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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 11925

Chapter 11925 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Decentralization and recentralization: effects on the health systems in Lao PDR
, Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 36(2): 523-528 (2005)

Decentralization of breast cancer surgery in the United States
, Cancer 101(6): 1323-1329 (2004)

Deception and subtypes of aggression during early childhood
, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 93(4): 322-336 (2006)

Deception and the origin of honest signals
, Trends in Ecology and Evolution 20(10): 521-523 (2005)

Deception, catholicism, and hope: understanding problems in the communication of unfavorable prognoses in traditionally-catholic countries
, American Journal of Bioethics 6(1): W6-18 (2006)

Deceptive multilineage reconstitution analysis of mice transplanted with hemopoietic stem cells, and implications for assessment of stem cell numbers and lineage potentials
, Journal of Immunology 172(3): 1548-1552 (2004)

Deceptive pollination in two subspecies of Disa spathulata (Orchidaceae) differing in morphology and floral fragrance
, Plant Systematics and Evolution 255(1-2): 87-98 (2005)

Deces dans une unite - Principes de la prise en charge psychologique au niveau du groupe et de la famille
, Medecine et Armees 33(2): 157-160 (2005)

Dechlorane plus, a chlorinated flame retardant, in the Great Lakes
, Environmental Science and Technology 40(4): 1184-1189 (2006)

Dechlorinating chloroacetanilide herbicides by dithionite-treated aquifer sediment and surface soil
, Environmental Science and Technology 40(9): 3043-3049 (2006)

Dechlorination and decolorization of chloro-organics in pulp bleach plant E-1 effluents by advanced oxidation processes
, Bioresource Technology 94(3): 267-274 (2004)

Dechlorination of DDT by electrocatalytic hydrogenolysis
, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 77(3): 343-350 (2006)

Dechlorination of hexachlorobenzene using ultrafine Ca-Fe composite oxides
, Journal of Hazardous Materials 127(1-3): 156-162 (2005)

Dechlorination of hexachlorocyclohexanes with alkaline 2-propanol and a palladium catalyst
, Journal of Hazardous Materials 122(1-2): 1-6 (2005)

Dechlorination of pulp bleaching plant E-1 effluent by ArF* and KrF* excirner laser photolysis. Part 1. Dechlorination of chlorophenols identified in E-1 effluent
, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B Biology 172(3): 222-230 (2005)

Dechlorination of pulp bleaching plant E-1 effluent by ArF* and KrF* excirner laser photolysis. Part 2. Dechlorination of polychlorinated oxylignins
, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B Biology 172(3): 231-240 (2005)

Dechlorination of trichloroethylene by a steel converter slag amended with Fe(II)
, Chemosphere 62(2): 285-293 (2006)

Dechlorination/hydrogenation and destruction reactions of PCDDs in OCDD-added fly ash heated under vacuum
, Chemosphere 65(3): 419-426 (2006)

Decibel attenuation of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) in blood and cortical bone determined experimentally and from the theory of ohmic losses
, Annals of Biomedical Engineering 34(6): 1030-1041 (2006)

Deciding how to decide: ventromedial frontal lobe damage affects information acquisition in multi-attribute decision making
, Brain 129(Pt 4): 944-952 (2006)

Deciding on progression of joint damage in paired films of individual patients: smallest detectable difference or change
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 64(2): 179-182 (2005)

Deciding the fate of supernumerary frozen embryos: a survey of couples' decisions and the factors influencing their choice
, Fertility and Sterility 86(1): 86-91 (2006)

Decidual and peripheral blood CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells in early pregnancy subjects and spontaneous abortion cases
, Molecular Human Reproduction 10(5): 347-353 (2004)

Decidual differentiation of stromal cells promotes Proprotein Convertase 5/6 expression and lefty processing
, Endocrinology 146(12): 5313-5320 (2005)

Decidualization and maintenance of a functional prostaglandin system in human endometrial cell lines following transformation with SV40 large T antigen
, Molecular Human Reproduction 12(5): 309-319 (2006)

Decidualized and pre-decidualized normal endometrial stromal cells produce more O-linked N-acetylglucosamine containing epitope H than non-decidualized normal endometrial stromal cells
, Histology and Histopathology 21(11): 1193-1198 (2006)

