.; Folk, P., 2002:
The regulatory region of Prague C v-Src inhibits the activity of the Schmidt-Ruppin A v-Src kinase domain

Gadhavi, P.L.; Greenwood, M.D.; Strom, M.; King, I.A.; Buxton, R.S., 2001:
The regulatory region of the human desmocollin 3 promoter forms a DNA four-way junction

Wen, L.; Chen, N.Y.; Tang, J.; Sherwin, R.; Wong, F.S., 2001:
The regulatory role of DR4 in a spontaneous diabetes DQ8 transgenic model

Kerkhoff, C.; Eue, I.; Sorg, C., 2000:
The regulatory role of MRP8 (S100A8) and MRP14 (S100A9) in the transendothelial migration of human leukocytes

Kim, P.K.M.; Zamora, R.; Petrosko, P.; Billiar, T.R., 2001:
The regulatory role of nitric oxide in apoptosis

Komenda, J.; Koblizek, M.; Masojidek, J., 1999:
The regulatory role of photosystem II photoinactivation and de novo protein synthesis in the degradation and exchange of two forms of the D1 protein in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus PCC 7942

Kotzabasis, K.; Strasser, B.; Navakoudis, E.; Senger, H.; Dornemann, D., 1999:
The regulatory role of polyamines in structure and functioning of the photosynthetic apparatus during photoadaptation

Vassilieva, Y.M.; Garber, M.B., 2002:
The regulatory role of the Hfq protein in bacterial cells

Stadecker, M.J., 2000:
The regulatory role of the antigen-presenting cell in the development of hepatic immunopathology during infection with Schistosoma mansoni

Staniland, I.; Hart, P.; Bromley, P., 2001:
The regurgitation of stomach contents in trawl caught whiting, evidence of a predator size effect

Palmese, C.A.; Raskin, S.A., 2000:
The rehabilitation of attention in individuals with mild traumatic brain injury, using the APT-II programme

Kessel, A.; Brent, L., 2001:
The rehabilitation of captive baboons

Lewis, R.R.IIi; Clark, P.A.; Fehring, W.K.; Greening, H.S.; Johansson, R.O.; Paul, R.T., 1998:
The rehabilitation of the Tampa Bay Estuary, Florida, USA, as an example of successful integrated coastal management

Pidcock, F.S.; Fauerbach, J.A.; Ober, M.; Carney, J., 2003:
The rehabilitation/school matrix: a model for accommodating the noncompliant child with severe burns

Ahmed, M.Z.bair; Vohra, A., 2002:
The reinforced laryngeal mask airway (RLMA) protects the airway in patients undergoing nasal surgery: An observational study of 200 patients

Lile, J.A.; Wang, Z.; Woolverton, W.L.; France, J.E.; Gregg, T.C.; Davies, H.M.L.; Nader, M.A., 2003:
The reinforcing efficacy of psychostimulants in rhesus monkeys: the role of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Lile, J.A.; Morgan, D.; Birmingham, A.M.; Wang, Z.; Woolverton, W.L.; Davies, H.M.L.; Nader, M.A., 2002:
The reinforcing efficacy of the dopamine reuptake inhibitor 2beta-propanoyl-3beta-(4-tolyl)-tropane (PTT) as measured by a progressive-ratio schedule and a choice procedure in rhesus monkeys

Epstein, D.H.; Preston, K.L., 2003:
The reinstatement model and relapse prevention: a clinical perspective

Shaham, Y.; Shalev, U.; Lu, L.; de Wit, H.; Stewart, J., 2002:
The reinstatement model of drug relapse: history, methodology and major findings

Smeeton, C.; Weagle, K., 2000:
The reintroduction of the swift fox Vulpes velox to South Central Saskatchewan, Canada

Gentry, D.; Li, T.; Rosenberg, M.; McDevitt, D., 2000:
The rel gene is essential for in vitro growth of Staphylococcus aureus

Stevenson, B.; Porcella, S.F.; Oie, K.L.; Fitzpatrick, C.A.; Raffel, S.J.; Lubke, L.; Schrumpf, M.E.; Schwan, T.G., 2000:
The relapsing fever spirochete Borrelia hermsii contains multiple, antigen-encoding circular plasmids that are homologous to the cp32 plasmids of Lyme disease spirochetes

