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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 11758

Chapter 11758 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Long-Jun; Lei-Hong-Yi, 2005:
Analysis of methicllin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in ICU and the detection of enterotoxin in ICU

O'Leary, V.B.; Mills, J.L.; Pangilinan, F.; Kirke, P.N.; Cox, C.; Conley, M.; Weiler, A.; Peng, K.; Shane, B.; Scott, J.M.; Parle-McDermott, A.; Molloy, A.M.; Brody, L.C., 2005:
Analysis of methionine synthase reductase polymorphisms for neural tube defects risk association

Schmidt, Torsten, C., 2003:
Analysis of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) and tert-butyl alcohol (TBA) in ground and surface water

San-Miguel, Jús.; García-Sanz, Rón.; López-Pérez, R., 2005:
Analysis of methylation pattern in multiple myeloma

Borwitzky, H.; Haefeli, W.E.; Burhenne, Jürgen., 2005:
Analysis of methylene blue in human urine by capillary electrophoresis

do Rosário, P.Miguel.Alvaro.; Cordeiro, C.A.Alves.; Freire, A.Ponces.; Nogueira, Jé.M.Florêncio., 2005:
Analysis of methylglyoxal in water and biological matrices by capillary zone electrophoresis with diode array detection

Kingkeohoi, S.; Chaplen, F.W.R., 2008:
Analysis of Methylglyoxal Metabolism in CHO Cells Grown in Culture

Schmedes, A.; Brandslund, I., 2006:
Analysis of methylmalonic acid in plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Schmidtova, J.; Vackova, B.; Eliasova, H., 2005:
Analysis of metric signs of three-part criminal facial photographs

Tarca, A.L.; Romero, R.; Draghici, S., 2006:
Analysis of microarray experiments of gene expression profiling

Aarnio, V.; Paananen, J.; Wong, G., 2005:
Analysis of microarray studies performed in the neurosciences

Lu, S.; Park, M.; Ro, H-Su.; Lee, D.Sung.; Park, W.; Jeon, C.Ok., 2006:
Analysis of microbial communities using culture-dependent and culture-independent approaches in an anaerobic/aerobic SBR reactor

Domingues, M.-Regina; Moraes, E.-Matos; Vazoller, R.-Filomena; Amancio-Varesche, M.-Bernadete, 2006:
Analysis of microbial community in biofilms and planktonic cells of anaerobic thermophilic reactors

Lim, B.-Ran; Ahn, K.-Hong, 2004:
Analysis of microbial community structure in a biofilm on membrane surface in the submerged membrane bioreactor treating domestic wastewater on the basis of respiratory quinone profiles

Shi-Hong-Xing; Qu-Jiu-Hui, 2005:
Analysis of microcystins by LC-ESI/MS in the algal cells collected from Guanting Reservoir

Ervandyan, S.G.; Nebish, A.A.; Simonyan, E.G.; Arutyunyan, R.M., 2005:
Analysis of microgametophyte in plants of the family Rosaceae Juss for biological indication of the state of environment in Armenia

Sun, L.Ping.; Li, D.Zhi.; Liu, Z.Mou.; Yang, L.Jun.; Liu, J.Yi.; Cao, J., 2005:
Analysis of micronuclei in the transferrin-receptor positive reticulocytes from peripheral blood of nasopharyngeal cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy by a single-laser flow cytometer

Haselberg, R.; Hempen, C.; van Leeuwen, S.M.; Vogel, M.; Karst, U., 2005:
Analysis of microperoxidases using liquid chromatography, post-column substrate conversion and fluorescence detection

Jiao, Y-Fei.; Sugai, T.; Habano, W.; Suzuki, M.; Takagane, A.; Nakamura, S-Ichi., 2004:
Analysis of microsatellite alterations in gastric carcinoma using the crypt isolation technique

