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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 11837

Chapter 11837 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Xu, S.; Huo, J.; Tan, J.En-Lin.; Lam, K-Peng., 2005:
Cbp deficiency alters Csk localization in lipid rafts but does not affect T-cell development

Chae, C.; Sharma, S.; Hoskins, J.R.; Wickner, S., 2004:
CbpA, a DnaJ homolog, is a DnaK co-chaperone, and its activity is modulated by CbpM

Zhao, Y.; Shi, Y.; Zhao, W.; Huang, X.; Wang, D.; Brown, N.; Brand, J.; Zhao, J., 2005:
CcbP, a calcium-binding protein from Anabaena sp. PCC 7120, provides evidence that calcium ions regulate heterocyst differentiation

Liu, M.; Du, P.; Heinrich, G.; Cox, G.M.; Gelli, A., 2006:
Cch1 mediates calcium entry in Cryptococcus neoformans and is essential in low-calcium environments

Puri-Taneja, A.; Paul, S.; Chen, Y.; Hulett, F.Marion., 2006:
CcpA causes repression of the phoPR promoter through a novel transcription start site, P(A6)

Belitsky, B.R.; Kim, H-Jin.; Sonenshein, A.L., 2004:
CcpA-dependent regulation of Bacillus subtilis glutamate dehydrogenase gene expression

Kim, H-Jin.; Mittal, M.; Sonenshein, A.L., 2005:
CcpC-dependent regulation of citB and lmo0847 in Listeria monocytogenes

Servant, P.; L.C.q, D.; Aymerich, Séphane., 2005:
CcpN (YqzB), a novel regulator for CcpA-independent catabolite repression of Bacillus subtilis gluconeogenic genes

Traven, A.; Hammet, A.; Tenis, N.; Denis, C.L.; Heierhorst, Jörg., 2004:
Ccr4-not complex mRNA deadenylase activity contributes to DNA damage responses in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Dallinger, R.; Lagg, B.; Egg, M.; Schipflinger, R.; Chabicovsky, M.-Ka, 2004:
Cd accumulation and Cd-metallothionein as a biomarker in Cepaea hortensis (Helicidae, Pulmonata) from laboratory exposure and metal-polluted habitats

Vidovic, M.; Sadibasic, A.; Cupic, S.; Lausevic, M., 2004:
Cd and Zn in atmospheric deposit, soil, wheat, and milk

Lares, M.L.; Rivero, L.E.; Huerta-Diaz, M.A., 2005:
Cd concentration in the soft tissue vs. the nacreous layer of Mytilus californianus

Sellin, M.K.; Kolok, A.S., 2006:
Cd exposures in fathead minnows: effects on adult spawning success and reproductive physiology

Gong, W-Qun.; Li, L-Qing.; Pan, G-Xing., 2006:
Cd uptake and accumulation in grains by hybrid rice in two paddy soils: interactive effect of soil type and cultivars

Deboudt, K.; Flament, P.; Bertho, M.L.ure, 2004:
Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn concentrations in atmospheric wet deposition at a coastal station in western Europe

Wang-Xingming; Liu-Dengyi; Tu-Junfang; Li-Zheng; Wang-Youbao, 2005:
Cd,Cu, Zn and Pb contents and forms in soils and rapeseeds around Wuhu Plant

Li, W.; Godzik, A., 2006:
Cd-hit: a fast program for clustering and comparing large sets of protein or nucleotide sequences

de Buhr, M.F.; Mähler, M.; Geffers, R.; Hansen, W.; Westendorf, A.M.; Lauber, Jörg.; Buer, J.; Schlegelberger, B.; Hedrich, H.J.; Bleich, A., 2006:
Cd14, Gbp1, and Pla2g2a: three major candidate genes for experimental IBD identified by combining QTL and microarray analyses

Mendoza-Cózatl, D.G.; Moreno-Sánchez, R., 2004:
Cd2+ transport and storage in the chloroplast of Euglena gracilis

