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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 11908

Chapter 11908 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Trivedi, M.H.; Wan, G.J.; Mallick, R.; Chen, J.; Casciano, R.; Geissler, E.C.; Panish, J.M., 2004:
Cost and effectiveness of venlafaxine extended-release and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in the acute phase of outpatient treatment for major depressive disorder

Gaidet Drapier, N.; Fritz, H.; Bourgarel, M.; Renaud, P.C.; Poilecot, P.; Chardonnet, P.; Coid, C.; Poulet, D.; Bel, S. le, 2006:
Cost and efficiency of large mammal census techniques: comparison of methods for a participatory approach in a communal area, Zimbabwe

Goss, C.H.; Rubenfeld, G.D.; Park, D.R.; Sherbin, V.L.; Goodman, M.S.; Root, R.K., 2003:
Cost and incidence of social comorbidities in low-risk patients with community-acquired pneumonia admitted to a public hospital

Watters, K.; O'dwyer, T.P.; Rowley, H., 2004:
Cost and morbidity of MRSA in head and neck cancer patients: what are the consequences?

Parrott, S.; Godfrey, C.; Heather, N.; Clark, J.; Ryan, T., 2005:
Cost and outcome analysis of two alcohol detoxification services

Kawamura, K.; Takeda, H., 2006:
Cost and probability of flowering at the shoot level in relation to variability in shoot size within the crown of Vaccinium hirtum (Ericaceae)

Sudan, D., 2006:
Cost and quality of life after intestinal transplantation

Rommelmann, V.; Setel, P.W.; Hemed, Y.; Angeles, G.; Mponezya, H.; Whiting, D.; Boerma, T., 2005 :
Cost and results of information systems for health and poverty indicators in the United Republic of Tanzania

Sellers, C.L.; Morey, A.F.; Jones, L.A., 2005:
Cost and time benefits of dual implantation of inflatable penile and artificial urinary sphincter prosthetics by single incision

Oishi, M.; Yokoyama, H.; Ikeda, S., 2004:
Cost and time for outpatient medical care for lifestyle disease - Comparison between diabetes and hypertension and/or hyperlipidemia

Wang, C.; Villar, M.Elena.; Mulligan, D.A.; Hansen, T., 2005:
Cost and utilization analysis of a pediatric emergency department diversion project

van Melick, H.H.E.; van Venrooij, G.E.P.M.; van Swol, C.F.P.; Boon, T.A., 2004:
Cost aspects of transurethral resection of the prostate, contact laser prostatectomy, and electrovaporization

Katona, T.; Kanyár, B.; Somlai, J., 2004:
Cost assessment of ventilation and averted dose due to radon in dwellings

Bandyopadhyay, P.K.; Bhakta, J.N.; Shukla, R., 2006:
Cost benefit approach for optimization of stocking density of broiler rearing in a small poultry house

Cole, D.W.; Ginn, T.Adam.; Chen, G.John.; Smith, B.P.; Curl, W.W.; Martin, D.F.; Poehling, G.G., 2005:
Cost comparison of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: autograft versus allograft

Cohen, J.H.; Faughnan, M.E.; Letarte, M.; Vandezande, K.; Kennedy, S.J.; Krahn, M.D., 2005:
Cost comparison of genetic and clinical screening in families with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia

Anderson, J.Kyle.; Murdock, A.; Cadeddu, J.A.; Lotan, Y., 2005:
Cost comparison of laparoscopic versus radical retropubic prostatectomy

Arntzen, J.W.; Goudie, I.B.J.; Halley, J.; Jehle, R., 2004:
Cost comparison of marking techniques in long-term population studies: PIT-tags versus pattern maps

Silverstein, A.D.; Weizer, A.Z.; Dowell, J.M.; Auge, B.K.; Paulson, D.F.; Dahm, P., 2004:
Cost comparison of radical retropubic and radical perineal prostatectomy: single institution experience

Bryan, J.P., 2006:
Cost considerations of malaria chemoprophylaxis including use of primaquine for primary or terminal chemoprophylaxis

Ventura, M.P.; Saheb, N.E.; Solari, H.P.; Saraiva, V.S.; Vianna, R.N.G.; Burnier, M.N., 2005:
Cost considerations of the new fixed combinations for glaucoma medical therapy

