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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 11595

Chapter 11595 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Henriksen, I.; Michelsen, A.; Schlonvoigt, A., 2002:
Tree species selection and soil tillage in alley cropping systems with Phaseolus vulgaris L. in a humid premontane climate: Biomass production, nutrient cycling and crop responses

Minkkinen, K.; Laine, J.; Hokka, H., 2001:
Tree stand development and carbon sequestration in drained peatland stands in Finland: A simulation study

Helliwell, D.R., 2001:
Tree survey and inspection: Scope and presentation

Doherty, K.D.; Ryan, H.D.nnis P.; Bloniarz, D.V., 2000:
Tree wardens and utility arborists: A management team working for street trees in Massachusetts

Tewari, Ashish, 1999:
Tree water relations study in Sal (Shorea robusta Gaertn.) forest in Kumaon Central Himalaya

Zhang, H.; Yu, C-Yung., 2002:
Tree-based analysis of microarray data for classifying breast cancer

Basavaraju, T.B.; Rao, M.R.G.ruraja, 2000:
Tree-crop interactions in agroforestry systems: A brief review

Ong, C.K.; Wilson, J.; Deans, J.D.; Mulayta, J.; Raussen, T.; Wajja Musukwe, N., 2002:
Tree-crop interactions: Manipulation of water use and root function

Bowyer, J., C.; Newell, G., R.; Metcalfe, C., J.; Eldridge, M., B.D., 2003:
Tree-kangaroos Dendrolagus in Australia: Are D. lumholtzi and D. bennettianus sister taxa?

Feng, X.; Cui, H.; Tang, K.; Conkey, L.E., 1999:
Tree-ring deltaD as an indicator of Asian monsoon intensity

Singh, J.; Yadav, R.R., 2000:
Tree-ring indications of recent glacier fluctuations in Gangotri, western Himalaya, India

Chaudhary, V.; Bhattacharyya, A.; Yadav, R., R., 1999:
Tree-ring studies in the Eastern Himalayan region: Prospects and problems

Barnes, P.W.; Archer, S., 1999:
Tree-shrub interactions in a subtropical savanna parkland: Competition or facilitation?

Jakobsen, I.B.; Saleeba, J.A.; Poidinger, M.; Littlejohn, T.G., 2001:
TreeGeneBrowser: phylogenetic data mining of gene sequences from public databases

Woolley, S.; Johnson, J.; Smith, M.J.; Crandall, K.A.; McClellan, D.A., 2003:
TreeSAAP: selection on amino acid properties using phylogenetic trees

Rost, U.; Bornberg-Bauer, E., 2002:
TreeWiz: interactive exploration of huge trees

O'leary, C.H.; Nyberg, D.W., 2000:
Treelines between fields reduce the density of grassland birds

Yin, R.; Hyde, W.F., 2000:
Trees as an agriculture sustaining activity: The case of northern China

Avtukhovich, I.E.; Jagodin, B.A., 2000:
Trees as indicators of ecological trouble in a big megapolis

Long, A., J.; Ramachandran-Nair, P.K., 1999:
Trees outside forests: Agro-, community, and urban forestry

Last, F.T., 1999:
Trees-What are they and how can their variants be identified?

Devine, D.A.; High, A.S.; Owen, P.J.; Poulsom, R.; Bonass, W.A., 2000:
Trefoil factor expression in normal and diseased human salivary glands

Oertel, M.; Graness, A.; Thim, L.; Bühling, F.; Kalbacher, H.; Hoffmann, W., 2001:
Trefoil factor family-peptides promote migration of human bronchial epithelial cells: synergistic effect with epidermal growth factor

Nikolaidis, N.M.; Zimmermann, N.; King, N.E.; Mishra, A.; Pope, S.M.; Finkelman, F.D.; Rothenberg, M.E., 2003:
Trefoil factor-2 is an allergen-induced gene regulated by Th2 cytokines and STAT6 in the lung