Belyaeva, E.A.; Glazunov, V.V.; Korotkov, S.M., 2004:
Cd2+ versus Ca2+-produced mitochondrial membrane permeabilization: a proposed direct participation of respiratory complexes I and III

Morin, I.; Cuillel, M.; Lowe, J.; Crouzy, S.; Guillain, F.; Mintz, E., 2005:
Cd2+- or Hg2+-binding proteins can replace the Cu+-chaperone Atx1 in delivering Cu+ to the secretory pathway in yeast

Zimenkov, Y.V.; Salminen, A.; Efimova, I.S.; Lahti, R.; Baykov, A.A., 2004:
Cd(2+)-induced aggregation of Escherichia coli pyrophosphatase

Lee, W-Kee.; Bork, U.; Gholamrezaei, F.; Thévenod, F., 2004:
Cd(2+)-induced cytochrome c release in apoptotic proximal tubule cells: role of mitochondrial permeability transition pore and Ca(2+) uniporter

Lee, W-Kee.; Spielmann, M.; Bork, U.; Thévenod, F., 2005:
Cd2+-induced swelling-contraction dynamics in isolated kidney cortex mitochondria: role of Ca2+ uniporter, K+ cycling, and protonmotive force

LaLonde, D.P.; Grubinger, M.; Lamarche-Vane, N.; Turner, C.E., 2006:
CdGAP associates with actopaxin to regulate integrin-dependent changes in cell morphology and motility

Liang, J.; Huang, S.; Zeng, D.; He, Z.; Ji, X.; Ai, X.; Yang, H., 2008:
CdSe quantum dots as luminescent probes for spironolactone determination

Zeng, G.L.; Gagnon, D., 2004:
CdZnTe strip detector SPELT imaging with a slit collimator

Bieganowski, P.; Shilinski, K.; Tsichlis, P.N.; Brenner, C., 2004:
Cdc123 and checkpoint forkhead associated with RING proteins control the cell cycle by controlling eIF2gamma abundance

D'Amours, D.; Stegmeier, F.; Amon, A., 2004:
Cdc14 and condensin control the dissolution of cohesin-independent chromosome linkages at repeated DNA

Sullivan, M.; Higuchi, T.; Katis, V.L.; Uhlmann, F., 2004:
Cdc14 phosphatase induces rDNA condensation and resolves cohesin-independent cohesion during budding yeast anaphase

Park, S.Soon.; Eom, Y-Woo.; Choi, K.Sook., 2005:
Cdc2 and Cdk2 play critical roles in low dose doxorubicin-induced cell death through mitotic catastrophe but not in high dose doxorubicin-induced apoptosis

Kano, F.; Tanaka, A.R.; Yamauchi, S.; Kondo, H.; Murata, M., 2004:
Cdc2 kinase-dependent disassembly of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) exit sites inhibits ER-to-Golgi vesicular transport during mitosis

Aoki, K.; Nakaseko, Y.; Kinoshita, K.; Goshima, G.; Yanagida, M., 2006:
CDC2 phosphorylation of the fission yeast dis1 ensures accurate chromosome segregation

Basu, D.; Navneet, A.K.; Dasgupta, S.; Bhattacharya, S., 2004:
Cdc2-cyclin B-induced G2 to M transition in perch oocyte is dependent on Cdc25

Malathi, K.; Li, X.; Krizanova, O.; Ondrias, K.; Sperber, K.; Ablamunits, V.; Jayaraman, T., 2005:
Cdc2/cyclin B1 interacts with and modulates inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor (type 1) functions

Kristjánsdóttir, K.; Rudolph, J., 2004:
Cdc25 phosphatases and cancer

Karlsson-Rosenthal, C.; Millar, J.B.A., 2006:
Cdc25: mechanisms of checkpoint inhibition and recovery