Deciduoid-like stromal cells in a diabetic patient with bilateral gynecomastia: a potential diagnostic pitfall
, Virchows Archiv 445(6): 659-660 (2004)

Deciduous teeth morphology of some tremarctines (Ursidae, Tremarctinae). Descriptions, comparisons and possible phylogenetic implications
, Ameghiniana 41(2): 217-224 (2004)

Deciduous tooth crown size in prematurely born children
, Early Human Development 75(1-2): 9-20 (2003)

Deciphering B-ZIP transcription factor interactions in vitro and in vivo
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1759(1-2): 4-12 (2006)

Deciphering CD30 ligand biology and its role in humoral immunity
, Immunology 118(2): 143-152 (2006)

Deciphering amphibian diversity through DNA barcoding: chances and challenges
, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B Biological Sciences 360(1462): 1859-1868 (2005)

Deciphering cryptic proteases
, Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 62(9): 989-1002 (2005)

Deciphering diversity in populations of various linguistic and ethnic affiliations of different geographical regions of India: analysis based on 15 microsatellite markers
, Journal of Genetics 83(1): 49-63 (2004)

Deciphering enzymes. Genetic selection as a probe of structure and mechanism
, European Journal of Biochemistry 271(9): 1630-1637 (2004)

Deciphering host migrations and origins by means of their microbes
, Molecular Ecology 14(11): 3289-3306 (2005)

Deciphering host resistance and pathogen virulence: the Arabidopsis/Pseudomonas interaction as a model
, Molecular Plant Pathology 4(6): 517-530 (2003)

Deciphering indolocarbazole and enediyne aminodideoxypentose biosynthesis through comparative genomics: insights from the AT2433 biosynthetic locus
, Chemistry and Biology 13(7): 733-743 (2006)

Deciphering odour coding in moths
, Journal of Experimental Biology 208(6): II (2005)

Deciphering patterns of transoceanic dispersal: the evolutionary origin and biogeography of coastal lizards (Cryptoblepharus) in the Western Indian Ocean region
, Journal of Biogeography 33(1): 13-22 (2006)

Deciphering protein function during mitosis in PtK cells using RNAi
, Bmc Cell Biology 7: 26 (2006)

Deciphering protein molecular signatures in cancer tissues to aid in diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy
, Cancer Research 65(23): 10642 (2005)

Deciphering regulatory patterns of inflammatory gene expression from interleukin-1-stimulated human endothelial cells
, Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology 24(7): 1192-1198 (2004)

Deciphering signaling control by phosphoproteome using mass spectrometry
, Protein and Peptide Letters 13(5): 467-469 (2006)

Deciphering structure and topology of conserved COG2042 orphan proteins
, Bmc Structural Biology 5: 3 (2005)

Deciphering the 820 nm signal: redox state of donor side and quantum yield of Photosystem I in leaves
, Photosynthesis Research 78(1): 1-15 (2003)

Deciphering the biosynthesis pathway of the antitumor thiocoraline from a marine actinomycete and its expression in two streptomyces species
, Chembiochem 7(2): 366-376 (2006)

Deciphering the biosynthetic codes for the potent anti-SARS-CoV cyclodepsipeptide valinomycin in Streptomyces tsusimaensis ATCC 15141
, Chembiochem 7(3): 471-477 (2006)

Deciphering the contribution of known cis-elements in the mouse cone arrestin gene to its cone-specific expression
, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 45(11): 3877-3884 (2004)

Deciphering the evolutionary biology of freshwater fish using multiple approaches: Insights for the biological conservation of the vairone (Leuciscus souffia souffia)
, Conservation Genetics 5(1): 63-77 (2004)

Deciphering the function of an ORF: Salmonella enterica DeoM protein is a new mutarotase specific for deoxyribose
, Protein Science 13(5): 1295-1303 (2004)

Deciphering the genes involved in pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
, Tuberculosis 85(5-6): 325-335 (2005)

Deciphering the importance of three key media components in human embryonic stem cell cultures
, Biotechnology Letters 28(7): 491-495 (2006)

Deciphering the late steps in the biosynthesis of the anti-tumour indolocarbazole staurosporine: sugar donor substrate flexibility of the StaG glycosyltransferase
, Molecular Microbiology 58(1): 17-27 (2005)

