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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12144

Chapter 12144 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gonzalez, C.L.R.; Ganel, T.; Goodale, M.A., 2006:
Hemispheric specialization for the visual control of action is independent of handedness

Peyrin, C.; Schwartz, S.; Seghier, M.; Michel, C.; Landis, T.; Vuilleumier, P., 2005:
Hemispheric specialization of human inferior temporal cortex during coarse-to-fine and fine-to-coarse analysis of natural visual scenes

Manoach, D.S.; White, N.S.; Lindgren, K.A.; Heckers, S.; Coleman, M.J.; Dubal, Séphanie.; Holzman, P.S., 2004:
Hemispheric specialization of the lateral prefrontal cortex for strategic processing during spatial and shape working memory

Green, D.; Leggett, J.; Bowtell, R., 2005:
Hemispherical gradient coils for magnetic resonance imaging

Smith, J.R.; Fountas, K.N.; Lee, M.R., 2005:
Hemispherotomy: description of surgical technique

Gupta, V.; Mychalczak, B.; Krug, L.; Flores, R.; Bains, M.; Rusch, V.W.; Rosenzweig, K.E., 2005:
Hemithoracic radiation therapy after pleurectomy/decortication for malignant pleural mesothelioma

Takahashi, M.; Nakaya, K., 2004:
Hemitriakis complicofasciata, a new whitefin topeshark (Carcharhiniformes: Triakidae) from Japan

Ruf, M.; Jensen, R.; Harms, Jürgen., 2005:
Hemivertebra resection in the cervical spine

Goldstein, I.; Makhoul, I.R.; Weissman, A.; Drugan, A., 2005:
Hemivertebra: prenatal diagnosis, incidence and characteristics

Del Campo, M.; Antonell, A.; Magano, L.F.; Muñoz, F.J.; Flores, R.; Bayés, Mònica.; Pérez Jurado, L.A., 2006:
Hemizygosity at the NCF1 gene in patients with Williams-Beuren syndrome decreases their risk of hypertension

Callejas, S.; Leech, V.; Reitter, C.; Melville, S., 2006:
Hemizygous subtelomeres of an African trypanosome chromosome may account for over 75% of chromosome length

Richwien, A.; Wurm, G., 2004:
Hemmung der arachidonsaurekaskade durch aza-2-aryl-1,4-naphthochinon-derivate

Sanchez, C.; Rodeiro, I.; Garrido, G.; Delgado, R., 2005:
Hemo-oxigenasa 1: Un promisorio blanco terapeutico

Pohar, T.T.; Sun, H.; Davuluri, R.V., 2003:
HemoPDB: Hematopoiesis Promoter Database, an information resource of transcriptional regulation in blood cell development

Venkataraman, R.; Song, M.; Lynas, R.; Kellum, J.A., 2004:
Hemoadsorption to improve organ recovery from brain-dead organ donors: a novel therapy for a novel indication?

Prasad, G.A.; Abraham, S.C.; Baron, T.H.; Topazian, M.D., 2005:
Hemobilia caused by cytomegalovirus cholangiopathy

Park, S.Soon.; Kim, B.Uk.; Han, H.Suk.; Goo, J.Chung.; Han, J.Ho.; Bae, I.Hun.; Park, S.Mee., 2006:
Hemobilia from ruptured hepatic artery aneurysm in polyarteritis nodosa

de Quinta Frutos, R.; Moles Morenilla, L.; Docobo Durantez, F.; Soto Pradas, J.A.; Iriarte Calvo, J.; Vázquez Medina, A., 2004:
Hemobilia secondary to chronic cholecystitis

Nagy, Z.; Kószó, F.; Pár, A.; Emri, G.; Horkay, Ién.; Horányi, M.; Karádi, Oár.; Rumi, Görgy.; Morvay, Márta.; Varga, Vória.; Dobozy, A.; Mózsik, G., 2004:
Hemochromatosis (HFE) gene mutations and hepatitis C virus infection as risk factors for porphyria cutanea tarda in Hungarian patients

Kallianpur, A.R.; Hulgan, T.; Canter, J.A.; Ritchie, M.D.; Haines, J.L.; Robbins, G.K.; Shafer, R.W.; Clifford, D.B.; Haas, D.W., 2006:
Hemochromatosis (HFE) gene mutations and peripheral neuropathy during antiretroviral therapy