Guazzoni, G.; Cestari, A.; Naspro, R.; Riva, M.; Rigatti, P., 2006:
Cost containment in laparoscopic radical nephrectomy: feasibility and advantages over open radical nephrectomy

van Agthoven, M.; Sonneveld, P.; Verdonck, L.F.; Uyl-de Groot, C.A., 2005:
Cost determinants in aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Kraus, T.W.; Mieth, M.; Schneider, T.; Farrenkopf, I.; Mehrabi, A.; Schemmer, P.; Encke, J.; Sauer, P.; Büchler, M.W., 2005:
Cost distribution of orthotopic liver transplantation: single-center analysis under DRG-based reimbursement

Schuster, M.; Gottschalk, Aé.; Freitag, M.; Standl, T., 2004:
Cost drivers in patient-controlled epidural analgesia for postoperative pain management after major surgery

Gupta, A.; Patel, R.; Dyke, M., 2004:
Cost effective use of satellite packs in neonates: importance of birth weight

Sculpher, M.; Manca, A.; Abbott, J.; Fountain, J.; Mason, S.; Garry, R., 2004:
Cost effectiveness analysis of laparoscopic hysterectomy compared with standard hysterectomy: results from a randomised trial

Petrou, S.; Edwards, L., 2004:
Cost effectiveness analysis of neonatal extracorporeal membrane oxygenation based on four year results from the UK Collaborative ECMO Trial

Walker, A.; Sirel, J.M.; Marsden, A.K.; Cobbe, S.M.; Pell, J.P., 2003:
Cost effectiveness and cost utility model of public place defibrillators in improving survival after prehospital cardiopulmonary arrest

Miller, P.S.J.; Smith, D.G.; Jones, P., 2005:
Cost effectiveness of rosuvastatin in treating patients to low-density lipoprotein cholesterol goals compared with atorvastatin, pravastatin, and simvastatin (a US Analysis of the STELLAR Trial)

Wang, G.; Macera, C.A.; Scudder-Soucie, B.; Schmid, T.; Pratt, M.; Buchner, D., 2004:
Cost effectiveness of a bicycle/pedestrian trail development in health promotion

Munro, J.F.; Nicholl, J.P.; Brazier, J.E.; Davey, R.; Cochrane, T., 2004:
Cost effectiveness of a community based exercise programme in over 65 year olds: cluster randomised trial

Meddings, D.R.; Ronald, L.A.; Marion, S.; Pinera, J.F.; Oppliger, A., 2004:
Cost effectiveness of a latrine revision programme in Kabul, Afghanistan

Kievit, W.; de Bruin, J.H.F.M.; Adang, E.M.M.; Severens, J.L.; Kleibeuker, J.H.; Sijmons, R.H.; Ruers, T.J.; Nagengast, F.M.; Vasen, H.F.A.; van Krieken, J.H.J.M.; Ligtenberg, M.J.L.; Hoogerbrugge, N., 2004:
Cost effectiveness of a new strategy to identify HNPCC patients

Thomas, K.S.; Miller, P.; Doherty, M.; Muir, K.R.; Jones, A.C.; O'Reilly, S.C., 2005 :
Cost effectiveness of a two-year home exercise program for the treatment of knee pain

Bansback, N.J.; Brennan, A.; Ghatnekar, O., 2004:
Cost effectiveness of adalimumab in the treatment of patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis in Sweden

Borgström, F.; Johnell, O.; Jönsson, B.; Zethraeus, N.; Sen, S.S., 2004:
Cost effectiveness of alendronate for the treatment of male osteoporosis in Sweden

Hlatky, M.A., 2005:
Cost effectiveness of cardiac resynchronization therapy

Feldman, A.M.; de Lissovoy, G.; Bristow, M.R.; Saxon, L.A.; De Marco, T.; Kass, D.A.; Boehmer, J.; Singh, S.; Whellan, D.J.; Carson, P.; Boscoe, A.; Baker, T.M.; Gunderman, M.R., 2005:
Cost effectiveness of cardiac resynchronization therapy in the Comparison of Medical Therapy, Pacing, and Defibrillation in Heart Failure (COMPANION) trial

Valteau-Couanet, D.; Faucher, C.; Auperin, A.; Michon, J.; Milpied, N.; Boiron, J.M.; Bourhis, J.H.; Gisselbrecht, C.; Vernant, J.P.; Pinna, A.; Bendahmane, B.; Delabarre, F.; Benhamou, E., 2005:
Cost effectiveness of day 5 G-CSF (Lenograstim (R)) administration after PBSC transplantation: results of a SFGM-TC randomised trial