Feige, E.; Motro, B., 2002:
The related murine kinases, Nek6 and Nek7, display distinct patterns of expression

Wintink, A.J.; Brudzynski, S.M., 2001:
The related roles of dopamine and glutamate in the initiation of 50-kHz ultrasonic calls in adult rats

Huang, C.-Yuan; Lin, H.-Lin; Chen, K.-Yang, 1998:
The related study of blood flow rate and heparin dosage on hemodialysis in dogs (I)

Yoshimura, M.; Isobe, Y.; Oishi, T., 2003:
The relation among emergence date, days until first effective mating, fecundity and adult longevity in Isoperla aizuana and Sweltsa sp. (Plecoptera)

Haig, A.J.; Weiner, J.B.; Tew, J.; Quint, D.; Yamakawa, K., 2002:
The relation among spinal geometry on MRI, paraspinal electromyographic abnormalities, and age in persons referred for electrodiagnostic testing of low back symptoms

Bakheit, A.M.O.; Maynard, V.A.; Curnow, J.; Hudson, N.; Kodapala, S., 2003:
The relation between Ashworth scale scores and the excitability of the alpha motor neurones in patients with post-stroke muscle spasticity

W.X.ao Fan; Huang Wen Zeng; Zhang, B.Y.n, 2001:
The relation between C-reaction protein and risk of recurrent cardiovascular events in patients with coronary heart disease

Blanchard, J.F.; Armenian, H.K.; Peeling, R.; Friesen, P.P.; Shen, C.; Brunham, R.C., 2000:
The relation between Chlamydia pneumoniae infection and abdominal aortic aneurysm: case-control study

Bloemenkamp, D.G.M.; Mali, W.P.T.M.; Tanis, B.C.; Rosendaal, F.R.; Van Den Bosch, M.A.A.J.; Kemmeren, J.M.; Algra, A.; Visseren, F.L.J.; Van Der Graaf, Y., 2002:
The relation between Helicobacter pylori and atherosclerosis cannot be explained by a high homocysteine concentration

Barkin, Jamie, 1998:
The relation between Helicobacter pylori and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Sun Chengchao; Jiang Songfu; W.J.anbo, 2000:
The relation between P-selection and thrombomodulin during extracorporeal circulation

Veglio, M.; Borra, M.; Stevens, L.K.; Fuller, J.H.; Perin, P.C.; Group, E.I.dm Complications Study, 1999:
The relation between QTc interval prolongation and diabetic complications: The EURODIAB IDDM Complication Study Group

Struchen, M.A.; Hannay, H.J.; Contant, C.F.; Robertson, C.S., 2001:
The relation between acute physiological variables and outcome on the Glasgow Outcome Scale and Disability Rating Scale following severe traumatic brain injury

Lin, J.H.; Huang, M.H.; Liu, C.K.; Lin, Y.T.; Lee, C.H., 1999:
The relation between admission balance and functional outcomes following stroke rehabilitation: a medical center based study

Barr, J.; Rapoport, M.J.; Tauber, T.; Hertzianu, I.; Cafri, Y.; Bistritzer, T., 2002:
The relation between adrenal function and the severity of bronchial hyperresponsiveness in children as measured by the methacholine provocation test

Britton, A.; McKee, M., 2000:
The relation between alcohol and cardiovascular disease in Eastern Europe: explaining the paradox

Mcclure, J.B.; Wetter, D.W.; D.M.or, C.; Cinciripini, P.M.; Gritz, E.R., 2002:
The relation between alcohol consumption and smoking abstinence: results from the Working Well Trial

Roos, E.J.; Rinkel, G.J.; Velthuis, B.K.; Algra, A., 2000:
The relation between aneurysm size and outcome in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage

Kaneda, Y.; Fujii, A., 2000:
The relation between anxiety and depressive symptoms in normal subjects and patients with anxiety and/or mood disorders

Hopko, D.R.; Mcneil, D.W.; Zvolensky, M.J.; Eifert, G.H., 2001:
The relation between anxiety and skill in performance-based anxiety disorders: A behavioral formulation of social phobia

Weems, C.F.; Berman, S.L.; Silverman, W.K.; Rodriguez, E.T., 2002 :
The relation between anxiety sensitivity and attachment style in adolescence and early adulthood