Perícole, F.V.; Alves, M.A.V.R.; Saad, S.T.O.; Costa, F.F., 2005:
Hemochromatosis (HFE) gene mutations in Brazilian chronic hemodialysis patients

Zamboni, P.; Tognazzo, S.; Izzo, M.; Pancaldi, F.; Scapoli, G.L.; Liboni, A.; Gemmati, D., 2005:
Hemochromatosis C282Y gene mutation increases the risk of venous leg ulceration

Rollot, F.; Wechsler, B.; du Boutin, L.Thi.Huong.; D.G.nnes, C.; Amoura, Z.; Hachulla, E.; Piette, J-Charles., 2005:
Hemochromatosis and femoral head aseptic osteonecrosis: a nonfortuitous association?

Lee, P.L.; Barton, J.C., 2006:
Hemochromatosis and severe iron overload associated with compound heterozygosity for TFR2 R455Q and two novel mutations TFR2 R396X and G792R

Chan, A.T.; Ma, J.; Tranah, G.J.; Giovannucci, E.L.; Rifai, N.; Hunter, D.J.; Fuchs, C.S., 2005:
Hemochromatosis gene mutations, body iron stores, dietary iron, and risk of colorectal adenoma in women

Sendi, H.; Ghaziani, T.; Zali, M.R.; Adibi, P.; Agah, M.; Jazayeri, M.; Shahraz, S.; Magnius, L.; Bonkovsky, H.L., 2005:
Hemochromatosis mutations in Iranians with hepatitis B virus infection

Leitman, S.F.; Browning, J.N.; Yau, Y.Ying.; Mason, G.; Klein, H.G.; Conry-Cantilena, C.; Bolan, C.D., 2003:
Hemochromatosis subjects as allogeneic blood donors: a prospective study

Liu, W.; Shimomura, S.; Imanishi, H.; Iwamoto, Y.; Ikeda, N.; Saito, M.; Ohno, M.; Hara, N.; Yamamoto, T.; Nakamura, H.; Hada, T., 2005:
Hemochromatosis with mutation of the ferroportin 1 (IREG1) gene

Chen, Y-Yuan.; Su, W-Wen.; Soon, M-Soan.; Yen, H-Heng., 2006:
Hemoclip-assisted polypectomy of large duodenal Brunner's gland hamartoma

Liu, T-Yu.; Lin, W-Ching.; Huang, L-Ying.; Chen, S-Yuan.; Yang, M-Chien., 2004:
Hemocompatibility and anaphylatoxin formation of protein-immobilizing polyacrylonitrile hemodialysis membrane

Maitz, M.F.; Gago, R.; Abendroth, B.; Camero, M.; Caretti, I.; Kreissig, U., 2005:
Hemocompatibility of low-friction boron-carbon-nitrogen containing coatings

Kwok, S.C.H.; Yang, P.; Wang, J.; Liu, X.; Chu, P.K., 2004:
Hemocompatibility of nitrogen-doped, hydrogen-free diamond-like carbon prepared by nitrogen plasma immersion ion implantation-deposition

Lin, W-Ching.; Liu, T-Yu.; Yang, M-Chien., 2004:
Hemocompatibility of polyacrylonitrile dialysis membrane immobilized with chitosan and heparin conjugate

Poussard, L.; Burel, F.; Couvercelle, J-P.; Merhi, Y.; Tabrizian, M.; Bunel, C., 2004:
Hemocompatibilty of new ionic polyurethanes: influence of carboxylic group insertion modes

Gardner, T.B.; Olenec, C.A.; Chertoff, J.D.; Mackenzie, T.A.; Robertson, D.J., 2006:
Hemoconcentration and pancreatic necrosis: further defining the relationship

Adachi, K.; Endo, H.; Watanabe, T.; Nishioka, T.; Hirata, T., 2005:
Hemocyanin in the exoskeleton of crustaceans: enzymatic properties and immunolocalization

Cunningham, M.G.rcia, F.G.rda, H.P.llero, R., 2006:
Hemocyanin lipid uptake in Polybetes pythagoricus is altered by fenitrothion

De Ioannes, P.; Moltedo, B.; Oliva, H.; Pacheco, R.; Faunes, F.; De Ioannes, A.E.; Becker, Mía.Inés., 2004:
Hemocyanin of the molluscan Concholepas concholepas exhibits an unusual heterodecameric array of subunits

Mount, A.S.; Wheeler, A.P.; Paradkar, R.P.; Snider, D., 2004:
Hemocyte-mediated shell mineralization in the eastern oyster

Kanamori, Toshiyuki, 2006:

Rotmans, J.I.; Pasterkamp, G.; Verhagen, H.J.M.; Pattynama, P.M.T.; Blankestijn, P.J.; Stroes, E.S.G., 2005:
Hemodialysis access graft failure: time to revisit an unmet clinical need?