Jofre-Bonet, M.; Sindelar, J.L.; Petrakis, I.L.; Nich, C.; Frankforter, T.; Rounsaville, B.J.; Carroll, K.M., 2004:
Cost effectiveness of disulfiram: treating cocaine use in methadone-maintained patients

Bagust, A.; Grayson, A.D.; Palmer, N.D.; Perry, R.A.; Walley, T., 2005:
Cost effectiveness of drug eluting coronary artery stenting in a UK setting: cost-utility study

Fairburn, G., A.; Hughey, K., F.D.; Cullen, R., 2004:
Cost effectiveness of endangered species management: the kokako (Callaeas cinerea) in New Zealand

Kobelt, G.; Lindgren, P.; Singh, A.; Klareskog, L., 2005:
Cost effectiveness of etanercept (Enbrel) in combination with methotrexate in the treatment of active rheumatoid arthritis based on the TEMPO trial

Dolders, M.G.T.; Nijkamp, M.D.; Nuijts, R.M.M.A.; van den Borne, B.; Hendrikse, F.; Ament, A.; Groot, W., 2004:
Cost effectiveness of foldable multifocal intraocular lenses compared to foldable monofocal intraocular lenses for cataract surgery

Lippert, B.; Berger, K.; Berntorp, E.; Giangrande, P.; van den Berg, M.; Schramm, W.; Siebert, U., 2005:
Cost effectiveness of haemophilia treatment: a cross-national assessment

Kim, S-Young.; Billah, K.; Lieu, T.A.; Weinstein, M.C., 2006:
Cost effectiveness of hepatitis B vaccination at HIV counseling and testing sites

van der Palen, J.; Monninkhof, E.; van der Valk, P.; Sullivan, S.D.; Veenstra, D.L., 2005:
Cost effectiveness of inhaled steroid withdrawal in outpatients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Kapp, A.; Demarteau, N., 2006:
Cost effectiveness of levocetirizine in chronic idiopathic urticaria : a pooled analysis of two randomised controlled trials

Jönsson, B.; Carides, G.W.; Burke, T.A.; Dasbach, E.J.; Lindholm, L.H.; Dahlöf, Börn., 2005:
Cost effectiveness of losartan in patients with hypertension and LVH: an economic evaluation for Sweden of the LIFE trial

Bakhai, A.; Stone, G.W.; Mahoney, E.; Lavelle, T.A.; Shi, C.; Berezin, R.H.; Lahue, B.J.; Clark, M.Ann.; Lacey, M.J.; Russell, M.E.; Ellis, S.G.; Hermiller, J.B.; Cox, D.A.; Cohen, D.J., 2006:
Cost effectiveness of paclitaxel-eluting stents for patients undergoing percutaneous coronary revascularization: results from the TAXUS-IV Trial

Smith, D.H.; Fenn, P.; Drummond, M., 2004 :
Cost effectiveness of photodynamic therapy with verteporfin for age related macular degeneration: the UK case

Mugford, M., 2006:
Cost effectiveness of prevention and treatment of neonatal respiratory distress (RDS) with exogenous surfactant: what has changed in the last three decades?

Franco, O.H.; Peeters, A.; Looman, C.W.N.; Bonneux, L., 2005:
Cost effectiveness of statins in coronary heart disease

LaMontagne, A.D., 2005:
Cost effectiveness of surveillance for isocyanate asthma: finding an occupational health policy framework

Godfrey, C.; Ukatt-Res-Team, 2005:
Cost effectiveness of treatment for alcohol problems: findings of the randomised UK alcohol treatment trial (UKATT)

König, H-H.; Barry, J-C., 2004:
Cost effectiveness of treatment for amblyopia: an analysis based on a probabilistic Markov model

Loo, C-Yeng.; Kandiah, M.; Arumugam, G.; Goh, P-Pin.; John, E.; Gurusami, B.; Kumar, T.V.; Karunakar, T.V.N.; Azmi, S.; Lim, T-Onn., 2004:
Cost efficiency and cost effectiveness of cataract surgery at the Malaysian Ministry of Health ophthalmic services

Kriger, K.M.; Hero, J-Marc.; Ashton, K.J., 2006:
Cost efficiency in the detection of chytridiomycosis using PCR assay

