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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 12306

Chapter 12306 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Poncelet, P., 2004:
Microbilles et cytometrie: Comment et pourquoi introduire la -metrie dans l'immuno-cytometrie?

Kahn, E., 2004:
Microbilles et nanobilles en microscopie: Outil de reglage spatial, spectral et dynamique Application a la colocalisation moleculaire

Lizard, G.; Monier, S.; Prunet, C.; Duvillard, L.; Gambert, P., 2004:
Microbilles, nanobilles et cytometrie en flux: De l'analyse cellulaire a l'analyse moleculaire

Lizard, G.; Duvillard, L.; Wedemeyer, N.; Muller, C.; Ghiringhelli, F.; Cesbron, A.; Poncelet, P.; Gallet, R.; Kahn, E.; Gambert, P.; Goehde, W., 2003:
Microbilles, nanobilles et cytometrie: Applications a I'analyse et a la purification cellulaire et moleculaire

Benezet, A.; De-La-Osa, J.M.; Pedregal, E.; Botas, M.; Olmo, N.; Perez-Florez, F., 2003:
Microbiologia de especias utilizadas en productos carnicos

Ríos, A.María.; Fonseca-Aten, Mónica.; Mejías, Aón.; Chávez-Bueno, S.; Katz, K.; Gómez, A.María.; McCracken, G.H.; Ramilo, O.; Hardy, R.Doug., 2005:
Microbiologic and immunologic evaluation of a single high dose of azithromycin for treatment of experimental Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia

Goldstein, B.P.; Jones, R.N.; Fritsche, T.R.; Biedenbach, D.J., 2006:
Microbiologic characterization of isolates from a dalbavancin clinical trial for catheter-related bloodstream infections

Rosell, A.; Monsó, E.; Soler, Néstor.; Torres, Fàn.; Angrill, J.; Riise, G.; Zalacaín, R.; Morera, J.; Torres, A., 2005:
Microbiologic determinants of exacerbation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Cervera, C.; Agustí, C.; Angeles Marcos, Mía.; Pumarola, Tás.; Cofán, F.; Navasa, M.; Pérez-Villa, Félix.; Torres, A.; Moreno, Aón., 2006:
Microbiologic features and outcome of pneumonia in transplanted patients

Pathengay, A.; Karosekar, S.; Raju, B.; Sharma, S.; Das, T., 2004:
Microbiologic spectrum and susceptibility of isolates in scleral buckle infection in India

Powers, John, H., 2005:
Microbiologic surrogate end points in infectious diseases: Example of acute clinical trials of otitis media trials

Waki, M.; Suzuki, K.; Osada, T.; Tanaka, Y.; Ike, M.; Fujita, M., 2004:
Microbiological activities contributing to nitrogen removal with methane: effects of methyl fluoride and tungstate

Tascini, C.; Gemignani, G.; Ferranti, S.; Tagliaferri, E.; Leonildi, A.; Lucarini, A.; Menichetti, F., 2004:
Microbiological activity and clinical efficacy of a colistin and rifampin combination in multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections

Bastida, F.M.reno, J.; Hernandez, T.G.rcia, C., 2006:
Microbiological activity in a soil 15 years after its devegetation

Likhanova, I.A.; Khabibullina, F.M., 2005:
Microbiological activity of soil in reclamation of plant cover after working of oil fields

Manzano, M.; Giusto, C.; Bartolomeoli, I.; Buiatti, S.; Comi, G., 2005:
Microbiological analyses of dry and slurry yeasts for brewing

Lima, J. de R.O.; Marques, S.G.; Goncalves, A.G.; Salgado Filho, N.; Nunes, P.C.; Silva, H.S.; Monteiro, S.G.; Costa, J.M.L., 2005:
Microbiological analyses of water from hemodialysis services in Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil

Dike, E.N.; Odunfa, S.A., 2003:
Microbiological and biochemical evaluation of a fermented soyabean product - Soyadawadawa

Thakor, N.; Trivedi, U.; Patel, K.C., 2006:
Microbiological and biotechnological aspects of biodegradable plastics: Poly(hydroxyalkanoates)

Vernile, A.; Spano, G.; Lecce, A.; Tarantino, D.; Beneduce, L.; Massa, S., 2006:
Microbiological and chemical characteristics of Monti Dauni Meridionali Caciocavallo cheese

