Section 13
Chapter 12,003

Effect of rol transgenes, IAA, and kinetin on starch content and the size of starch granules in tubers of in vitro potato plants

Gukasyan, I.A.; Golyanovskaya, S.A.; Grishunina, E.V.; Konstantinova, T.N.; Aksenova, N.P.; Romanov, G.A.

Russian Journal of Plant Physiology 52(6): 809-813


ISSN/ISBN: 1021-4437
DOI: 10.1007/s11183-005-0119-1
Accession: 012002690

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Stem cuttings were produced from Solanum tuberosum L., Desiree, plants and their transgenic forms harboring rolB and rolC genes from Agrobacterium rhizogenes. Plants were cultured on hormone-free Murashige and Skoog nutrient medium (MS) and on MS supplemented with IAA or kinetin. In microtubers developed on these cuttings, we estimated the content of starch and the number and size of starch granules.

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