Drachenberg, C.; Hirsch, H.H.; Papadimitriou, J.C.; Mozafari, P.; Wali, R.; McKinney, J.D.; Nogueira, J.; Cangro, C.B.; Mendley, S.; Klassen, D.K.; Ramos, E., 2005:
Cost efficiency in the prospective diagnosis and follow-up of polyomavirus allograft nephropathy

Grund, E.M.; Muise-Helmericks, R.C., 2005:
Cost efficient and effective gene transfer into the human natural killer cell line, NK92

Polinder, S.; Meerding, W.-Jan; Van-Baar, M., E.; Toet, H.; Mulder, S.; Van-Beeck, E., F.; Eurocost-Reference-Grp, 2005:
Cost estimation of injury-related hospital admissions in 10 European countries

French, M.T.; Roebuck, M.Christopher.; McLellan, A.Thomas., 2004:
Cost estimation when time and resources are limited: the Brief DATCAP

Benoit, P.; Bianchi, A.; Brenkle, K.; Heindl, M.C., 2004:
Cost evaluation of three morphinic agonists and midazolam in patient with incubation and mechanically ventilated in intensive care unit

Lindholm, L.H.; Kartman, B.; Carlberg, B.; Persson, M.; Svensson, A.; Samuelsson, O., 2006:
Cost implications of development of diabetes in the ALPINE study

Pittet, D.; Sax, H.; Hugonnet, Séphane.; Harbarth, S., 2004:
Cost implications of successful hand hygiene promotion

Zarkin, G.A.; Bray, J.W.; Mitra, D.; Cisler, R.A.; Kivlahan, D.R., 2005:
Cost methodology of COMBINE

Zencir, M.; Kuzu, N.; Beşer, N.Gördeles.; Ergin, A.; Catak, B.; Sahiner, T., 2005:
Cost of Alzheimer's disease in a developing country setting

Habib, F.; Baig, L., 2006:
Cost of DOTS for tuberculous patients

Hilleman, D.E.; Faulkner, M.A.; Monaghan, M.S., 2004:
Cost of a pharmacist-directed intervention to increase treatment of hypercholesterolemia

Spieler, J-F.; De Pouvourville, G.; Amarenco, P., 2003:
Cost of a recurrent vs. cost of first-ever stroke over an 18-month period

Dworjanyn, S., A.; Wright, J., T.; Paul, N., A.; De-Nys, R.; Steinberg, P., D., 2006:
Cost of chemical defence in the red alga Delisea pulchra

Phillips, Kathryn, 2006:
Cost of deep diving for cormorants

Krishnan, A.; Sahariah, S-ul.Ameen.; Kapoor, S.Kumar., 2004:
Cost of epilepsy in patients attending a secondary-level hospital in India

Luna, F.; Antinuchi, C.D.niel, 2006:
Cost of foraging in the subterranean rodent Ctenomys talarum: effect of soil hardness

Rao, S.; Kubisiak, J.; Gilden, D., 2004:
Cost of illness associated with metastatic breast cancer

Bassi, A.; Dodd, S.; Williamson, P.; Bodger, K., 2004:
Cost of illness of inflammatory bowel disease in the UK: a single centre retrospective study

Hall, J.L.; Katz, B.Z., 2005:
Cost of influenza hospitalization at a tertiary care children's hospital and its impact on the cost-benefit analysis of the recommendation for universal influenza immunization in children age 6 to 23 months

Laupland, K.B.; Lee, H.; Gregson, D.B.; Manns, B.J., 2006:
Cost of intensive care unit-acquired bloodstream infections

Xu, J., 2005:
Cost of interacting with sexual partners in a facultative sexual microbe

Daoud, Y.; Amin, K.G.; Mohan, K.; Ahmed, A.Razzaque., 2005:
Cost of intravenous immunoglobulin therapy versus conventional immunosuppressive therapy in patients with mucous membrane pemphigoid: a preliminary study

Bozinovic, F.; Bacigalupe, L.D.; Vásquez, R.A.; Visser, G.Henk.; Veloso, C.; Kenagy, G.J., 2004:
Cost of living in free-ranging degus (Octodon degus): seasonal dynamics of energy expenditure

Smith, D.H.; Gullion, C.M.; Nichols, G.; Keith, D.Scott.; Brown, J.Betz., 2004:
Cost of medical care for chronic kidney disease and comorbidity among enrollees in a large HMO population

Inada, O.; Nishimura, S.; Seino, Y.; Tsuda, K., 2005:
Cost of medical care of type 2 diabetes mellitus outpatients - Effect of healthcare reform on the diabetes clinic

