Effect of integrated nutrient supply on growth, yield and nutrient uptake by maize (Zea mays) -wheat (Triticum aestivium) cropping system

Verma, A.; Nepalia, V.; Kanthaliya, R.

Indian Journal of Agronomy 51(1): 3-5


ISSN/ISBN: 0537-197X
Accession: 011998050

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A long-term fertilizer experiment initiated in 1997 at Instructional Farm of the Rajasthan College of Agriculture, Udaipur, was selected for this investigation during 2000-01 and 2001-02, to evaluate the effect of integrated nutrient supply on productivity and nutrient uptake of maize (Zea mays L.)-wheat (Triticum aestivum L. emend. Fiori & Paol.) cropping system. Maximum plant height and leaf-area index (LAI) of maize wore observed by applying 150% NPK, while dry matter was found maximum with 100% NPK + FYM 10 tonnes/ha. The results of both these treatments were at par in all growth parameters. Highest maize grain and stover yields we're obtained by applying 150% NPK, though the results were at par with those obtained with 100% NPK + FYM 10 tonnes/ha. Application of 100% NPK + FYM 10 tonnes/ha showed highest values of growth parameters and grain yield of wheat, while maximum straw yield was recorded with 150% NPK. However, these 2 treatments were found at par. The balanced and integrated nutrient supply to maize and wheat showed significantly higher uptake of primary nutrients.