Romanowicz-Makowska, H.; Smolarz, B.; Langner, E.; Kozłowska, Eźbieta.; Kulig, A.; Dziki, A., 2005:
Analysis of microsatellite instability and BRCA1 mutations in patients from hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC) family

Kendall, H.E.; Vacek, P.M.; Finette, B.A., 2004:
Analysis of microsatellite instability in children treated for acute lymphocytic leukemia with elevated HPRT mutant frequencies

Ryzhova, N.N.; Kochieva, E.Z., 2004:
Analysis of microsatellite loci of the chloroplast genome in the genus Capsicum (Pepper)

Li, B.; Xia, Q-You.; Lu, C.; Zhou, Z-Yang., 2004:
Analysis of microsatellites derived from bee Ests

Jiang, D.; Zhong, G-Yan.; Hong, Q-Bing., 2006:
Analysis of microsatellites in citrus unigenes

Lavén, M.; Markides, K.; Långström, B., 2004:
Analysis of microsomal metabolic stability using high-flow-rate extraction coupled to capillary liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Budde, P.Prakash.; Desai, A.; Heald, R., 2005:
Analysis of microtubule polymerization in vitro and during the cell cycle in Xenopus egg extracts

Wargo, M.J.; McPeek, M.A.; Smith, E.F., 2004:
Analysis of microtubule sliding patterns in Chlamydomonas flagellar axonemes reveals dynein activity on specific doublet microtubules

Lametschwandtner, A.; Minnich, B.; Stöttinger, B.; Krautgartner, W.D., 2005:
Analysis of microvascular trees by means of scanning electron microscopy of vascular casts and 3D-morphometry

Fatini, C.; Sticchi, E.; Genuardi, M.; Sofi, F.; Gensini, F.; Gori, A.Maria.; Lenti, M.; Michelucci, A.; Abbate, R.; Gensini, G.Franco., 2006:
Analysis of minK and eNOS genes as candidate loci for predisposition to non-valvular atrial fibrillation

Costa, A.C.M.; Anjos, M.J.; Moreira, S.; Lopes, R.T.; D.J.sus, E.F.O., 2003:
Analysis of mineral water from Brazil using total reflection X-ray fluorescence by synchrotron radiation

Zurbriggen, K.; Schmugge, M.; Schmid, M.; Durka, S.; Kleinert, P.; Kuster, T.; Heizmann, C.W.; Troxler, H., 2005:
Analysis of minor hemoglobins by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Losekoot, M.; Haarloo, C.; Ruivenkamp, C.; White, S.J.; Breuning, M.H.; Peters, D.J.M., 2005:
Analysis of missense variants in the PKHD1-gene in patients with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD)

Abkevich, V.; Zharkikh, A.; Deffenbaugh, A.M.; Frank, D.; Chen, Y.; Shattuck, D.; Skolnick, M.H.; Gutin, A.; Tavtigian, S.V., 2004:
Analysis of missense variation in human BRCA1 in the context of interspecific sequence variation

Lyons, T.J.; Kraft, N.O.; Copley, G.Bruce.; Davenport, C.; Grayson, K.; Binder, H., 2004:
Analysis of mission and aircraft factors in G-induced loss of consciousness in the USAF: 1982-2002

Kierstein, G.; Vallinoto, M.; Silva, A.; Schneider, M.Paula.; Iannuzzi, L.; Brenig, B., 2004 :
Analysis of mitochondrial D-loop region casts new light on domestic water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) phylogeny

Lin, Yuan Shao; Cao, Wen Qing; Fang,; Liu, Qian Qian; Li, Shao Jing, 2004:
Analysis of mitochondrial DNA CO I gene fragment of Pseudeuphausia sinica

Fedorova, S.A.; Bermisheva, M.A.; Villems, R.; Maksimova, N.R.; Khusnutdinova, E.K., 2003:
Analysis of mitochondrial DNA haplotypes in Yakuts

