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Chapter 11,948

Developmental competence of somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos reconstructed from oocytes matured in vitro with follicle shells in miniature pig

Hoshino, Y.; Uchida, M.; Shimatsu, Y.; Miyake, M.; Nagao, Y.; Minami, N.; Yamada, M.; Imai, H.

Cloning and Stem Cells 7(1): 17-26


ISSN/ISBN: 1536-2302
PMID: 15996114
DOI: 10.1089/clo.2005.7.17
Accession: 011947897

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The developmental competence of domestic pig oocytes that were transferred to somatic cell nuclei of miniature pig was examined. A co-culture system of oocytes with follicle shells was used for the maturation of domestic pig oocytes in vitro. Co-cultured oocytes progressed to the metaphase II stage of meiosis more quickly and more synchronously than non co-cultured oocytes. Oocytes were enucleated and fused with fibroblast cells of Potbelly miniature pig at 48 h of maturation.

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