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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 12211

Chapter 12211 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chen, H-Jen.; Bai, C-Huey.; Yeh, W-Ting.; Chiu, H-Chang.; Pan, W-Harn., 2006:
Influence of metabolic syndrome and general obesity on the risk of ischemic stroke

Li, S.; Chen, W.; Srinivasan, S.R.; Berenson, G.S., 2005:
Influence of metabolic syndrome on arterial stiffness and its age-related change in young adults: the Bogalusa Heart Study

Mulè, G.; Nardi, E.; Cottone, S.; Cusimano, P.; Volpe, V.; Piazza, G.; Mongiovì, R.; Mezzatesta, G.; Andronico, G.; Cerasola, G., 2005:
Influence of metabolic syndrome on hypertension-related target organ damage

García-Montes, Jé.M.; Pérez-Alvarez, M.; Fidalgo, A.M., 2005:
Influence of metacognitive variables and thought suppression on number of thoughts, discomfort they produce and number and quality of auditory illusions

Nowack, B.; Rais, D.; Frey, B.; Menon, M.; Schulin, R.; Guenthardt-Goerg, M., S.; Luster, J., 2006:
Influence of metal contamination on soil parameters in a lysimeter experiment designed to evaluate phytostabilization by afforestation

Watson, R.M.; Skorik, Y.A.; Patra, G.K.; Achim, C., 2005:
Influence of metal coordination on the mismatch tolerance of ligand-modified PNA duplexes

Cain, D.J.; Buchwalter, D.B.; Luoma, S.N., 2006:
Influence of metal exposure history on the bioaccumulation and subcellular distribution of aqueous cadmium in the insect Hydropsyche californica

Wang, W-Xiong.; Rainbow, P.S., 2005:
Influence of metal exposure history on trace metal uptake and accumulation by marine invertebrates

Cinquetti, R.; Mazzotti, F.; Acquati, F.; Gornati, R.; Sabbioni, E.; Taramelli, R.; Bernardini, G., 2003:
Influence of metal ions on gene expression of BALB 3T3 fibroblasts

Meylan, Sébastien.; Behra, R.; Sigg, L., 2004:
Influence of metal speciation in natural freshwater on bioaccumulation of copper and zinc in periphyton: a microcosm study

Wiatrak, P.J.; Wright, D.L.; Marois, J.J., 2005:
Influence of meteorological factors on cotton

Gong-Yan-Chun; Guo-Ji-Zhen; Lu-Jun-Xi; Jia-Wei-Ping, 2005:
Influence of metformin on blood pressure and metabolism in 155 patients with obesity hypertensives

Tatavarti, A.S.; Mehta, K.A.; Augsburger, L.L.; Hoag, S.W., 2004:
Influence of methacrylic and acrylic acid polymers on the release performance of weakly basic drugs from sustained release hydrophilic matrices

Van Eeckhaut, A.; Detaevernier, M.Robert.; Crommen, J.; Michotte, Y., 2004:
Influence of methanol on the enantioresolution of antihistamines with carboxymethyl-beta-cyclodextrin in capillary electrophoresis

Woeste, G.; Zapletal, C.; Wullstein, C.; Golling, M.; Bechstein, W.O., 2005:
Influence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus carrier status in liver transplant recipients

Laraqui, A.; Allami, A.; Carrié, A.; Coiffard, A-Sophie.; Benkouka, F.; Benjouad, A.; Bendriss, A.; Kadiri, N.; Bennouar, N.; Benomar, A.; Guedira, A.; Raisonnier, A.; Fellati, S.; Srairi, J-Eddine.; Benomar, M., 2006:
Influence of methionine synthase (A2756G) and methionine synthase reductase (A66G) polymorphisms on plasma homocysteine levels and relation to risk of coronary artery disease

Kapetanovic, M.C.; Saxne, T.; Sjöholm, A.; Truedsson, L.; Jönsson, G.; Geborek, P., 2005:
Influence of methotrexate, TNF blockers and prednisolone on antibody responses to pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Medvedev, I.V.lerievich; Komov, V.T.ophimovich, 2005:
Influence of methyl mercury compounds of natural origin on feeding behavior in two species of freshwater planarians

Joshi, S.C.; Mathur, R.; Gajraj, A.; Sharma, T., 2003:
Influence of methyl parathion on reproductive parameters in male rats

Ishiguro, A.; Takahata, T.; Saito, M.; Yoshiya, G.; Tamura, Y.; Sasaki, M.; Munakata, A., 2006:
Influence of methylated p15(INK4b) and p16(INK4a) genes on clinicopathological features in colorectal cancer

Polnok, A.; Borchard, G.; Verhoef, J.C.; Sarisuta, N.; Junginger, H.E., 2004:
Influence of methylation process on the degree of quaternization of N-trimethyl chitosan chloride

