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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 11544

Chapter 11544 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Raux, E.; McVeigh, T.; Peters, S.E.; Leustek, T.; Warren, M.J., 1999:
The role of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Met1p and Met8p in sirohaem and cobalamin biosynthesis

Dickson, J.S., 2000:
The role of Salmonellae in food-borne disease in the 21st century

Dimitroulopoulos, D.; Xinopoulos, D.; Tsamakidis, K.; Zisimopoulos, A.; Andriotis, E.; Markidou, S.; Panagiotakos, D.; Chrysohoou, C.; Bazinis, A.; Paraskevas, E., 2002:
The role of sandostatin LAR in treating patients with advanced hepatocellular cancer

Wilson, S.; Warr, N.; Taylor, D.L.; Watts, F.Z., 1999:
The role of Schizosaccharomyces pombe Rad32, the Mre11 homologue, and other DNA damage response proteins in non-homologous end joining and telomere length maintenance

Meyer, O.; Gremer, L.; Ferner, R.; Ferner, M.; Dobbek, H.; Gnida, M.; Meyer-Klaucke, W.; Huber, R., 2000:
The role of Se, Mo and Fe in the structure and function of carbon monoxide dehydrogenase

Tsapanos, V.S.; Stathopoulou, L.P.; Papathanassopoulou, V.S.; Tzingounis, V.A., 2002:
The role of SeprafilmTM bioresorbable membrane in the prevention and therapy of endometrial synechiae

Ruiz, N.; Montero, T.; Hernandez-Borrell, J.; Viñas, M., 2003:
The role of Serratia marcescens porins in antibiotic resistance

Hryniewiecka-Szyfter, Z.; Gabala, E.; Babula, A., 1999:
The role of Sertoli cells in the organization of sperm bundles in the testis of Saduria entomon (Linnaeus, 1758) (Isopoda, Valvifera)

Sondheimer, N.; Lopez, N.; Craig, E., A.; Lindquist, S., 2001:
The role of Sis1 in the maintenance of the (RNQ+) prion

Schnabl, B.; Kweon, Y.O.; Frederick, J.P.; Wang, X.F.; Rippe, R.A.; Brenner, D.A., 2001:
The role of Smad3 in mediating mouse hepatic stellate cell activation

Nishimura, R.; Hata, K.; Ikeda, F.; Matsubara, T.; Yamashita, K.; Ichida, F.; Yoneda, T., 2003:
The role of Smads in BMP signaling

Shimizu, Y.; Ueda, T., 2002:
The role of SmpB protein in trans-translation

Patten, I.; Placzek, M., 2000:
The role of Sonic hedgehog in neural tube patterning

Hu, D.; Helms, J.A., 1999:
The role of sonic hedgehog in normal and abnormal craniofacial morphogenesis

Uchida, C.; Oda, T.; Sugiyama, T.; Otani, S.; Kitagawa, M.; Ichiyama, A., 2002:
The role of Sp1 and AP-2 in basal and protein kinase A--induced expression of mitochondrial serine:pyruvate aminotransferase in hepatocytes

Xing, X.; Manske, P.R.; Li, Y.Y.o; Lou, J., 2002:
The role of Sp1 in BMP2-up-regulated Erk2 gene expression

Liu, Y.; Zhong, X.; Li, W.; Brattain, M.G.; Banerji, S.S., 2000:
The role of Sp1 in the differential expression of transforming growth factor-beta receptor type II in human breast adenocarcinoma MCF-7 cells

Zhou, J.; Menko, A.Sue., 2002:
The role of Src family kinases in cortical cataract formation

Bilinska, Barbara, 1999:
The role of StAR protein in steroidogenesis

Jonsson, I.M.rie; Mazmanian, S.K.; Schneewind, O.; Bremell, T.; Tarkowski, A., 2003:
The role of Staphylococcus aureus sortase A and sortase B in murine arthritis

Bruno, G.; Tega, F.; Bruno, A.; Graf, U.; Corelli, F.; Molfetta, R.; Barucco, M., 2003:
The role of Substance P in the cerebral ischemia

Singh, R.A.K.; Rodgers, J.R.; Barry, M.A., 2002:
The role of T cell antagonism and original antigenic sin in genetic immunization

Wodarz, D.; Jansen, V.A., 2001:
The role of T cell help for anti-viral CTL responses