Wang, Z.; Zhang, B.; Wang, M.; Carr, B.I., 2005:
Cdc25A and ERK interaction: EGFR-independent ERK activation by a protein phosphatase Cdc25A inhibitor, compound 5

Ito, Y.; Yoshida, H.; Matsuzuka, F.; Matsuura, N.; Nakamura, Y.; Nakamine, H.; Kakudo, K.; Kuma, K.; Miyauchi, A., 2004:
Cdc25A and cdc25B expression in malignant lymphoma of the thyroid: correlation with histological subtypes and cell proliferation

Källström, H.; Lindqvist, A.; Pospisil, V.; Lundgren, A.; Rosenthal, C.Karlsson., 2004:
Cdc25A localisation and shuttling: characterisation of sequences mediating nuclear export and import

Scrivens, P.James.; Alaoui-Jamali, M.A.; Giannini, G.; Wang, T.; Loignon, M.; Batist, G.; Sandor, V.A., 2003:
Cdc25A-inhibitory properties and antineoplastic activity of bisperoxovanadium analogues

Lindqvist, A.; Källström, H.; Lundgren, A.; Barsoum, E.; Rosenthal, C.Karlsson., 2005:
Cdc25B cooperates with Cdc25A to induce mitosis but has a unique role in activating cyclin B1-Cdk1 at the centrosome

Mortensen, E.M.; Haas, W.; Gygi, M.; Gygi, S.P.; Kellogg, D.R., 2005:
Cdc28-dependent regulation of the Cdc5/Polo kinase

Jaspersen, S.L.; Huneycutt, B.J.; Giddings, T.H.; Resing, K.A.; Ahn, N.G.; Winey, M., 2004:
Cdc28/Cdk1 regulates spindle pole body duplication through phosphorylation of Spc42 and Mps1

Terasawa, K.; Yoshimatsu, K.; Iemura, S-Ichiro.; Natsume, T.; Tanaka, K.; Minami, Y., 2006:
Cdc37 interacts with the glycine-rich loop of Hsp90 client kinases

Turnbull, E.L.; Martin, I.V.; Fantes, P.A., 2005:
Cdc37 maintains cellular viability in Schizosaccharomyces pombe independently of interactions with heat-shock protein 90

Nelson, K.K.; Nelson, R.W., 2004:
Cdc42 Effector Protein 2 (XCEP2) is required for normal gastrulation and contributes to cellular adhesion in Xenopus laevis

Otani, T.; Ichii, T.; Aono, S.; Takeichi, M., 2006:
Cdc42 GEF Tuba regulates the junctional configuration of simple epithelial cells

Ma, C.; Benink, Héléne.A.; Cheng, D.; Montplaisir, Véronique.; Wang, L.; Xi, Y.; Zheng, P-Pei.; Bement, W.M.; Liu, X.Johné., 2006:
Cdc42 activation couples spindle positioning to first polar body formation in oocyte maturation

Zhang, J.; Zhu, J.; Bu, X.; Cushion, M.; Kinane, T.Bernard.; Avraham, H.; Koziel, H., 2004:
Cdc42 and RhoB activation are required for mannose receptor-mediated phagocytosis by human alveolar macrophages

Alberts, P.; Rudge, R.; Irinopoulou, T.; Danglot, L.; Gauthier-Rouvière, Cécile.; Galli, T., 2005:
Cdc42 and actin control polarized expression of TI-VAMP vesicles to neuronal growth cones and their fusion with the plasma membrane

Wu, X.; Quondamatteo, F.; Lefever, T.; Czuchra, A.; Meyer, H.; Chrostek, A.; Paus, R.; Langbein, L.; Brakebusch, C., 2006:
Cdc42 controls progenitor cell differentiation and beta-catenin turnover in skin

Cau, J.; Hall, A., 2005:
Cdc42 controls the polarity of the actin and microtubule cytoskeletons through two distinct signal transduction pathways