Deciphering the mammary epithelial cell hierarchy
, Cell Cycle 5(14): 1519-1522 (2006)

Deciphering the molecular bases of Mycobacterium tuberculosis binding to the lectin DC-SIGN reveals an underestimated complexity
, Biochemical Journal 392(Pt 3): 615-624 (2005)

Deciphering the molecular basis of memory failure in Alzheimer's disease
, Neuron 44(1): 181-193 (2004)

Deciphering the molecular basis of the broad substrate specificity of alpha-glucosidase from Bacillus sp. SAM1606
, Journal of Biochemistry 134(4): 543-550 (2003)

Deciphering the pathway from the TCR to NF-kappa B
, Cell Death and Differentiation 13(5): 826-833 (2006)

Deciphering the physiological pathway of clotting of fibrinogen in blood plasma
, Biophysical Chemistry 112(2-3): 141-145 (2004)

Deciphering the renal code: advances in conditional gene targeting
, Physiology 19: 245-252 (2004)

Deciphering the social structure of Marbled Murrelets from behavioral observations at sea
, Waterbirds 26(3): 266-274 (2003)

Deciphering the spike train of a sensory neuron: counts and temporal patterns in the rat whisker pathway
, Journal of Neuroscience 26(36): 9216-9226 (2006)

Deciphering transcriptional regulatory elements that encode specific cell cycle phasing by comparative genomics analysis
, Cell Cycle 4(12): 1788-1797 (2005)

Decision analysis for storage for reclaimed asphalt
, Environmental Engineering Science 22(6): 783-801 (2005)

Decision analysis in aerospace medicine: costs and benefits of a hyperbaric facility in space
, Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine 77(4): 434-42; Discussion 442-3 (2006)

Decision analysis in the surgical treatment of colorectal cancer due to a mismatch repair gene defect
, Gut 52(12): 1752-1755 (2003)

Decision analysis of antibiotic and diagnostic strategies in ventilator-associated pneumonia
, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 168(9): 1060-1067 (2003)

Decision analysis of hormone replacement therapy after the Women's Health Initiative
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 189(5): 1228-1233 (2003)

Decision analysis utilizing data from multiple life-cycle impact assessment methods Part I: A theoretical basis
, Journal of Industrial Ecology 8(1-2): 93-118 (2004)

Decision analysis utilizing data from multiple life-cycle impact assessment methods Part II: Model development
, Journal of Industrial Ecology 8(1-2): 119-141 (2004)

Decision analysis with Markov processes supports early surgery for large-angle infantile esotropia
, American Journal of Ophthalmology 140(5): 886-893 (2005)

Decision analysis: an aid to the diagnosis of Whipple's disease
, Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 23(6): 833-840 (2006)

Decision and metrics of refixations in reading isolated words
, Vision Research 44(17): 2009-2017 (2004)

Decision criteria for resolving isotype switching conflicts by B cells
, European Journal of Immunology 35(10): 2949-2955 (2005)

Decision forest analysis of 61 single nucleotide polymorphisms in a case-control study of esophageal cancer; a novel method
, Bmc Bioinformatics 6(Suppl. 2): S4 (2005)

Decision making and counseling around mammography screening for women aged 80 or older
, Journal of General Internal Medicine 21(9): 979-985 (2006)

Decision making and modes of death in a tertiary neonatal unit
, Archives of Disease in Childhood. Fetal and Neonatal Edition 89(6): F527 (2004)

Decision making by small and large house-hunting ant colonies: one size fits all
, Animal Behaviour 72(Part 3): 611-616 (2006)

Decision making concerning life-sustaining treatment in paediatric nephrology: professionals' experiences and values
, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 20(12): 2746-2750 (2005)

Decision making in antifungal monotherapy versus combination therapy
, PharmacoTherapy 26(6 Pt 2): 61s (2006)

Decision making in the face of uncertainty and resource constraints: examples from trauma imaging
, Radiology 235(2): 375-383 (2005)

Decision making regarding Smith-Petersen vs. pedicle subtraction osteotomy vs. vertebral column resection for spinal deformity
, Spine 31(19 Suppl): S171 (2006)

