Section 13
Chapter 12,252

L'impiego dei semi di pisello espansi (Pisum sativum L.) nell'alimentazione delle anatre da carne

Bonomi, A.; Bonomi, B.M.; Superchi, P.; Vonghia, G.; Caputi, I., A.

Rivista di Scienza dell'Alimentazione 33(1-2): 79-85


ISSN/ISBN: 1128-7969
Accession: 012251125

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The Authors refer the results of researches about the use of pea, after a popping treatment, in the feeding of ducks. The byproduct, included in the mixed feeds at the doses of 5% and 10% in partial substitution of soybean meal and maize meal, does not effect in the state of health, has improved the weight gain (resp. 28,50% and 71,00%), the feed utilisation (resp. 16,00% and 26,00%), the carcass (resp. 7,00% and 12,00%) and the flesh (resp. 11,00% and 21,00%).

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