Section 13
Chapter 12,030

Einige neue Brackwespen (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Braconidae) and weitere Formen der Kiefer- and Madenwespen (Alysiinae, Opiinae)

Fischer, M.

Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien Serie B Botanik und Zoologie 105B(April): 277-318


Accession: 012029177

The following species are described as new or redescribed: Aspilota manandrianaensis sp.n., Idiasta curtimembrum sp.n., Idiasta madagascariensis GRANGER, 1949, Orthostigma (Orthostigma) seychellense sp.n., Chorebus paucipilosus sp.n., Opius (Adontopius) pterus WHARTON, AUSTIN & THOMPSON, 1990, Opius (Allotypus) sculptisaevus sp.n., Opius (Allotypus) tenuipilosus sp.n., Opius (Frekius) pteridiophilus WHARTON, AUSTIN & THOMPSON, 1990, Opius (Gastrosema) elguetai sp.n., Opius (Gastrosema) erzurumensis sp.n., Opius (Gastrosema) paraqvisti sp.n., Opius (Hypocynodus) latipediformis sp.n., Opius (Opius) osoguineus sp.n., Opius (Phaedrotoma) riocalaoensis sp.n., Biosteres analis (WESMAEL, 1835). The species are compared with similar taxa, morphological details are figured and new localities of further species are dealt with. Keys for identification of Palearctic species are proposed for Opius Subgenus Allotypus FOERSTER, and Opius subgenus Frekius FISCHER, Old World; recently described species from the Russian Far East are not taken into consideration.

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