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Different potentials of gamma delta T cell subsets in regulating airway responsiveness: V gamma 1+ cells, but not V gamma 4+ cells, promote airway hyperreactivity, Th2 cytokines, and airway inflammation

Different potentials of gamma delta T cell subsets in regulating airway responsiveness: V gamma 1+ cells, but not V gamma 4+ cells, promote airway hyperreactivity, Th2 cytokines, and airway inflammation

Journal of Immunology 172(5): 2894-2902

ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1767

PMID: 14978091

Allergic airway inflammation and hyperreactivity are modulated by gammadelta T cells, but different experimental parameters can influence the effects observed. For example, in sensitized C57BL/6 and BALB/c mice, transient depletion of all TCR-delta+ cells just before airway challenge resulted in airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR), but caused hyporesponsiveness when initiated before i.p. sensitization. Vgamma4+ gammadelta T cells strongly suppressed AHR; their depletion relieved suppression when initiated before challenge, but not before sensitization, and they suppressed AHR when transferred before challenge into sensitized TCR-Vgamma4-/-/6-/- mice. In contrast, Vgamma1+ gammadelta T cells enhanced AHR and airway inflammation. In normal mice (C57BL/6 and BALB/c), enhancement of AHR was abrogated only when these cells were depleted before sensitization, but not before challenge, and with regard to airway inflammation, this effect was limited to C57BL/6 mice. However, Vgamma1+ gammadelta T cells enhanced AHR when transferred before challenge into sensitized B6.TCR-delta-/- mice. In this study Vgamma1+ cells also increased levels of Th2 cytokines in the airways and, to a lesser extent, lung eosinophil numbers. Thus, Vgamma4+ cells suppress AHR, and Vgamma1+ cells enhance AHR and airway inflammation under defined experimental conditions. These findings show how gammadelta T cells can be both inhibitors and enhancers of AHR and airway inflammation, and they provide further support for the hypothesis that TCR expression and function cosegregate in gammadelta T cells.

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