Deroanne, C.F.; Hamelryckx, D.; Ho, T.T.Giang.; Lambert, C.A.; Catroux, P.; Lapière, C.M.; Nusgens, B.V., 2005:
Cdc42 downregulates MMP-1 expression by inhibiting the ERK1/2 pathway

Czuchra, A.; Wu, X.; Meyer, H.; van Hengel, J.; Schroeder, T.; Geffers, R.; Rottner, K.; Brakebusch, C., 2005:
Cdc42 is not essential for filopodium formation, directed migration, cell polarization, and mitosis in fibroblastoid cells

Lee, J.S.H.; Chang, M.I.; Tseng, Y.; Wirtz, D.; Wirtz, D.; Lee, J.S.H., 2004:
Cdc42 mediates nucleus movement and MTOC polarization in Swiss 3T3 fibroblasts under mechanical shear stress

Chen, T-Ju.; Gehler, S.; Shaw, A.E.; Bamburg, J.R.; Letourneau, P.C., 2005:
Cdc42 participates in the regulation of ADF/cofilin and retinal growth cone filopodia by brain derived neurotrophic factor

Broman, M., T.; Kouklis, P.; Gao, X.; Ramchandran, R.; Neamu, R., F.; Minshall, R., D.; Malik, A., B., 2006:
Cdc42 regulates adherens junction stability and endothelial permeability by inducing alpha-catenin interaction with the vascular endothelial cadherin complex

Qian, Y.; Liu, K.-Jian; Chen, Y.; Flynn, D., C.; Castranova, V.; Shi, X., 2005:
Cdc42 regulates arsenic-induced NADPH oxidase activation and cell migration through actin filament reorganizatlion

Peterson, F.C.; Penkert, R.R.; Volkman, B.F.; Prehoda, K.E., 2004:
Cdc42 regulates the Par-6 PDZ domain through an allosteric CRIB-PDZ transition

Kouklis, P.; Konstantoulaki, M.; Vogel, S.; Broman, M.; Malik, A.B., 2003:
Cdc42 regulates the restoration of endothelial barrier function

Hoppe, A.D.; Swanson, J.A., 2004:
Cdc42, Rac1, and Rac2 display distinct patterns of activation during phagocytosis

Rida, P.C.G.; Surana, U., 2005:
Cdc42-dependent localization of polarisome component Spa2 to the incipient bud site is independent of the GDP/GTP exchange factor Cdc24

Seo, M.; Cho, C-Ho.; Lee, Y-Il.; Shin, E-Young.; Park, D.; Bae, C-Dae.; Lee, J.Weon.; Lee, E-So.; Juhnn, Y-Sung., 2004:
Cdc42-dependent mediation of UV-induced p38 activation by G protein betagamma subunits

Ahmed, I.; Calle, Y.; Sayed, M.A.; Kamal, J.M.; Rengaswamy, P.; Manser, E.; Meiners, S.; Nur-E-Kamal, A., 2004:
Cdc42-dependent nuclear translocation of non-receptor tyrosine kinase, ACK

Moreau, V.; Tatin, F.; Varon, C.; Anies, G.; Savona-Baron, C.; Génot, E., 2006:
Cdc42-driven podosome formation in endothelial cells

Yeh, Y-Ming.; Pan, Y-Ting.; Wang, T-Chien.V., 2005:
Cdc42/Rac1 participates in the control of telomerase activity in human nasopharyngeal cancer cells

Cerione, R.A., 2004:
Cdc42: new roads to travel

Wang, L.; Yang, L.; Burns, K.; Kuan, C-Yi.; Zheng, Y., 2005:
Cdc42GAP regulates c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK)-mediated apoptosis and cell number during mammalian perinatal growth

Barale, S.; McCusker, D.; Arkowitz, R.A., 2006:
Cdc42p GDP/GTP cycling is necessary for efficient cell fusion during yeast mating