Omeira, N.; Barbour, E.K.; Nehme, P.A.; Hamadeh, S.K.; Zurayk, R.; Bashour, I., 2006:
Microbiological and chemical properties of litter from different chicken types and production systems

Ribeiro, J.; Mendes, R.E.; Domingos, R.; França, E.; Silbert, S.; Jones, R.N.; Sader, H.S., 2006:
Microbiological and epidemiological characterization of imipenem-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains from a Brazilian tertiary hospital: report from the SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance Program

Savvichev, A.S.; Rusanov, I.I.; Rogozin, D.Iu.; Zakharova, E.E.; Lunina, O.N.; Briantseva, I.A.; Iusupov, S.K.; Pimenov, N.V.; Degermendzhi, A.G.; Ivanov, M.V., 2005:
Microbiological and isotopic-geochemical investigations of meromictic lakes in Khakasia in winter

Muthukumarasamy, P.; Holley, R.A., 2006:
Microbiological and sensory quality of dry fermented sausages containing alginate-microencapsulated Lactobacillus reuteri

Fernández, N.; Gómez, R.; Amils, R.; Sierra-Alvarez, R.; Field, J.A.; Sanz, J.L., 2006:
Microbiological and structural aspects of granular sludge from autotrophic denitrifying reactors

Ozolua, R., I.; Omogbai, E., K.I.; Akerele, J., O.; Okhamafe, A., O., 2005:
Microbiological and toxicological studies on cellulose generated from agricultural wastes

Luchsheva, I.V.; Istratov, V.G.; Zhukhovitskiĭ, V.G., 2004:
Microbiological aspects of effective antibiotic therapy early after operation in chronic maxillary ethmoiditis and tonsillitis

Chernukha, M.Iu.; Alekseeva, G.V.; Avetisian, L.R.; Kuznetsova, O.V.; Tolovskaia, K.R.; Shaginian, I.A., 2005:
Microbiological aspects of enteric dysbacteriosis in patients of different age groups, visiting outpatient clinics of Moscow

Kamat, Anu, 2005:
Microbiological aspects of radiation processing of foods

e Souza, Mês.J.; Bittencourt, C.F.; e Souza Filho, P.da.S., 2004:
Microbiological assay for enrofloxacin injection

Salgado, H.R.N.; Lopes, C.C.G.O.; Lucchesi, M.B.B., 2005:
Microbiological assay for gatifloxacin in pharmaceutical formulations

Gomes, G.Cristiani.; Salgado, Hérida.Regina.Nunes., 2006:
Microbiological assay for lomefloxacin in coated tablets

Salgado, Hérida.Regina.Nunes.; Roncari, A.Flávia.Ferreira., 2005:
Microbiological assay for the determination of azithromycin in ophthalmic solutions

Mendez, A.S.L.; Weisheimer, V.; Oppe, Tércio.P.; Steppe, M.; Schapoval, E.E.S., 2005:
Microbiological assay for the determination of meropenem in pharmaceutical dosage form

Staub, I.; Schapoval, E.E.S.; Bergold, A.M., 2005:
Microbiological assay of ketoconazole in shampoo

Zhao-Chun-Yan; Wang-Yu-Feng; Lian-Run-Mei; Gao-Rui-Juan; Li-Dian-Dong, 2005:
Microbiological assay of lidamycin

Bourne, D.G., 2005:
Microbiological assessment of a disease outbreak on corals from Magnetic Island (Great Barrier Reef, Australia)

Arif, N.; Beighton, D.; Sheehy, E.C., 2006:
Microbiological assessment of occlusal brown-spot lesions in primary molars

Goodson, J.Max.; Palys, M.D.; Carpino, E.; Regan, E.O.; Sweeney, M.; Socransky, S.S., 2004:
Microbiological changes associated with dental prophylaxis

Machion, L.; Andia, D.Carleto.; Saito, D.; Klein, M.Inês.; Gonçalves, R.Bruno.; Casati, Márcio.Zafallon.; Nociti, F.H.; Sallum, E.Antonio., 2005:
Microbiological changes with the use of locally delivered doxycycline in the periodontal treatment of smokers

Zaĭtseva, E.A.; Somov, G.P., 2006:
Microbiological characterization of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from different sources in the Primorsky Territory

