Time-dependent changes in the skeletal muscle enzyme activity induced by microwave electromagnetic field

Ivanov, R.; Naumova, P.; Georgieva, B.; Mileva, K.; Radicheva, N.

Dokladi na B"lgarskata Akademiya na Naukite 56(9): 63-68


Accession: 011571022

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The dynamics of changes in the activity of Mg2+,Ca2+- and Na+,K+-ATPase in membrane fraction as well as of Mg2+,Ca2+- and NaHCO3-stimulated Mg2+-ATPase in mitochondrial fraction from frog gastrocnemius muscle homogenate exposed for one hour at 18 degreeC to a continuous microwave (MMW) field with 2.45 GHz frequency and 20 mW/cm2 power density was studied. The enzyme activity was determined by the classical phosphomolybdenum spectrophotometric method, and measured in sham irradiated (control) and irradiated samples from each fraction every 5 min during the 60-min experiment. The specific absorption rate (SAR) was calculated for each exposed sample. The enzyme activity in both fractions was significantly increased vs. controls after 10 min of MMW irradiation, except for the activity of NaHCO3-stimulated Mg2+-ATPase in mitochondrial fraction. In order to distinguish between the temperature effect and the specific (non-thermal) MMW-induced effect, additional experiments were performed, during which control samples were heated by 2 degreeC to 20 degreeC temperature, reached in the irradiated ones. The observed significant differences between the enzyme activity of the heated and irradiated samples suggested involvement of specific MMW effect.