Taylor, P.; Manage, D.P.; Helmle, K.E.; Zheng, Y.; Glerum, D.Moira.; Backhouse, C.J., 2005:
Analysis of mitochondrial DNA in microfluidic systems

Hinttala, R.; Smeets, R.; Moilanen, J.S.; Ugalde, C.; Uusimaa, J.; Smeitink, J.A.M.; Majamaa, K., 2006:
Analysis of mitochondrial DNA sequences in patients with isolated or combined oxidative phosphorylation system deficiency

Bermisheva, M.A.; Kutuev, I.A.; Spitsyn, V.A.; Villems, R.; Batyrova, A.Z.; Korshunova, T.Iu.; Khusnutdinova, E.K., 2005:
Analysis of mitochondrial DNA variation in the population of Oroks

Mattiasson, G., 2004:
Analysis of mitochondrial generation and release of reactive oxygen species

Kataoka, M.; Fukura, Y.; Shinohara, Y.; Baba, Y., 2005:
Analysis of mitochondrial membrane potential in the cells by microchip flow cytometry

Westfall, P.J.; Thorner, J., 2006:
Analysis of mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling specificity in response to hyperosmotic stress: use of an analog-sensitive HOG1 allele

Meadows-Shropshire, S., L.; Gennings, C.; Carter, W.H.ns,. Jr.;; Simmons, J.-Ellen, 2004:
Analysis of mixtures of drugs/chemicals along a fixed-ratio ray without single-chemical data to support an additivity model

Koliasnikov, O.V.; Grigorenko, V.G.; Egorov, A.M., 2003:
Analysis of model binding site of antibodies against 2,4-dichlorophenoxy-acetic acid

Zhang, X.; Carney, L.H., 2005:
Analysis of models for the synapse between the inner hair cell and the auditory nerve

Bhattacharya, N.; Singh, R.K.; Mondal, S.; Roy, A.; Mondal, R.; Roychowdhury, S.; Panda, C.K., 2004:
Analysis of molecular alterations in chromosome 8 associated with the development of uterine cervical carcinoma of Indian patients

Sugai, T.; Habano, W.; Jiao, Y-Fei.; Tsukahara, M.; Takeda, Y.; Otsuka, K.; Nakamura, S-ichi., 2006:
Analysis of molecular alterations in left- and right-sided colorectal carcinomas reveals distinct pathways of carcinogenesis: proposal for new molecular profile of colorectal carcinomas

Kong-Xian-Gang; Li-Gui-Xia; Liu-Sheng-Wang; Ran-Duo-Liang, 2005:
Analysis of molecular characteristics of goose parvovirus strain HG5/82

Malysheva-Otto, L.V.; Ganal, M.W.; Röder, M.S., 2006:
Analysis of molecular diversity, population structure and linkage disequilibrium in a worldwide survey of cultivated barley germplasm (Hordeum vulgare L.)

García, M.; Colombani-Vidal, M.E.; Zylbersztein, C.C.; Testi, A.; Marcos, J.; Arturi, A.; Babini, J.; Scaglia, H.E., 2004:
Analysis of molecular heterogeneity of prolactin in human systemic lupus erythematosus

Shirai, Y., 2004:
Analysis of molecular mechanism regulating spatio-temporal localization and activity of protein kinase C and diacylglycerol kinase using live imaging

Mohan, A.; Oldfield, C.J.; Radivojac, P.; Vacic, V.; Cortese, M.S.; Dunker, A.Keith.; Uversky, V.N., 2006:
Analysis of molecular recognition features (MoRFs)

Matusinovic, Z.; Tomic, T.; Segudovic, N.; Rogosic, M., 2005:
Analysis of molecular weight distributions of styrene-methyl methacrylate copolymers using size exclusion chromatography data

Danilova, T.V.; Danilov, S.S.; Karlov, G.I., 2003:
Analysis of molecular-genetic polymorphism in the common hop (Humulus lupulus L.) cultivars by use of ISSR-PCR technique