Schmeling, H.; Biber, D.; Heins, S.; Horneff, G., 2005:
Influence of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphisms on efficacy and toxicity of methotrexate in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Leao, L., M.C.marate, S.M.; Duarte, M.-Peres, C.; Silva, D.-Margareth, B.; Bahia, P.-Roberto, V.; Coeli, C.-Medina; De-Farias, M.-Lucia-Fleiuss, 2006:
Influence of methyltestosterone on plasma lipids, inflammatory postmenopausal therapy factors, glucose metabolism and visceral fat: a randomized study

Gelbic, I.; Strbackova, J.; Berger, J., 2006:
Influence of metyrapone on the morphology of hemocytes of the Egyptian cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)

Carr, Michael, J., 2006:
Influence of mexiletine on action potential discharge and conduction in nodose A delta afferent neurons innervating guinea pig isolated trachea

Lian-Jian-Qi; Cui-Long-Zhu; Hiramatsu, K., 2006:
Influence of mgrA overexpression on oxacillin resistance in Staphylococcus aureus

Arias, M.; García-Río, Lís.; Mejuto, J.C.; Rodríguez-Dafonte, P.; Simal-Gándara, J., 2005:
Influence of micelles on the basic degradation of carbofuran

Peng, J.; Gao, Z-Ning., 2006:
Influence of micelles on the electrochemical behaviors of catechol and hydroquinone and their simultaneous determination

Varma, M.V.S.; Kaushal, A.M.; Garg, S., 2005:
Influence of micro-environmental pH on the gel layer behavior and release of a basic drug from various hydrophilic matrices

de Brevern, A.G.; Hazout, S.; Malpertuy, A., 2004:
Influence of microarrays experiments missing values on the stability of gene groups by hierarchical clustering

Kasai, T.; Hirose, M.; Yaegashi, K.; Fujita, T.; Hirai, Y.; Tanaka, Y., 2004:
Influence of microcatheter length on flow rates of disposable infusion kits

Dure, M.I.; Kehr, A.I., 2004:
Influence of microhabitat on the trophic ecology of two leptodactylids from northeastern Argentina

Peacock, Z.S.; Barnes, L.A.; King, W.F.; Trantolo, D.J.; Wise, D.L.; Taubman, M.A.; Smith, D.J., 2004:
Influence of microparticle formulation on immunogenicity of SYI, a synthetic peptide derived from Streptococcus mutans GbpB

Dong, B-wei.; Wen, C-yang.; Liang, P.; Yu, X-ling.; Su, L.; Yu, D-jiang.; Xia, H-tian., 2006:
Influence of microwave ablation and surgical resection of small primary hepatocellular carcinoma on hematogenous dissemination of tumor cells

Dingemanse, J.; van Giersbergen, P.L.M., 2004:
Influence of mild liver impairment on the pharmacokinetics of tezosentan, a drug excreted unchanged into bile

Catterall, F.; Kassimi, A.I.; Clifford, M.N.; Ioannides, C., 2003:
Influence of milk on the antimutagenic potential of green and black teas

Wei, L-hong.; Jiang, X-min.; Li, A-min., 2006:
Influence of mineral matter on sulfur conversion in coal during combustion

Hays, F.A.; Jones, Z.J.R.; Ho, P.Shing., 2004:
Influence of minor groove substituents on the structure of DNA Holliday junctions

Schuele, C.; Romeo, E.; Uzunov, D.P.; Eser, D.; Di-Michele, F.; Baghai, T.C.; Pasini, A.; Schwarz, M.; Kempter, H.; Rupprecht, R., 2006:
Influence of mirtazapine on plasma concentrations of neuroactive steroids in major depression and on 3 alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity

Benelli, A.; Frigeri, C.; Bertolini, A.; Genedani, S., 2003:
Influence of mirtazapine on the sexual behavior of male rats

Schule, C.; Baghai, T.; Rackwitz, C.; Laakmann, G., 2003:
Influence of mirtazapine on urinary free cortisol excretion in depressed patients

Hwang, S-H.; Oh, H-B.; Shin, E-S.; Yew, M.; Kim, S-C.; Han, D-J., 2006:
Influence of mismatching of HLA cross-reactive groups on cadaveric kidney transplantation

Ballard, G.; Geupel, G.R.; Nur, N., 2004:
Influence of mist-netting intensity on demographic investigations of avian populations

Thies, A.; Nugel, D.; Pfueller, U.; Moll, I.; Schumacher, U., 2005:
Influence of mistletoe lectins and cytokine induced by them on cell proliferation of human melanoma cells in vitro

Heimers, A.; Brede, H.J.; Giesen, U.; Hoffmann, W., 2005:
Influence of mitotic delay on the results of biological dosimetry for high doses of ionizing radiation

Heo, J.-Wook; Lee, C.-Woo; Paek, K.-Yoeup, 2006:
Influence of mixed LED radiation on the growth of annual plants

Baroud, G.; Samara, M.; Steffen, T., 2003:
Influence of mixing method on the cement temperature-mixing time history and doughing time of three acrylic cements for vertebroplasty