Hill, H.; Weisbrod, M., 1999:
The relation between asymmetry and amplitude of the P300 field in schizophrenia

Huebner, D.M.; Gerend, M.A., 2001:
The relation between beliefs about drug treatments for HIV and sexual risk behavior in gay and bisexual men

Van Den Hoogen, P.C.W.; Feskens, E.J.M.; Nagelkerke, N.J.D.; Menotti, A.; Nissinen, A.; Kromhout, D., 2000:
The relation between blood pressure and mortality due to coronary heart disease among men in different parts of the world

Tzamaloukas, A.H.; Murata, G.H.; Piraino, B.; Malhotra, D.; Bernardini, J.; Rao, P.; Oreopoulos, D.G., 1999:
The relation between body size and normalized small solute clearances in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Scopacasa, F.; Horowitz, M.; Wishart, J.M.; Morris, H.A.; Chatterton, B.E.; Need, A.G., 2000:
The relation between bone density, free androgen index, and estradiol in men 60 to 70 years old

Jarus-Dziedzic, K.; Juniewicz, H.; Wroñski, J.; Zub, W.Leslaw.; Kasper, E.; Gowacki, M.; Mierzwa, J., 2002:
The relation between cerebral blood flow velocities as measured by TCD and the incidence of delayed ischemic deficits. A prospective study after subarachnoid hemorrhage

Fesce, R.; Giovannardi, S.; Binda, F.; Bossi, E.; Peres, A., 2002:
The relation between charge movement and transport-associated currents in the rat GABA cotransporter rGAT1

Lee, R.E.; Feighery, E.C.; Schleicher, N.C.; Halvorson, S., 2001:
The relation between community bans of self-service tobacco displays and store environment and between tobacco accessibility and merchant incentives

Hjollund, N.H.nrik I.; Storgaard, L.; Ernst, E.; Bonde, J.P.ter; Olsen, J., 2002:
The relation between daily activities and scrotal temperature

Netherlands-Fatigue-Research-Group; Van-Der-Werf, S.; Kalkman, J.; Bleijenberg, G.; Van-Engelen, B.; Schillings, M.; Zwarts, M., 2003:
The relation between daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and reduced motivation in patients with adult onset myotonic dystrophy

Furuno, T.; Ohyama, N.; Nakanishi, M., 1999:
The relation between degranulation and rapid metabolic responses in RBL-2H3 cells

D.C.ano, P.; Blaha, C.D.; Phillips, A.G., 1998:
The relation between dopamine oxidation currents in the nucleus accumbens and conditioned increases in motor activity in rats following repeated administration of d-amphetamine or cocaine

Mortensen, D.; Wertheimer, A.; Taylor, S.; Landingham, J., 2000:
The relation between early marine growth of pink salmon, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, and marine water temperature, secondary production, and survival to adulthood

Grodzińska-Jurczak, M., 2003:
The relation between education, knowledge and action for better waste management in Poland

Emilsson, K.; Wandt, B., 2000:
The relation between ejection fraction and mitral annulus motion before and after direct-current electrical cardioversion

Wang-Jing; Lin-Guosheng; Li-Gengshan, 2000:
The relation between estrogen and apoptosis of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC)

Lutz, G.K.; Butzlaff, M.E.; Atlas, S.J.; Keller, R.B.; Singer, D.E.; Deyo, R.A., 1999:
The relation between expectations and outcomes in surgery for sciatica

Shahinfar, A.; Kupersmidt, J.B.; Matza, L.S., 2001:
The relation between exposure to violence and social information processing among incarcerated adolescents

Van Beelen, P.; Fleuren Kemila, A.K.; Aldenberg, T., 2001:
The relation between extrapolated risk, expressed as potentially affected fraction, and community effects, expressed as pollution-induced community tolerance

Shimoni, E.; Dirks, E.M.; Labuza, T.P., 2002:
The relation between final popped volume of popcorn and thermal-physical parameters

Olsthoorn, A.F.M.; Klap, J.M.; Voshaar, J.H.O.de, 1999:
The relation between fine root density and proximity of stems in closed Douglas-fir plantations on homogenous sandy soils: Implications for sampling design

Gillum, R.F.; Mussolino, M.; Madans, J.H., 2000:
The relation between fish consumption, death from all causes, and incidence of coronary heart disease. the NHANES I Epidemiologic Follow-up Study