Lalani, E.N.; Williams, R.; Jayaram, Y.; Gilbert, C.; Chaudhary, K.S.; Siu, L.S.; Koumarianou, A.; Playford, R.; Stamp, G.W., 1999:
Trefoil factor-2, human spasmolytic polypeptide, promotes branching morphogenesis in MCF-7 cells

Katoh, M., 2003:
Trefoil factors and human gastric cancer (review)

Tran, C.P.; Cook, G.A.; Yeomans, N.D.; Thim, L.; Giraud, A.S., 1999:
Trefoil peptide TFF2 (spasmolytic polypeptide) potently accelerates healing and reduces inflammation in a rat model of colitis

Rodrigues, S.; Van Aken, E.; Van Bocxlaer, S.; Attoub, S.; Nguyen, Q-Dé.; Bruyneel, E.; Westley, B.R.; May, F.E.B.; Thim, L.; Mareel, M.; Gespach, C.; Emami, S., 2003:
Trefoil peptides as proangiogenic factors in vivo and in vitro: implication of cyclooxygenase-2 and EGF receptor signaling

White, S.R., 2001:
Trefoil peptides in airway epithelium: an important addition to the plethora of peptides

Rusin, L.Y.; Aleshin, V.V.; Vladychenskaya, N.S.; Milyutina, I.A.; Kedrova, O.S.; Petrov, N.B., 2001:
Trefusiidae are a subtaxon of marine Enoplida (Nematoda): Evidence from primary structure of hairpin 38 and 48 loops of SSU rRNA gene

Lanciotti, R.; Lopez, C.C.aves; Versari, A.; Guerzoni, M.E., 1998:
Trehalose accumulation in Bacillus subtilis and Yarrowia lipolytica during exposure to high pressure homogenization

Pataro, C.; Guerra, J.B.; Gomes, F.C.O.; Neves, M.J.; Pimentel, P.E.; Rosa, C.A., 2002:
Trehalose accumulation, invertase activity and physiological characteristics of yeasts isolated from 24 h fermentative cycles during the production of artisanal Brazilian cachaca

Hirai, T.; Murata, K.; Mitsuoka, K.; Kimura, Y.; Fujiyoshi, Y., 1999:
Trehalose embedding technique for high-resolution electron crystallography: Application to structural study on bacteriorhoposin

Arai, N.; Yoshizane, C.; Arai, C.; Hanaya, T.; Arai, S.; Ikeda, M.; Kurimoto, M., 2002:
Trehalose ingestion modifies mucosal immune responses of the small intestine in mice

Hontoria, F.; Crowe, J.H.; Crowe, L.M.; Amat, F., 1998:
Trehalose prevents imbibitional damage in anhydrobiotic cysts of Artemia by depressing the phase transition temperature in lipids

Kato, Masaru, 1998:
Trehalose production with a new enzymatic system from Sulfolobus solfataricus KM1

Schiraldi, C.; D.L.rnia, I.;, M., 2002:
Trehalose production: exploiting novel approaches

Yoshizane, C.; Arai, N.; Arai, C.; Yamamoto, M.; Nishizaki, Y.; Hanaya, T.; Arai, S.; Ikeda, M.; Kurimoto, M., 2000:
Trehalose suppresses osteoclast differentiation in ovariectomized mice: Correlation with decreased in vitro interleukin-6 production by bone marrow cells

Seker, T.; Hamamci, H., 2003:
Trehalose, glycogen and ethanol metabolism in the gcr1 mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Yamamoto, T.; Maruta, K.; Watanabe, H.; Yamashita, H.; Kubota, M.; Fukuda, S.; Kurimoto, M., 2001:
Trehalose-producing operon treYZ from Arthrobacter ramosus S34

Richards, A.B.; Krakowka, S.; Dexter, L.B.; Schmid, H.; Wolterbeek, A.P.M.; Waalkens-Berendsen, D.H.; Shigoyuki, A.; Kurimoto, M., 2002:
Trehalose: a review of properties, history of use and human tolerance, and results of multiple safety studies

Caputi, O.; D.F.zio, M.; Martines, G.; Gallerani, A.; Guglielmi, A., 2001:
Treitz gallstone obstruction managed by endoscopic extraction

