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Evaluation of the ABX Pentra 400: a newly available clinical chemistry analyser

Coudène, P.; Marson, B.; Badiou, S.ép.; Flavier, S.éb.; Anelli, S.éb.; Cristol, J.P.; Dupuy, A.M.

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine 43(7): 782-792


ISSN/ISBN: 1434-6621
PMID: 16207142
DOI: 10.1515/cclm.2005.133
Accession: 012059891

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The performance of the ABX Pentra 400, a new multiparametric analyser available for routine and specialised clinical chemistry analyses, was evaluated according to the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS) and Valtec protocols. Substrate concentrations and enzyme activities were determined by spectrophotometric measurement after coloured reaction or UV detection-based reactions; electrolyte concentrations were determined with ion-selective electrodes, and specific protein concentrations were assayed by immunoturbidimetry. In total, 32 of the most common clinical chemistry parameters were evaluated under simulated routine conditions. The analytical performance of the system and the quality of the ABX Pentra reagent line were both examined in a single-site study. The ABX Pentra 400 was compared with the Olympus AU640, Konelab-Konepro, Beckman Coulter-Immage and Beckman Coulter-Access 2, depending on the tests available on these analysers. The coefficient of variation (CV) values were within expected values. Coefficients of correlation showed high correlation between the analysers compared. The influence of interfering substances was moderate. The practicability of the system was good. We conclude that good reliability and practicability make the ABX Pentra 400 system suitable for laboratories with various needs.

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