Zhang-Wei; Zhong-Ming; Zhang-Yun, 1999:
The relation between flow parameters and atherosclerotic plaques in the descending aorta

Holman, Eric, W., 2002:
The relation between folk and scientific classifications of plants and animals

Jäncke, L.; Preis, S.; Steinmetz, H., 1999:
The relation between forebrain volume and midsagittal size of the corpus callosum in children

Ofman, Joshua, J., 2001:
The relation between gastroesophageal reflux disease and esophageal and head and neck cancers: A critical appraisal of epidemiologic literature

Boelte, S.; Poustka, F., 2002:
The relation between general cognitive level and adaptive behavior domains in individuals with autism with and without co-morbid mental retardation

Q.H.ng Tao; Yuan Xian Hou; Yuan Zhong Hui; E.A., 2001:
The relation between glioblastoma and PTEN gene and NCAM

Tisserand, D.J.; Visser, P.J.; Van Boxtel, M.P.J.; Jolles, J., 2000:
The relation between global and limbic brain volumes on MRI and cognitive performance in healthy individuals across the age range

Castell, L.M.; Newsholme, E.A., 2001:
The relation between glutamine and the immunodepression observed in exercise

Gad, Gunnar, 2002:
The relation between habitus and habitat structure as evidence by a new species of Glochinema (Nematoda, Epsilonematidae) from the plateau of the Great Meteor Seamount

Van Bogaert, L.J., 1999:
The relation between height, foot length, pelvic adequacy and mode of delivery

Pijpe, J.; Broers, G.H.Torn.; Plaat, B.E.Ch.; Hundeiker, M.; Otto, F.; Mastik, M.F.; Hoekstra, H.J.; van der Graaf, W.T.A.; Berg, E.van.Den.; Molenaar, W.M., 2008:
The relation between histological, tumor-biological and clinical parameters in deep and superficial leiomyosarcoma and leiomyoma

Martinon Torres, F.; Rodriguez Nunez, A.; Fernandez Cebrian, S.; Eiris Punal, J.; Perez Munuzuri, A.; Martinon Sanchez, J.M.ria, 2001:
The relation between hyperventilation and pediatric syncope

Coughlin, M.; Kewley Port, D.; Humes, L.E., 1998:
The relation between identification and discrimination of vowels in young and elderly listeners

M.H.ng; Sun Xianjun; Cai Shuping; E.A., 2003:
The relation between infection of human papillomavirus and human colorectal cancer

Victorio, Amparo, 2001:
The relation between intake patterns and substance abuse in a student sample

Blickstein, I.; Goldman, R.D.; Smith Levitin, M.; Greenberg, M.; Sherman, D.; Rydhstroem, H., 1999:
The relation between inter-twin birth weight discordance and total twin birth weight

Barlow, K.M.; Minns, R.A., 1999:
The relation between intracranial pressure and outcome in non-accidental head injury

Grobler, S.R.; Theunissen, F.S.; Kotze, T.J.V.W., 2000:
The relation between lead concentrations in human dental tissues and in blood

El-Salhy, A.M., 2001:
The relation between leaf/bunch ratio and zaghloul date productivity

Pauwels, A.; Covaci, A.; Delbeke, L.; Punjabi, U.; Schepens, P.J.C., 1999:
The relation between levels of selected PCB congeners in human serum and follicular fluid

Hla, M.M.; Davis, J.W.; Ross, P.D.; Yates, A.J.; Wasnich, R.D., 2001:
The relation between lifestyle factors and biochemical markers of bone turnover among early postmenopausal women

Shah, Masood Hussain, 2001:
The relation between limits of pure functionals and pure states

Stewart, J.M.; Weldon, A., 2001:
The relation between lower limb pooling and blood flow during orthostasis in the postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome of adolescents

Heidenreich, P.A.; Mcclellan, M.; Frances, C.; Baker, L.C., 2002:
The relation between managed care market share and the treatment of elderly fee-for-service patients with myocardial infarction

Higgins, J.R.; Walshe, J.J.; Conroy, R.M.; Darling, M.R.N., 2002:
The relation between maternal work, ambulatory blood pressure, and pregnancy hypertension