Krama, T.; Krams, I., 2005:
Cost of mobbing call to breeding pied flycatcher, Ficedula hypoleuca

Patwardhan, M.B.; Matchar, D.B.; Samsa, G.P.; McCrory, D.C.; Williams, R.G.; Li, T.T., 2005:
Cost of multiple sclerosis by level of disability: a review of literature

Schmier, J.K.; Jones, M.L.; Halpern, M.T., 2006:
Cost of obesity in the workplace

Ebinger, M.; Leidl, R.; Thomas, S.; Von Tirpitz, C.; Reinshagen, M.; Adler, G.; Konig, H-Helmut., 2004:
Cost of outpatient care in patients with inflammatory bowel disease in a German University Hospital

Johansson, B.G.; Jones, T.M.; Widemo, F., 2005:
Cost of pheromone production in a lekking Drosophila

Vimolket, T.; Kamol-Ratanakul, P.; Tobprakhon, S., 2004:
Cost of primary health care in universal insurance at health center 16, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

Chaib-Eddour, D.; Chaib-Eddour, H.; Malaise, J.; Mourad, M.; Squifflet, J.P., 2005:
Cost of renal transplant in Belgium

Gentil, M.A.; López, M.; González-Roncero, F.; Cantarell, C.; Marco, J., 2005:
Cost of renal transplant maintenance immunosuppression: effect of control of vascular risk factors

Hanssen, S.Are.; Hasselquist, D.; Folstad, I.; Erikstad, K.Einar., 2005:
Cost of reproduction in a long-lived bird: incubation effort reduces immune function and future reproduction

Pap, P.L.; Markus, R., 2003:
Cost of reproduction, T-lymphocyte mediated immunocompetence and health status in female and nestling barn swallows Hirundo rustica

Siemens, D., H.; Lischke, H.; Maggiulli, N.; Schurch, S.; Roy, B., A., 2003:
Cost of resistance and tolerance under competition: The defense-stress benefit hypothesis

Desideri, A.; Fioretti, P.Maria.; Cortigiani, L.; Gregori, D.; Coletta, C.; Vigna, C.; Tota, F.; Rambaldi, R.; Bax, J.; Celegon, L.; Bigi, R.; Picano, E., 2003:
Cost of strategies after myocardial infarction (COSTAMI): a multicentre, international, randomized trial for cost-effective discharge after uncomplicated myocardial infarction

Schaeffer, P.J.; Villarin, J.J.; Pierotti, D.J.; Kelly, D.P.; Lindstedt, S.L., 2005:
Cost of transport is increased after cold exposure in Monodelphis domestica: training for inefficiency

Ecker, R.D.; Brown, R.D.; Nichols, D.A.; McClelland, R.L.; Reinalda, M.S.; Piepgras, D.G.; Cloft, H.J.; Kallmes, D.F., 2004:
Cost of treating high-risk symptomatic carotid artery stenosis: stent insertion and angioplasty compared with endarterectomy

Loncarek, K.; Brajac, I.; Filipović, T.; Caljkusić-Mance, T.; Stalekar, H., 2004:
Cost of treating preventable minor ocular injuries in Rijeka, Croatia

Brunner, H.I.; Sherrard, T.M.; Klein-Gitelman, M.S., 2006:
Cost of treatment of childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus

Skovgaard, N.; Wang, T., 2004:
Cost of ventilation and effect of digestive state on the ventilatory response of the tegu lizard

Alexander, B.D.; Ashley, E.Dodds.; Reller, L.Barth.; Reed, S.D., 2006:
Cost savings with implementation of PNA FISH testing for identification of Candida albicans in blood cultures

Dijkgraaf, M.G.W.; van der Zanden, B.P.; de Borgie, C.A.J.M.; Blanken, P.; van Ree, J.M.; van den Brink, W., 2005:
Cost utility analysis of co-prescribed heroin compared with methadone maintenance treatment in heroin addicts in two randomised trials

Marchetti, M.; Caruggi, M.; Colombo, G., 2004:
Cost utility and budget impact of third-generation aromatase inhibitors for advanced breast cancer: a literature-based model analysis of costs in the Italian National Health Service

Hornberger, J.C.; Best, J.H., 2005:
Cost utility in the United States of rituximab plus cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone for the treatment of elderly patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Hopley, C.; Salkeld, G.; Mitchell, P., 2004:
Cost utility of photodynamic therapy for predominantly classic neovascular age related macular degeneration