Grahnert, A.; Friedrich, M.; Engeland, K.; Hauschildt, S., 2005:
Analysis of mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase 4 gene expression in human monocytes: splicing pattern and potential regulatory elements

Gerra, G.; Garofano, L.; Bosari, S.; Pellegrini, C.; Zaimovic, A.; Moi, G.; Bussandri, M.; Moi, A.; Brambilla, F.; Mameli, A.; Pizzamiglio, M.; Donnini, C., 2004:
Analysis of monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) promoter polymorphism in male heroin-dependent subjects: behavioural and personality correlates

Zanetta, J-Pierre.; Srinivasan, V.; Schauer, R., 2005:
Analysis of monosaccharides, fatty constituents and rare O-acetylated sialic acids from gonads of the starfish Asterias rubens

Tozzi, R.; Malur, S.; Koehler, C.; Schneider, A., 2005:
Analysis of morbidity in patients with endometrial cancer: is there a commitment to offer laparoscopy?

Bulgaresi, P.; Cariaggi, M.Paola.; Bonardi, L.; Carozzi, M.Francesca.; Confortini, M.; Galanti, L.; Maddau, C.; Matucci, M.; Rubeca, T.; Turco, P.; Ciatto, S.; Miccinesi, G., 2005:
Analysis of morphologic patterns of fine-needle aspiration of the breast to reduce false-negative results in breast cytology

Budke, J., M.; Hickey, R.J.mes; Heafner, K., D., 2005:
Analysis of morphological and anatomical characteristics of Isoetes using Isoetes tennesseensis

Katdare, M.R.; Bhonde, R.R.; Parab, P.B., 2004:
Analysis of morphological and functional maturation of neoislets generated in vitro from pancreatic ductal cells and their suitability for islet banking and transplantation

Trejo Tapia, G.; Hernandez Trujillo, R.; Trejo Espino, J.L.; Jimenez Aparicio, A.; Rodriguez Monroy, M., 2003:
Analysis of morphological characteristics of Solanum chrysotrichum cell suspension cultures

Cavanaugh, D.P.; Sternberg, R.V., 2004:
Analysis of morphological groupings using ANOPA, a pattern recognition and multivariate statistical method: A case study involving centrarchid fishes

Park, E.Y.; Koizumi, K.; Higashiyama, K., 2006:
Analysis of morphological relationship between micro- and macromorphology of Mortierella species using a flow-through chamber coupled with image analysis

Tao-Ling; Ren-Jun, 2004:
Analysis of morphological variations among populations of Calligonum rubicundum

Novik, V.I.; Zdrayevskya, O.N.; Emanuel, V.L., 2006:
Analysis of morphometric data and the ploidity of bronchial epitheliocytic nuclear DNA in benign processes and different histological forms of lung cancer

Zablotska, L.B.; Ashmore, J.Patrick.; Howe, G.R., 2004:
Analysis of mortality among Canadian nuclear power industry workers after chronic low-dose exposure to ionizing radiation

Martín-Dávila, P.; Navas, E.; Fortún, Jús.; Moya, J.Luis.; Cobo, J.; Pintado, V.; Quereda, C.; Jiménez-Mena, M.; Moreno, S., 2005:
Analysis of mortality and risk factors associated with native valve endocarditis in drug users: the importance of vegetation size

Greenberg, H.; Case, R., B.; Moss, A., J.; Brown, M., W.; Carroll, E., R.; Andrews, M., L., 2004:
Analysis of mortality events in the multicenter automatic defibriflator implantation trial (NLADIT-II)

Sun, X.; Zhang, Y.; Li, L.; Qiao, Y., 2004:
Analysis of mortality of stomach cancer in China from 1990 similar to 1992