Fabbri, P.; Caproni, M.; Berti, S.; Bianchi, B.; Amato, L.; D.P.ta, O.; Frezzolini, A., 2003:
The role of T lymphocytes and cytokines in the pathogenesis of pemphigoid gestationis

Larche, M.; Robinson, D.S.; Kay, A.B.rry, 2003:
The role of T lymphocytes in the pathogenesis of asthma

Bierings, M., 1999:
The role of T-cell depletion of autografts for autoimmune diseases

McBride, W.H.; Vegesna, V., 2000:
The role of T-cells in radiation pneumonitis after bone marrow transplantation

Vincent, A.; Willcox, N., 1999:
The role of T-cells in the initiation of autoantibody responses in thymoma patients

Roep, B.O., 2003:
The role of T-cells in the pathogenesis of Type 1 diabetes: from cause to cure

Lim, K.J.H.; Odukoya, O.A.; Ajjan, R.A.; Li, T.C.iu; Weetman, A.P.; Cooke, I.D., 2000:
The role of T-helper cytokines in human reproduction

Dogrul, A.; Zagli, U.; Tulunay, F.C.nkat, 2002:
The role of T-type calcium channels in morphine analgesia, development of antinociceptive tolerance and dependence to morphine, and morphine abstinence syndrome

Noorchashm, H.; Greeley, S.A.; Naji, A., 2003:
The role of t/b lymphocyte collaboration in the regulation of autoimmune and alloimmune responses

Zhang, D-Yi.; Carson, D.J.; Ma, J., 2002:
The role of TFIIB-RNA polymerase II interaction in start site selection in yeast cells

Lebman, D.A.; Edmiston, J.S., 1999:
The role of TGF-beta in growth, differentiation, and maturation of B lymphocytes

Wong, S.F.; Lai, L.C., 2001:
The role of TGFbeta in human cancers

Hellerbrand, C.; Stefanovic, B.; Giordano, F.; Burchardt, E.R.; Brenner, D.A., 1999:
The role of TGFbeta1 in initiating hepatic stellate cell activation in vivo

Forsman, E.; Lemmelä, S.; Varilo, T.; Kristo, P.; Forsius, H.; Sankila, E-Marja.; Järvelä, I., 2003:
The role of TIGR and OPTN in Finnish glaucoma families: a clinical and molecular genetic study

Schwartz, D.A., 2001:
The role of TLR4 in endotoxin responsiveness in humans

Ferrari, R., 1999:
The role of TNF in cardiovascular disease

Liefner, M.; Siebert, H.; Sachse, T.; Michel, U.; Kollias, G.; Brück, W., 2000:
The role of TNF-alpha during Wallerian degeneration

Shandra, A.A.; Godlevsky, L.S.; Vastyanov, R.S.; Oleinik, A.A.; Konovalenko, V.L.; Rapoport, E.N.; Korobka, N.N., 2002:
The role of TNF-alpha in amygdala kindled rats

Matsuno, H.; Yudoh, K.; Katayama, R.; Nakazawa, F.; Uzuki, M.; Sawai, T.; Yonezawa, T.; Saeki, Y.; Panayi, G.S.; Pitzalis, C.; Kimura, T., 2002:
The role of TNF-alpha in the pathogenesis of inflammation and joint destruction in rheumatoid arthritis (RA): a study using a human RA/SCID mouse chimera

Hotamisligil, G.S., 1999:
The role of TNFalpha and TNF receptors in obesity and insulin resistance

Lock, C.; Oksenberg, J.; Steinman, L., 1999:
The role of TNFalpha and lymphotoxin in demyelinating disease

Tommasino, M.; Accardi, R.; Caldeira, S.; Dong, W.; Malanchi, I.; Smet, A.; Zehbe, I., 2003:
The role of TP53 in Cervical carcinogenesis

Bertaccini, A.; Scattoni, V.; Comerci, F.; Martorana, G., 2002:
The role of TRUS prostate biopsy quantitative histology in predicting the risk of extraprostatic disease

Kanda, T.; Yokosuka, O.; Ikeuchi, T.; Seta, T.; Kawai, S.; Imazeki, F.; Saisho, H., 1999:
The role of TT virus infection in acute viral hepatitis