Lilien, M.R.; Koomans, H.A.; Schröder, C.H., 2005:
Hemodialysis acutely impairs endothelial function in children

Nolin, T.D.; Appiah, K.; Kendrick, S.A.; Le, P.; McMonagle, E.; Himmelfarb, J., 2006:
Hemodialysis acutely improves hepatic CYP3A4 metabolic activity

Rosner, M.H., 2005:
Hemodialysis for the non-nephrologist

Fischbach, M.; Edefonti, A.; Schröder, C.; Watson, A., 2005:
Hemodialysis in children: general practical guidelines

El-Rehima, Hassan, A.Abd, 2005:
Hemodialysis membranes based on functionalized high-density polyethylene

Liakopoulos, V.; Eleftheriadis, T.; Kyropoulos, T.; Voliotis, G.; Potamianos, S.; Zengos, N.; Stefanidis, I.; Heintz, B., 2005:
Hemodialysis procedure does not affect the levels of sICAM-1 and sVCAM-1 in patients with end stage renal disease

Lee, K-Beck.; Kim, B.; Lee, Y-Ha.; Yoon, S-Jin.; Kang, W-Hun.; Huh, W.; Kim, D-Joong.; Oh, H-Young.; Kim, Y-Goo., 2004:
Hemodialysis using heparin-bound Hemophan in patients at risk of bleeding

Shoji, T.; Tsubakihara, Y.; Fujii, M.; Imai, E., 2004:
Hemodialysis-associated hypotension as an independent risk factor for two-year mortality in hemodialysis patients

Homi, H.Mayumi.; Yang, H.; Pearlstein, R.D.; Grocott, H.P., 2004:
Hemodilution during cardiopulmonary bypass increases cerebral infarct volume after middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats

Nielsen, V.G., 2004:
Hemodilution with lactated Ringer's solution causes hypocoagulability in rabbits

Cardenas, Angel-Romero, 2004:
Hemodinamica no invasiva

Dai-Jian-Hua; Ding-Guang-Hong; Gong-Jian-Qiu; Yang-Xin-Jian; Zhang-Xiao-Long, 2004:
Hemodynamic 2-D numerical simulation of an intracranial aneurysm

Harvey, P.J.; Morris, B.L.; Kubo, T.; Picton, P.E.; Su, W.S.; Notarius, C.F.; Floras, J.S., 2005:
Hemodynamic after-effects of acute dynamic exercise in sedentary normotensive postmenopausal women

Ozkose, Z.; Demir, F.Sunay.; Pampal, K.; Yardim, S., 2006:
Hemodynamic and anesthetic advantages of dexmedetomidine, an alpha 2-agonist, for surgery in prone position

Gratze, G.; Rudnicki, R.; Urban, W.; Mayer, H.; Schlögl, A.; Skrabal, F., 2005:
Hemodynamic and autonomic changes induced by Ironman: prediction of competition time by blood pressure variability

Wolk, R.; Shamsuzzaman, A.S.M.; Svatikova, A.; Huyber, C.M.; Huck, C.; Narkiewicz, K.; Somers, V.K., 2005:
Hemodynamic and autonomic effects of smokeless tobacco in healthy young men

Laude, K.; Cai, H.; Fink, B.; Hoch, N.; Weber, D.S.; Mccann, L.; Kojda, G.; Fukai, T.; Schmidt, H.H.W.; Dikalov, S.; Ramasamy, S.; Gamez, G.; Griendling, K.K.; Harrison, D.G., 2005:
Hemodynamic and biochemical adaptations to vascular smooth muscle overexpression and p22(phox) in mice (vol 57, pg H7, 2005)

Laude, K.; Cai, H.; Fink, B.; Hoch, N.; Weber, D.S.; McCann, L.; Kojda, G.; Fukai, T.; Schmidt, H.H.H.W.; Dikalov, S.; Ramasamy, S.; Gamez, G.; Griendling, K.K.; Harrison, D.G., 2004:
Hemodynamic and biochemical adaptations to vascular smooth muscle overexpression of p22phox in mice

