A study of the aggregation of human red blood cells induced by picric acid

Sheremet'ev, I.A.; Sheremet'eva, A.V.; Lednev, A.V.

Biofizika 50(5): 901-902


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-3029
PMID: 16248166
Accession: 011711296

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The effect of picric acid on the aggregation of human erythrocytes was studied. It was shown that the addition of picric acid to a suspension of washed erythrocytes leads to a decrease in pH of medium to 1.5-2 and the formation of echinocytes. Stirring the suspension of echinocytes at low pH values results in a strong aggregation of cells. Increasing the pH value to 7.4 leads to a desaggregation of echinocytes. It was found that picric acid does not induce the aggregation of cells fixed by glutaraldehyde. A substantial decrease in the aggegation of spheric erythrocytes obtained after heating the cells at 50 degrees C was observed.