Sun, S.S.; Hsieh, J.F.; Tsai, S.C.; Ho, Y.J.; Lee, J.K.; Kao, C.H., 2000:
The role of Tc-99m methoxyisobutylisonitrile scintimammography as compared to mammography in evaluating palpable breast masses of Taiwanese women

Yang, W.C.; Ghiotto, M.; Barbarat, B.; Olive, D., 1999:
The role of Tec protein-tyrosine kinase in T cell signaling

Glinsky, V.V.; Glinsky, G.V.; Rittenhouse-Olson, K.; Huflejt, M.E.; Glinskii, O.V.; Deutscher, S.L.; Quinn, T.P., 2001:
The role of Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen in adhesion of human breast and prostate cancer cells to the endothelium

Holmes, J.K.; Solomon, M.J., 2001:
The role of Thr160 phosphorylation of Cdk2 in substrate recognition

Wetzler, Lee, M., 2003:
The role of Toll-like receptor 2 in microbial disease and immunity

Heldwein, K.A.; Fenton, M.J., 2002:
The role of Toll-like receptors in immunity against mycobacterial infection

Gowen, J.A.; Markham, J.C.; Morrison, S.E.; Cross, T.A.; Busath, D.D.; Mapes, E.J.; Schumaker, M.F., 2002:
The role of Trp side chains in tuning single proton conduction through gramicidin channels

Basran, J.; Jang, M.H.; Sutcliffe, M.J.; Hille, R.; Scrutton, N.S., 1999:
The role of Tyr-169 of trimethylamine dehydrogenase in substrate oxidation and magnetic interaction between FMN cofactor and the 4Fe/4S center

Graveley, B.R.; Hertel, K.J.; Maniatis, T., 2001:
The role of U2AF35 and U2AF65 in enhancer-dependent splicing

Goddard, Murray, J., 1999:
The role of US signal value in contingency, drug conditioning, and learned helplessness

E.S.abrawi, Y.; Radner, H.; Muellner, K.; Langmann, G.; Hoefler, G., 1999:
The role of UV-radiation in the development of conjunctival malignant melanoma

Rivlin, P.K.; Gong, A.; Schneiderman, A.M.; Booker, R., 2001:
The role of Ultrabithorax in the patterning of adult thoracic muscles in Drosophila melanogaster

Wang, W.; Czaplinski, K.; Rao, Y.; Peltz, S.W., 2001:
The role of Upf proteins in modulating the translation read-through of nonsense-containing transcripts

Palm, C.; Reimann, D.; Gross, P., 2001:
The role of V2 vasopressin antagonists in hyponatremia

Detmar, Michael, 2000:
The role of VEGF and thrombospondins in skin angiogenesis

Gerber, H-Peter.; Ferrara, N., 2003:
The role of VEGF in normal and neoplastic hematopoiesis

Dickinson, T.; Mitchell, R.; Robberecht, P.; Fleetwood Walker, S.M., 1999:
The role of VIP/PACAP receptor subtypes in spinal somatosensory processing in rats with an experimental peripheral mononeuropathy

Martin, Stephen, J., 2001:
The role of Varroa and viral pathogens in the collapse of honeybee colonies: A modelling approach

Byrkjedal, Ingvar, 2000:
The role of Velvet Scoters Melanitta fusca for pursuit-diving seabirds in winter

Ryu, P.Y.ul; Kim, W.S.ok; Lee, S.E.n; Shin, B.A.n; Chung, S.S.k; Lee, H.C.ul, 1998:
The role of Vibrio vulnificus capsular polysaccharide as a virulence factor

Mohamed Osama, A.H.M.hamed; E.D.lgawy, W.A.; Barghash, N., 1998:
The role of Von-Willebrand's factor; Fibronectin and lipid profile as risk factors for vascular damage in rheumatoid arthritis and systemic sclerosis

Loeb, D.M.; Sukumar, S., 2002:
The role of WT1 in oncogenesis: Tumor suppressor or oncogene?