Dogru, K.; Duygulu, F.; Yildiz, K.; Kotanoglu, M.Sirri.; Madenoglu, H.; Boyaci, A., 2003:
Hemodynamic and blockade effects of high/low epinephrine doses during axillary brachial plexus blockade with lidocaine 1.5%: A randomized, double-blinded study

Ishii, S.; Nagahori, R.; Oshiumi, M.; Okuyama, H.; Sakamoto, Y.; Morita, K.; Hashimoto, K., 2005:
Hemodynamic and cardiac motion analyses in an experimental model of off-pump coronary bypass surgery - Effects of stabilizer and heart positioner

Reesink, H.J.; Meijer, R.C.; Lutter, Ré.; Boomsma, F.; Jansen, H.M.; Kloek, J.J.; Bresser, P., 2006:
Hemodynamic and clinical correlates of endothelin-1 in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

Neglén, P.; Egger, J.F.; Olivier, J.; Raju, S., 2004:
Hemodynamic and clinical impact of ultrasound-derived venous reflux parameters

Kleinveld, G.; Joyner, R.W.; Sallee, D.; Kanter, K.R.; Parks, W.J., 2006:
Hemodynamic and electrocardiographic effects of early pulmonary valve replacement in pediatric patients after transannular complete repair of tetralogy of Fallot

Derbent, Aürrahim.; Erşahin, Y.; Yurtseven, Tşkin.; Turhan, T., 2005:
Hemodynamic and electrolyte changes in patients undergoing neuroendoscopic procedures

Jackson, G., 2006:
Hemodynamic and exercise effects of phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors

Nicholls, M.G., 2004:
Hemodynamic and hormonal actions of adrenomedullin

Takano, H.; Morita, T.; Iida, H.; Asada, K-ichi.; Kato, M.; Uno, K.; Hirose, K.; Matsumoto, A.; Takenaka, K.; Hirata, Y.; Eto, F.; Nagai, R.; Sato, Y.; Nakajima, T., 2005:
Hemodynamic and hormonal responses to a short-term low-intensity resistance exercise with the reduction of muscle blood flow

Schmidt, K.F.; Febo, M.; Shen, Q.; Luo, F.; Sicard, K.M.; Ferris, C.F.; Stein, E.A.; Duong, T.Q., 2006:
Hemodynamic and metabolic changes induced by cocaine in anesthetized rat observed with multimodal functional MRI

Nascimento, E.Alves.; Gioli-Pereira, L.; Carvalho, L.Teixeira.; Santos, E.Lucas.; Pesquero, Jão.Bosco.; Kouyoumdjian, M.; Borges, D.Rosa., 2005:
Hemodynamic and metabolic effects of angiotensin II on the liver

Gore, D.C.; Wolfe, R.R., 2006:
Hemodynamic and metabolic effects of selective beta1 adrenergic blockade during sepsis

Stefanovic, B.; Warnking, J.M.; Kobayashi, E.; Bagshaw, A.P.; Hawco, C.; Dubeau, Fçois.; Gotman, J.; Pike, G.Bruce., 2005:
Hemodynamic and metabolic responses to activation, deactivation and epileptic discharges

Caiozzo, V.J.; Rose-Gottron, C.; Baldwin, K.M.; Cooper, D.; Adams, G.; Hicks, J.; Kreitenberg, A., 2004:
Hemodynamic and metabolic responses to hypergravity on a human-powered centrifuge

Boschmann, M.; Adams, F.; Schaller, K.; Franke, G.; Sharma, A.M.; Klaus, S.; Luft, F.C.; Jordan, J., 2006:
Hemodynamic and metabolic responses to interstitial angiotensin II in normal weight and obese men

Stefanovic, B.; Warnking, J.M.; Pike, G.Bruce., 2004:
Hemodynamic and metabolic responses to neuronal inhibition

Jordan, J.; Engeli, S.; Boschmann, M.; Weidinger, G.; Luft, F.C.; Sharma, A.M.; Kreuzberg, U., 2005:
Hemodynamic and metabolic responses to valsartan and atenolol in obese hypertensive patients

Persson, L.M.; Arnhjort, T.; Lärfars, G.; Rosfors, S., 2006:
Hemodynamic and morphologic evaluation of sequelae of primary upper extremity deep venous thromboses treated with anticoagulation