De-Vos, R., 2000:
Trekvlinders in 1999 (zestigste jaarverslag) (Lepidoptera)

De-Vos, Rob, 2003:
Trekvlinders in 2000 en recente adventieve vondsten (Lepidoptera). Eenenzestigste jaarverslag

Rao, R.I.; Tortello, M.F.anco, 1998:
Tremadoc conodonts and trilobites from the Cardonal Formation, Incamayo Creek, Salta Province, northwestern Argentina

Connery, C.; Higgs, K., T., 1999:
Tremadoc-Arenig acritarchs from the Annascaul Formation, Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Poulin, R.; Cribb, T.H., 2002:
Trematode life cycles: short is sweet?

Pavlovic, I.; Kulisic, Z., 2001:
Trematode lisica (Vulpes vulpes L.) ulovljenih na podrucju Beograda

De-Fabio, Sueli, P., 2001:
Trematodeos parasitos de Cephalopholis fulva (Linnaeus, 1758) (Pisces: Serranidae) em Angra dos Reis, RJ, Brasil

Guzman Cornejo, M.D.l Carmen; Garcia Prieto, L., 1999:
Trematodiasis in some fishes from Cuitzeo lake, Michoacan, Mexico

Lunaschi, Lia, 2002:
Trematodos Lecithodendriidae y Anenterotrematidae de Argentina, Mexico y Brasil

Caro, F.; Carvajal, H.; Bonelo, A.; Velez, I., 2003:
Trematodos de murcielagos de la ciudad de Cali y areas vecinas (Colombia)

Vengud, E.; Jacquy, J.; Vanderkelen, B.; Manto, M.U., 2001:
Tremblement synchrone de haute frequence associe a un tremblement mesencephalique alterne

Roggli, V.L.; Vollmer, R.T.; Butnor, K.J.; Sporn, T.A., 2002:
Tremolite and mesothelioma

Elble, R.J., 2002:
Tremor and dopamine agonists

Gücüyener, K.; Serdaroğlu, A.; Bideci, A.; Yazman, Y.; Soysal, A.S.; Cinaz, P., 2000:
Tremor and myoclonus heralding Hashimoto's encephalopathy

Bain, P.G., 2000:
Tremor assessment and quality of life measurements

Doder, M.; Rabiner, E.A.; Turjanski, N.; Lees, A.J.; Brooks, D.J., 2003:
Tremor in Parkinson's disease and serotonergic dysfunction: an 11C-WAY 100635 PET study

Miyagi, Y.; Shima, F.; Ishido, K.; Yasutake, T.; Kamikaseda, K., 1999:
Tremor induced by toluene misuse successfully treated by a Vim thalamotomy

O'Suilleabhain, P.E.; Frawley, W.; Giller, C.; Dewey, R.B., 2003:
Tremor response to polarity, voltage, pulsewidth and frequency of thalamic stimulation

Blessing, R.B.; Kroeger, B.; Voelter, H.U., 2003:
Tremoranalyse mit Ultraschall-ein methodischer Beitrag

Young, K.L.; Villar, D.; Carson, T.L.; Ierman, P.M.; Moore, R.A.; Bottoff, M.R., 2003:
Tremorgenic mycotoxin intoxication with penitrem A and roquefortine in two dogs

Spieker, S.; Eisebitt, R.; Breit, S.; Przuntek, H.; Müller, D.; Klockgether, T.; Dichgans, J., 1999:
Tremorlytic activity of budipine in Parkinson's disease

Gerding, E.C., 1998:
Trench foot: The South Atlantic experience

Rich, R.L.; Deivanayagam, C.C.; Owens, R.T.; Carson, M.; Höök, A.; Moore, D.; Symersky, J.; Yang, V.W.; Narayana, S.V.; Höök, M., 1999:
Trench-shaped binding sites promote multiple classes of interactions between collagen and the adherence receptors, alpha(1)beta(1) integrin and Staphylococcus aureus cna MSCRAMM

Gueye, M.; Ndoye, I., 2000:
Trenching: A necessity for assessment of N2 fixation in field grown Faidherbia albida using 15N-enrichment methodology