Khouryieh, H.; Herald, T.; Aramouni, F.A.avi, S., 2006:
Influence of mixing temperature on xanthan conformation and interaction of xanthan-guar gum in dilute aqueous solutions

Weilenmann, M., F.; Vasic, A.-Marija; Stettler, P.; Novak, P., 2005:
Influence of mobile air-conditioning on vehicle emissions and fuel consumption: A model approach for modern gasoline cars used in Europe

Roush, D.J.; Hwang, L.Y.; Antia, F.D., 2005:
Influence of mobile phase composition and thermodynamics on the normal phase chromatography of echinocandins

Norol, Fçoise.; Merlet, P.; Isnard, R.; Sebillon, P.; Bonnet, N.; Cailliot, C.; Carrion, C.; Ribeiro, M.; Charlotte, Fédéric.; Pradeau, P.; Mayol, J-François.; Peinnequin, Aé.; Drouet, M.; Safsafi, K.; Vernant, J-Paul.; Herodin, F., 2003:
Influence of mobilized stem cells on myocardial infarct repair in a nonhuman primate model

Della Marca, G.; Restuccia, D.; Rubino, M.; Maiese, T.; Tonali, P., 2004:
Influence of modafinil on somatosensory input processing in the human brain-stem

Salminen, S.; Gibson, G.R.; McCartney, A.L.; Isolauri, E., 2004:
Influence of mode of delivery on gut microbiota composition in seven year old children

Koch, H.J.; Raschka, C., 2005:
Influence of moderate altitude on blood lactate and heart rate in a standardized exercise test in healthy volunteers

Clausen, T.; Scharf, A.; Menzel, M.; Soukup, J.; Holz, C.; Rieger, A.; Hanisch, F.; Brath, E.; Nemeth, N.; Miko, I.; Vajkoczy, P.; Radke, J.; Henze, D., 2004:
Influence of moderate and profound hyperventilation on cerebral blood flow, oxygenation and metabolism

Kaste, O.; Lyche-Solheim, A., 2005:
Influence of moderate phosphate addition on nitrogen retention in an acidic boreal lake

Alam, T.; Goyal, G.K., 2006:
Influence of modified atmosphere packaging on the chemical quality of Mozzarella cheese during refrigerated storage

Torrieri, E.; Cavella, S.; Villani, F.; Masi, P., 2006:
Influence of modified atmosphere packaging on the chilled shelf life of gutted farmed bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)

Ventura, C.A.; Tommasini, S.; Falcone, A.; Giannone, I.; Paolino, D.; Sdrafkakis, V.; Mondello, M.R.; Puglisi, G., 2006:
Influence of modified cyclodextrins on solubility and percutaneous absorption of celecoxib through human skin

Rauprich, P.; Walter, G.; Jarstrand, C.; Robertson, B.; Herting, E., 2005:
Influence of modified natural and synthetic surfactant preparations on bacterial killing by polymorphonuclear leucocytes

van Duijn, M.; Lötters, F.; Burdorf, A., 2005:
Influence of modified work on return to work for employees on sick leave due to musculoskeletal complaints

Lu, J.J.; Crimin, K.; Goodwin, J.T.; Crivori, P.; Orrenius, C.; Xing, L.; Tandler, P.J.; Vidmar, T.J.; Amore, B.M.; Wilson, A.G.E.; Stouten, P.F.W.; Burton, P.S., 2004:
Influence of molecular flexibility and polar surface area metrics on oral bioavailability in the rat

Bernd, A.S.; Aihara, M.; Lindsey, J.D.; Weinreb, R.N., 2004:
Influence of molecular weight on intracameral dextran movement to the posterior segment of the mouse eye

Chae, S.Young.; Jang, M-Kyeong.; Nah, J-Woon., 2005:
Influence of molecular weight on oral absorption of water soluble chitosans

Uglea, C., V.; Parv, A.; Dumitriu, A., D.; Corjan, M.; Ottenbrite, R., M., 2006:
Influence of molecular weight on the biological effects of benzocaine modified maleic anhydride copolymer

Hać, Sław.; Dobosz, M.; Kaczor, J.; Rzepko, R., 2004:
Influence of molecule CD 11b blockade on the course of acute ceruleine pancreatitis in rats

Santure, A.W.; Spencer, H.G., 2006:
Influence of mom and dad: quantitative genetic models for maternal effects and genomic imprinting

Sikkink, C.J.J.M.; Reijnen, M.M.P.J.; Falk, P.; van Goor, H.; Holmdahl, L., 2005:
Influence of monocyte-like cells on the fibrinolytic activity of peritoneal mesothelial cells and the effect of sodium hyaluronate

Heidari, P.; Sahebgharani, M.; Riazi, G.; Zarrindast, M-Reza., 2006:
Influence of morphine and dopamine receptor sensitization on locomotor activity in mice

