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Two weeks of transdermal estradiol treatment in postmenopausal elderly women and its effect on memory and mood: Verbal memory changes are associated with the treatment induced estradiol levels

Wolf, O.T.; Kudielka, B.M.; Hellhammer, D.H.; Törber, S.; McEwen, B.S.; Kirschbaum, C.

Psychoneuroendocrinology 24(7): 727-741


ISSN/ISBN: 0306-4530
PMID: 10451908
DOI: 10.1016/s0306-4530(99)00025-6
Accession: 011604423

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The present randomized double blind study investigated the effects of a 2 week transdermal estradiol treatment on memory performance in 38 healthy elderly women. Cognitive performance was tested at baseline and after 2 weeks of estradiol or placebo treatment using verbal, semantic, and spatial memory tests as well as a mental rotation task and the Stroop. Initial results showed no differences after treatment between placebo or estradiol treated subjects. However, within treatment group analysis revealed that estradiol treated subjects who reached higher estradiol levels (larger than 29 pg/ml) performed significantly better after treatment in the delayed recall of the paired associate test (verbal memory) than subjects who reached lower estradiol levels (P < 0.05). A nonsignificant trend was observed for the immediate recall condition (P < 0.10). These findings were strengthened by correlations between treatment-induced estradiol levels and changes in verbal memory performance. In addition, there was an association between estradiol levels and mood changes. However mood changes were not significantly associated with changes in verbal memory performance (P > 0.20). The present study supports the idea that estradiol replacement has specific effects on verbal memory in healthy postmenopausal women, with delayed recall being more affected. It suggests that these effects can occur relatively rapidly, and that there may be a dose response relationship of estradiol to memory enhancement. Furthermore, the fact that these results were obtained in women who had been menopausal for an average of 17 years before entering the study indicates that the brain maintains a sensitivity for estrogens even after years of low estradiol plasma concentrations.

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