Lee, J.D.; Treisman, J.E., 2001:
The role of Wingless signaling in establishing the anteroposterior and dorsoventral axes of the eye disc

Monti, J.; Zimdahl, H.; Schulz, H.; Plehm, R.; Ganten, D.; Hübner, N., 2003:
The role of Wnk4 in polygenic hypertension: a candidate gene analysis on rat chromosome 10

Takagi, Nobuo, 2001:
The role of X-chromosome inactivation in the manifestation of Rett syndrome

Kazanskaya, O.; Glinka, A.; Niehrs, C., 2000:
The role of Xenopus dickkopf1 in prechordal plate specification and neural patterning

Gong, S.G.; Kiba, A., 2000:
The role of Xmsx-2 in the anterior-posterior patterning of the mesoderm in Xenopus laevis

Ma, K.; Mallidis, C.; Bhasin, S., 2000 :
The role of Y chromosome deletions in male infertility

Lamps, L.W.; Madhusudhan, K.T.; Greenson, J.K.; Pierce, R.H.; Massoll, N.A.; Chiles, M.C.; Dean, P.J.; Scott, M.A., 2001:
The role of Yersinia enterocolitica and Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in granulomatous appendicitis: a histologic and molecular study

Strang, C.; Kunjilwar, K.; DeRubeis, D.; Peterson, D.; Pfaffinger, P.J., 2003:
The role of Zn2+ in Shal voltage-gated potassium channel formation

Baker, M.W.; Macagno, E.R., 2000:
The role of a LAR-like receptor tyrosine phosphatase in growth cone collapse and mutual-avoidance by sibling processes

Chen, P.Y.; Gopalacushina, B.G.; Yang, C.C.; Chan, S.I.; Evans, P.A., 2001:
The role of a beta-bulge in the folding of the beta-hairpin structure in ubiquitin

Ahmed, S.F.; Khwaja, O.; Hughes, I.A., 2000:
The role of a clinical score in the assessment of ambiguous genitalia

Ramos, A.; Hollingworth, D.; Pastore, A., 2003:
The role of a clinically important mutation in the fold and RNA-binding properties of KH motifs

Lin, L.L.u; Wang, W.C.ing; Ju, S.S.ya; Chien, H.R.ger; Hsu, W.H.ei, 1999:
The role of a conserved histidine residue, His324, in Trigonopsis variabilis D-amino acid oxidase

Wilson, M.H.; Highfield, H.A.; Limbird, L.E., 2001:
The role of a conserved inter-transmembrane domain interface in regulating alpha(2a)-adrenergic receptor conformational stability and cell-surface turnover

Ri, Y.; Ballesteros, J.A.; Abrams, C.K.; Oh, S.; Verselis, V.K.; Weinstein, H.; Bargiello, T.A., 1999:
The role of a conserved proline residue in mediating conformational changes associated with voltage gating of Cx32 gap junctions

Gáborik, Z.; Jagadeesh, G.; Zhang, M.; Spät, Aás.; Catt, K.J.; Hunyady, László., 2003:
The role of a conserved region of the second intracellular loop in AT1 angiotensin receptor activation and signaling

Capirci, C.; Cesare, P.; Mandoliti, G.; Pavanoto, G.; Gava, M.; Salviato, S., 2001:
The role of a conventional simulator in multileaf-plan simulation: a proposal

Daya, H.; Figueirido, J.C.; Gordon, K.A.; Twitchell, K.; Gysin, C.; Papsin, B.C., 1999:
The role of a graded profile analysis in determining candidacy and outcome for cochlear Implantation in children

Tobin, M.J., 2003:
The role of a journal in a scientific controversy

Furukawa, K., 2000:
The role of a man-made headland in generating patches in coastal waters of Ise Bay, Japan

Trubetskoy, V.S.; Wolff, J.A.; Budker, V.G., 2003:
The role of a microscopic colloidally stabilized phase in solubilizing oligoamine-condensed DNA complexes

Ezhova, T.A.; Soldatova, O.P.; Kof, E.M., 1999:
The role of a morphogenesis-controlling gene ABRUPTUS in regulating in vitro growth and morphogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana

Battah, A.H.; Hadidi, K.A., 2003:
The role of a newly established toxicology laboratory in the management of acute poisoning in a teaching hospital

Pavlovic, M.; Popovic-Deusic, S.; Vuletic-Peco, A., 1999:
The role of a pedagogue in child and adolescent psychiatry

Arnold, S.; Curtiss, A.; Dean, D.H.; Alzate, O., 2001:
The role of a proline-induced broken-helix motif in alpha-helix 2 of Bacillus thuringiensis delta-endotoxins

