Section 13
Chapter 12,086

Fattening, meatness and economic efficiency of fattening pigs

Sencic, D.; Antunovic, Z.; Kanisek, J.; Speranda, M.

Acta Veterinaria 55(4): 327-334


ISSN/ISBN: 0567-8315
Accession: 012085975

The investigation included five groups of fattening pigs of various average final body weights (90.30 kg; 100.40 kg; 110.30 kg; 120.50 kg and 130.20 kg). The pigs were kept in groups and fed ad libitum a feed mixtures. Meat quality was determined on M. longissimus dorsi (MLD) taken between the 13(th) and 14(th) rib.

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