Sun, X-di.; Mu, R.; Zhou, Y-shang.; Dai, X-dong.; Zhang, S-wei.; Huangfu, X-mei.; Sun, J.; Li, L-di.; Lu, F-zhu.; Qiao, Y-lin., 2004:
Analysis of mortality rate of stomach cancer and its trend in twenty years in China

Kostuch, M.; Klatka, J.; Semczuk, A.; Wojcierowski, J.; Kulczycki, L.; Oleszczuk, J., 2005:
Analysis of most common CFTR mutations in patients affected by nasal polyps

Uthmann, T.; Dauscher, P., 2004:
Analysis of motor control and behavior in multi agent systems by means of artificial neural networks

Zhao, D-cai.; Ji, C-ye.; Ma, J.; Liao, W-ke.; Zhang, B.; Hu, P-jin., 2005:
Analysis of motor performance status in students of Han nationality in fifteen provinces in China

Mcgaughey, G.R.; Desai, N.R.; Allen, D.T.; Seila, R.L.; Lonneman, W.A.; Fraser, M.P.; Harley, R.A.; Pollack, A.K.; Ivy, J.M.; Price, J.H., 2004:
Analysis of motor vehicle emissions in a Houston tunnel during the Texas Air Quality Study 2000

Willshaw, D., 2006:
Analysis of mouse EphA knockins and knockouts suggests that retinal axons programme target cells to form ordered retinotopic maps

Brockmann, M-A.; Ulmer, S.; Leppert, J.; Nadrowitz, R.; Wuestenberg, R.; Nolte, I.; Petersen, D.; Groden, C.; Giese, A.; Gottschalk, S., 2005:
Analysis of mouse brain using a clinical 1.5 T scanner and a standard small loop surface coil

Tevendale, M.; Watkins, M.; Rasberry, C.; Cattanach, B.; Ferguson-Smith, A.C., 2006 :
Analysis of mouse conceptuses with uniparental duplication/deficiency for distal chromosome 12: comparison with chromosome 12 uniparental disomy and implications for genomic imprinting

García-García, Mía.J.; Eggenschwiler, J.T.; Caspary, T.; Alcorn, H.L.; Wyler, M.R.; Huangfu, D.; Rakeman, A.S.; Lee, J.D.; Feinberg, E.H.; Timmer, J.R.; Anderson, K.V., 2005:
Analysis of mouse embryonic patterning and morphogenesis by forward genetics

Collinson, J.Martin.; Hill, R.E.; West, J.D., 2004:
Analysis of mouse eye development with chimeras and mosaics

Cao-Rui; Zhang-Li-Jun; Nie-Song; Wang-Xian-Chun; Liang-Song-Ping, 2005:
Analysis of mouse liver plasma membrane proteins by multidimensional liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Luzier, C.W.; Wilson, R.R., 2004:
Analysis of mtDNA haplotypes of kelp bass tests for sibling-dominated recruitment near marine protected areas of the California Channel Islands

Gao-Song; Mao-Xian-Yun; Wen-Bo; Li-Hui; Song-Xiu-Feng; Huang-Wen-Ju; Zhang-You-Jun; Jin-Jian-Zhong; Jin-Li, 2004:
Analysis of mtDNA polymorphysim among three Mien population in Guangxi

Steffann, J.; Frydman, N.; Gigarel, N.; Burlet, P.; Ray, P.F.; Fanchin, R.; Feyereisen, E.; Kerbrat, V.; Tachdjian, G.; Bonnefont, J-P.; Frydman, R.; Munnich, A., 2005:
Analysis of mtDNA variant segregation during early human embryonic development: a tool for successful NARP preimplantation diagnosis

Oertel, A.; Atchinger, N.; Hochreiter, R.; Thalhamer, J.; Lidz-Mezndl, U., 2004:
Analysis of mucilage secretion and excretion in Micrasterias (Chlorophyta) by means of immunoelectron microscopy and digital time lapse video microscopy