Chew, D., K.W.; Knoetgen, J.-Iii; Xia, S.; Tilson, M.D.vid, 2003:
The role of a putative microfibrillar protein (80 kDa) in abdominal aortic aneurysm disease

Nolte, C.; Amores, A.; Kovacs, E.N.gy; Postlethwait, J.; Featherstone, M., 2003:
The role of a retinoic acid response element in establishing the anterior neural expression border of Hoxd4 transgenes

Petkov, G.V.; Boev, K.K., 1998:
The role of a ryanodine-sensitive Ca(2+)-store in the regulation of smooth muscle tone of the cat gastric fundus

Olofsson, S.; Bolmstedt, A.; Biller, M.; Mårdberg, K.; Leckner, J.; Malmström, B.G.; Trybala, E.; Bergström, T., 1999:
The role of a single N-linked glycosylation site for a functional epitope of herpes simplex virus type 1 envelope glycoprotein gC

Hall, A.C.; Bush, P.G., 2001:
The role of a swelling-activated taurine transport pathway in the regulation of articular chondrocyte volume

Katlama, C.; Clotet, B.; Plettenberg, A.; Jost, J.; Arasteh, K.; Bernasconi, E.; Jeantils, V.; Cutrell, A.; Stone, C.; Ait-Khaled, M.; Purdon, S., 2000:
The role of abacavir (ABC, 1592) in antiretroviral therapy-experienced patients: Results from a randomized, double-blind, trial

Fisher, Cynthia, 2002:
The role of abstract syntactic knowledge in language acquisition: A reply to Tomasello (2000)

Tanaka, J.; Imamura, M.; Kasai, M.; Asaka, M.; Torok-Storb, B., 1999:
The role of accessory cells in allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation

Rubini, P.; Mersi, A.; Marraccini, E., 1999:
The role of accreditation in the prevention and control of nosocomial infections

D.L.R.sa, M.; Vega, R.; Radisch, M.A., 2000:
The role of acculturation in the substance abuse behavior of African-American and Latino adolescents: advances, issues, and recommendations

Perez, M.; Voelz, Z.R.; Pettit, J.W.; Joiner, T.E., 2002:
The role of acculturative stress and body dissatisfaction in predicting bulimic symptomatology across ethnic groups

Roebers, C.M.; Moga, N.; Schneider, W., 2001:
The role of accuracy motivation on children's and adults' event recall

Hard, M.L.; Einarson, T.R.; Koren, G., 2001:
The role of acetaldehyde in pregnancy outcome after prenatal alcohol exposure

Eriksson, C.J-Peter, 2001:
The role of acetaldehyde in the actions of alcohol (Update 2000)

Shamoon, M.; Hochberg, M.C., 2001:
The role of acetaminophen in the management of patients with osteoarthritis

Hirschler-Laszkiewicz, I.; Cavanaugh, A.; Hu, Q.; Catania, J.; Avantaggiati, M.L.; Rothblum, L.I., 2001:
The role of acetylation in rDNA transcription

Bosboom, J.L.W.; Stoffers, D.; Wolters, E.Ch., 2003:
The role of acetylcholine and dopamine in dementia and psychosis in Parkinson's disease

Rasmusson, D.D., 2000:
The role of acetylcholine in cortical synaptic plasticity

Kosmachev, A.B.; Mukovsky, L.A.; Dolgo Saburov, E.B.; Khobotova, E.I.; Kubarskaya, L.G., 1999:
The role of acetylcholine in the pathogenesis of convulsive states of various etiology

Rees, T.M.; Brimijoin, S., 2003:
The role of acetylcholinesterase in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease

Ommundsen, Y.; Pedersen, B.H., 1999:
The role of achievement goal orientations and perceived ability upon somatic and cognitive indices of sport competition trait anxiety: A study of young athletes

Koek, G.H.; Tack, J.; Sifrim, D.; Lerut, T.; Janssens, J., 2001:
The role of acid and duodenal gastroesophageal reflux in symptomatic GERD

Faleev, N.G.; Axenova, O.V.; Demidkina, T.V.; Phillips, R.S., 2003:
The role of acidic dissociation of substrate's phenol group in the mechanism of tyrosine phenol-lyase