Sancho, P.; Pinacho, A.; Ramos, P.; Tejedor, C., 2004:
Microbiological characterization of food residues for animal feeding

Sarkulova, M.N., 2005:
Microbiological characterization of the causative agents of hospital infection in urological patients

Paul, M.; Wolf, L.; Fund, K.; Held, I.; Winter, J.; Elswirth, M.; Gallert, C.; Hoetzl, H., 2004 :
Microbiological condition of urban groundwater in the vicinity of leaky sewer systems

Kahraman, T.; Buyukunal, S.K.; Cetin, O., 2005:
Microbiological contamination of lamb carcasses at abattoirs of Istanbul

Cobo, F.; Stacey, G.N.; Hunt, C.; Cabrera, C.; Nieto, A.; Montes, R.; Cortés, Jé.Luis.; Catalina, Pón.; Barnie, A.; Concha, A., 2005:
Microbiological control in stem cell banks: approaches to standardisation

Cordier, Jean-Louis, 2004:
Microbiological criteria - Purpose and limitations

Vengris, T.; Binkiene, R.; Butkiene, R.; Nivinskiene, O.; Melvydas, V.; Manusadzianas, L., 2004:
Microbiological degradation of a spent offset-printing developer

L.M.nnier, A.; Carbonnelle, E.; Zahar, J-Ralph.; L.B.urgeois, M.; Abachin, E.; Quesne, G.; Varon, E.; Descamps, P.; D.B.ic, J.; Scheinmann, P.; Berche, P.; Ferroni, A., 2006:
Microbiological diagnosis of empyema in children: comparative evaluations by culture, polymerase chain reaction, and pneumococcal antigen detection in pleural fluids

Bharathi, M.J.; Ramakrishnan, R.; Meenakshi, R.; Mittal, S.; Shivakumar, C.; Srinivasan, M., 2006:
Microbiological diagnosis of infective keratitis: comparative evaluation of direct microscopy and culture results

Dahlén, G., 2006:
Microbiological diagnostics in oral diseases

Ribeiro, J.B.nzaquem; Ramos, M.D.C.nceicao Klaus V.; D.A.uino Neto, F.R.; Leite, S.G.mes Ferreira; Antunes, O.A.C., 2003:
Microbiological enantioselective reduction of ethyl acetoacetate

Drago, L.; D.V.cchi, E.; Nicola, L.; Colombo, A.; Gismondo, M.R., 2004:
Microbiological evaluation of commercial probiotic products available in Italy

Avrova, N.P.; Vorobyev, N.I.; Rysev, M.N., 2005:
Microbiological evaluation of effectivness of using plant residues and mineral fertilizers in crop rotations

Kac, G.; Podglajen, I.; Gueneret, M.; Vaupré, S.; Bissery, A.; Meyer, G., 2005:
Microbiological evaluation of two hand hygiene procedures achieved by healthcare workers during routine patient care: a randomized study

Gomes, B.P.F.A.; Pinheiro, E.T.; Gadê-Neto, C.R.; Sousa, E.L.R.; Ferraz, C.C.R.; Zaia, A.A.; Teixeira, F.B.; Souza-Filho, F.J., 2004:
Microbiological examination of infected dental root canals

Krediet, T.G.; van Lelyveld, N.; Vijlbrief, D.C.; Brouwers, H.A.A.; Kramer, W.L.M.; Fleer, A.; Gerards, L.J., 2003:
Microbiological factors associated with neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis: protective effect of early antibiotic treatment

Lopez-Juarez, A.; Rivera-Santillan, R.E.; Gutierrez-Arenas, N., 2006:
Microbiological leaching of chalcopyrite: an environmentally sound approach to processing a sulphide copper concentrate

Bondarenko, A.V.; Larina, T.A.; Bogomolova, N.S.; Bol'shakov, L.V., 2005:
Microbiological monitoring in prophylaxis and treatment of pyoinflammatory complications during early postoperative period in patients with cicatricial tracheostenosis

Guida, M.; Marino, G.; Buonaguro, R.; Melluso, G., 2006:
Microbiological monitoring in the public catering sector

Coton, E.; Coton, M., 2003:
Microbiological origin of framboise in French ciders

Nicolle, L.E.; Zhanel, G.G.; Harding, G.K.M., 2006:
Microbiological outcomes in women with diabetes and untreated asymptomatic bacteriuria

