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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 11862

Chapter 11862 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Castillo, M.R.; Hochstetler, K.J.; Greene, D.M.; Firmin, S.I.; Tavernier, R.J.; Raap, D.K.; Bult-Ito, A., 2005:
Circadian rhythm of core body temperature in two laboratory mouse lines

Rovirosa, M.J.; Levine, S.; Gordon, M.Kathleen.; Caba, M., 2005:
Circadian rhythm of corticosterone secretion in the neonatal rabbit

Schiedermaier, P.; Koch, L.; Mojón, A.; Hermida, R.; Layer, Günter.; Sauerbruch, T., 2006:
Circadian rhythm of fasting and postprandial portal blood flow in cirrhosis

Feneberg, R.; Lemmer, B., 2004:
Circadian rhythm of glucose uptake in cultures of skeletal muscle cells and adipocytes in Wistar-Kyoto, Wistar, Goto-Kakizaki, and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Schumann, D.M.; Cooper, H.M.; Hofmeyr, M.D.; Bennett, N.C., 2005:
Circadian rhythm of locomotor activity in the four-striped field mouse, Rhabdomys pumilio: a diurnal African rodent

Maggioni, C.; Cornélissen, G.; Otsuka, K.; Halberg, F.; Consonni, D.; Nicolini, U., 2005:
Circadian rhythm of maternal blood pressure and fetal growth

Iigo, M.; Fujimoto, Y.; Gunji-Suzuki, M.; Yokosuka, M.; Hara, M.; Ohtani-Kaneko, R.; Tabata, M.; Aida, K.; Hirata, K., 2004:
Circadian rhythm of melatonin release from the photoreceptive pineal organ of a teleost, ayu (Plecoglossus altivelis) in flow-thorough culture

Sousa, R., A.; Menezes, A., A.L., 2006:
Circadian rhythm of motor activity of the Brazilian rock cavy (Kerodon rupestris) under artificial photoperiod

Goulard, F.; Luening, K.; Jacobsen, S., 2004:
Circadian rhythm of photosynthesis and concurrent oscillations of transcript abundance of photosynthetic genes in the marine red alga Grateloupia turuturu

Filadelfi, A.Maria.Caliman.; Vieira, A.; Louzada, F.Mazzilli., 2005:
Circadian rhythm of physiological color change in the amphibian Bufo ictericus under different photoperiods

Granato, F.Cristina.; Tironi, T.Silva.; Maciel, Fábio.Everton.; Rosa, C.Eduardo.; Vargas, M.Alves.; Nery, L.Eduardo.Maia., 2004:
Circadian rhythm of pigment migration induced by chromatrophorotropins in melanophores of the crab Chasmagnathus granulata

Michaud, M.; Dumont, M.; Selmaoui, B.; Paquet, J.; Fantini, M.Livia.; Montplaisir, J., 2004:
Circadian rhythm of restless legs syndrome: relationship with biological markers

Yehuda, R.; Golier, J.A.; Kaufman, S., 2005:
Circadian rhythm of salivary cortisol in Holocaust survivors with and without PTSD

Gröschl, M.; Rauh, M.; Dörr, H-Günther., 2003:
Circadian rhythm of salivary cortisol, 17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone, and progesterone in healthy children

Bilan, A.; Witczak, A.; Palusiński, R.; Myśliński, W.; Hanzlik, J., 2005:
Circadian rhythm of spectral indices of heart rate variability in healthy subjects

Biłan, A.; Witczak, A.; Palusiński, R.; Ignatowicz, A.; Hanzlik, J., 2005:
Circadian rhythm of the QT interval dispersion in healthy subjects. Correlation with heart rate variability circadian pattern

Ohtsuka, Hirohiko, 2004:
Circadian rhythm of the electroretinogram and the control system in rats

Fleming, P.A.; Gray, D.A.; Nicolson, S.W., 2004:
Circadian rhythm of water balance and aldosterone excretion in the whitebellied sunbird Nectarinia talatala

Naito, S.; Liu, Z.; Kuroiwa, A.; Otonari, M.; Tanaka, M.; Kiyonaga, A.; Tanaka, H.; Tachibana, H.; Yamada, K.; Shindo, M., 2004:
Circadian rhythm of white blood cell and neutrophil phagocytic function in men