Ikezawa, T.; Ichikawa, T.; Adachi, K.; Sugano, S.; Ojima, T.; Nakamura, Y.; Watanabe, Y.; Ishihara, K., 2005:
Analysis of mucin composition in gastric juices of chronic rheumatic patients with upper gastrointestinal damage

Sugai, T.; Inomata, M.; Uesugi, N.; Jiao, Y-Fei.; Endoh, M.; Orii, S.; Nakamura, S-Ichi., 2004:
Analysis of mucin, p53 protein and Ki-67 expressions in gastric differentiated-type intramucosal neoplastic lesions obtained from endoscopic mucosal resection samples: a proposal for a new classification of intramucosal neoplastic lesions based on nuclear atypia

Nagata, Kohji, 2005:
Analysis of mucins and CD10 expression in pancreatic intraductal neoplasia

Xue-Bo; Yan-Biao; Yang-Juan; Li-Ming, 2005:
Analysis of multi-stage detection based on PIC in MC-CDMA systems

Kamiński, M.; Zygierewicz, Jław.; Kuś, Rł.; Crone, N., 2005:
Analysis of multichannel biomedical data

Schleuter, P.-M.H.rris, S., A., 2006:
Analysis of multilocus fingerprinting data sets containing missing data

He, R.; Dobie, F.; Ballantine, M.; Leeson, A.; Li, Y.; Bastien, N.; Cutts, T.; Andonov, A.; Cao, J.; Booth, T.F.; Plummer, F.A.; Tyler, S.; Baker, L.; Li, X., 2004:
Analysis of multimerization of the SARS coronavirus nucleocapsid protein

Ward, H.H.; Wang, J.; Phillips, C., 2004:
Analysis of multiple Invs transcripts in mouse and MDCK cells

Farinha, P.; Masoudi, H.; Skinnider, B.F.; Shumansky, K.; Spinelli, J.J.; Gill, K.; Klasa, R.; Voss, N.; Connors, J.M.; Gascoyne, R.D., 2005:
Analysis of multiple biomarkers shows that lymphoma-associated macrophage (LAM) content is an independent predictor of survival in follicular lymphoma (FL)

Kuisma, M.; Hiltunen, T.; Määttä, T.; Puolakka, J.; Boyd, J.; Nousila-Wiik, M.; Hakala, T., 2005:
Analysis of multiple casualty incidents - a prospective cohort study

Powell, B.L.; Haddad, L.; Bennett, A.; Gharani, N.; Sovio, U.; Groves, C.J.; Rush, K.; Goh, M.J.; Conway, G.S.; Ruokonen, A.; Martikainen, H.; Pouta, A.; Taponen, S.; Hartikainen, A-Liisa.; Halford, S.; Zeggini, E.; Järvelin, M-Riitta.; Franks, S.; McCarthy, M.I., 2005:
Analysis of multiple data sets reveals no association between the insulin gene variable number tandem repeat element and polycystic ovary syndrome or related traits

Chapman, M.A.; Donaldson, I.J.; Gilbert, J.; Grafham, D.; Rogers, J.; Green, A.R.; Göttgens, B., 2004:
Analysis of multiple genomic sequence alignments: a web resource, online tools, and lessons learned from analysis of mammalian SCL loci

Zhang, Q.; Bae, Y.; Kemper, J.Kim.; Kemper, B., 2006:
Analysis of multiple nuclear receptor binding sites for CAR/RXR in the phenobarbital responsive unit of CYP2B2

Bangerter, N.K.; Hargreaves, B.A.; Vasanawala, S.S.; Pauly, J.M.; Gold, G.E.; Nishimura, D.G., 2004:
Analysis of multiple-acquisition SSFP

Liu, D.; Zhou, X.; Zhong, R.; Ye, N.; Chang, G.; Xiong, W.; Mei, X.; Lin, B., 2008:
Analysis of multiplex PCR fragments with PMMA microchip