Ikai, N.; Yanagida, M., 2006:
Cdc48 is required for the stability of Cut1/separase in mitotic anaphase

Römisch, K., 2005:
Cdc48p is UBX-linked to ER ubiquitin ligases

Saito, K.; Fujimura-Kamada, K.; Furuta, N.; Kato, U.; Umeda, M.; Tanaka, K., 2004:
Cdc50p, a protein required for polarized growth, associates with the Drs2p P-type ATPase implicated in phospholipid translocation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Alexandrow, M.G.; Hamlin, J.L., 2004:
Cdc6 chromatin affinity is unaffected by serine-54 phosphorylation, S-phase progression, and overexpression of cyclin A

Montagnoli, A.; Tenca, P.; Sola, F.; Carpani, D.; Brotherton, D.; Albanese, C.; Santocanale, C., 2004:
Cdc7 inhibition reveals a p53-dependent replication checkpoint that is defective in cancer cells

Duncker, B.P.; Brown, G.W., 2003:
Cdc7 kinases (DDKs) and checkpoint responses: lessons from two yeasts

Sheu, Y-Jun.; Stillman, B., 2006:
Cdc7-Dbf4 phosphorylates MCM proteins via a docking site-mediated mechanism to promote S phase progression

Takahashi, T.S.; Walter, J.C., 2005:
Cdc7-Drf1 is a developmentally regulated protein kinase required for the initiation of vertebrate DNA replication

Beckwith, J.; Cong, Y.; Sundberg, J.P.; Elson, C.O.; Leiter, E.H., 2005:
Cdcs1, a major colitogenic locus in mice, regulates innate and adaptive immune response to enteric bacterial antigens

Dridi, L.; Tankovic, J.; Petit, J-C., 2004:
CdeA of Clostridium difficile, a new multidrug efflux transporter of the MATE family

Konishi, Y.; Stegmüller, J.; Matsuda, T.; Bonni, S.; Bonni, A., 2004:
Cdh1-APC controls axonal growth and patterning in the mammalian brain

Aulia, S.; Tang, B.Luen., 2005:
Cdh1-APC/C, cyclin B-Cdc2, and Alzheimer's disease pathology

Almeida, A.; Bolaños, J.P.; Moreno, S., 2005:
Cdh1/Hct1-APC is essential for the survival of postmitotic neurons

Libby, R.T.; Kitamoto, J.; Holme, R.H.; Williams, D.S.; Steel, K.P., 2003:
Cdh23 mutations in the mouse are associated with retinal dysfunction but not retinal degeneration

Maude, S.L.; Enders, G.H., 2005:
Cdk inhibition in human cells compromises chk1 function and activates a DNA damage response

Sakai, T., 2004:
Cdk inhibitor ste9p/srw1p is involved in response to protein synthesis inhibition in fission yeast

Steinman, R.; Yaroslavskiy, B.; Goff, J.P.; Alber, S.M.; Watkins, S.C., 2004:
Cdk-inhibitors and exit from quiescence in primitive haematopoietic cell subsets

Takaki, T.; Fukasawa, K.; Suzuki-Takahashi, I.; Hirai, H., 2004:
Cdk-mediated phosphorylation of pRB regulates HDAC binding in vitro

Golsteyn, R.M., 2004:
Cdk1 and Cdk2 complexes (cyclin dependent kinases) in apoptosis: a role beyond the cell cycle

Onischenko, E.A.; Gubanova, N.V.; Kiseleva, E.V.; Hallberg, E., 2005:
Cdk1 and okadaic acid-sensitive phosphatases control assembly of nuclear pore complexes in Drosophila embryos

Harvey, S.L.; Charlet, A.; Haas, W.; Gygi, S.P.; Kellogg, D.R., 2005:
Cdk1-dependent regulation of the mitotic inhibitor Wee1