Harris, R.A.; Washington, A.Eugene.; Nease, R.F.; Kuppermann, M., 2004 :
Cost utility of prenatal diagnosis and the risk-based threshold

Dillie, K.Sullivan.; Mundt, M.; French, M.T.; Fleming, M.F., 2005:
Cost-benefit analysis of a new alcohol biomarker, carbohydrate deficient transferrin, in a chronic illness primary care sample

Pritchard, C.; Foulkes, L.; Lang, D.A.; Neil-Dwyer, G., 2004:
Cost-benefit analysis of an integrated approach to reduce psychosocial trauma following neurosurgery compared with standard care: two-year prospective comparative study of enhanced specialist liaison nurse service for aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (ASAH) patients and carers

Bhakta, J.N.; Jana, B.B., 2006:
Cost-benefit approach for assessment of optimum stocking density of carps for rearing stage production

Balicer, R.D.; Huerta, M.; Davidovitch, N.; Grotto, I., 2005:
Cost-benefit of stockpiling drugs for influenza pandemic

Kalsi, V.; Popat, R.B.; Apostolidis, A.; Kavia, R.; Odeyemi, I.A.O.; Dakin, H.A.; Warner, J.; Elneil, S.; Fowler, C.J.; Dasgupta, P., 2006:
Cost-consequence analysis evaluating the use of botulinum neurotoxin-A in patients with detrusor overactivity based on clinical outcomes observed at a single UK centre

Palmer, A.J.; Chen, R.; Valentine, W.J.; Roze, S.; Bregman, B.; Mehin, N.; Gabriel, S., 2006:
Cost-consequence analysis in a French setting of screening and optimal treatment of nephropathy in hypertensive patients with type 2 diabetes

Gekht, A.B.; Belousov, I.B.; Chikina, E.S.; Serkin, G.V.; Belousov, D.Iu.; Gusev, E.I., 2004:
Cost-effect estimation of dopamine agonist (mirapex) application in patients with Parkinson's disease

Foley, C.; Bernard, S.; Mackey, M.C., 2005:
Cost-effective G-CSF therapy strategies for cyclical neutropenia: mathematical modelling based hypotheses

Sun-Wei; Li-Jing; Cao-Yu, 2004:
Cost-effective analysis of ceftriaxone and sequential therapy of ceftriaxone followed by cefaclor in treatment of lower respiratory tract infections

Elofsson, K., 2005:
Cost-effective control of interdependent water pollutants

Vos, P.A.J.M.; Bast, E.J.E.G.; Derksen, R.H.W.M., 2005:
Cost-effective detection of non-antidouble-stranded DNA antinuclear antibody specificities in daily clinical practice

Motala, A.A.; Pirie, F.J.; Rauff, S.; Bacus, H.B., 2006:
Cost-effective management of diabetes mellitus

Negro, S.; Cloots, R.G.mmell, N., 2006:
Cost-effective media for the rapid and high resolution of small DNA fragments using polyacrylamide-based electrophoresis

Wilby, M.J.; Sharp, M.; Whitfield, P.C.; Hutchinson, P.J.; Menon, D.K.; Kirkpatrick, P.J., 2003:
Cost-effective outcome for treating poor-grade subarachnoid hemorrhage

Heath, S.M.; Hogben, J.H., 2004:
Cost-effective prediction of reading difficulties

Yu, J.; Chen, L.X.L., 2006:
Cost-effective recovery and purification of polyhydroxyalkanoates by selective dissolution of cell mass

Straker, D.; Correll, C.U.; Kramer-Ginsberg, E.; Abdulhamid, N.; Koshy, F.; Rubens, E.; Saint-Vil, R.; Kane, J.M.; Manu, P., 2005:
Cost-effective screening for the metabolic syndrome in patients treated with second-generation antipsychotic medications

Daude, D.; Stephenson, T., 2004 :
Cost-effective treatment solutions for rural areas: design and operation of a new package treatment plant for single households

Manuel, M.R.; Chen, L-May.; Caughey, A.B.; Subak, L.L., 2004:
Cost-effectiveness analyses in gynecologic oncology: methodological quality and trends

Kubanova, A.A.; Martynov, A.A., 2005:
Cost-effectiveness analysis as a new paradigm in dermatovenerology