Decision making under uncertainty in case of soil remediation
, Journal of Environmental Management 80(2): 132-147 (2006)

Decision making, planning and design for the conservation of indigenous vegetation within urban development
, Landscape and Urban Planning 68(4): 439-452 (2004)

Decision processes in models of timing
, Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis 64(3): 303-317 (2004)

Decision rules for computer-vision quality classification of wine natural cork stoppers
, American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 57(2): 210-219 (2006)

Decision rules for diagnosis of sleep apnea
, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 169(6): 771; Author Reply 771-771; Author Reply 771 (2004)

Decision science and cervical cancer
, Cancer 98(9 Suppl): 2003-2008 (2003)

Decision support for tendon tissue engineering
, Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology 30(2): 69-72 (2006)

Decision support for the initial triage of patients with acute coronary syndromes
, Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging 26(3): 151-156 (2006)

Decision support system design using the operator skill to control cheese ripening-application of the fuzzy symbolic approach
, Journal of Food Engineering 64(3): 321-333 (2004)

Decision support system for the diagnosis of schizophrenia disorders
, Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 39(1): 119-128 (2006)

Decision support system with semantic model to assess the risk of tail biting in pigs 1. Modelling
, Applied Animal Behaviour Science 87(1-2): 31-44 (2004)

Decision support through mass and energy flow management in the vehicle-refinishing sector
, Journal of Industrial Ecology 8(4): 173-187 (2004)

Decision support tool for used oil regeneration technologies assessment and selection
, Journal of Hazardous Materials 137(1): 437-442 (2006)

Decision support tool to individualize cyclosporine dose in stable, long-term heart transplant recipients receiving metabolic inhibitors: overcoming limitations of cyclosporine C2 monitoring
, Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 25(10): 1223-1229 (2006)

Decision threshold adjustment in class prediction
, Sar and Qsar in Environmental Research 17(3): 337-352 (2006)

Decision tree based information integration for automated protein classification
, Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 3(3): 717-742 (2005)

Decision tree classification of proteins identified by mass spectrometry of blood serum samples from people with and without lung cancer
, Proteomics 3(9): 1678-1679 (2003)

Decision-making and Weber's law: a neurophysiological model
, European Journal of Neuroscience 24(3): 901-916 (2006)

Decision-making at the surface of the intact or barrier disrupted skin: potential applications for vaccination or therapy
, Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 62(13): 1418-1424 (2005)

Decision-making capacity for research participation among individuals in the CATIE schizophrenia trial
, Schizophrenia Research 80(1): 1-8 (2005)

Decision-making capacity of inpatients with schizophrenia in Hong Kong
, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 193(5): 316-322 (2005)

Decision-making deficits in alcohol-dependent patients with and without comorbid personality disorder
, Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research 30(10): 1670-1677 (2006)

Decision-making impairments in adolescents with early-onset schizophrenia
, Schizophrenia Research 85(1-3): 113-123 (2006)

Decision-making impairments in patients with pathological gambling
, Psychiatry Research 133(1): 91-99 (2005)

Decision-making in amnesia: do advantageous decisions require conscious knowledge of previous behavioural choices?
, Neuropsychologia 44(8): 1315-1324 (2006)

Decision-making in elderly patients with severe aortic stenosis: why are so many denied surgery?
, European Heart Journal 26(24): 2714-2720 (2005)

Decision-making in pediatrics: a practical algorithm to evaluate complementary and alternative medicine for children
, European Journal of Pediatrics 165(7): 437-441 (2006)

Decision-making in variable environments-- a case of group selection and inter-generational conflict?
, Theoretical Population Biology 69(2): 121-128 (2006)

Decision-making of Chinese caregivers for adult out-of-home placement
, Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 50(Pt 9): 678-689 (2006)

Decision-making: Context matters
, Behavioural Processes 69(2): 165-171 (2005)

Decision-related factors and attitudes toward donation in living related liver transplantation: ten-year experience
, Transplantation Proceedings 37(2): 1081-1084 (2005)

Decision-rules for leaping Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae)
, Journal of Zoology (London) 263(Part 1): 1-5 (2004)

Decision-support tool for assessing biomanufacturing strategies under uncertainty: stainless steel versus disposable equipment for clinical trial material preparation
, Biotechnology Progress 21(2): 486-497 (2005)