Shibata, S., 2005:
Circadian rhythm study from anticipatory behavior to drug treatment

Pandit, Anil, 2004:
Circadian rhythm variation in attempted suicide by deliberate self-poisoning, and in completed suicide, in central Nepal

Matile, Philippe, 2006:
Circadian rhythmicity of nectar secretion in Hoya carnosa

Manoharan, S.; Baskar, A.A.; Manivasagam, T.; Subramanian, P., 2005:
Circadian rhythmicity of plasma lipid peroxidation and antioxidants in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Wang, G-Qing.; Fu, C-Ling.; Li, J-Xiang.; Du, Y-Zhen.; Tong, J., 2006:
Circadian rhythms and different photoresponses of Clock gene transcription in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus and pineal gland

Wang, G-Qing.; Du, Y-Zhen.; Tong, J., 2005:
Circadian rhythms and light responses of clock gene and arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase gene expressions in the pineal gland of rats

Boden, M.J.; Kennaway, D.J., 2006:
Circadian rhythms and reproduction

Liu, Y.; Bell-Pedersen, D., 2006:
Circadian rhythms in Neurospora crassa and other filamentous fungi

Abe, H.; Honma, S.; Ohtsu, H.; Honma, K-Ichi., 2004:
Circadian rhythms in behavior and clock gene expressions in the brain of mice lacking histidine decarboxylase

Forsyth, J.J.; Reilly, T., 2004:
Circadian rhythms in blood lactate concentration during incremental ergometer rowing

Valdez, P.; Ramirez, C.; Garcia, A.; Talamantes, J.; Armijo, P.; Borrani, J., 2005:
Circadian rhythms in components of attention

Smith, R.M.; Williams, S.B., 2006:
Circadian rhythms in gene transcription imparted by chromosome compaction in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus

Arraj, M.; Lemmer, B., 2006:
Circadian rhythms in heart rate, motility, and body temperature of wild-type C57 and eNOS knock-out mice under light-dark, free-run, and after time zone transition

Ramirez, C.; Talamantes, J.; Garcia, A.; Morales, M.; Valdez, P.; Menna-Barreto, L., 2006:
Circadian rhythms in phonological and visuospatial storage components of working memory

Sakamoto, K.; Liu, C.; Tosini, G., 2004:
Circadian rhythms in the retina of rats with photoreceptor degeneration

Imai, K.; Nishiwaki, T.; Kondo, T.; Iwasaki, H., 2004:
Circadian rhythms in the synthesis and degradation of a master clock protein KaiC in cyanobacteria

Onai, K.; Morishita, M.; Itoh, S.; Okamoto, K.; Ishiura, M., 2004 :
Circadian rhythms in the thermophilic cyanobacterium Thermosynechococcus elongatus: compensation of period length over a wide temperature range

Khedhaier, A.; Ben Attia, M.; Gadacha, W.; Sani, M.; Bouzouita, K.; Chouchane, L.; Mechkouri, M.; Reinberg, A.; Boughattas, N.A., 2003:
Circadian rhythms in toxic effects of the serotonin antagonist ondansetron in mice

Li, P.; Temple, S.; Gao, Y.; Haimberger, T.J.; Hawryshyn, C.W.; Li, L., 2005:
Circadian rhythms of behavioral cone sensitivity and long wavelength opsin mRNA expression: a correlation study in zebrafish

Gamaleia, N.F.; Skivka, L.M.; Fedorchuk, A.G.; Shishko, E.D., 2006:
Circadian rhythms of cytotoxic activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with malignant melanoma

Arjona, A.; Boyadjieva, N.; Sarkar, D.K., 2004:
Circadian rhythms of granzyme B, perforin, IFN-gamma, and NK cell cytolytic activity in the spleen: effects of chronic ethanol

Scremin, O.U.; Shih, T-Ming.; Huynh, L.; Roch, M.; Sun, W.; Chialvo, D.R.; Jenden, D.J., 2006:
Circadian rhythms of heart rate and locomotion after treatment with low-dose acetylcholinesterase inhibitors

Klarsfeld, Aé.; Leloup, J.Christophe.; Rouyer, Fçois., 2003:
Circadian rhythms of locomotor activity in Drosophila

Oosthuizen, M.K.; Cooper, H.M.; Bennett, N.C., 2003:
Circadian rhythms of locomotor activity in solitary and social species of African mole-rats (family: Bathyergidae)