Sugahara, K.; Shimogori, H.; Yamashita, H., 2001:
The role of acidic fibroblast growth factor in recovery of acoustic trauma

Riechelmann, H.; O'connell, J.M.; Rheinheimer, M.C.; Wolfensberger, M.; Mann, W.J., 1999:
The role of acoustic rhinometry in the diagnosis of adenoidal hypertrophy in pre-school children

Krol, A.Y.; Grinfeldt, M.G.; Vereninov, A.A.; Malev, V.V., 2000:
The role of actin cytoskeleton in the generation of red blood cell ghosts' surface fluctuations

Tzanakakis, E.S.; Hansen, L.K.; Hu, W.S., 2001:
The role of actin filaments and microtubules in hepatocyte spheroid self-assembly

Theesfeld, C.L.; Irazoqui, J.E.; Bloom, K.; Lew, D.J., 1999:
The role of actin in spindle orientation changes during the Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell cycle

Aruin, A.S.; Shiratori, T.; Latash, M.L., 2001:
The role of action in postural preparation for loading and unloading in standing subjects

Gerlach, C.; Law, I.; Gade, A.; Paulson, O.B., 2002:
The role of action knowledge in the comprehension of artefacts: A PET study

Mrak, R.E.; Griffin, W.S.e T., 2001:
The role of activated astrocytes and of the neurotrophic cytokine S100B in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease

Kappeler, A.; Mueller, C., 2000:
The role of activated cytotoxic T cells in inflammatory bowel disease

Hooper, W.C.; Evatt, B.L., 1998:
The role of activated protein C resistance in the pathogenesis of venous thrombosis

Tan, G-Jun.; Yang, T-Zhu.; Zhao, X-Yun.; Zhou, L-Xia.; Cao, C-Li.; Ma, C-Sheng., 2003:
The role of activation of nuclear factor-kappa B of rat brain in the pathogenesis of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis

Molinari, C.; Battaglia, A.; Grossini, E.; Mary, D.A.; Ruggeri, P.; Surico, N.; Vacca, G.; Vassanelli, C., 2001:
The role of activation of the renin-angiotensin system on the reflex regional vasoconstriction caused by distension of the uterus in anaesthetized pigs

Schmidt, H.; Vormfelde, S.V.; Walchner-Bonjean, M.; Klinder, K.; Freudenthaler, S.; Gleiter, C.H.; Gundert-Remy, U.; Skopp, G.; Aderjan, R.; Fuhr, U., 2003:
The role of active metabolites in dihydrocodeine effects

Branchini, B.R.; Magyar, R.A.; Murtiashaw, M.H.; Portier, N.C., 2001:
The role of active site residue arginine 218 in firefly luciferase bioluminescence

Denis, Louis, J., 2000:
The role of active treatment in early prostate cancer

Parales, R.E., 2003:
The role of active-site residues in naphthalene dioxygenase

Shav-Tal, Y.; Zipori, D., 2002:
The role of activin a in regulation of hemopoiesis

Kogure, K.; Zhang, Y.Q.; Maeshima, A.; Suzuki, K.; Kuwano, H.; Kojima, I., 2000:
The role of activin and transforming growth factor-beta in the regulation of organ mass in the rat liver

Grossman, S.D.; Wrathall, J.R., 2000:
The role of activity blockade on glutamate receptor subunit expression in the spinal cord

Sengpiel, F.; Kind, P.C., 2002:
The role of activity in development of the visual system

Tabak, J.; Rinzel, J.; O'Donovan, M.J., 2001:
The role of activity-dependent network depression in the expression and self-regulation of spontaneous activity in the developing spinal cord

Ripoll, E.; Bunn, T., 2003:
The role of acupuncture in the treatment of urologic conditions

Sandberg, S.; Paton, J.Y.; Ahola, S.; McCann, D.C.; McGuinness, D.; Hillary, C.R.; Oja, H., 2000:
The role of acute and chronic stress in asthma attacks in children

Koretzky, G.A.; Boerth, N.J., 1999:
The role of adapter proteins in T cell activation

Ramezani-Rad, M., 2003:
The role of adaptor protein Ste50-dependent regulation of the MAPKKK Ste11 in multiple signalling pathways of yeast

Forshee, R.A.; Storey, M.L., 2001:
The role of added sugars in the diet quality of children and adolescents