Decision-theoretic designs for dose-finding clinical trials with multiple outcomes
, Statistics in Medicine 25(10): 1699-1714 (2006)

Decision-to-delivery interval for instrumental vaginal deliveries: vacuum extraction versus forceps
, Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 274(1): 34-36 (2006)

Decisional role preferences, risk knowledge and information interests in patients with multiple sclerosis
, Multiple Sclerosis 10(6): 643-650 (2004)

Decisiones terapeuticas en el adulto con comunicacion interatrial
, Archivos de Cardiologia de Mexico 73(Supl. 1): S13-S16 (2003)

Decisions concerning potentially life-sustaining treatments in paediatric nephrology: a multicentre study in French-speaking countries
, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 19(5): 1252-1257 (2004)

Decisions in diagnosing and managing chronic gastroesophageal reflux disease in children
, Journal of Pediatrics 146(3 Suppl): S3-12 (2005)

Decisions on drug therapies by numbers needed to treat: a randomized trial
, Archives of Internal Medicine 165(10): 1140-1146 (2005)

Decisions to hospitalize nursing home residents dying with advanced dementia
, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 53(8): 1396-1401 (2005)

Decisions under uncertainty: probabilistic context influences activation of prefrontal and parietal cortices
, Journal of Neuroscience 25(13): 3304-3311 (2005)

Decisions, decisions
, Journal of Experimental Biology 209(1): II (2006)

Decisions, decisions: beta-catenin chooses between adhesion and transcription
, Trends in Cell Biology 15(5): 234-237 (2005)

Decisions, decisions: infant language learning when multiple generalizations are possible
, Cognition 98(3): B67 (2006)

Decitabine activates specific caspases downstream of p73 in myeloid leukemia
, Annals of Hematology 84(Suppl. 1): 47-53 (2005)

Decitabine: a historical review of the development of an epigenetic drug
, Annals of Hematology 84(Suppl. 1): 3-8 (2005)

Decitabine: a historical review of the development of an epigenetic drug (vol 85, pg 557, 2006)
, Annals of Hematology 85(8): 557 (2006)

Declarative memory consolidation in humans: a prospective functional magnetic resonance imaging study
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 103(3): 756-761 (2006)

Declarative memory consolidation: mechanisms acting during human sleep
, Learning and Memory 11(6): 679-685 (2004)

Declarative memory impairments following a military combat course: parallel neuropsychological and biochemical investigations
, Neuropsychobiology 49(4): 210-217 (2004)

Declarative memory impairments in Alzheimer's disease and semantic dementia
, Neuroimage 30(3): 1010-1020 (2006)

Declarative memory in unaffected adult relatives of patients with schizophrenia: a systematic review and meta-analysis
, Schizophrenia Research 78(1): 13-26 (2005)

Declarative memory, awareness, and transitive inference
, Journal of Neuroscience 25(44): 10138-10146 (2005)

Declared and undeclared substance use among emergency department patients: a population-based study
, Addiction 101(5): 706-712 (2006)

Decline and potential recovery of striped bass in a southeastern US estuary
, Fisheries (Bethesda) 30(3): 18-25 (2005)

Decline and recovery of a high Arctic wolf-prey system
, Arctic 58(3): 305-307 (2005)

Decline eccentric squats increases patellar tendon loading compared to standard eccentric squats
, Clinical Biomechanics 21(7): 748-754 (2006)

Decline in HIV incidence and injecting, but not in sexual risk behaviour, seen in drug users in Amsterdam: a 19-year prospective cohort study
, Aids 20(13): 1771-1775 (2006)

Decline in HIV infectivity following the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy
, Aids 18(1): 81-88 (2004)

Decline in angiogenic factors, such as interleukin-8, indicates response to chemotherapy of metastatic melanoma
, Melanoma Research 15(6): 515-522 (2005)

Decline in blood pressure over time and risk of dementia: a longitudinal study from the Kungsholmen project
, Stroke 35(8): 1810-1815 (2004)

Decline in caveolin-1 expression and scaffolding of G protein receptor kinase-2 with age in Fischer 344 aortic vascular smooth muscle
, American Journal of Physiology. Heart and Circulatory Physiology 288(5): H2457 (2005)

