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Analytic performance of the PENTRA 80 automated blood cell analyzer for the evaluation of normal and pathologic WBCs

Arroyo, Mía.E.; Tabernero, Mía.D.; García-Marcos, Mía.A.; Orfao, A.

American Journal of Clinical Pathology 123(2): 206-214


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9173
PMID: 15842044
DOI: 10.1309/6u2t6utwk10m3ncb
Accession: 011759190

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We evaluated performance of the ABX PENTRA 80 (ABX Diagnostics, Montpellier France) hematology analyzer in enumerating the most frequent subsets of WBCs in peripheral blood, atypical lymphocytes (ALYs), and large immature cells (LICs) by comparing results with those obtained by manual microscopic counts, another hematology analyzer, and flow cytometric immunophenotyping.

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