Hurdle, J.Gregston.; O'Neill, A.John.; Ingham, E.; Fishwick, C.; Chopra, I., 2004:
Analysis of mupirocin resistance and fitness in Staphylococcus aureus by molecular genetic and structural modeling techniques

Blonder, J.; Rodriguez-Galan, M.C.; Chan, K.C.; Lucas, D.A.; Yu, L-Rong.; Conrads, T.P.; Issaq, H.J.; Young, H.A.; Veenstra, T.D., 2004:
Analysis of murine natural killer cell microsomal proteins using two-dimensional liquid chromatography coupled to tandem electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Finette, B.A., 2006:
Analysis of mutagenic V(D)J recombinase mediated mutations at the HPRT locus as an in vivo model for studying rearrangements with leukemogenic potential in children

Erdinger, L.; Dörr, I.; Dürr, M.; Höpker, K-Achim., 2004:
Analysis of mutagenic activity of airborne particulate matter, standard reference materials and reference compounds using base pair-specific Salmonella typhimurium tester strains

Webb, C.J.; Lakhe-Reddy, S.; Romfo, C.M.; Wise, J.Ann., 2004:
Analysis of mutant phenotypes and splicing defects demonstrates functional collaboration between the large and small subunits of the essential splicing factor U2AF in vivo

Fedorova, O.E.; Sinicka, O.N.; Tihomirova, L.P.; Visnevskaya, Y., V.; Zasedatelev, A.S.; Nasedkina, T.V., 2006:
Analysis of mutation in BRCA1 gene using hybridization with hydrogel microarrays

Tsuji, A.; Inoue, H.; Kudo, K.; Ikeda, N., 2005:
Analysis of mutation of the plasma cholinesterase gene in a man who had died following a traffic accident

van Dijk, M.C.R.F.; Bernsen, M.R.; Ruiter, D.J., 2005:
Analysis of mutations in B-RAF, N-RAS, and H-RAS genes in the differential diagnosis of Spitz nevus and spitzoid melanoma

Jiang-Wei; Sun-Ying; Chen-Xi-Xue; Li-Song; Bu-Ding-Fang; Zhu-Xue-Jun, 2005:
Analysis of mutations in COL7A1 gene in a Hallopeau-Siemens variant of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

Ibrahimi, O.A.; Yeh, B.K.; Eliseenkova, A.V.; Zhang, F.; Olsen, S.K.; Igarashi, M.; Aaronson, S.A.; Linhardt, R.J.; Mohammadi, M., 2005:
Analysis of mutations in fibroblast growth factor (FGF) and a pathogenic mutation in FGF receptor (FGFR) provides direct evidence for the symmetric two-end model for FGFR dimerization

Mittelstaedt, R.A.; Von Tungeln, L.S.; Shaddock, J.G.; Dobrovolsky, V.N.; Beland, F.A.; Heflich, R.H., 2004:
Analysis of mutations in the Tk gene of Tk(+/-) mice treated as neonates with 3'-azido-3'-deoxythymidine (AZT)

Vagin, D.A.; Bashkirov, V.I.; Khasanov, F.K., 2006:
Analysis of mutations in the mat1 region of Schizosaccharomyces pombe strain with the deletion of gene rhp55+

Tanaka, M.; Nakayama, H.; Huruya, K.; Konomi, I.; Irie, S.; Kanayama, A.; Saika, T.; Kobayashi, I., 2005:
Analysis of mutations within multiple genes associated with resistance in a clinical isolate of Neisseria gonorrhoeae with reduced ceftriaxone susceptibility that shows a multidrug-resistant phenotype

Martínez-Ramírez, A.; Urioste, M.; Melchor, L.; Blesa, D.; Valle, L.; de Andrés, S.Alvarez.; Kok, K.; Calasanz, M.José.; Cigudosa, J.Cruz.; Benítez, J., 2004:
Analysis of myelodysplastic syndromes with complex karyotypes by high-resolution comparative genomic hybridization and subtelomeric CGH array