Lu, Y.; Xu, K.; Ma, Y.; Wei, T.; Hao, J., 2002:
The role of additives in bio-mass coal briquette on sulfur retention enhancement

Ikeda, Y.; Mori, M.; Shibahara, K.; Iwashita, A.; Haraguchi, Y.; Saku, M., 2002:
The role of adenoma for colorectal cancer development: Differences in the distribution of adenoma with low-grade dysplasia, high-grade dysplasia, and cancer that invades the submucosa

Solet, D.J.; Zacharski, L.R.; Plehn, J.F., 2001:
The role of adenosine 5'-diphosphate receptor blockade in patients with cardiovascular disease

Vainio, M.; Tornquist, K., 2000:
The role of adenosine A1 receptors in the ATP-evoked Ca2+ response in rat thyroid FRTL-5 cells

Ren Qing; Yan Haidong; M.J.anfei, 1999:
The role of adenosine diphosphate on the cytoskeleton of kidney epithelial cells

Abbink-Zandbergen, E.J.; Vervoort, G.; Tack, C.J.; Lutterman, J.A.; Schaper, N.C.; Smits, P., 1999:
The role of adenosine in insulin-induced vasodilation

Blood, A.B.; Hunter, C.J.; Power, G.G., 2002 :
The role of adenosine in regulation of cerebral blood flow during hypoxia in the near-term fetal sheep

Renshaw, G.M.; Kerrisk, C.B.; Nilsson, G.E., 2002:
The role of adenosine in the anoxic survival of the epaulette shark, Hemiscyllium ocellatum

Hamad, Mawieh, 1999:
The role of adenosine receptor engagement in murine fetal thymocyte development

Li, D.; Day, K.V.; Yu, S.; Shi, G.; Liu, S.; Guo, M.; Xu, Y.; Sreedharan, S.; O'Malley, B.W., 2002:
The role of adenovirus-mediated retinoblastoma 94 in the treatment of head and neck cancer

Wing, R.R.; Phelan, S.; Tate, D., 2002:
The role of adherence in mediating the relationship between depression and health outcomes

Rocha, M.; Pereira, S.; Ferreira, L.; Barros, H., 2003:
The role of adherence in tuberculosis HIV-positive patients treated in ambulatory regimen

Inouye, S.K.; Bogardus, S.T.; Williams, C.S.; Leo-Summers, L.; Agostini, J.V., 2003:
The role of adherence on the effectiveness of nonpharmacologic interventions: evidence from the delirium prevention trial

Zhou, J.; Sargiannidou, I.; Tuszynski, G.P., 2000:
The role of adhesive proteins in the hematogenous spread of cancer

Coyte, P.C.; Croxford, R.; McIsaac, W.; Feldman, W.; Friedberg, J., 2001:
The role of adjuvant adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy in the outcome of the insertion of tympanostomy tubes

Lehmann, J.; Retz, M.; Stoeckle, M., 2001:
The role of adjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced bladder cancer

McAnally, J.L.; Xu, L.; Villain, M.; Blalock, J.E., 2001:
The role of adjuvants in the efficacy of a peptide vaccine for myasthenia gravis

Sawant, S.G.; Kozlowski, R.S.; Couch, D.B., 2001:
The role of adrenal corticosteroids in induction of micronuclei by morphine

Enin, L.D.; Gorodetskaya, N.V.; Andrianov, Y.N.; Dvoretsky, D.P., 2000:
The role of adrenoceptors subtypes in modulation of sensitivity of tactile afferents in rats

Koo, D.J.; Zhou, M.; Chaudry, I.H.; Wang, P., 2001:
The role of adrenomedullin in producing differential hemodynamic responses during sepsis

Ozbek, E.; Yurekli, M.; Soylu, A.; Davarci, M.; Balbay, M.D., 2000:
The role of adrenomedullin in varicocele and impotence

Lipińska, S., 2000:
The role of adrenoreceptors in the regulation of oxytocin and vasopressin release after superior cervical ganglionectomy

Cho, D.R.; Shanbhag, A.S.; Hong, C-Yuan.; Baran, G.R.; Goldring, S.R., 2002:
The role of adsorbed endotoxin in particle-induced stimulation of cytokine release

Breems, D.A.; Haye, H.; Van Der Meulen, J., 2000:
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