Vingarzan, R.; Taylor, B., 2003:
Trend analysis of ground level ozone in the Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley area of British Columbia

Morrison, A.; Stone, D.H.; Redpath, A.; Campbell, H.; Norrie, J., 1999:
Trend analysis of socioeconomic differentials in deaths from injury in childhood in Scotland, 1981-95

Post, P.N.; Kil, P.J.M.; Hendrikx, A.J.M.; Poortmans, P.M.P.; Crommelin, M.A.; Coebergh, J.W.llem, 1999:
Trend and variation in treatment of localized prostate cancer in the southern part of the Netherlands, 1988-1996

Yamamoto, T.; Moji, K.; Kusano, Y.; Kurokawa, K.; Kawagoe, K.; Katamine, S., 1998:
Trend in Chlamydia trachomatis infection among pregnant women in the past ten years in Japan: significance of Chlamydia trachomatis seroprevalence

Fabiani, M.; Accorsi, S.; Lukwiya, M.; Rosolen, T.; Ayella, E.O.; Onek, P.A.; Declich, S., 2001:
Trend in HIV-1 prevalence in an antenatal clinic in North Uganda and adjusted rates for the general female population

Ibadin, M.O.; Oviawe, O., 2001:
Trend in childhood tuberculosis in Benin City, Nigeria

Sorensen, H.T.; Steffensen, F.H.; Schonheyder, H.C.; Nielsen, G.L.; Hansen, I.; Madsen, K.M.; Hamburger, H., 1998:
Trend in incidence and case fatality of meningococcal disease over 16 years in Nothern Denmark

Marrodán, M.D.; Mesa, M.S.; Aréchiga, J.; Pérez-Magdaleno, A., 2000:
Trend in menarcheal age in Spain: rural and urban comparison during a recent period

Aza-Pascual-Salcedo, M., M.; Barcena-Caamano, M.; Fustero-Fernandez, M., V.; Goldaracena-Tanco, M., 1999:
Trend in the community consumption of antiinfectives in Zaragoza Primary Care Area 3 (period 1995-1996)

Chironna, M.; Calamai, C.; Milano, A.; Lopalco, P.L.; Germinario, C.; Quarto, M., 2000:
Trend of HIV-1 infection in intravenous drug users from Bari. Results of a six-year study (1992-1997)

Terada, H.; Ueda, H.; Wang, Z., 2002:
Trend of acid rain and neutralization by yellow sand in east Asia: A numerical study

Yamadera, S.; Yamashita, K.; Akatsuka, M.; Kato, N.; Inouye, S., 1998:
Trend of adenovirus type 7 infection, an emerging disease in Japan

Ray, K.; Bala, M.; Kumar, J.; Misra, R.S., 2000:
Trend of antimicrobial resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae at New Delhi, India

Badaruddoza; Afzal, M., 2000:
Trend of blood pressure in north Indian children

Wu, G.; Wu, Z.; Liu, J., 2001:
Trend of changes in mortality of cardiovascular diseases in some areas of Beijing during 1984 to 1998

Hoshina, K.; Suzuki, Y.; Nishida, H.; Kaneko, K.; Matsuda, S.; Kobayashi, M.; Kadoi, N., 2002:
Trend of neonatal group B streptococcal infection during the last 15 years

Wen-Zhi-Zhong; Wen-Xiao-Sui, 2000:
Trend of pine caterpillar (Dendrolimus punctatus) population dynamics: Forecasting the differentiation rates of the second and third generation by means of critical date of differentiation

An,; Kang, H.J.n, 1999:
Trend of sea level change along the coast of Korean peninsula

Fang, J.; Alderman, M.H., 2001:
Trend of stroke hospitalization, United States, 1988-1997

Freidlin, B.; Zheng, G.; Li, Z.; Gastwirth, J.L., 2002:
Trend tests for case-control studies of genetic markers: power, sample size and robustness

Reuter, D.A.; Felbinger, T.W.; Schmidt, C.; Moerstedt, K.; Kilger, E.; Lamm, P.; Goetz, A.E., 2003:
Trendelenburg positioning after cardiac surgery: effects on intrathoracic blood volume index and cardiac performance