Decline in cervical cancer incidence and mortality in New South Wales in relation to control activities (Australia)
, Cancer Causes and Control 17(3): 299-306 (2006)

Decline in cognitive and functional skills increases mortality risk in nondemented elderly
, Neurology 65(8): 1218-1226 (2005)

Decline in exogenous gene expression in primate brain following intravenous administration is due to plasmid degradation
, Pharmaceutical Research 23(7): 1586-1590 (2006)

Decline in fertility of mouse sperm with abnormal chromatin during epididymal passage as revealed by ICSI
, Human Reproduction 20(11): 3101-3108 (2005)

Decline in glucokinase activity in the arcuate nucleus of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
, Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 29(2): 216-219 (2006)

Decline in hippocampal theta activity during cessation of locomotor approach sequences: amplitude leads frequency and relates to instrumental behavior
, Neuroscience 140(3): 779-790 (2006)

Decline in incidence of hospitalisation for acute myocardial infarction in the Netherlands from 1995 to 2000
, Heart 92(2): 162-165 (2005)

Decline in intelligence is associated with progression in white matter hyperintensity volume
, Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 76(9): 1289-1291 (2005)

Decline in kidney function before and after nephrology referral and the effect on survival in moderate to advanced chronic kidney disease
, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 21(8): 2133-2143 (2006)

Decline in lung function in patients with lymphangioleiomyomatosis treated with or without progesterone
, Chest 126(6): 1867-1874 (2004)

Decline in mortality, AIDS, and hospital admissions in perinatally HIV-1 infected children in the United Kingdom and Ireland
, Bmj 327(7422): 1019 (2003)

Decline in natwe renal function early after bladder-drained pancreas transplantation alone
, Transplantation 77(6): 844-849 (2004)

Decline in physical performance among women with a recent transient ischemic attack or ischemic stroke: opportunities for functional preservation a report of the Women's Estrogen Stroke Trial
, Stroke 36(3): 630-634 (2005)

Decline in skeletal muscle mitochondrial function with aging in humans
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 102(15): 5618-5623 (2005)

Decline in smoking cessation rate associated with high self-efficacy scores
, Preventive Medicine 39(5): 863-868 (2004)

Decline in structural examination compliance in the hospital medical record with advancing level of training
, Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 101(9): 501-508 (2001)

Decline in suicidal ideation among patients with MDD is preceded by decline in depression and hopelessness
, Journal of Affective Disorders 95(1-3): 95-102 (2006)

Decline in the diversity of benthic invertebrates in the wave-zone of eastern Lake Erie, 1974-2001
, Journal of Great Lakes Research 29(4): 608-615 (2003)

Decline in the endemic Mexican prairie dog Cynomys mexicanus: what do we know about extinction risk?
, Oryx 39(4): 389-397 (2005)

Decline in the overall incidence of regional-distant prostate cancer in Olmsted County, MN, 1980-2000
, Bju International 95(7): 951-955 (2005)

Decline in the prevalence of antibodies to herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 among Israeli young adults between 1984 and 2002
, Sexually Transmitted Diseases 33(11): 641-645 (2006)

Decline in the prevalence of spina bifida and anencephaly by race/ethnicity: 1995-2002
, Pediatrics 116(3): 580-586 (2005)

Decline in the primary productivity of northwestern European forests as a consequence of climate aridization

Decline in titin content in rat skeletal muscle after denervation
, Muscle and Nerve 32(6): 798-807 (2005)

Decline in transcriptional activity of Nrf2 causes age-related loss of glutathione synthesis, which is reversible with lipoic acid
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 101(10): 3381-3386 (2004)

Decline in urinary retention incidence in 805 patients after prostate brachytherapy: the effect of learning curve?
, International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 64(3): 825-834 (2006)

Decline in varicella-related hospitalizations and expenditures for children and adults after introduction of varicella vaccine in the United States
, Pediatrics 114(3): 786-792 (2004)

Decline in varicella-zoster virus (VZV)-specific cell-mediated immunity with increasing age and boosting with a high-dose VZV vaccine
, Journal of Infectious Diseases 188(9): 1336-1344 (2003)