Gasiorowska, A.; Nazar, K.; Mikulski, T.; Cybulski, G.; Niewiadomski, W.; Smorawiński, J.; Krzemiński, K.; Porta, S.; Kaciuba-Uściłko, H., 2005:
Hemodynamic and neuroendocrine predictors of lower body negative pressure (LBNP) intolerance in healthy young men

Damgaard, M.; Norsk, P.; Gustafsson, F.; Kanters, Jørgen.K.; Christensen, N.Juel.; Bie, P.; Friberg, L.; Gadsbøll, N., 2005:
Hemodynamic and neuroendocrine responses to changes in sodium intake in compensated heart failure

Brubaker, L.M.; Smith, J.Keith.; Lee, Y.Z.; Lin, W.; Castillo, M., 2005:
Hemodynamic and permeability changes in posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome measured by dynamic susceptibility perfusion-weighted MR imaging

Ahmed, S.H.; Ouzounian, S.P.; Dirusso, S.; Sullivan, T.; Savino, J.; Del Guercio, L., 2004:
Hemodynamic and pulmonary changes after drainage of significant pleural effusions in critically ill, mechanically ventilated surgical patients

Lorenzo, A.J.; Karsli, C.; Halachmi, S.; Dolci, M.; Luginbuehl, I.; Bissonnette, B.; Farhat, W.A., 2006:
Hemodynamic and respiratory effects of pediatric urological retroperitoneal laparoscopic surgery: a prospective study

Antunes, V.R.; Bonagamba, L.G.H.; Machado, B.H., 2005:
Hemodynamic and respiratory responses to microinjection of ATP into the intermediate and caudal NTS of awake rats

Plotnikov, M.B.; Chernyshova, G.A.; Smol'iakova, V.I.; Aliev, O.I.; Sutormina, T.G., 2004:
Hemodynamic and rheological effects of polyetox in rats with crush syndrome

Lindqvist, M.; Melcher, A.; Hjemdahl, P., 2004:
Hemodynamic and sympathoadrenal responses to mental stress during nitric oxide synthesis inhibition

Boekstegers, P.; Raake, P.; Hinkel, R.; Pohl, T.; Kupatt, C.; Knez, A.; Christ, F.; Eifert, S.; Steinbeck, G.; Reichart, B.; Vicol, C., 2005:
Hemodynamic and vascular effects of ventricular sourcing by stent-based ventricle to coronary artery bypass in patients with multivessel disease undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery

Baumgartner, H., 2006:
Hemodynamic assessment of aortic stenosis: are there still lessons to learn?

Aessopos, A.; Farmakis, D.; Tsironi, M.; Deftereos, S.; Tassiopoulos, S.; Konstantopoulos, K.; Rombos, J.; Papalambros, E., 2004:
Hemodynamic assessment of splenomegaly in beta-thalassemia patients undergoing splenectomy

Palei, A.C.T.; Zaneti, R.A.G.; Fortuna, G.M.; Gerlach, R.F.; Tanus-Santos, J.E., 2005:
Hemodynamic benefits of matrix metalloproteinase-9 inhibition by doxycycline during experimental acute pulmonary embolism

Welsby, I.J.; Newman, M.F.; Phillips-Bute, B.; Messier, R.H.; Kakkis, E.D.; Stafford-Smith, M., 2005:
Hemodynamic changes after protamine administration: association with mortality after coronary artery bypass surgery

Taggert, J.B.; Kupinski, A.Marie.; Darling, R.Clement.; Trub, M.; Paty, P.S.K., 2005:
Hemodynamic changes associated with bypass stenosis regression

Cantón, G.; Levy, D.I.; Lasheras, J.C., 2005:
Hemodynamic changes due to stent placement in bifurcating intracranial aneurysms

Vabishchev, A.V.; Ushakova, I.A., 2004:
Hemodynamic changes during anesthesia in orthotopic hepatic transplantation in 1-5-year-old children

Solberg, E.E.; Ekeberg, O.; Holen, A.; Ingjer, F.; Sandvik, L.; Standal, P.A.; Vikman, A., 2004:
Hemodynamic changes during long meditation

Omae, T.; Kakihana, Y.; Mastunaga, A.; Tsuneyoshi, I.; Kawasaki, K.; Kanmura, Y.; Sakata, R., 2005:
Hemodynamic changes during off-pump coronary artery bypass anastomosis in patients with coexisting mitral regurgitation: improvement with milrinone