Becker, M.; Bilke, E.; Kühl, H.; Katoh, M.; Kramann, R.; Franke, A.; Bücker, A.; Hanrath, P.; Hoffmann, R., 2006:
Analysis of myocardial deformation based on pixel tracking in two dimensional echocardiographic images enables quantitative assessment of regional left ventricular function

Bode, H.B.; Müller, R., 2006:
Analysis of myxobacterial secondary metabolism goes molecular

Zanjani, M.Khalili.; Yamini, Y.; Shariati, S., 2006:
Analysis of n-alkanes in water samples by means of headspace solvent microextraction and gas chromatography

Desai, M.J.; Armstrong, D.W., 2004:
Analysis of native amino acid and peptide enantiomers by high-performance liquid chromatography/atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometry

Brown, A.S.; Milton, M.J.T.; Cowper, C.J.; Squire, G.D.; Bremser, W.; Branch, R.W., 2004:
Analysis of natural gas by gas chromatography reduction of correlated uncertainties by normalisation

Kuroda, T.; Natsuaki, T.; Okuda, S.; Teranaka, M., 2005:
Analysis of natural populations and possible natural reassortment of Cucumber mosaic virus

Thomson, M.M.; Sierra, Mía.; Tanuri, A.; May, S.; Casado, G.; Manjón, N.; Nájera, R., 2004:
Analysis of near full-length genome sequences of HIV type 1 BF intersubtype recombinant viruses from Brazil reveals their independent origins and their lack of relationship to CRF12_BF

Gupta, A.; Kumar, A.; Walters, S.; Chait, P.; Irwin, M.S.; Gerstle, J.Ted., 2005:
Analysis of needle versus open biopsy for the diagnosis of advanced stage pediatric neuroblastoma

Canham, C.D.; Uriarte, Mía., 2006:
Analysis of neighborhood dynamics of forest ecosystems using likelihood methods and modeling

Clarot, I.; Regazzeti, A.; Auzeil, N.; Laadani, F.; Citton, M.; Netter, P.; Nicolas, A., 2005:
Analysis of neomycin sulfate and framycetin sulfate by high-performance liquid chromatography using evaporative light scattering detection

Zawilla, N.H.; Diana, J.; Hoogmartens, J.; Adams, E., 2006:
Analysis of neomycin using an improved liquid chromatographic method combined with pulsed electrochemical detection

Zhou, X.; Zheng, C.; Sun, J.; You, T., 2006:
Analysis of nephroloxic and carcinogenic aristolochic acids in Aristolochia plants by capillary electrophoresis with electrochemical detection at a carbon fiber microdisk electrode

Pumera, M., 2006:
Analysis of nerve agents using capillary electrophoresis and laboratory-on-a-chip technology

Oreiro-García, M.Teresa.; Vázquez-Illanes, M.Dolores.; Sierra-Paredes, Gán.; Sierra-Marcuño, Gán., 2005:
Analysis of neuroactive amino acids from microdialysate samples by fluorescence detection using a modification of the 6-aminoquinolyl-N-hydroxysuccinimidyl carbamate method

Grabowski, P.; Sturm, I.; Schelwies, K.; Maaser, K.; Buhr, H-Johannes.; Dörken, B.; Zeitz, M.; Daniel, P.T.; Scherübl, H. , 2006:
Analysis of neuroendocrine differentiation and the p53/BAX pathway in UICC stage III colorectal carcinoma identifies patients with good prognosis

Palmer, C.; Szudek, J.; Joe, H.; Riccardi, V.M.; Friedman, J.M., 2004:
Analysis of neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) lesions by body segment

Nachulewicz, P.; Kamiński, A.; Kaliciński, P.; Kmieć, T.; Szapłyko, W.; Teisseyre, J.; Kowalski, A., 2006:
Analysis of neurological complications in children transplanted due to fulminant liver failure

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