Van Woerkom, R.; Beharry, K.D.A.; Modanlou, H.D.; Parker, J.; Rajan, V.; Akmal, Y.; Aranda, J.V., 2003:
Influence of morphine and naloxone on endothelin and its receptors in newborn piglet brain vascular endothelial cells: clinical implications in neonatal care

Zarrindast, M-Reza.; Khalilzadeh, A.; Malekmohammadi, N.; Fazli-Tabaei, S., 2006:
Influence of morphine- or apomorphine-induced sensitization on histamine state-dependent learning in the step-down passive avoidance test

Paczosa-Bator, B.; Peltonen, J.; Bobacka, J.; Lewenstam, A., 2006:
Influence of morphology and topography on potentiometric response of magnesium and calcium sensitive PEDOT films doped with adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

Vereecken, C.A.; Keukelier, E.; Maes, L., 2004:
Influence of mother's educational level on food parenting practices and food habits of young children

Cuomo, R.; Vandaele, P.; Coulie, B.; Peeters, T.; Depoortere, I.; Janssens, J.; Tack, J., 2006:
Influence of motilin on gastric fundus tone and on meal-induced satiety in man: role of cholinergic pathways

Stalf, T.; Mehnert, C.; Hajimohammad, A.; Manolopoulos, K.; Shen, Y.; Schuppe, H-C.; Diemer, T.; Schill, W-B.; Weidner, W.; Tinneberg, H-R., 2005:
Influence of motility and vitality in intracytoplasmic sperm injection with ejaculated and testicular sperm

Park, Y-Seog.; Lee, S-Hee.; Song, S.Jin.; Jun, J.Hyun.; Koong, M.Kyoung.; Seo, J.Tae., 2003:
Influence of motility on the outcome of in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection with fresh vs. frozen testicular sperm from men with obstructive azoospermia

Monnier, P.; Shevell, S.K., 2004:
Influence of motion on chromatic detection

Fryxell, G.E.; Lo, C.Wing-Hung.; Chung, S.Shan., 2004 :
Influence of motivations for seeking ISO 14001 certification on perceptions of EMS effectiveness in China

Keenan, K.G.; Farina, D.; Merletti, R.; Enoka, R.M., 2005:
Influence of motor unit properties on the size of the simulated evoked surface EMG potential

Zhou-Ru-Jiang; Chen-Jian-Quan; Hu-Yi-Ping; Cheng-Guo-Xiang, 2005:
Influence of mouse genetic background on the production efficiency of tetraploid embryo and diplid-tetraploid aggregate

Yokoyama, H.; Yamamura, Y.; Ozeki, T.; Iga, T.; Yamada, Y., 2006:
Influence of mouth washing procedures on the removal of drug residues following inhalation of corticosteroids

Matsumoto, T.; Kimura, T.; Katai, S.; Hatano, Y., 2005:
Influence of moxibustion stimulus on the amount of blood flow to the sacral area

Abrashev, I.; Orozova, P., 2005:
Influence of mucins in natural mud from Pomorie salty Lake on the growth and neuraminidase secretion of some Vibrio cholerae non-01 strains

Wikstrom, M.E.; Batanero, E.; Smith, M.; Thomas, J.A.; von Garnier, C.; Holt, P.G.; Stumbles, P.A., 2006:
Influence of mucosal adjuvants on antigen passage and CD4+ T cell activation during the primary response to airborne allergen

Bossuyt, B.T.A.; Janssen, C.R., 2004:
Influence of multigeneration acclimation to copper on tolerance, energy reserves, and homeostasis of Daphnia magna straus

Hollmark, M.; Uhrdin, J.; Dz, Bć.; Gudowska, I.; Brahme, A., 2004:
Influence of multiple scattering and energy loss straggling on the absorbed dose distributions of therapeutic light ion beams: I. Analytical pencil beam model

Bertolotti, C.; Qin, Z.; Lamontagne, B.; Durand, L-Gilles.; Soulez, G.; Cloutier, G., 2006:
Influence of multiple stenoses on echo-Doppler functional diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease: a numerical and experimental study

Giulini, S.; Pesce, F.; Madgar, I.; Marsella, T.; Volpe, A.; de Aloysio, D.; Battaglia, C., 2004:
Influence of multiple transrectal electroejaculations on semen parameters and intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcome

Liu-Jin; Fang-Feng; Zhen-Hong; Zhou-Yu-Feng; Shu-Sai-Nan; Sun-Tao-Tao; Li-Ge, 2006:
Influence of murine cytomegaloviras infection on the transcription and expression of IL-12 p35 and p40 genes in the splenocytes of mice with disseminative infection

Cremades, Aón.; Vicente-Ortega, V.; Peñafiel, R., 2003:
Influence of murine renal sexual dimorphism on amiloride-induced hyperkalemia

Schulte, E.; Farina, D.; Merletti, R.; Rau, G.; Disselhorst-Klug, C., 2004:
Influence of muscle fibre shortening on estimates of conduction velocity and spectral frequencies from surface electromyographic signals