Collier, G.; Johnson, D.F.; Mitchell, C., 1999:
The relation between meal size and the time between meals: effects of cage complexity and food cost

Flanagan, N.; Ray, A.J.; Todd, C.; Birch-Machin, M.A.; Rees, J.L., 2001:
The relation between melanocortin 1 receptor genotype and experimentally assessed ultraviolet radiation sensitivity

Ichinose, H.; Ohye, T.; Suzuki, T.; Inagaki, H.; Nagatsu, T., 1999:
The relation between metabolism of biopterin and dystonia-parkinsonism

Emilsson, K.; Wandt, B., 2000:
The relation between mitral annulus motion and ejection fraction changes with age and heart size

Emilsson, K.; Wandt, B., 2000:
The relation between mitral annulus motion and left ventricular ejection fraction in atrial fibrillation

Bancroft, J.; Janssen, E.; Strong, D.; Vukadinovic, Z., 2003:
The relation between mood and sexuality in gay men

Bancroft, J.; Janssen, E.; Strong, D.; Carnes, L.; Vukadinovic, Z.; Long, J.S.ott, 2003:
The relation between mood and sexuality in heterosexual men

Melia, J.; Moss, S.; Coleman, D.; Frost, T.; Graham-Brown, R.; Hunter, J.A.; Marsden, R.A.; du Vivier, A.; Warin, A.P.; White, J.; Whitehead, S.M.; Wroughton, M.A., 2001:
The relation between mortality from malignant melanoma and early detection in the Cancer Research Campaign Mole Watcher Study

Smeets, J.B., 2000:
The relation between movement parameters and motor learning

Cochran-Black, D.L.; Cowan, L.D.; Neas, B.R., 2001:
The relation between newborn hemoglobin F fractions and risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome

Tzamaloukas, A.H.; Oreopoulos, D.G.; Murata, G.H.; Servilla, K.; Rao, P.; Din, S.; Malhotra, D., 2001:
The relation between nutrition indices and age in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis receiving similar small solute clearances

Leeuw, A.R.ns; Dreschler, W.A., 1998:
The relation between otoacoustic emissions and the broadening of the auditory filter for higher levels

Miller, T.J.; Herra, T.; Leggett, W.C., 1999:
The relation between otolith size and larval size at hatching for Atlantic cod, Gadus morhua

Sillman, Sanford, 1999:
The relation between ozone, NOx and hydrocarbons in urban and polluted rural environments

Stroud, M.W.; Thorn, B.E.; Jensen, M.P.; Boothby, J.L., 2000:
The relation between pain beliefs, negative thoughts, and psychosocial functioning in chronic pain patients

McGorry, R.W.; Webster, B.S.; Snook, S.H.; Hsiang, S.M., 2000:
The relation between pain intensity, disability, and the episodic nature of chronic and recurrent low back pain

Holst, U.; Mortensen, J., 2003:
The relation between pelvic pressure and bladder pressure during pelvic perfusion with standardized flow rates

Green, Patrick, R., 2001:
The relation between perception and action: What should neuroscience learn from psychology?

Lewis, S.A.; Pavord, I.D.; Stringer, J.R.; Knox, A.J.; Weiss, S.T.; Britton, J.R., 2001:
The relation between peripheral blood leukocyte counts and respiratory symptoms, atopy, lung function, and airway responsiveness in adults

Oakhill, J.; Kyle, F., 2000:
The relation between phonological awareness and working memory

Bach, P.B.; Calhoun, E.A.; Bennett, C.L., 1999:
The relation between physician experience and patterns of care for patients with AIDS-related Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia: results from a survey of 1,500 physicians in the United States

Van Den Brandhof, W.E.; Haks, K.; Schouten, E.G.; Verhoef, P., 2001:
The relation between plasma cysteine, plasma homocysteine and coronary atherosclerosis

Ak, G.; Buyukberber, S.; Sevinc, A.; Turk, H.M.hmet; Ates, M.; Sari, R.; Savli, H.; Cigli, A., 2001:
The relation between plasma endothelin-1 levels and metabolic control, risk factors, treatment modalities, and diabetic microangiopathy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Kawakita, Y.; Abe, H.; Hodate, K.; Iguchi, A.; Kobayashi, M.; Mori, T.; Kasai, K.; Tanai, Y.; Kanbe, Y.; Mashiyama, H.; Asada, T.; Miyashige, T., 2001:
The relation between plasma leptin concentrations and carcass lipid contents in Japanese Black steers