Selivanovskaya, S.Y.; Latypova, V.Z.; Gubaeva, L.A., 2006:
Microbiological processes in gray forest soil treated with sewage sludge compost

Dulov, L.E.; Lein, A.Iu.; Dubinina, G.A.; Pimenov, N.V., 2005:
Microbiological processes in the Lost City vent field, mid-Atlantic ridge

Dzyuban A.N.; Kuznetsova I.A.; Pimenov N.V., 2001:
Microbiological processes of organic matter destruction in the bottom sediments of the Baltic Sea

Pearce, C., M.; Lushnikova, M., V., 2006:
Microbiological production of omeprazole metabolites by Cunninghamella elegans

Tokajian, S.; Hashwa, F., 2004:
Microbiological quality and genotypic speciation of heterotrophic bacteria isolated from potable water stored in household tanks

Phillips, D.; Jordan, D.; Morris, S.; Jenson, I.; Sumner, J., 2006:
Microbiological quality of Australian sheep meat in 2004

Mancini, L.; D'angelo, A.M.; Pierdominici, E.; Ferrari, C.; Anselmo, A.; Venturi, L.; Fazzo, L.; Formichetti, P.; Iaconelli, M.; Pennelli, B., 2005:
Microbiological quality of Italian beach sands

Korzeniewska, E.; Filipkowska, Z.; Domeradzka, S.; Wlodkowski, K., 2005:
Microbiological quality of carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water stored at different temperatures

Kohnen, W.; Teske-Keiser, S.; Meyer, H-Georg.; Loos, A.H.; Pietsch, M.; Jansen, B., 2005:
Microbiological quality of carbonated drinking water produced with in-home carbonation systems

Wojdat, E.; Kwiatek, K.; Zasadny, R., 2004:
Microbiological quality of petfood in Poland

Kozacinski, L.; Hadziosmanovic, M.; Zdolec, N., 2006:
Microbiological quality of poultry meat on the Croatian market

Chukeatirote, E.; Bankluay, K.; Kaprom, A.; Sampanvejsobha, S.; Winyayong, P., 2004:
Microbiological quality of some tea products in Chiang Rai province, Thailand

Merkusheva, M.G.; Ayushina, T.A.; Ineshina, E.G., 2004:
Microbiological regime of alluvial meadow soils in the Transbaikal region under irrigation and fertilization

Schieder, D.; Quicker, P.; Schneider, R.; Winter, H.; Prechtl, S.; Faulstich, M., 2003:
Microbiological removal of hydrogen sulfide from biogas by means of a separate biofilter system: experience with technical operation

Giannoulis, N.; Maipa, V.; Konstantinou, I.; Albanis, T.; Dimoliatis, I., 2005:
Microbiological risk assessment of Agios Georgios source supplies in Northwestern Greece based on faecal coliforms determination and sanitary inspection survey

Gould, G.W., 2003:
Microbiological safety of new food preservation technologies

Dahms, Susanne, 2004:
Microbiological sampling plans - Statistical aspects

Kochansky, J.; Feldlaufer, M., F.; Smith, I.B.rton, 2006:
Microbiological screening assay for tylosin in pollen

Barsamian-Wunsch, P.; Park, J.H.; Watson, M.R.; Tinanoff, N.; Minah, G.E., 2004 :
Microbiological screening for cariogenic bacteria in children 9 to 36 months of age

Greenberg, D.; Moser, A.; Yagupsky, P.; Peled, N.; Hofman, Y.; Kapelushnik, J.; Leibovitz, E., 2005:
Microbiological spectrum and susceptibility patterns of pathogens causing bacteraemia in paediatric febrile neutropenic oncology patients: comparison between two consecutive time periods with use of different antibiotic treatment protocols

Shurkhno, R.A.; Shaitanov, O.L.; Gareev, R.G.; Naumova, R.P., 2004:
Microbiological status of microflora of rhizosphere of perennial legumes grasses as criteria for estimation and forecast of soil condition

Lalbahadur, T.; Pillay, S.; Rodda, N.; Smith, M.; Buckley, C.; Holder, F.; Bux, F.; Foxon, K., 2005:
Microbiological studies of an anaerobic baffled reactor: microbial community characterisation and deactivation of health-related indicator bacteria