Decline in ventricular function and clinical condition after Mustard repair for transposition of the great arteries (a prospective study of 22-29 years)
, European Heart Journal 25(14): 1264-1270 (2004)

Decline in, and lack of difference between, average birth weights among African and Portuguese babies in Portugal
, International Journal of Epidemiology 35(2): 270-276 (2006)

Decline of FEV1 in scuba divers
, Chest 130(1): 238-243 (2006)

Decline of ambient air pollution levels and improved respiratory health in Swiss children
, Environmental Health Perspectives 113(11): 1632-1637 (2005)

Decline of an island fox subspecies to near extinction
, Southwestern Naturalist ch; 50(1): 32-41 (2005)

Decline of clear-water rotifer populations in a reservoir: the role of resource limitation
, Hydrobiologia 546: 509-518 (2005)

Decline of contractility during ischemia-reperfusion injury: actin glutathionylation and its effect on allosteric interaction with tropomyosin
, American Journal of Physiology. Cell Physiology 290(3): C719-C727 (2005)

Decline of eucalypt trees in tablelands of new south wales, Australia
, Journal of Forestry Research 16(4): 306-310 (2005)

Decline of hepatitis C infection in hemodialysis patients in Central Brazil: a ten years of surveillance
, Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 100(4): 345-349 (2005)

Decline of immune responsiveness: a pathogenetic factor in Alzheimer's disease?
, Journal of Psychiatric Research 39(5): 535-543 (2005)

Decline of lichen-diversity in calcium-poor coastal dune vegetation since the 1970s, related to grass and moss encroachment
, Phytocoenologia 34(4): 521-549 (2004)

Decline of maternal hepatitis a antibodies during the first 2 years of life in infants born in Turkey
, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 73(2): 457-459 (2005)

Decline of northern Lapwing Vanellus vanellus breeding on arable farmland in relation to the loss of spring tillage
, Bird Study 52(3): 297-306 (2005)

Decline of recruitment success in cockles and other bivalves in the Wadden Sea: possible role of climate change, predation on postlarvae and fisheries
, Marine Ecology Progress Series 287: 149-167 (2005)

Decline of renal function is associated with proteinuria and systolic blood pressure in the morning in diabetic nephropathy
, Clinical and Experimental Hypertension 27(2-3): 129-138 (2005)

Decline of serum human chorionic gonadotropin and spontaneous complete abortion: defining the normal curve
, Obstetrics and Gynecology 104(5 Pt 1): 975-981 (2004)

Decline of speech understanding and auditory thresholds in the elderly
, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 118(2): 1089-1100 (2005)

Decline of striatal dopamine release in parkin-deficient mice shown by ex vivo autoradiography
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 84(6): 1350-1357 (2006)

Decline of tactile acuity in aging: a study of body site, blood flow, and lifetime habits of smoking and physical activity
, Somatosensory and Motor Research 20(3-4): 271-279 (2003)

Decline of the Alaska abalone (Haliotis spp.) fishery and prospects for rebuilding the stock
, Canadian Special Publication of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 130: 25-31 (2000)

Decline of the Madagascar radiated tortoise Geochelone radiata due to overexploitation
, Oryx y; 37(3): 338-343 (2003)

Decline of the endemic Hose's langur Presbytis hosei in Kayan Mentarang National Park, east Borneo
, Oryx 39(2): 223-226 (2005)

Decline of vertical gaze and convergence with aging
, Gerontology 50(3): 177-181 (2004)

Decline of yellow perch in southwestern Lake Michigan, 1987-1997
, North American Journal of Fisheries Management ust; 24(3): 952-966 (2004)

Decline regularity and causes of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica plantation on sandy land
, Yingyong Shengtai Xuebao 15(12): 2225-2228 (2004)

Declines in abundance and distribution of the ivory gull (Pagophila eburnea) in Arctic Canada
, Biological Conservation 121(2): 303-309 (2005)

Declines in arrestin and rhodopsin in the macula with progression of age-related macular degeneration
, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 46(3): 769-775 (2005)

Declines in harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) numbers in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, 1992-2002
, Marine Mammal Science 22(1): 167-189 (2006)

Declines in mortality from acute myocardial infarction in successive incidence and birth cohorts of patients with rheumatoid arthritis
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