Impey, L.; Greenwood, C.; Sheil, O.; Macquillan, K.; Reynolds, M.; Redman, C., 2001:
The relation between pre-eclampsia at term and neonatal encephalopathy

Gonzales, R.; Barrett, P.H.Jr.; Steiner, J.F., 1999:
The relation between purulent manifestations and antibiotic treatment of upper respiratory tract infections

Hart, C.L.; Hole, D.J.; Smith, G.D., 2001:
The relation between questions indicating transient ischaemic attack and stroke in 20 years of follow up in men and women in the Renfrew/Paisley Study

Cetinkaya, F.; Turgut, S., 2001:
The relation between recurrent acute subglottic laryngitis and asthma in children

Sugiyama, H.; Yutani, C.; Iida, K.; Arakaki, Y.; Yamada, O.; Kamiya, T., 1999:
The relation between right ventricular function and left ventricular morphology in hypoplastic left heart syndrome: angiographic and pathological studies

Benderli, Y.; Erdilek, D.; Koray, F.; Telci, A.; Turan, N., 2000:
The relation between salivary IgA and caries in renal transplant patients

Mansson, N.-Ove; Merlo, J., 2001:
The relation between self-rated health, socioeconomic status, body mass index and disability pension among middle-aged men

Bogaert, A.F.; Hershberger, S., 1999:
The relation between sexual orientation and penile size

Bartoli, F.; Bird, N.R.A.; Gomendy, V.; Vivier, H.; Niquet, S., 1999:
The relation between silty soil structures and their mercury porosimetry curve counterparts: Fractals and percolation

Miyakawa, G.; Takahashi, M.; Kato, Y., 1998:
The relation between size and amount of DNA required for PCR-based D1S80 genotyping

Paulozzi, L.J., 2001:
The relation between small size for gestational age and the sex ratio of children with birth defects

Legal, L.; Moulin, B.; Jallon, J.M.rc, 1999:
The relation between structures and toxicity of oxygenated aliphatic compounds homologous to the insecticide octanoic acid and the chemotaxis of two species of Drosophila

Hansson, S.; Norton, M., 1999:
The relation between surface roughness and interfacial shear strength for bone-anchored implants. A mathematical model

D.L.ssanet, M.H.E.; Smeets, J.B.J.; Brenner, E., 2002:
The relation between task history and movement strategy

Hayashi, H.; Terada, H.; Mcdonald, T.F., 1999:
The relation between the action potential duration, the increase in resting tension, and ATP content during metabolic inhibition in guinea pig ventricular muscles

Goodman, D.C.; Fisher, E.S.; Little, G.A.; Stukel, Térèse.A.; Chang, C-hua.; Schoendorf, K.S., 2002:
The relation between the availability of neonatal intensive care and neonatal mortality

Aktaş, A.; Ciftçi, I.; Caner, B., 1999:
The relation between the degree of gastro-oesophageal reflux and the rate of gastric emptying

Huang Changya; Y.B.ngzhi; Shao Zhaodi, 2002:
The relation between the differentiation of symptoms and signs of CRF and the oxygen free radicals metabolism

Kulak, T.I.; Kvasyuk, E.I.; Sentyureva, S.L.; Shulyakovskaya, S.M.; Matyushevskaya, V.P.; Makarenko, M.V.; Mikhailopulo, I.A., 1999:
The relation between the properties of polyclonal antibodies to (2'-5')oligoadenylates and the mode of the hapten-immunogen conjugation

Richardson, C.A.; Snijders, C.J.; Hides, J.A.; Damen, Léonie.; Pas, M.S.; Storm, J., 2002:
The relation between the transversus abdominis muscles, sacroiliac joint mechanics, and low back pain

Gur, A.; Nas, K.; Kayhan, O.; Atay, M.Birol.; Akyuz, G.; Sindal, D.; Akşit, R.; Oncel, S.; Dilsen, G.; Cevik, R.; Gunduz, O.Hakan.; Ersoy, Y.; Altay, Z.; Ozturk, C.; Akkus, S.; Senocak, O.; Kavuncu, V.; Kirnap, M.; Tekeoglu, I.; Erdogan, F.; Sarac, A.J.; Demiralp, L.; Demirkesen, A.; Adam, M., 2002:
The relation between tooth loss and bone mass in postmenopausal osteoporotic women in Turkey: a multicenter study