D'ercole, S.; D'arcangelo, C.; Catamo, G.; Prosperi, G.D.; Tripodi, D.; Pasquantonio, G.; Piccolomini, R., 2004:
Microbiological study and scanning electron microscopic analysis of root canal wall dentin following pumped diodiumTM Nd:YAG laser irradiation

Campana, R.; Scesa, C.; Patrone, V.; Vittoria, E.; Baffone, W., 2006:
Microbiological study of cosmetic products during their use by consumers: health risk and efficacy of preservative systems

Sorokin, N.D.; Prokushkin, S.G.; Pashenova, N.V.; Evgrafova, S.Y.; Grodnitskaya, I.D.; Polyakova, G.G., 2003:
Microbiological transformation of plant residues and carbon dynamics in boreal forests of Siberia

Haridy, M.S.A.; Ahmed, A.A.; Doe, M., 2006:
Microbiological transformation of two labdane diterpenes, the main constituents of Madia species, by two fungi

Lawson, L.; Yassin, M.A.; Ramsay, A.; Olajide, I.; Thacher, T.D.; Davies, P.D.O.; Squire, S.B.; Cuevas, L.E., 2005:
Microbiological validation of smear microscopy after sputum digestion with bleach; a step closer to a one-stop diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis

Birks, R.; Colbourne, J.; Hills, S.; Hobson, R., 2004:
Microbiological water quality in a large in-building, water recycling facility

Ogunjobi, A., A.; Adebayo-Tayo, B., C.; Ogunshe, A., A., 2005:
Microbiological, proximate analysis and sensory evaluation of processed Irish potato fermented in brine solution

Tempera, G.; Bonfiglio, G.; Cammarata, E.; Corsello, S.; Cianci, A., 2004:
Microbiological/clinical characteristics and validation of topical therapy with kanamycin in aerobic vaginitis: a pilot study

Javaherdashti, R.; Raman, R.K.S.ngh; Panter, C.; Pereloma, E.V., 2006:
Microbiologically assisted stress corrosion cracking of carbon steel in mixed and pure cultures of sulfate reducing bacteria

Videla, Héctor.A.; Herrera, L.K., 2005:
Microbiologically influenced corrosion: looking to the future

Brandsch, R., 2005:
Microbiology and biochemistry of nicotine degradation

Liu, Y-Meng.; Chi, C-Yu.; Ho, M-Wang.; Chen, C-Ming.; Liao, W-Chih.; Ho, C-Mao.; Lin, P-Chang.; Wang, J-Hsein., 2005:
Microbiology and factors affecting mortality in necrotizing fasciitis

Brook, I.; Foote, P.A.; Frazier, E.H., 2005:
Microbiology of acute exacerbation of chronic sinusitis

Pata, Y.Selim.; Oztürk, C.; Akbaş, Yücel.; Unal, M.; Görür, K.; Ozcan, C., 2004:
Microbiology of cerumen in patients with recurrent otitis externa and cases with open mastoidectomy cavities

Kostamo, K.; Richardson, M.; Virolainen-Julkunen, A.; Leivo, I.; Malmberg, H.; Ylikoski, J.; Toskala, E., 2004:
Microbiology of chronic hyperplastic sinusitis

Azanza, M.P.tricia V.; Ortega, M.P., 2004:
Microbiology of day-old chicks: A Philippine streetfood

Ngarmsak, M.; Delaquis, P.; Toivonen, P.; Ngarmsak, T.; Ooraikul, B.; Mazza, G., 2006:
Microbiology of fresh-cut mangoes prepared from fruit sanitised in hot chlorinated water

Poetker, D.M.; Lindstrom, D.Richard.; Edmiston, C.E.; Krepel, C.J.; Link, T.Roxanne.; Kerschner, J.E., 2005:
Microbiology of middle ear effusions from 292 patients undergoing tympanostomy tube placement for middle ear disease

Struelens, M.J.; Denis, O.; Rodriguez-Villalobos, H., 2004:
Microbiology of nosocomial infections: progress and challenges

Arguedas, A.; Dagan, R.; Soley, C.; Loaiza, C.; Knudsen, K.; Porat, N.; Pérez, A.; Brilla, E.; Herrera, M.Luis., 2003:
Microbiology of otitis media in Costa Rican children, 1999 through 2001

Dohar, J., 2003:
Microbiology of otorrhea in children with tympanostomy tubes: implications for therapy

Pianetti, A.; Sabatini, L.; Cecchetti, G.; Bruscolini, F., 2006:
Microbiology of surface water used for crop irrigation: Faecal contamination indicators, Salmonella, Vibrio and Aeromonas

Barnhart, K.T., 2004:
Microbiology of the endometrium and in vitro fertilization: do we yet understand the implications?