Fabbro, M.; Zhou, B-Bing.; Takahashi, M.; Sarcevic, B.; Lal, P.; Graham, M.E.; Gabrielli, B.G.; Robinson, P.J.; Nigg, E.A.; Ono, Y.; Khanna, K.Kum., 2005:
Cdk1/Erk2- and Plk1-dependent phosphorylation of a centrosome protein, Cep55, is required for its recruitment to midbody and cytokinesis

Bengoechea-Alonso, M.T.; Ericsson, J., 2006:
Cdk1/cyclin B-mediated phosphorylation stabilizes SREBP1 during mitosis

Granés, F.; Roig, M.B.; Brady, H.J.M.; Gil-Gómez, G., 2004:
Cdk2 activation acts upstream of the mitochondrion during glucocorticoid induced thymocyte apoptosis

Stabenow, D.; Probst, H.; van Betteraey-Nikoleit, M., 2005:
Cdk2 activity is dispensable for triggering replicon initiation after transient hypoxia in T24 cells

Martín, A.; Odajima, J.; Hunt, S.L.; Dubus, P.; Ortega, S.; Malumbres, M.; Barbacid, M., 2005:
Cdk2 is dispensable for cell cycle inhibition and tumor suppression mediated by p27(Kip1) and p21(Cip1)

Berthet, C.; Aleem, E.; Coppola, V.; Tessarollo, L.; Kaldis, P., 2003:
Cdk2 knockout mice are viable

Prince, T.; Sun, L.; Matts, R.L., 2005:
Cdk2: a genuine protein kinase client of Hsp90 and Cdc37

Jirawatnotai, S.; Aziyu, A.; Osmundson, E.C.; Moons, D.S.; Zou, X.; Kineman, R.D.; Kiyokawa, H., 2004:
Cdk4 is indispensable for postnatal proliferation of the anterior pituitary

Pareek, T.K.; Kulkarni, A.B., 2006:
Cdk5: a new player in pain signaling

Jiang, H.; Luo, S.; Li, H., 2005:
Cdk5 activator-binding protein C53 regulates apoptosis induced by genotoxic stress via modulating the G2/M DNA damage checkpoint

Xin, X.; Ferraro, F.; Bäck, N.; Eipper, B.A.; Mains, R.E., 2004:
Cdk5 and Trio modulate endocrine cell exocytosis

Cruz, J.C.; Tsai, L-Huei., 2004:
Cdk5 deregulation in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease

Smith, D., 2003:
Cdk5 in neuroskeletal dynamics

Moran, C.M.; Donnelly, M.; Ortiz, D.; Pant, H.C.; Mandelkow, E-Maria.; Shea, T.B., 2005:
Cdk5 inhibits anterograde axonal transport of neurofilaments but not that of tau by inhibition of mitogen-activated protein kinase activity

Kawauchi, T.; Chihama, K.; Nabeshima, Y-ichi.; Hoshino, M., 2005:
Cdk5 phosphorylates and stabilizes p27kip1 contributing to actin organization and cortical neuronal migration

Tanaka, T.; Serneo, F.F.; Tseng, H.Chun.; Kulkarni, A.B.; Tsai, L.Huei.; Gleeson, J.G., 2004:
Cdk5 phosphorylation of doublecortin ser297 regulates its effect on neuronal migration

Luo, S.; Vacher, C.; Davies, J.E.; Rubinsztein, D.C., 2005:
Cdk5 phosphorylation of huntingtin reduces its cleavage by caspases: implications for mutant huntingtin toxicity

Gao, C.Y.; Stepp, M.Ann.; Fariss, R.; Zelenka, P., 2004:
Cdk5 regulates activation and localization of Src during corneal epithelial wound closure

Tsai, L-Huei.; Lee, M-Sum.; Cruz, J., 2004:
Cdk5, a therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease?

