Cloning and construction of plant expression of the coat protein gene of a melon isolate of cucumber mosaic virus

Ma-Xin-Yan; Gu-Qin-Sheng; Liu-Li-Feng; Liu-Ning; Yang-Min-He; Peng-Bin; Li-Li

Virologica Sinica 20(3): 307-310


ISSN/ISBN: 1674-0769
Accession: 011868104

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The coat protein gene of Cucumber mosaic virus(CMV)from melon isolate (CH99/90) was amplified by RT-PCR from the total RNA of infected zucchini leaves and cloned into pUCmT vector. The gene consisted of 657 nucleotides encoding 218 putative amino acids. Nucleotide sequence alignments showed that the CP gene shared 92. 2 % similar to 93. 9 % homology with that of CMV subgroup I strains, whereas only 76. 8 % similar to 77. 8 % homology with that of CMV subgroup II strains. The nucleotide sequence shared 91. 8 % similar to 93. 4 % homology with CMV isolate previously reported from China except for XB isolate. This melon isolate was classified into subgroup I based on these data. The gene was constructed into plant expression vector by using intermediate vector pJIT163 (recombinant plasmid designated as pBCP). The recombinant plasmid was transferred into competent cells of Agrobacterium tumefaciens LBA4404. Transformation of the gene into watermelon is undertaking.