Wen-Yanling; Wang-Mei; Luo-Baoming; Et-Al, 2004:
Hemodynamic changes in early stage of diabetic retinopathy in rats

Han, S.W.; Kim, S.H.; Kim, J.K.; Park, C.H.; Yun, M.J.; Heo, J.H., 2004:
Hemodynamic changes in limb shaking TIA associated with anterior cerebral artery stenosis

Leontyev, D.V.; Babayev, B.D.; Shishkov, M.V.; Ostreikov, I.F., 2005:
Hemodynamic changes in the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and paracetamol in postoperative analgesia in children

Boussuges, A.; Blanc, Fçois.; Carturan, D., 2006:
Hemodynamic changes induced by recreational scuba diving

Asano, Yuh; Ishiwata, Takahiro; Kawamura, Yoichi; Nakagawa, Noriko; Sekine, Isao; Nonoyama, Shigeaki, 2004:
Hemodynamic changes of inter-ventricular and inter-atrial flow in neonate with corrected transposition of the great arteries

Miura, F.; Takada, T.; Asano, T.; Kenmochi, T.; Ochiai, T.; Amano, H.; Yoshida, M., 2005:
Hemodynamic changes of splenogastric circulation after spleen-preserving pancreatectomy with excision of splenic artery and vein

Niesen, W-Dirk.; Rosenkranz, M.; Eckert, B.; Meissner, M.; Weiller, C.; Sliwka, U., 2004:
Hemodynamic changes of the cerebral circulation after stent-protected carotid angioplasty

Cao-Dan; Li-Chunlei; Chen-Bin; Et-Al, 2005:
Hemodynamic changes of the distal left anterior descending artery by ultrasound in diabetic patients

Yoo, J-Hyun.; Kim, M-Su.; Park, H-Myung., 2006:
Hemodynamic characteristics of vasopressin in dogs with severe hemorrhagic shock

Tschöpe, C.; Westermann, D.; Steendijk, P.; Noutsias, M.; Rutschow, S.; Weitz, A.; Schwimmbeck, P.Lothar.; Schultheiss, H-Peter.; Pauschinger, M., 2004:
Hemodynamic characterization of left ventricular function in experimental coxsackieviral myocarditis: effects of carvedilol and metoprolol

Türköz, A.; Gülcan, O.; Tercan, F.; Koçum, T.; Türköz, R., 2006:
Hemodynamic collapse caused by a large unruptured aneurysm of the ascending aorta in an 18 year old

Botzenhardt, F.; Eichinger, W.B.; Bleiziffer, S.; Guenzinger, R.; Wagner, I.M.; Bauernschmitt, R.; Lange, R., 2005:
Hemodynamic comparison of bioprostheses for complete supra-annular position in patients with small aortic annulus

Jung, J.; Hassanein, A.; Lyczkowski, R.W., 2006:
Hemodynamic computation using multiphase flow dynamics in a right coronary artery

Nichol, J.W.; Petko, M.; Myung, R.J.; Gaynor, J.William.; Gooch, K.J., 2005:
Hemodynamic conditions alter axial and circumferential remodeling of arteries engineered ex vivo

Otsuka, M.; Yamamoto, H.; Criley, J.Michael.; Oba, O.; Hisamochi, K.; Okimoto, T.; Tasaki, N.; Hirai, Y.; Ochi, N.; Ohnishi, M.; Kohno, N., 2006:
Hemodynamic consequences of a swinging, infarcted ventricular septum

Futrakul, N.; Siriviriyakul, P.; Futrakul, P., 2004:
Hemodynamic correction and early detection of tubulointerstitial fibrosis prevent disease progression in chronic kidney disease

Kilner, J.M.; Mattout, J.; Henson, R.; Friston, K.J., 2005:
Hemodynamic correlates of EEG: a heuristic

Inan, S.; Mitchell, T.; Song, A.; Bizzell, J.; Belger, A., 2004:
Hemodynamic correlates of stimulus repetition in the visual and auditory cortices: an fMRI study

Toichi, M.; Findling, R.L.; Kubota, Y.; Calabrese, J.R.; Wiznitzer, M.; McNamara, N.K.; Yamamoto, K., 2004:
Hemodynamic differences in the activation of the prefrontal cortex: attention vs. higher cognitive processing

van Laar, P.Jan.; van der Grond, J.; Moll, F.L.; Mali, W.P.Th.M.; Hendrikse, J., 2006:
Hemodynamic effect of carotid stenting and carotid endarterectomy