Vasicek, C.A.; Oosthuizen, M.K.; Cooper, H.M.; Bennett, N.C., 2005:
Circadian rhythms of locomotor activity in the subterranean Mashona mole rat, Cryptomys darlingi

Iigo, M.; Ikeda, E.; Sato, M.; Kawasaki, S.; Noguchi, F.; Nishi, G., 2005:
Circadian rhythms of ocular melatonin in the wrasse Halichoeres tenuispinnis, a labrid teleost

Alvarez, M.P.; Jiménez, V.; Cano, P.; Rebollar, P.; Cardinali, D.P.; Esquifino, A.I., 2006:
Circadian rhythms of prolactin secretion in neonatal female rabbits after acute separation from their mothers

Bolige, A.; Kiyota, M.; Goto, K., 2005:
Circadian rhythms of resistance to UV-C and UV-B radiation in Euglena as related to "escape from light" and "resistance to light"

Kiyota, M.; Numayama, N.; Goto, K., 2006:
Circadian rhythms of the L-ascorbic acid level in Euglena and spinach

Monastyrsky, O.A.; Svirelis, L.V., 2004:
Circadian rhythms of toxin production by fusarium fungi

Li, S.; Lu, A.; Li, B.; Wang, Y., 2004:
Circadian rhythms on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis hormones and cytokines of collagen induced arthritis in rats

Hardeland, Rüdiger.; Coto-Montes, A.; Poeggeler, B., 2003:
Circadian rhythms, oxidative stress, and antioxidative defense mechanisms

Mallis, M.M.; DeRoshia, C.W.; Mallis, M.M., 2005:
Circadian rhythms, sleep, and performance in space

Turek, Fred, W., 2004:
Circadian rhythms: From the bench to the bedside and falling asleep

Gorbacheva, V.Y.; Kondratov, R.V.; Zhang, R.; Cherukuri, S.; Gudkov, A.V.; Takahashi, J.S.; Antoch, M.P., 2005:
Circadian sensitivity to the chemotherapeutic agent cyclophosphamide depends on the functional status of the CLOCK/BMAL1 transactivation complex

Dridi, D.; Boughattas, N.A.; Aouam, K.; Reinberg, A.; Ben Attia, M., 2005:
Circadian time-dependent differences in murine tolerance to the antihistaminic agent loratadine

Ziv, L.; Gothilf, Y., 2006:
Circadian time-keeping during early stages of development

Hermida, Rón.C.; Fernández, Jé.R.; Ayala, D.E.; Mojón, A.; Alonso, I.; Calvo, C., 2004:
Circadian time-qualified tolerance intervals for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in the diagnosis of hypertension

Iwasaki, H.; Kondo, T., 2004:
Circadian timing mechanism in the prokaryotic clock system of cyanobacteria

Wise, D.D.; Shear, J.B., 2004:
Circadian tracking of nicotinamide cofactor levels in an immortalized suprachiasmatic nucleus cell line

Lewy, A.J.; Emens, J.; Jackman, A.; Yuhas, K., 2006:
Circadian uses of melatonin in humans

Schroeter, M.L.; Bücheler, M.M.; Scheid, R., 2005:
Circadian variability is negligible in primary visual cortices as measured by fNIRS

Grünheid, T.; Langenbach, G.E.J.; Zentner, A.; van Eijden, T.M.G.J., 2005:
Circadian variation and intermuscular correlation of rabbit jaw muscle activity

Santos, J.W.Q.; Araujo, J.F.; Cunha, M.J.B.; Costa, S.O.; Barbosa, A.L.C.; Mesquita, J.B.; Costa, M.S.M., 2005:
Circadian variation in GFAP immunoreactivity in the mouse suprachiasmatic nucleus

van Eekelen, A.P.J.; Houtveen, J.H.; Kerkhof, G.A., 2004:
Circadian variation in base rate measures of cardiac autonomic activity

van Eekelen, A.P.J.; Houtveen, J.H.; Kerkhof, G.A., 2004:
Circadian variation in cardiac autonomic activity: reactivity measurements to different types of stressors

Walters, J.F.; Hampton, S.M.; Deanfield, J.E.; Donald, A.E.; Skene, D.J.; Ferns, G.A.A., 2006:
Circadian variation in endothelial function is attenuated in postmenopausal women