Shen-Zheng-Yi; Sun-Zi-Yong; Wang-Hong-Bo, 2003:
Trends and changes in antimicrobial resistance of Gram positive cocci in Hubei area

Wang, D.; Murphy, M., 2002:
Trends and differentials in menarcheal age in China

Cooper, R.; Cutler, J.; Desvigne-Nickens, P.; Fortmann, S.P.; Friedman, L.; Havlik, R.; Hogelin, G.; Marler, J.; McGovern, P.; Morosco, G.; Mosca, L.; Pearson, T.; Stamler, J.; Stryer, D.; Thom, T., 2000:
Trends and disparities in coronary heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases in the United States: findings of the national conference on cardiovascular disease prevention

Ng, T.P.; Niti, M., 2003:
Trends and ethnic differences in hospital admissions and mortality for congestive heart failure in the elderly in Singapore, 1991 to 1998

Norrgren, H.; Andersson, S.; Biague, A.J.; da Silva, Z.J.; Dias, F.; Nauclér, A.; Biberfeld, G., 1999:
Trends and interaction of HIV-1 and HIV-2 in Guinea-Bissau, west Africa: no protection of HIV-2 against HIV-1 infection

Crampin, A.C.; Glynn, J.R.; Ngwira, B.M.; Mwaungulu, F.D.; Pönnighaus, Jörg.M.; Warndorff, D.K.; Fine, P.E., 2003:
Trends and measurement of HIV prevalence in northern Malawi

Lanner, S., 2000:
Trends and perspectives in rural areas

Lovis, Christian, 1998:
Trends and pitfalls and nomenclatures and classifications in medicine

Lusk, S.; Luskova, V.; Halacka, K.; Slechta, V.; Slechtova, V., 1998:
Trends and production of a fish communities of the barbel zone in a stream of the Czech Republic

Crosley, R.W.; Donald, D.B.; Block, H.O., 1998:
Trends and seasonability in alpha- and gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane in western Canadian surface waters (1975-94)

Spencer, N.J.; Logan, S.; Gill, L., 1999:
Trends and social patterning of birthweight in Sheffield, 1985-94

Antunes, J.-Leopoldo-Ferreira; Waldman, E.-Alves, 2002:
Trends and spatial distribution of deaths of children aged 12-60 months in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1980-98

Klein-Schwartz, W., 2002:
Trends and toxic effects from pediatric clonidine exposures

Scholten, M.C.T.; Kramer, K.J.M.; Laane, R.W.P.M., 1998:
Trends and variation in concentration of dissolved metals (Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn) in the North Sea (1980-1989)

Schenkirsch, G.; Heier, M.; Stieber, J.; Loewel, H., 2001:
Trends der Schmerzmitteleinnahme ueber einen Zeitraum von 10 Jahren (1984 bis 1995): Ergebnisse der drei MONICA-Augsburg-Surveys

Queneau, P.E.; Pitard, A.; Labourey, J.M.; Koch, S.; Sauve, G.; Carayon, P., 2000:
Trends for the management of pancreatic adenocarcinoma in a hospitalized-based population (1980-1994)

Zhdanov, V.S.; Vikhert, A.M.; Sternbi, N.G.; Dushkova, Y.; Galakhov, I.E.; Drobkova, I.P., 1999:
Trends in 25-year evolution of coronary atherosclerosis in males from some cities of Europe and Asia

Klevens, R.M.; Diaz, T.; Fleming, P.L.; Mays, M.A.; Frey, R., 1999:
Trends in AIDS among Hispanics in the United States, 1991-1996

Blair, J.M.; Fleming, P.L.; Karon, J.M., 2002:
Trends in AIDS incidence and survival among racial/ethnic minority men who have sex with men, United States, 1990-1999

Humblet, P.C.; Lagasse, R.; Levêque, A., 2000:
Trends in Belgian premature avoidable deaths over a 20 year period