Cheng, Q.; Sasaki, Y.; Shoji, M.; Sugiyama, Y.; Tanaka, H.; Nakayama, T.; Mizuki, N.; Nakamura, F.; Takei, K.; Goshima, Y., 2003:
Cdk5/p35 and Rho-kinase mediate ephrin-A5-induced signaling in retinal ganglion cells

Li, Z.; David, G.; Hung, K-Wang.; DePinho, R.A.; Fu, A.K.Y.; Ip, N.Y., 2004:
Cdk5/p35 phosphorylates mSds3 and regulates mSds3-mediated repression of transcription

Cheng, K.; Ip, N.Y., 2003:
Cdk5: a new player at synapses

Fischer, Aé.; Sananbenesi, F.; Spiess, J.; Radulovic, J., 2003:
Cdk5: a novel role in learning and memory

Cheung, Z.H.; Ip, N.Y., 2004:
Cdk5: mediator of neuronal death and survival

Rosales, J.; Han, B.; Lee, K-Young., 2003:
Cdk7 functions as a cdk5 activating kinase in brain

Claudio, P.Paolo.; Cui, J.; Ghafouri, M.; Mariano, C.; White, M.K.; Safak, M.; Sheffield, J.B.; Giordano, A.; Khalili, K.; Amini, S.; Sawaya, B.E., 2006:
Cdk9 phosphorylates p53 on serine 392 independently of CKII

Zhang, W.; Kang, J-Sun.; Cole, F.; Yi, M-Jeong.; Krauss, R.S., 2006:
Cdo functions at multiple points in the Sonic Hedgehog pathway, and Cdo-deficient mice accurately model human holoprosencephaly

Xouri, G.; Lygerou, Z.; Nishitani, H.; Pachnis, V.; Nurse, P.; Taraviras, S., 2004:
Cdt1 and geminin are down-regulated upon cell cycle exit and are over-expressed in cancer-derived cell lines

Li, A.; Blow, J.Julian., 2004:
Cdt1 downregulation by proteolysis and geminin inhibition prevents DNA re-replication in Xenopus

Sugimoto, N.; Tatsumi, Y.; Tsurumi, T.; Matsukage, A.; Kiyono, T.; Nishitani, H.; Fujita, M., 2004:
Cdt1 phosphorylation by cyclin A-dependent kinases negatively regulates its function without affecting geminin binding

Tabariès, Sébastien.; Lapointe, Jérôme.; Besch, T.; Carter, M.; Woollard, J.; Tuggle, C.K.; Jeannotte, L., 2005:
Cdx protein interaction with Hoxa5 regulatory sequences contributes to Hoxa5 regional expression along the axial skeleton

Shimizu, T.; Bae, Y-Ki.; Hibi, M., 2006:
Cdx-Hox code controls competence for responding to Fgfs and retinoic acid in zebrafish neural tissue

Guo, R-Jun.; Huang, E.; Ezaki, T.; Patel, N.; Sinclair, K.; Wu, J.; Klein, P.; Suh, E-Ran.; Lynch, J.P., 2004:
Cdx1 inhibits human colon cancer cell proliferation by reducing beta-catenin/T-cell factor transcriptional activity

Phillips, R.W.; Frierson, H.F.; Moskaluk, C.A., 2003:
Cdx2 as a marker of epithelial intestinal differentiation in the esophagus

Matsumoto, K.; Mizoshita, T.; Tsukamoto, T.; Ogasawara, N.; Hirata, A.; Shimizu, Y.; Haneda, M.; Yamao, K.; Tatematsu, M., 2004:
Cdx2 expression in pancreatic tumors: Relationship with prognosis of invasive ductal carcinomas

Uesaka, T.; Kageyama, N., 2004:
Cdx2 homeodomain protein regulates the expression of MOK, a member of the mitogen-activated protein kinase superfamily, in the intestinal epithelial cells

Strumpf, D.; Mao, C-An.; Yamanaka, Y.; Ralston, A.; Chawengsaksophak, K.; Beck, F.; Rossant, J., 2005:
Cdx2 is required for correct cell fate specification and differentiation of trophectoderm in the mouse blastocyst