Savory, C.J.; Kostal, L.; Nevison, I.M., 2006:
Circadian variation in heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and EEG of immature broiler breeder chickens in restricted-fed and ad libitum-fed states

Kochman, L.J.; Weber, E.Todd.; Fornal, C.A.; Jacobs, B.L., 2006:
Circadian variation in mouse hippocampal cell proliferation

D.L.ca, G.; Suryapranata, H.; Ottervanger, J.Paul.; van 't Hof, A.W.J.; Hoorntje, J.C.A.; Gosselink, A.T.Marcel.; Dambrink, J-Henk.E.; Zijlstra, F.; de Boer, M-Jan., 2005:
Circadian variation in myocardial perfusion and mortality in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction treated by primary angioplasty

Garcia Borreguero, D.; Larrosa, O.; Granizo, J.J.se; D.L.L.ave, Y.; Hening, W.A., 2004:
Circadian variation in neuroendocrine response to L-dopa in patients with 14 restless legs syndrome

Manfredini, R.; Boari, B.; Smolensky, M.H.; Salmi, R.; la Cecilia, O.; Maria Malagoni, A.; Haus, E.; Manfredini, F., 2005:
Circadian variation in stroke onset: identical temporal pattern in ischemic and hemorrhagic events

Tamura, A.; Watanabe, T.; Nagase, K.; Nakaishi, T.; Aso, N.; Kawano, Y.; Abe, Y.; Zaizen, H.; Yano, S.; Kadota, J-ichi., 2006:
Circadian variation in symptomatic subacute stent thrombosis after bare metal coronary stent implantation

Kula, S.; Olgunturk, R.; Tunaoglu, F.Sedef.; Canter, B., 2004:
Circadian variation of QTc dispersion in children with vasovagal syncope

Pronina, T.S.; Shitov, L.A., 2004:
Circadian variation of adrenal and thyroid hormones in adult dogs and puppies

Rittig, Søren.; Matthiesen, T.B.; Pedersen, E.B.; Djurhuus, J.C., 2006:
Circadian variation of angiotensin II and aldosterone in nocturnal enuresis: relationship to arterial blood pressure and urine output

Mitchell, A.Robert.John.; Spurrell, P.Anthony.Roworth.; Sulke, N., 2003:
Circadian variation of arrhythmia onset patterns in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation

Papaioannou, T.G.; Karatzis, E.N.; Papamichael, C.M.; Karatzi, K.N.; Zakopoulos, N.A.; Lekakis, J.P.; Mavrikakis, M.; Stefanadis, C., 2006:
Circadian variation of arterial pressure wave reflections

Miyamoto, S.; Fujita, M.; Tambara, K.; Sekiguchi, H.; Eiho, S.; Hasegawa, K.; Tamaki, S-ichi., 2004:
Circadian variation of cardiac autonomic nervous activity is well preserved in patients with mild to moderate chronic heart failure: effect of patient position

Mitani, S.; Fujita, M.; Shirakawa, T., 2005:
Circadian variation of cardiac autonomic nervous profile is affected in Japanese ambulance men with a working system of 24-h shifts

Maruo, T.; Nakatani, S.; Kanzaki, H.; Kakuchi, H.; Yamagishi, M.; Kitakaze, M.; Ohe, T.; Miyatake, K., 2006:
Circadian variation of endothelial function in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

Hvas, A-Mette.; Gravholt, C.Højbjerg.; Nexo, E., 2005:
Circadian variation of holo-transcobalamin (holo-TC) and related markers

Porto, R.; Duarte, L.; Menna-Barreto, L., 2006:
Circadian variation of mood: comparison between different chronotypes

Zhou, L.X.; Liu, J.H.K., 2006:
Circadian variation of mouse aqueous humor protein

Gomes, J.R.; Pereira, A.A.M.; Barth, L.; Silva, J.S.; Leite, M.L.; Wille, A.C.M.; Soares, M.A.M., 2005:
Circadian variation of the cell proliferation in the jejunal epithelium of rats at weaning phase

Michaud, M.; Dumont, M.; Paquet, J.; Desautels, A.; Fantini, M.Livia.; Montplaisir, J., 2005:
Circadian variation of the effects of immobility on symptoms of restless legs syndrome