Liu Jing; Zhao Dong; Yao Chonghua, 2000:
Trends in CVD risk factors in urban and rural areas of Beijing during 1984-1993

Paulsen, I.L.; Beer, W.; Lee, D.P., 2002:
Trends in California black bass fishing tournaments, 1990-1994, and comparisons with 1985-1989 data

Wires, L., R.; Cuthbert, F., J., 2000:
Trends in Caspian Tern numbers and distribution in North America: A review

Korovchinsky, N.M., 2000:
Trends in Cladocera and Copepoda taxonomy

Goldberg, D.; Burns, S.; Taylor, A.; Cameron, S.; Hargreaves, D.; Hutchinson, S., 2001:
Trends in HCV prevalence among injecting drug users in Glasgow and Edinburgh during the era of needle/syringe exchange

Langendam, M.W.; van Brussel, G.H.; Coutinho, R.A.; van Ameijden, E.J., 2000:
Trends in HIV risk behaviour and methadone dosage among HIV-negative drug users: an ecological study

Batter, Veronique, 2000:
Trends in HIV seroprevalence among patients with sexually transmitted diseases in 17 European sentinel networks, 1990-1996

Deren, S.; Robles, R.; Andia, J.; Colón, H.M.; Kang, S.Y.; Perlis, T., 2001:
Trends in HIV seroprevalence and needle sharing among Puerto Rican drug injectors in Puerto Rico and New York: 1992-1999

Bluthenthal, R.N.; Kral, A.H.; Gee, L.; Lorvick, J.; Moore, L.; Seal, K.; Edlin, B.R., 2001:
Trends in HIV seroprevalence and risk among gay and bisexual men who inject drugs in San Francisco, 1988 to 2000

Lansky, A.; Jones, J.L.; Frey, R.L.; Lindegren, M.L., 2001:
Trends in HIV testing among pregnant women: United States, 1994-1999

Solaro, C.; D.M.ria, A.; Primavera, A., 2002:
Trends in HIV, gonorrhoea, and syphilis. Screening for neurosyphilis is recommended

Baeten, J.M.; Richardson, B.A.; Martin, H.L.; Nyange, P.M.; Lavreys, L.; Ngugi, E.N.; Mandaliya, K.; Ndinya-Achola, J.O.; Bwayo, J.J.; Kreiss, J.K., 2000:
Trends in HIV-1 incidence in a cohort of prostitutes in Kenya: implications for HIV-1 vaccine efficacy trials

Ros, C.C.; Kerssens, J.J.; Foets, M.; Peters, L., 1999:
Trends in HIV-related consultation in Dutch general practice

Fleishman, J.A.; Hellinger, F.J., 2001:
Trends in HIV-related inpatient admissions from 1993 to 1997: a seven-state study

Sequeira, R.V.; Playford, C.L., 2002:
Trends in Helicoverpa spp. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) abundance on commercial cotton in central Queensland: Implications for pest management

Eltom, M.A.; Jemal, A.; Mbulaiteye, S.M.; Devesa, S.S.; Biggar, R.J., 2002:
Trends in Kaposi's sarcoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma incidence in the United States from 1973 through 1998

Lovell, C.D.; Leopold, B.D.; Shropshire, C.C., 1998:
Trends in Mississippi predator populations, 1980-1995

O'halloran, J.; Smiddy, P.; Quishi, X.; O'leary, R.; Hayes, C., 2002:
Trends in Mute Swan blood lead levels: Evidence of grit reducing lead poisoning

Strickler, H.D.; Goedert, J.J.; Devesa, S.S.; Lahey, J.; Fraumeni, J.F.; Rosenberg, P.S., 2003:
Trends in U.S. pleural mesothelioma incidence rates following simian virus 40 contamination of early poliovirus vaccines

Simonson, T.D.; Hewett, S.W., 1999:
Trends in Wisconsin's muskellunge fishery

Katsuyama, H.; Tsuchiya, G.; Sunami, S.; Saijoh, K., 1999:
Trends in absenteeism due to sickness and injury between 1986 and 1995 at a shipbuilding company