Jones, A.M.; Campbell, I.T.; Pringle, J.S.M., 2003:
Influence of muscle fibre type and pedal rate on the VO2-work rate slope during ramp exercise

Creer, A.; Gallagher, P.; Slivka, D.; Jemiolo, B.; Fink, W.; Trappe, S., 2005:
Influence of muscle glycogen availability on ERK1/2 and Akt signaling after resistance exercise in human skeletal muscle

Marusch, F.; Hussock, J.; Haring, G.; Hachenberg, T.; Gastinger, I., 2005:
Influence of muscle relaxation on neuromonitoring of the recurrent laryngeal nerve during thyroid surgery

Micheyl, C.; Delhommeau, K.; Perrot, X.; Oxenham, A.J., 2006:
Influence of musical and psychoacoustical training on pitch discrimination

Spruijt, L.; Kolbach, D.N.; de Coo, R.F.; Plomp, A.S.; Bauer, N.J.; Smeets, H.J.; de Die-Smulders, C.E.M., 2006:
Influence of mutation type on clinical expression of Leber hereditary optic neuropathy

Spriggs, A.C.; Stock, W.D.; Dakora, F.D., 2003:
Influence of mycorrhizal associations on foliar delta15N values of legume and non-legume shrubs and trees in the fynbos of South Africa: Implications for estimating N2 fixation using the 15N natural abundance method

Niepage, S.; Schulze-Neick, I.; Rechter, S.; Abdul-Khaliq, H.; Gutberlet, M.; Alexi-Meskishvili, V.; Hetzer, R.; Lange, P.E., 2004:
Influence of myocardial mass of the univentricular heart on exercise capacity in patients with functional single ventricle and Fontan surgery

Kim, O-Min.; Lim, G-Han.; Lim, D-Yoon., 2005:
Influence of naloxone on catecholamine release evoked by nicotinic receptor stimulation in the isolated rat adrenal gland

Luengo, J.; Weiss, B.; Schneider, M.; Ehlers, A.; Stracke, F.; König, K.; Kostka, K-H.; Lehr, C-M.; Schaefer, U.F., 2006:
Influence of nanoencapsulation on human skin transport of flufenamic acid

Popat, K.C.; Leary Swan, E.E.; Mukhatyar, V.; Chatvanichkul, K-Isara.; Mor, G.K.; Grimes, C.A.; Desai, T.A., 2005:
Influence of nanoporous alumina membranes on long-term osteoblast response

Jagetia, G.Chandra.; Reddy, T.Koti.; Venkatesha, V.A.; Kedlaya, R., 2004:
Influence of naringin on ferric iron induced oxidative damage in vitro

Jacquot, L.; Monnin, J.; Brand, Gérard., 2004:
Influence of nasal trigeminal stimuli on olfactory sensitivity

Porubsky, S.; Schmid, H.; Bonrouhi, M.; Kretzler, M.; Malle, E.; Nelson, P.J.; Gröne, H-Josef., 2004:
Influence of native and hypochlorite-modified low-density lipoprotein on gene expression in human proximal tubular epithelium

Salihu, H.M.; Mardenbrough-Gumbs, W.S.; Aliyu, M.H.; Sedjro, J.E.; Pierre-Louis, B.J.; Kirby, R.S.; Alexander, G.R., 2005:
Influence of nativity on neonatal survival of Black twins in the United States

An-Jin-Gang; Li-Wei; Fu-Meng; Wang-Gang; Li-Cheng-Xin; Liu-Yu-Feng, 2005:
Influence of natural antikeratin IgM on phagocytosis of Staphylococcus aureus by phogocytes

Hoffmann-Jagielska, M.; Winnicka, A.; Jagielski, D.; Micuń, J.; Zmudzka, M.; Lechowski, R., 2005:
Influence of naturally acquired feline leukemia virus (FeLV) infection on the phagocytic and respiratory burst activity of neutrophils and monocytes of peripheral blood

Curr, K.; Tripathi, S.; Lennerstrand, J.; Larder, B.A.; Prasad, V.R., 2006:
Influence of naturally occurring insertions in the fingers subdomain of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase on polymerase fidelity and mutation frequencies in vitro

Zhang, T.Y.; Chrétien, P.; Meaney, M.J.; Gratton, A., 2005:
Influence of naturally occurring variations in maternal care on prepulse inhibition of acoustic startle and the medial prefrontal cortical dopamine response to stress in adult rats

Rakosy-Tican, L.; Aurori, C.M.; Morariu, V.V., 2005:
Influence of near null magnetic field on in vitro growth of potato and wild Solanum species

Barnhardt, W.A.; Jaffe, B.E.; Kayen, R.E.; Cochrane, G.R., 2004:
Influence of near-surface stratigraphy on coastal landslides at sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Lake Michigan, USA

Kaiser, T.; Heise, T.; Nosek, L.; Eckers, U.; Sawicki, P.T., 2006:
Influence of nebivolol and enalapril on metabolic parameters and arterial stiffness in hypertensive type 2 diabetic patients