Fogagnolo, P.; Rossetti, L.; Mazzolani, F.; Orzalesi, N., 2005:
Circadian variations in central corneal thickness and intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma

Baraldo, M.; Risaliti, A.; Bresadola, F.; Chiarandini, P.; Dalla Rocca, G.; Furlanut, M., 2003:
Circadian variations in cyclosporine C2 concentrations during the first 2 weeks after liver transplantation

Dolci, C.; Montaruli, A.; Roveda, E.; Barajon, I.; Vizzotto, L.; Grassi Zucconi, G.; Carandente, F., 2003:
Circadian variations in expression of the trkB receptor in adult rat hippocampus

Steg, P.Gabriel.; Garot, P., 2003:
Circadian variations in outcome of primary percutaneous coronary intervention

Cao, Q-Ri.; Kim, T-Wan.; Choi, J.Shik.; Lee, B-Jin., 2005:
Circadian variations in the pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution and urinary excretion of nifedipine after a single oral administration to rats

Bogoeva, M.; Mileva, M.; Mileva, M.; Gabev, E., 2006:
Circadian variations of MDA levels in liver and brain of ICR mice exposed to different lighting conditions of the environment

D'Hondt, L.; McAuliffe, C.; Damon, J.; Reilly, J.; Carlson, J.; Dooner, M.; Colvin, G.; Lambert, J-François.; Hsieh, C-Cheng.; Habibian, H.; Stencel, K.; Quesenberry, P.J., 2004:
Circadian variations of bone marrow engraftability

Bogoeva, M.; Mileva, M.; Tsanova, K.; Gabev, E., 2004:
Circadian variations of cell division in mouse esophagus at LL and DD conditions and effects of daily melatonin treatment

Zak-Nejmark, T.; Nowak, I.Anna.; Kraus-Filarska, M., 2006:
Circadian variations of histamine binding to lymphocytes and neutrophils and skin reactivity to histamine in atopic and healthy subjects

Brandi, G.; Calabrese, C.; Pantaleo, M.A.; Morselli Labate, A.; Di Febo, G.; Hakim, R.; De Vivo, A.; Di Marco, M.C.; Biasco, G., 2004:
Circadian variations of rectal cell proliferation in patients affected by advanced colorectal cancer

Rüedi-Bettschen, D.; Feldon, J.; Pryce, C.R., 2004:
Circadian- and temperature-specific effects of early deprivation on rat maternal care and pup development: short-term markers for long-term effects?

Sumaya, I.C.; Byers, D.M.; Irwin, L.N.; Del Val, S.; Moss, D.E., 2004:
Circadian-dependent effect of melatonin on dopaminergic D2 antagonist-induced hypokinesia and agonist-induced stereotypies in rats

Boufford, David, E., 2005:
Circaea lutetiana sensu lato (Onagraceae) reconsidered

Gobello, C.; Cornelissen, G.; Corrada, Y., A.; Goya, R., G.; Otsuka, K.; Halberg, F., 2004:
Circannual and/or transannual variations in growth hormone and beyond - call for long data series

Kondo, N.; Sekijima, T.; Kondo, J.; Takamatsu, N.; Tohya, K.; Ohtsu, T., 2006:
Circannual control of hibernation by HP complex in the brain

Koch, H.J.; Klinkhammer-Schalke, M.; Bogdahn, U.; Hau, P., 2005:
Circannual distribution of glioblastoma and anaplastic astrocytoma diagnoses in men and women

Meza-Herrera, C.A.; Martinez, L.; Arechiga, C.; Banuelos, R.; Rincon, R.M.; Urrutia, J.; Salinas, H.; Mellado, M., 2006:
Circannual identification and quantification of constitutive heat shock proteins (HSP 70) in goats

Mustonen, A-Mari.; Pyykönen, T.; Asikainen, J.; Hänninen, S.; Mononen, J.; Nieminen, P., 2004:
Circannual leptin and ghrelin levels of the blue fox (Alopex lagopus) in reference to seasonal rhythms of body mass, adiposity, and food intake

Kaleva, M.; Virtanen, H.E.; Haavisto, A-Maarit.; Main, K.M.; Reunanen, M.; Skakkebaek, N.E.; Toppari, J., 2005:
Circannual rhythm in the incidence of cryptorchidism in Finland