Saroja, K.I.; Ramphal, K.G.; Kasmini, K.; Ainsah, O.; Bakar, O.C., 1999:
Trends in absenteeism rates following psychological intervention-preliminary results

Shaughnessy, P.; Mckeown, A., 2002:
Trends in abundance of New Zealand fur seals, Arctocephalus forsteri, at the Neptune Islands, South Australia

Kirkpatrick, C.; Destefano, S.; Mannan, R William; Lloyd, J., 2002:
Trends in abundance of grassland birds following a spring prescribed burn in southern Arizona

McGovern, P.G.; Jacobs, D.R.; Shahar, E.; Arnett, D.K.; Folsom, A.R.; Blackburn, H.; Luepker, R.V., 2001:
Trends in acute coronary heart disease mortality, morbidity, and medical care from 1985 through 1997: the Minnesota heart survey

Kidwell, C.S.; Liebeskind, D.S.; Starkman, S.; Saver, J.L., 2001:
Trends in acute ischemic stroke trials through the 20th century

Galambos, N.L.; Leadbeater, B.J., 2000:
Trends in adolescent research for the new millennium

Mohler, B.; Earls, F., 2001:
Trends in adolescent suicide: misclassification bias?

Siegel, M.; Mowery, P.D.; Pechacek, T.P.; Strauss, W.J.; Schooley, M.W.; Merritt, R.K.; Novotny, T.E.; Giovino, G.A.; Eriksen, M.P., 2000:
Trends in adult cigarette smoking in California compared with the rest of the United States, 1978-1994

Harrison, M.; Roush, J.; Wallace, J., 2003:
Trends in age of identification and intervention in infants with hearing loss

Caetano, R.; Clark, C.L., 1998:
Trends in alcohol consumption patterns among whites, blacks and Hispanics: 1984 and 1995

Eisenberg, D.M.; Davis, R.B.; Ettner, S.L.; Appel, S.; Wilkey, S.; Van Rompay, M.; Kessler, R.C., 1998:
Trends in alternative medicine use in the United States, 1990-1997: results of a follow-up national survey

Walker, J.; Nelson, D.; Aneja, V.P., 2000:
Trends in ammonium concentration in precipitation and atmospheric ammonia emissions at a Coastal Plain site in North Carolina, U.S.A

Coladonato, J.A.; Frankenfield, D.L.; Reddan, D.N.; Klassen, P.S.; Szczech, L.A.; Johnson, C.A.; Owen, W.F., 2002:
Trends in anemia management among US hemodialysis patients

Sharma, S.; Kunimoto, D.Y.; Garg, P.; Rao, G.N., 1999:
Trends in antibiotic resistance of corneal pathogens: Part I. An analysis of commonly used ocular antibiotics

Sharma, S.; Kunimoto, D.Y.; Rao, T.N.garaja; Garg, P.; Rao, G.N., 1999:
Trends in antibiotic resistance of corneal pathogens: Part II. An analysis of leading bacterial keratitis isolates

Wang, T.J.; Ausiello, J.C.; Stafford, R.S., 1999:
Trends in antihypertensive drug advertising, 1985-1996

Nelson, C.R.; Knapp, D.A., 2000:
Trends in antihypertensive drug therapy of ambulatory patients by US office-based physicians

Labbé, A.C.; Bourgault, A.M.; Vincelette, J.; Turgeon, P.L.; Lamothe, F., 1999:
Trends in antimicrobial resistance among clinical isolates of the Bacteroides fragilis group from 1992 to 1997 in Montreal, Canada

Karlowsky, J.A.; Jones, M.E.; Thornsberry, C.; Friedland, I.R.; Sahm, D.F., 2003:
Trends in antimicrobial susceptibilities among Enterobacteriaceae isolated from hospitalized patients in the United States from 1998 to 2001

Cooper, E.R.; Charurat, M.; Burns, D.N.; Blattner, W.; Rodney Hoff For The Women And Infants Transmission Study Group, 2000:
Trends in antiretroviral therapy and mother-infant transmission of HIV

Dumortier, P.; Thimpont, J.; de Maertelaer, V.; D.V.yst, P., 2003:
Trends in asbestos body counts in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid over two decades