Schulze, T.; Wust, P.; Gellermann, J.; Hildebrandt, B.; Riess, H.; Felix, R.; Rau, B., 2006:
Influence of neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy combined with hyperthermia on the quality of life in rectum cancer patients

Taucher, S.; Rudas, M.; Mader, R.M.; Gnant, M.; Sporn, E.; Dubsky, P.; Roka, S.; Bachleitner, T.; Fitzal, F.; Kandioler, D.; Wenzel, C.; Steger, Günther.G.; Mittlböck, M.; Jakesz, R., 2004:
Influence of neoadjuvant therapy with epirubicin and docetaxel on the expression of HER2/neu in patients with breast cancer

Watanabe, Takayuki, 2004:
Influence of neonatal isolation on hippocampal-dependent function and protein expression in rats

Shishkina, G.T.; Kalinina, T.S.; Popova, N.K.; Dygalo, N.N., 2004:
Influence of neonatal short-term reduction in brainstem alpha2A-adrenergic receptors on receptor ontogenesis, acoustic startle reflex, and prepulse inhibition in rats

Grisk, O.; Lother, U.; Gabriëls, G.; Rettig, R., 2004:
Influence of neonatal sympathectomy on proximal renal resistance artery function in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Razumovitch, J.A.; Fuchs, D.; Semenkova, G.N.; Cherenkevich, S.N., 2004:
Influence of neopterin on generation of reactive species by myeloperoxidase in human neutrophils

Marcol, W.; Kotulska, K.; Larysz-Brysz, M.; Pietrucha-Dutczak, M.; Olakowska, E.; Malinowska, I.; Lewin-Kowalik, J., 2004:
Influence of nerve growth factor upon the injured peripheral nerve in the absence of its distal part

Palisaar, R-Jüri.; Noldus, J.; Graefen, M.; Erbersdobler, A.; Haese, A.; Huland, H., 2005:
Influence of nerve-sparing (NS) procedure during radical prostatectomy (RP) on margin status and biochemical failure

Blamires, S., J.; Guinea, M., L.; Prince, R., I.T., 2003 :
Influence of nest site selection on predation of flatback sea turtle (Natator depressus) eggs by varanid lizards in northern Australia

Espie, R.H.; James, P.; Oliphant, L.; Warkentin, I.; Lieske, D., 2004:
Influence of nest-site and individual quality on breeding performance in Merlins Falco columbarius

Shah, N.M.; Pool, M.D.; Metters, A.T., 2006:
Influence of network structure on the degradation of photo-cross-linked PLA-b-PEG-b-PLA hydrogels

Kuz'mina, L.P.; Tarasova, L.A.; Khaĭbullina, A.Z., 2004:
Influence of neuroendocrine complexes on metabolic processes under exposure to emotional stress factors

Farber, D.A.; Ignat'eva, I.S., 2006:
Influence of neuroendocrine shifts in the pubertal period on the working memory operation in adolescents

Grobholz, R.; Griebe, M.; Sauer, C.G.; Michel, M.S.; Trojan, L.; Bleyl, U., 2005:
Influence of neuroendocrine tumor cells on proliferation in prostatic carcinoma

Nowosławska, E.; Polis, L.; Kaniewska, D.; Mikołajczyk, W.; Krawczyk, J.; Szymański, W.; Zakrzewski, K.; Podciechowska, J., 2004:
Influence of neuroendoscopic third ventriculostomy on the size of ventricles in chronic hydrocephalus

Shugalev, N.P.; Olshansky, A.S.; Hartmann, G., 2001:
Influence of neurotensin microinjection into the caudate nuclei on realization and extinction of conditioned motor reflex in rats

Shugalev, N.P.; Stavrovskaya, A.V.; Yamshchikova, N.G., 2005:
Influence of neurotensin on behavior of rats with damaged serotoninergic neurons under immobilization stress

Brandhorst, H.; Brendel, M.D.; Eckhard, M.; Bretzel, R.G.; Brandhorst, D., 2005 :
Influence of neutral protease activity on human islet isolation outcome

Vasilieva, G.I.; Ivanova, I.A.; Kiseleva, A.K.; Doroshenko, E.P.; Bespalova, I.A., 2004:
Influence of neutrophilokines on macrophage functional activity in antiplague immunity formation

Vasil'eva, G.I.; Kozlovskiĭ, V.N.; Kiseleva, A.K.; Bespalova, I.A.; Ivanova, I.A.; Mishan'kin, M.B.; Doroshenko, E.P., 2005:
Influence of neutrophilokines on the synthesis of lymphokines in the process of the formation of immunity to plague

Parshina, E.Y.; Gendel, L.Y.; Rubin, A.B., 2004:
Influence of new hybrid antioxidants ichphans on erythrocyte shape

Frydrych, M.; Bartosova, L.; Florian, T.; Necas, J.; Bartosikova, L.; Krcmar, J.; Mokry, P.; Brunclik, V., 2004:
Influence of new ultrashort-acting beta-adrenergic blockers on systolic blood pressure in rats

