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Beta-Conglycinin and glycinin in high-protein soybean seeds

Yaklich, R.W.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 49(2): 729-735


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8561
PMID: 11262020
DOI: 10.1021/jf001110s
Accession: 011663488

The agronomic performance and storage proteins of high seed protein lines of soybeans [Glycine max L. (Merr.)] were investigated to determine if the two major storage proteins, beta-conglycinin and glycinin, contribute to the increased protein content of high seed protein lines. Subunits of these two major storage proteins were estimated by scanning SDS-PAGE gels by scanning densitometry. The relative rankings of the lines with respect to seed size and protein content were not different between years in one environment over 5 years, but oil and total protein and oil contents and the ratio of protein to oil differed. The alpha', alpha, and beta subunits of beta-conglycinin were significantly higher in the high-protein lines except CX797-115, CX804-108, CX804-3, D81-8498, and NC-2-62. The acidic A(3) polypeptide of glycinin was significantly higher in high-protein lines except 76-48773, CX804-108, CX804-3, D81-8498, and NC-2-62, whereas the acidic polypeptides A(1,2,4) of glycinin were significantly higher in all of the high-protein lines. The basic polypeptides of glycinin were significantly higher in all high seed protein lines except D81-8259. In conclusion, high-protein lines appear to contain more beta-conglycinin and glycinin than normal-protein soybean lines, and the amounts of subunits and polypeptides differ among lines.

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