Grossini, E.; Caimmi, P.P.; Molinari, C.; Teodori, G.; Vacca, G., 2005:
Hemodynamic effect of intracoronary administration of levosimendan in the anesthetized pig

Malinowska-Zaprzałka, Młgorzata.; Wojewódzka, M.; Dryl, D.; Grabowska, Sława.Z.; Chabielska, E., 2005:
Hemodynamic effect of propofol in enalapril-treated hypertensive patients during induction of general anesthesia

Nanas, J.N.; Papazoglou, P.P.; Terrovitis, J.V.; Kanakakis, J.; Dalianis, A.; Tsolakis, E.; Tsagalou, E.P.; Agrios, N.; Christodoulou, K.; Anastasiou-Nana, M.I., 2004:
Hemodynamic effects of levosimendan added to dobutamine in patients with decompensated advanced heart failure refractory to dobutamine alone

Delle Karth, G.; Buberl, A.; Geppert, A.; Neunteufl, T.; Huelsmann, M.; Kopp, C.; Nikfardjam, M.; Berger, R.; Heinz, G., 2003:
Hemodynamic effects of a continuous infusion of levosimendan in critically ill patients with cardiogenic shock requiring catecholamines

Zoma, W.D.; Baker, R.Scott.; Mershon, J.L.; Clark, K.E., 2006:
Hemodynamic effects of acute and repeated exposure to raloxifene in ovariectomized sheep

Kieback, A.G.; Rödiger, O.; Jaenecke, H.; Grohmann, A.; Wernecke, K-Dieter.; Baumann, G.; Felix, S.B., 2005:
Hemodynamic effects of alpha1-adrenoceptor antagonist, doxazosin, in patients with chronic congestive heart failure

Neal, D.A.J.; Brown, M.J.; Wilkinson, I.B.; Byrne, C.D.; Alexander, G.J.M., 2004:
Hemodynamic effects of amlodipine, bisoprolol, and lisinopril in hypertensive patients after liver transplantation

Sapojnikov, M.; Veksler, A.; Yagil, Y.; Kogan, J.; Turkot, S.; Boris, G.; Oren, S., 2005:
Hemodynamic effects of anemia correction by recombinant human erythropoietin in predialysis patients with renal failure

Sandhu, J.S.; Wander, G.S.; Gupta, M.L.; Aulakh, B.S.; Nayyar, A.K.; Sandhu, P., 2004:
Hemodynamic effects of arteriovenous fistula in end-stage renal failure

Di Pede, F.; Gasparini, G.; De Piccoli, B.; Yu, Y.; Cuesta, F.; Raviele, A., 2006:
Hemodynamic effects of atrial septal pacing in cardiac resynchronization therapy patients

Paganelli, M.Ondina.; Tanus-Santos, Jé.Eduardo.; Sabha, M.; do Prado, J.Francisco.; Chaud, M.Vinicíus.; Martins, Lís.Cláudio.; Moreno, H., 2005:
Hemodynamic effects of bupropion in anesthetized dogs

Abe, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Sato, S.; Nagai, Y.; Kamal, F.A.; Wahed, M.I.I.; Wen, J.; Narasimman, G.; Ma, M.; Suresh, P.; Takahashi, T.; Tachikawa, H.; Kashimura, T.; Tanabe, N.; Kodama, M.; Aizawa, Y.; Yamaguchi, K.; Miyazaki, M.; Kakemi, M., 2004:
Hemodynamic effects of carvedilol infusion and the contribution of the sympathetic nervous system in rats with heart failure

Gadegbeku, C.A.; Shrayyef, M.Zakarea.; Ullian, M.E., 2003:
Hemodynamic effects of chronic hemodialysis therapy assessed by pulse waveform analysis

Souza-Silva, A.R.; Dias-Junior, C.A.; Uzuelli, J.A.; Moreno, H.; Evora, P.R.; Tanus-Santos, J.E., 2005:
Hemodynamic effects of combined sildenafil and L-arginine during acute pulmonary embolism-induced pulmonary hypertension

Ya Deau, J.T.; Heerdt, P.M.; The, A.H.S.; Wang, Q., 2005:
Hemodynamic effects of di-sec-butyl phenol, an anesthetic substituted phenol

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Hemodynamic effects of inducible nitric oxide synthase and nitrotyrosine generation in heart failure

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