Lim, D.-Yoon; Kim, Y.-Jik; Hong, S.-Pyo, 2005:
Influence of nicorandil on aortic strip's contractility and blood pressure of the rat

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Influence of prostaglandin A(2) and 2-methoxyestradiol on mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) expression levels in malignant cell lines

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Influence of prostaglandin A2 on Bax, Bcl-2 and PCNA expression in MCF-7 cells

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Influence of proteasomal proteolysis on no-synthase activity in isolated platelets

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Influence of protective agents for preservation of Gluconacetobacter xylinus on its cellulose production

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Influence of protein amino acid composition of plasma membranes of a self-flocculating yeast on its tolerance to ethanol and the mechanism

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Influence of protein binding under controlled conditions on the bactericidal activity of daptomycin in an in vitro pharmacodynamic model

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Influence of protein flexibility on the electrostatic energy landscape in gramicidin A

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Influence of protein kinase C on transcription of the tight junction elements ZO-1 and occludin

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Influence of protein structural similarities in adding value to genome data

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Influence of protein supplementation frequency on cows consuming low-quality forage: performance, grazing behavior, and variation in supplement intake

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Influence of protein synthesis inhibitors on sensitization of Helix lucorum escape reaction and on cholinosensitivity of command neurons

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Influence of protein transduction domains on target-specific chimeric proteins

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Influence of proteomics technology to Chinese medical science and the Chinese medicine

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Influence of proton T1 on oxymetry using Overhauser enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

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Influence of provenance variation on wood properties of teak from the Western Ghat region in India

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Influence of pruning severity on bud behaviour, yield, berry quality and some biochemical contents of the canes of crimson seedless grapes

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Influence of pseudorabies virus proteins on neuroinvasion and neurovirulence in mice

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Influence of psoriatic T lymphocytes on epidermal c-myc, bcl-2 and p53 protein expression in vitro

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Influence of psychiatric comorbidity in alcohol-dependent subjects in a representative population survey on treatment utilization and natural recovery

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Influence of psychiatric comorbidity on recovery and recurrence in generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, and panic disorder: a 12-year prospective study

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Influence of psycho-social factors on climacteric symptoms

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Influence of psychological factors on the subjective assessment of glycemia by patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus

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Influence of psychological response on breast cancer survival: 10-year follow-up of a population-based cohort

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Influence of psychotherapy attendance on buprenorphine treatment outcome

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Influence of ptsP gene on pyocyanin production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Influence of puffing parameters and filter vent blocking condition on nicotine fate in a burning cigarette part 1. Full flavor cigarettes

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Influence of pulmonary arterial endothelial cells on quinone redox status: effect of hyperoxia-induced NAD(P)H : quinone oxidoreductase 1

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Influence of pulsed electromagnetic field with different pulse duty cycles on neurite outgrowth in PC12 rat pheochromocytoma cells

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Influence of pulsed inflows and nutrient loading on zooplankton and phytoplankton community structure and biomass in microcosm experiments using estuarine assemblages

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Influence of pupil diameter on the relation between ocular higher-order aberration and contrast sensitivity after laser in situ keratomileusis

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Influence of quantitative-genetic and economic parameters on the efficiency of CMS-line development in rye

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Influence of quantity of lymph vascular space invasion on time to recurrence in women with early-stage squamous cancer of the cervix

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Influence of race on death and ischemic complications in patients with non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndromes despite modern, protocol-guided treatment

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Influence of race on kidney transplant outcomes within and outside the Department of Veterans Affairs

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Influence of racial disparities in procedure use on functional status outcomes among patients with coronary artery disease

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Influence of radiofrequency in efficacy of magnetic and electric fields on type II collagen-induced arthritis in rats

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Influence of radiographic contrast media on myocardial tissue oxygen tension: NaCl-controlled, randomised, comparative study of iohexol versus iopromide in an animal model

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Influence of radiographic phenotype on risk of hip osteoarthritis within families

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Influence of radioimmunoscintigraphy on postprostatectomy radiotherapy treatment decision making

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Influence of radiotherapy on the latest generation of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators

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Influence of radiotherapy on the latest generation of pacemakers

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Influence of rainfall on the composition of a tropical avian assemblage in northeastern Venezuela

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Influence of rapeseed phospholipids on ibuprofen dissolution from solid dispersions

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Influence of rapid growth on skeletal adaptation to exercise

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Influence of reaction conditions on the location of reactions in waxy maize starch granules reacted with a propylene oxide analog at low substitution levels

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Influence of reaction conditions on the rate of enzymic polymerization of pyrogallol using laccase

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Influence of reactive oxygen species produced by activated leukocytes at the level of apoptosis in mature human spermatozoa

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Influence of reactive oxygen species production by monoamine oxidase activity on aluminum-induced mitochondrial permeability transition

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Influence of reactivity to novelty and anxiety on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal and prolactin responses to two different novel environments in adult male rats

