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The reproductive cycle of golden king crab Lithodes aequispinus (Anomura: Lithodidae)

Paul, A.J.; Paul, J.M.

Journal of Shellfish Research 20(1): 369-371


ISSN/ISBN: 0730-8000
Accession: 011541342

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Female golden king crabs Lithodes aequispinus were held in captivity to determine the duration of their reproductive cycle. The time between the first and last egg hatching was 34 days (SD=16, n=147) on average. Females molted about 192 days (SD=72, n=111) after the last egg hatched. Eggs were extruded 2 days (SD=2, n=61) after molting. Egg clutches were incubated for an average of 362 days (SD=78, n=59).

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