Toyabe, S-ichi.; Nakamizo, M.; Uchiyama, M.; Akazawa, K., 2005:
Circannual variation in the onset and relapse of steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome

Cornélissen, G.; Halberg, F.; Pöllmann, L.; Pöllmann, B.; Katinas, G.S.; Minne, Hélène.; Breus, T.; Sothern, R.B.; Watanabe, Y.; Tarquini, R.; Perfetto, F.; Maggioni, C.; Wilson, D.; Gubin, D.; Otsuka, K.; Bakken, E.E., 2003:
Circasemiannual chronomics: half-yearly biospheric changes in their own right and as a circannual waveform

Tarquini, R.; Mazzoccoli, G.; Dolenti, S.; Gaudiano, P.; Comuni, C.; Laffi, G.; Perfetto, F.; Otsuka, K.; Cornélissen, G.; Halberg, F., 2005:
Circasemidian rather than circadian variation of circulating osteoprotegerin in clinical health

Chabot, C.C.; Kent, J.; Watson, W.H., 2004:
Circatidal and circadian rhythms of locomotion in Limulus polyphemus

Zaldibar, B.; Cancio, I.; Marigómez, I., 2004:
Circatidal variation in epithelial cell proliferation in the mussel digestive gland and stomach

Celec, P.; Ostatnikova, D.; Putz, Z.; Hodosy, J.; Bursky, P.; Starka, L.; Hampl, R.; Kudela, M., 2003:
Circatrigintan cycle of salivary testosterone in human male

Roher, A.E.; Esh, C.; Kokjohn, T.A.; Kalback, W.; Luehrs, D.C.; Seward, J.D.; Sue, L.I.; Beach, T.G., 2003:
Circle of willis atherosclerosis is a risk factor for sporadic Alzheimer's disease

Ohla, K.; Busch, N.A.; Dahlem, M.A.; Herrmann, C.S., 2005:
Circles are different: the perception of Glass patterns modulates early event-related potentials

Cryns, K.; van Alphen, A.M.; van Spaendonck, M.P.; van de Heyning, P.H.; Timmermans, J-Pierre.; de Zeeuw, C.I.; van Camp, G., 2003:
Circling behavior in the Ecl mouse is caused by lateral semicircular canal defects

Grasland, B.; Bigarre, L.; Blanchard, P.; Loizel, C.; Blanchard, Y.; De-Boisseson, C.; Jestin, A., 2005:
Circovirus et pathologies associees chez les animaux

Rampin, T.; Manarolla, G.; Pisoni, G.; Recordati, C.; Sironi, G., 2006:
Circovirus inclusion bodies in intestinal muscle cells of a canary

Lethuillier, S.; Delplanque, R.; Dumesnil, G.; Lacroix, J., 2005:
Circuit du medicament et accreditation: enquete de pratiques

Mosselveld, F.; Makarov, V.V.; Lundquist, T.R.; Griffis, D.P.; Russell, P.E., 2004:
Circuit editing of copper and low-k dielectrics in nanotechnology devices

Bathellier, B.; Lagier, S.; Faure, P.; Lledo, P-Marie., 2005:
Circuit properties generating gamma oscillations in a network model of the olfactory bulb

Wagner, A., 2005:
Circuit topology and the evolution of robustness in two-gene circadian oscillators

Kamahara, K.; Homma, T.; Naito, A.; Matsumura, T.; Nakayama, M.; Kadono, K.; Kai, S.; Inoue, M.; Satoh, H.; Sekizawa, K., 2004:
Circuit training for elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a preliminary study

Wielaard, J.; Sajda, P., 2006:
Circuitry and the classification of simple and complex cells in V1

Azad, S.C.; Monory, K.; Marsicano, G.; Cravatt, B.F.; Lutz, B.; Zieglgänsberger, W.; Rammes, G., 2004:
Circuitry for associative plasticity in the amygdala involves endocannabinoid signaling

Hirsch, J.A.; Martinez, L.M., 2005:
Circuits that build visual cortical receptive fields

Xiao, D.; Barbas, H., 2004:
Circuits through prefrontal cortex, basal ganglia, and ventral anterior nucleus map pathways beyond motor control

Eid-Lidt, Guering, 2004:
Circulacion colateral coronaria

Starostina, N.G.; Marshburn, S.; Johnson, L.Steven.; Eddy, S.R.; Terns, R.M.; Terns, M.P., 2004:
Circular box C/D RNAs in Pyrococcus furiosus