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Influence of reagent formulation on mRNA quantification by RT-PCR using imported external standard curves

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Influence of rearing conditions on performance, behavioral, and physiological responses of pigs to preslaughter handling, carcass traits, and meat quality

Hallier, A.; Prost, C.; Serot, T., 2005:
Influence of rearing conditions on the volatile compounds of cooked fillets of Silurus glanis (European catfish)

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Influence of recanalization on outcome in dural sinus thrombosis: a prospective study

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Influence of recent advances in medical management on clinical outcomes of cirrhosis

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Influence of receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa B on human aortic valve myofibroblasts

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Influence of receptor number on the cAMP response to forskolin in Chinese hamster ovary cells transfected with human beta2-adrenoceptor

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Influence of recipient gender on intrasplenic fetal liver tissue transplants in rats: cytochrome P450-mediated monooxygenase functions

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Influence of recombinant activated factor VIIa thrombocytic hemostasis

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Influence of recombinant adenovirus on liver injury in endotoxicosis and its modulation by IL-10 expression

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Influence of recombinant human erythropoietin treatment on pulmonary O2 uptake kinetics during exercise in humans

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Influence of reconstruction iterations on 18F-FDG PET/CT standardized uptake values

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Influence of recording electrode type and reference electrode position on the canine electroretinogram

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Influence of recruit condition on food competition and predation risk in a coral reef fish

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Influence of rectal volume changes during radiotherapy for prostate cancer: a predictive model for mild-to-moderate late rectal toxicity

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Influence of red blood cell concentration on the initiation time of blood coagulation: risk of thrombus formation by hemoconcentration

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Influence of reduced irrigation on beneficial invertebrates in vineyards

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Influence of reduction of heme a and Cu(A) on the oxidized catalytic center of cytochrome c oxidase: insight from organic solvents

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Influence of reef location on artificial-reef fish assemblages in the northcentral Gulf of Mexico

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Influence of refractory ceramic fibres - Asbestos substitute - On the selected parameters of bronchoalveolar lavage 6 months after intratracheal instillation to W-rats

Cheung, H.-Cho; Wang, T.; Baumann, K.; Guo, H., 2005:
Influence of regional pollution outflow on the concentrations of fine particulate matter and visibility in the coastal area of southern China

Mattioli, A.Vittoria.; Bonatti, S.; Monopoli, D.; Zennaro, M.; Mattioli, G., 2005:
Influence of regression of left ventricular hypertrophy on left atrial size and function in patients with moderate hypertension

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Influence of reinforcer type and route of administration on gamma-hydroxybutyrate discrimination in rats

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Influence of relative humidity on carbon dioxide sorption in wheat gluten films

Harbur, M.; Owen, M., 2006:
Influence of relative time of emergence on nitrogen responses of corn and velvetleaf

Kalkman, J.S.; Schillings, M.L.; Zwarts, M.J.; van Engelen, B.G.M.; Bleijenberg, G., 2006:
Influence of relatives on fatigue experienced by patients with facioscapulohumeral dystrophy, myotonic dystrophy and HMSN-I

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Influence of relaxin on the neurally induced relaxant responses of the mouse gastric fundus

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Influence of relaxing retinotomy on surgical outcomes in proliferative vitreoretinopathy

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Influence of religiosity on HIV risk behaviors in active injection drug users

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Influence of renal denervation on renal effects of acute nitric oxide and ETA/ETB receptor inhibition in conscious normotensive rats

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Influence of renal dysfunction on mortality after cardiac surgery: modifying effect of preoperative renal function

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Influence of renal dysfunction on the pharmacokinetics of the selective Na+/H+ exchange inhibitor EMD 87 in patients with chronic heart failure

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Influence of renal function on N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) in patients admitted for dyspnoea in the Emergency Department: comparison with brain natriuretic peptide (BNP)

Arzuaga, A.; Maynar, J.; Gascón, A.R.; Isla, A.; Corral, E.; Fonseca, F.; Sánchez-Izquierdo, Jé.Angel.; Rello, J.; Canut, Aés.; Pedraz, Jé.Luis., 2005:
Influence of renal function on the pharmacokinetics of piperacillin/tazobactam in intensive care unit patients during continuous venovenous hemofiltration

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Influence of renal insufficiency on limb loss and mortality after initial lower extremity surgical revascularization

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Influence of repeated isometric contractions on muscle deoxygenation and pulmonary oxygen uptake kinetics in humans

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Influence of repeated measurement on one occasion, on successive days, and on workdays on home blood pressure values

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Influence of repeated regrouping on reproduction in gilts

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Influence of reperfusion therapy on prognosis in patients aged >= 89 years with acute myocardial infarction

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Influence of repetitive hand movements on intracortical inhibition

Ihara, Y.; Takata, H.; Tanabe, Y.; Nobukuni, K.; Hayabara, T., 2005:
Influence of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on disease severity and oxidative stress markers in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with spinocerebellar degeneration

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