Takeda, S.; Rimington, H.; Chambers, J., 1999:
The relation between transaortic pressure difference and flow during dobutamine stress echocardiography in patients with aortic stenosis

Li, X-Qin.; Luo, L-Fu.; Liu, C-Quan., 2003:
The relation between translation speed and protein secondary structure

Akyurek, O.; Diker, E.; Dincer, I.; Kilickap, M.; Kumbasar, D.; Erol, C.; Oral, D., 2001:
The relation between transmitral early filling wave deceleration time and the recovery of atrial contractility after electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation

E.Nakhal, H.A., 2000:
The relation between typical concentrations of chemical constituents in potable water and their injurious limits

Bockelmann, A.C.; Bakker, J.P.; Neuhaus, R.; Lage, J., 2002:
The relation between vegetation zonation, elevation and inundation frequency in a Wadden Sea salt marsh

Harrington, J.; Sungarian, A.; Rogg, J.; Makker, V.J.; Epstein, M.H., 2001:
The relation between vertebral endplate shape and lumbar disc herniations

Sluiter, J.K.; Frings Dresen, M.H.W.; Van Der Beek, A.J.; Meijman, T.F., 2001:
The relation between work-induced neuroendocrine reactivity and recovery, subjective need for recovery, and health status

Marneros, A.; Pillmann, F.; Haring, A.; Balzuweit, S.; Bloeink, R., 2002:
The relation of acute and transient psychotic disorder (ICD-10 F23) to bipolar schizoaffective disorder

Tice, J.A.; Browner, W.; Tracy, R.P.; Cummings, S.R., 2003:
The relation of C-reactive protein levels to total and cardiovascular mortality in older U.S. women

Fuse, J.; Ohsaga, A., 1999:
The relation of CFQ (Cognitive Failures Questionnaire) to the performance in visual search task

Hermans, R.; D.B.eck, K.O.; Van Den Bogaert, W.; Rijnders, A.; Staelens, L.; Feron, M.; Bellon, E., 2001:
The relation of CT-determined tumor parameters and local and regional outcome of tonsillar cancer after definitive radiation treatment

Suarez, E.C.; Lewis, J.G.; Kuhn, C., 2002:
The relation of aggression, hostility, and anger to lipopolysaccharide-stimulated tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha by blood monocytes from normal men

Miyazaki, M.; Ohno, S.; Futatsugi, M.; Saeki, H.; Ohga, T.; Watanabe, M., 2002:
The relation of alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking to the multiple occurrence of esophageal dysplasia and squamous cell carcinoma

Ohira, T.; Iso, H.; Tanigawa, T.; Sankai, T.; Imano, H.; Kiyama, M.; Sato, S.; Naito, Y.; Iida, M.; Shimamoto, T., 2002:
The relation of anger expression with blood pressure levels and hypertension in rural and urban Japanese communities

Klein, R.; Marino, E.K.; Kuller, L.H.; Polak, J.F.; Tracy, R.P.; Gottdiener, J.S.; Burke, G.L.; Hubbard, L.D.; Boineau, R., 2002:
The relation of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease to retinopathy in people with diabetes in the Cardiovascular Health Study

Blanchard, R.; Zucker, K.J.; Siegelman, M.; Dickey, R.; Klassen, P., 1998:
The relation of birth order to sexual orientation in men and women

Egan, K., M.; Newcomb, P., A.; Titus-Ernstoff, L.; Trentham-Dietz, A.; Baron, J., A.; Willett, W., C.; Stampfer, M., J.; Trichopoulos, D., 1999:
The relation of breast size to breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women (United States)

Krebs, L.; Topp, M.; Langhoff-Roos, J., 1999:
The relation of breech presentation at term to cerebral palsy

Okosun, I.S.; Cooper, R.S.; Prewitt, T.E.; Rotimi, C.N., 1999:
The relation of central adiposity to components of the insulin resistance syndrome in a biracial US population sample

Tomany, S.C.; Klein, R.; Klein, B.E., 2001:
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