Thomas, R., 2006 :
Circular causality

Lisowski, M.; Olczak, J.; Zabrocki, J., 2005:
Circular dichroic properties of the tyrosine residues in tetrazole analogues of opioid peptides

Verdino, P.; Keller, W., 2004:
Circular dichroism analysis of allergens

Peng, K-Cheng.; Huang, H-Shun.; Tzeng, Y-Min.; Liu, S-Ying., 2005:
Circular dichroism analysis of destruxins from Metarhizium anisopliae

Karnaukhova, E.; Schey, K.L.; Crouch, R.K., 2006:
Circular dichroism and cross-linking studies of bacteriorhodopsin mutants

Porumb, H.; Zargarian, Lée.; Merad, H.; Maroun, R.; Mauffret, O.; Troalen, Fédéric.; Fermandjian, S., 2004:
Circular dichroism and fluorescence of a tyrosine side-chain residue monitors the concentration-dependent equilibrium between U-shaped and coiled-coil conformations of a peptide derived from the catalytic core of HIV-1 integrase

Claborn, K.; Puklin-Faucher, E.; Kurimoto, M.; Kaminsky, W.; Kahr, B., 2003:
Circular dichroism imaging microscopy: application to enantiomorphous twinning in biaxial crystals of 1,8-dihydroxyanthraquinone

Kurtán, T.; Borbás, Aó.; Szabó, Zán.B.; Lipták, Aás.; Bényei, A.; Antus, Sándor., 2004:
Circular dichroism of 1,3-dioxane-type (2'-naphthyl)methylene acetals of glycosides

Georgakopoulou, S.; van Grondelle, R.; van der Zwan, G., 2004:
Circular dichroism of carotenoids in bacterial light-harvesting complexes: experiments and modeling

Karnaukhova, E.; Vasileiou, C.; Wang, A.; Berova, N.; Nakanishi, K.; Borhan, B., 2005:
Circular dichroism of heterochromophoric and partially regenerated purple membrane: search for exciton coupling

Zayas-Pérez, Héctor.; Tello-Solís, S.R.; González-Márquez, H.; Bonilla-González, E.; Mendoza-Hernández, G.; Betancourt-Rule, M., 2005:
Circular dichroism of pig and bovine lactadherins and their affinity for the pig zona pellucida

Kropacheva, T.N.; Germano, M.; Zucchelli, G.; Jennings, R.C.; van Gorkom, H.J., 2005:
Circular dichroism of the peripheral chlorophylls in photosystem II reaction centers revealed by electrochemical oxidation

Pieroni, O.; Plaza, P.; Mahet, M.; Angelini, N.; Checcucci, G.; Malatesta, M.; Martin, M.M.; Lenci, F., 2005:
Circular dichroism of the photoreceptor pigment oxyblepharismin

Daura, X.; Bakowies, D.; Seebach, D.; Fleischhauer, Jörg.; van Gunsteren, W.F.; Krüger, P., 2003:
Circular dichroism spectra of beta-peptides: sensitivity to molecular structure and effects of motional averaging

Artmann, G.M.; Burns, L.; Canaves, J.M.; Temiz-Artmann, Aül.; Schmid-Schönbein, G.W.; Chien, S.; Maggakis-Kelemen, C., 2004:
Circular dichroism spectra of human hemoglobin reveal a reversible structural transition at body temperature

Palivec, Lás.; Urbanová, M.; Volka, K., 2005:
Circular dichroism spectroscopic study of non-covalent interactions of poly-L-glutamic acid with a porphyrin derivative in aqueous solutions

Ronda, L.; Bruno, S.; Viappiani, C.; Abbruzzetti, S.; Mozzarelli, A.; Lowe, K.C.; Bettati, S., 2006:
Circular dichroism spectroscopy of tertiary and quaternary conformations of human hemoglobin entrapped in wet silica gels

Nguyen, H-Huong.; Imhof, D.; Kronen, M.; Gräfe, U.; Reissmann, S., 2003:
Circular dichroism studies of ampullosporin-A analogues

Edwards, A.A.; Fleet, G.W.J.; Mayes, B.A.; Hunter, S.J.; Tranter, G.E., 2005:
Circular dichroism studies of carbopeptoid-cyclodextrins

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