Kulasingam, S.L.; Kim, J.J.; Lawrence, W.F.; Mandelblatt, J.S.; Myers, E.R.; Schiffman, M.; Solomon, D.; Goldie, S.J., 2006:
Cost-effectiveness analysis based on the atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance/low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion Triage Study (ALTS)

Pinto, E.M.; Willan, A.R.; O'Brien, B.J., 2005:
Cost-effectiveness analysis for multinational clinical trials

Gazelle, G.Scott.; McMahon, P.M.; Siebert, U.; Beinfeld, M.T., 2005:
Cost-effectiveness analysis in the assessment of diagnostic imaging technologies

Shi Wen; Wang Yong Ming; L.D.an; L.S.ao Li; Yan Min; Chen Bin Yan; Cheng Neng Neng, 2004:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of 4 nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for rheumatoid arthritis

Hughes, D.A.; Vilar, F.Javier.; Ward, C.C.; Alfirevic, A.; Park, B.Kevin.; Pirmohamed, M., 2004:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of HLA B*5701 genotyping in preventing abacavir hypersensitivity

Yun, H.Ran.; Bae, S-Cheol., 2003:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of NSAIDs, NSAIDs with concomitant therapy to prevent gastrointestinal toxicity, and COX-2 specific inhibitors in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Kunz, F.Michael.; French, M.T.; Bazargan-Hejazi, S., 2004 :
Cost-effectiveness analysis of a brief intervention delivered to problem drinkers presenting at an inner-city hospital emergency department

Gao Bei Li; Zheng, L.Y.; Huang Shao Guang; Deng Wei Wu; Lin Jian Hai; L.H.i Min, 2004:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of amoxicillin/clavulanic acid sequential therapy in treating acute community-acquired low respiratory tract infections

Robinson, W.C.; Lewis, G.L., 2003:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of behaviour change interventions: a proposed new approach and an application to Egypt

Baltussen, R.; Sylla, M.; Mariotti, S.P., 2004:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of cataract surgery: a global and regional analysis

Sullivan, S.D.; Buxton, M.; Andersson, L.Fredrik.; Lamm, C.Johan.; Liljas, B.; Chen, Y.Zhi.; Pauwels, R.A.; Weiss, K.B., 2003:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of early intervention with budesonide in mild persistent asthma

Kim, J.-Joo; Park, E.-Ja; Park, S.-Jung; Sung, Y.-Kyung; Bae, S.-Cheol; Lee, E.-Kyung, 2006:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of etanercept in the treatment of methotrexate-resistant rheumatoid arthritis

Gaziano, T.A.; Steyn, K.; Cohen, D.J.; Weinstein, M.C.; Opie, L.H., 2005:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of hypertension guidelines in South Africa: absolute risk versus blood pressure level

Buti, M.; Casado, M.A.; Calleja, J.L.; Salmerón, J.; Aguilar, J.; Rueda, M.; Esteban, R., 2006:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of lamivudine and adefovir dipivoxil in the treatment of patients with HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B

Melegaro, A.; Edmunds, W.J., 2004:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of pneumococcal conjugate vaccination in England and Wales

Caughey, A.B., 2005:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of prenatal diagnosis: methodological issues and concerns

Musci, T.J.; Caughey, A.B., 2005:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of prenatal population-based fragile X carrier screening

Baigis, J.; Francis, M.E.; Hoffman, M., 2003:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of recruitment strategies in a community-based intervention study of HIV-infected persons

Strandell, A.; Lindhard, A.; Eckerlund, I., 2005:
Cost--effectiveness analysis of salpingectomy prior to IVF, based on a randomized controlled trial

Bernardo, M.; Ramón Azanza, J.; Rubio-Terrés, C.; Rejas, J., 2006:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of schizophrenia relapse prevention : an economic evaluation of the ZEUS (Ziprasidone-Extended-Use-In-Schizophrenia) study in Spain

Blake, D.R.; Gaydos, C.A.; Quinn, T.C., 2004:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of screening adolescent males for Chlamydia on admission to detention

Limwattananon, S.; Limwattananon, C.; Maoleekulpairoj, S.; Soparatanapaisal, N., 2006:
Cost-effectiveness analysis of sequential paclitaxel adjuvant chemotherapy for patients with node positive primary breast cancer

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Could the predation risk hypothesis explain large-scale spatial sexual segregation in fallow deer (Dama dama)?

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Could treatment with arundic acid (ONO-2506) increase vulnerability for depression?

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Could visible light contribute to the development of leukaemia and other cancers in children?

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