Holland, D.M.; Principe, P.P.; Sickles, J.E.II, 1999:
Trends in atmospheric sulfur and nitrogen species in the eastern United States for 1989-1995

Nandi, D.; Sarin, A., 2001:
Trends in basic immunology research: 2001 and beyond

Andrianova, T.V., 2000:
Trends in biogeography of fungi

Amaral, Ademir, 2002:
Trends in biological dosimetry: An overview

Atkinson, J.O.; MacDorman, M.F.; Parker, J.D., 2001:
Trends in births to parents of two different races in the United States: 1971-1995

Behrman, A.J.; Shofer, F.S.; Green-McKenzie, J., 2001:
Trends in bloodborne pathogen exposure and follow-up at an urban teaching hospital: 1987 to 1997

Prasad, G.; Minakshi; Malik, Y.; Maan, S., 2000:
Trends in bluetongue virus diagnostics: A review

Okasha, M.; McCarron, P.; Smith, G.Davey.; Gunnell, D., 2003:
Trends in body mass index from 1948 to 1968: results from the Glasgow Alumni Cohort

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Trends of selection in the life cycle of Pinus sylvestris

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Trends of specialization in the palm pericarp

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Trends of twinning rates in ten countries, 1972-1996

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Trends, controversies and contradictions in the management of gastroesophageal reflux disease patients

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Trendy genetyczne cech produkcyjnosci mlecznej bydla czarno-bialego w Polsce

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Treponema denticola is resistant to human beta-defensins

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Tres casos confirmados de febre Catarral maligna em Portugal

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Tres casos de neoplasias espontaneas em peixes

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Tres especies novas de Centronodus Funkhouser (Homoptera, Membracidae, Centronodinae)

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Tres especies novas de Ladoffa Young (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadellidae)

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Tres metazoos parasitos de la cojinoba Seriolella violacea Guichenot (Pisces, Centrolophidae), Callao, Peru

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Tres nuevas especies de Bryconamericus (Ostariophysi: Characidae) de Colombia y diagnostico del genero

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Tres nuevas especies de Helobata Bergroth 1888 (Hydrophilidae: Hydrophilinae) de Venezuela

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Tres nuevas especies de Ruellia L. (Acanthaceae) de Venezuela

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Tres nuevas especies del genero Atelopus A.M.C. Dumeril and Bibron 1841 (Amphibia: Bufonidae) de las partes altas de la Cordillera Oriental colombiana

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Tres nuevas especies del genero Scriptania Hampson 1905, en Chile (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Hadeninae)

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Tretinoin prevents age-related renal changes and stimulates antioxidant defenses in cultured renal mesangial cells

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Tri poznamky k taxonomii netopyra Brandtova, Myotis brandtii (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) a k historii jeho rozpoznavani v zapadni casti Evropy

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Tri-iodothyronine increases insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2 expression in cultured hepatocytes from hypothyroid rats

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Tri-iodothyronine induces proliferation in cultured bovine thyroid cells: evidence for the involvement of epidermal growth factor-associated tyrosine kinase activity

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Tri-n-octyl(32P)phosphine oxide. Synthesis and biodistribution via the hepatic artery of rats

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Tri-partite assay for studying exon ligation by the ai5gamma group II intron

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Triacontanol: Its effect on germination and seedling growth of black gram cultivar T-9

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Triacylglycerol composition and structure of sea-buckthorn fruits grown in different regions

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Triacylglycerol ester hydrolase activity during larval growth of armyworm, Mythimna separata (Walker)

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Triacylglycerol-rich lipoproteins alter the secretion, and the cholesterol-effluxing function, of apolipoprotein E-containing lipoprotein particles from human (THP-1) macrophages

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Triad of acute infusion-related reactions associated with liposomal amphotericin B: analysis of clinical and epidemiological characteristics

Gopi, R.; Sujatha, B.M.; Karikalan, L.; Panneerselvam, R., 1998:
Triadimefon induced variation in growth and metabolism in the NaCl stressed Vigna unguiculata (L.) seedlings

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