Escaffit, F.; Paré, Fédéric.; Gauthier, Rémy.; Rivard, N.; Boudreau, Fçois.; Beaulieu, J-François., 2006:
Cdx2 modulates proliferation in normal human intestinal epithelial crypt cells

Mutoh, H.; Satoh, K.; Kita, H.; Sakamoto, H.; Hayakawa, H.; Yamamoto, H.; Isoda, N.; Tamada, K.; Ido, K.; Sugano, K., 2005:
Cdx2 specifies the differentiation of morphological as well as functional absorptive enterocytes of the small intestine

Pilon, N.; Oh, K.; Sylvestre, J-René.; Bouchard, N.; Savory, J.; Lohnes, D., 2005:
Cdx4 is a direct target of the canonical Wnt pathway

Dettai, A.; Lancelot, G., 2004:
Ce que les phylogenies moleculaires et les bases de donnees peuvent apporter a la relance de l'anatomie comparee: l'exemple des Teleosteens

Chen-Su-Ya; Shi-Guo-Xin; Ding-Bing-Zhong; Xu-Qin-Song; Wang-Xue, 2006:
Ce3+-abating effects on the damage of Cu2+ stress to Potamogeton crispus leaves

Li, J.-Chuan; Ge, Z.-Qiang; Yuan, Y.-Jin, 2005:
Ce4+-stimulated ion fluxes are responsible for apoptosis and taxol biosynthesis in suspension cultures of Taxus cells

Petalcorin, M.I.R.; Sandall, J.; Wigley, D.B.; Boulton, S.J., 2006:
CeBRC-2 stimulates D-loop formation by RAD-51 and promotes DNA single-strand annealing

Hemmila, E.; Turbide, C.; Olson, M.; Jothy, S.; Holmes, K.V.; Beauchemin, N., 2004:
Ceacam1a-/- mice are completely resistant to infection by murine coronavirus mouse hepatitis virus A59

Suksamrarn, S.; Panseeta, P.; Kunchanawatta, S.; Distaporn, T.; Ruktasing, S.; Suksamrarn, A., 2006:
Ceanothane- and lupane-type triterpenes with antiplasmodial and antimycobacterial activities from Ziziphus cambodiana

Tawil, K.Al.; Crankson, S.; Emam, S.; Eldemerdash, A.; Sabbagh, F.; Laimoun, B.Abu., 2005:
Cecal duplication cyst: a cause of intestinal obstruction in a newborn infant

Heuer, J.G.; Bailey, D.L.; Sharma, G.R.; Zhang, T.; Ding, C.; Ford, A.; Stephens, E.J.; Holmes, K.C.; Grubbs, R.L.; Fynboe, K.A.; Chen, Y-Fei.; Jakubowski, J.A., 2004:
Cecal ligation and puncture with total parenteral nutrition: a clinically relevant model of the metabolic, hormonal, and inflammatory dysfunction associated with critical illness

Micha, J.P.; Goldstein, B.H.; Rettenmaier, M.A.; Brown, J.V., 2004:
Cecal pelvic transposition following total pelvic exenteration

Drabek, M.; Merecz, D.; Moscicka, A., 2005:
Cecha leku i wzor zachowania (typu A i B) jako modyfikatory bezosrednich reakcji na przemoc

Dziadek, K.; Gornowicz, E.; Kielczewski, K., 2003:
Cechy fizykochemiczne jaj spozywczych od kur roznego pochodzenia

Cieslik, Ewa, 2004:
Cechy funkcjonalne zywnosci pochodzenia roslinnego

Delalande, S.; Seze, J.D.; Hurtevent, J.P.; Stojkovic, T.; Hurtevent, J.F.; Vermersch, P., 2005:
Cecite corticale associee a un syndrome de Guillain-Barre. Une complication de la dysautonomie ?

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Cecostomy in children with defecation disorders

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