Lee, H.L.T.; Boccazzi, P.; Ram, R.J.; Sinskey, A.J., 2006:
Microbioreactor arrays with integrated mixers and fluid injectors for high-throughput experimentation with pH and dissolved oxygen control

Maharbiz, M.M.; Holtz, W.J.; Howe, R.T.; Keasling, J.D., 2004:
Microbioreactor arrays with parametric control for high-throughput experimentation

Yang, M.; Yang, Y.; Yang, Y.; Shen, G.; Yu, R., 2005:
Microbiosensor for acetylcholine and choline based on electropolymerization/sol-gel derived composite membrane

Rocha, A.-Aluisio; Gambarini, M.-Lucia; Andrade, M.-Auxiliadora; De-Oliveira-Filho, B.-Dias; Gomes, F.-Araujo, 2004:
Microbiota cervico-vaginal durante o final de gestacao e puerperio em vacas girolando

Ouwehand, A.C.; Salminen, S.; Arvola, T.; Ruuska, T.; Isolauri, E., 2004:
Microbiota composition of the intestinal mucosa: association with fecal microbiota?

Martins-Diniz, J.N.; Silva, R.A.M.; Miranda, E.T.; Mendes-Giannini, M.J.S., 2004:
Microbiota fungica de um predio com laboratorios da regiao de Araraquara-SP

van den Boom, R.; Bornebroek, M.; Behloul, F.; van den Berg-Huysmans, A.A.; Haan, J.; van Buchem, M.A., 2005:
Microbleeds in hereditary cerebral hemorrhage with amyloidosis-Dutch type

Leggas, M.; Zhuang, Y.; Welden, J.; Self, Z.; Waters, C.M.; Stewart, C.F., 2004:
Microbore HPLC method with online microdialysis for measurement of topotecan lactone and carboxylate in murine CSF

Radtke, G.; Golubic, S., 2005:
Microborings in mollusk shells, Bay of Safaga, Egypt: Morphometry and ichnology

Horrocks M.; Shane P.A.; Barber I.G.; D.C.sta D.M.; Nichol S.L., 2004 :
Microbotanical remains reveal Polynesian agriculture and mixed cropping in early New Zealand

Molina, C.A.; Ribo, M.; Rubiera, M.; Montaner, J.; Santamarina, E.; Delgado-Mederos, R.; Arenillas, J.F.; Huertas, R.; Purroy, F.; Delgado, P.; Alvarez-Sabín, Jé., 2005:
Microbubble administration accelerates clot lysis during continuous 2-MHz ultrasound monitoring in stroke patients treated with intravenous tissue plasminogen activator

Klibanov, A.L., 2006:
Microbubble contrast agents: targeted ultrasound imaging and ultrasound-assisted drug-delivery applications

Enomoto, S.; Yoshiyama, M.; Omura, T.; Matsumoto, R.; Kusuyama, T.; Nishiya, D.; Izumi, Y.; Akioka, K.; Iwao, H.; Takeuchi, K.; Yoshikawa, J., 2005:
Microbubble destruction with ultrasound augments neovascularisation by bone marrow cell transplantation in rat hind limb ischaemia

Zhang, W.; Li, Z.-Jian; Agblevor, F., A., 2005:
Microbubble fermentation of recombinant Pichia pastoris for human serum albumin production

Casey, N.D.; Chandler, J.; Gifford, D.; Falter, F., 2005:
Microbubble production in an in vitro cardiopulmonary bypass circuit ventilated with xenon

Ohta, S.; Suzuki, K.; Tachibana, K.; Yamada, G., 2003:
Microbubble-enhanced sonoporation: efficient gene transduction technique for chick embryos

Nakaya, H.; Shimizu, T.; Isobe, K-ichi.; Tensho, K.; Okabe, T.; Nakamura, Y.; Nawata, M.; Yoshikawa, H.; Takaoka, K.; Wakitani, S., 2005:
Microbubble-enhanced ultrasound exposure promotes uptake of methotrexate into synovial cells and enhanced antiinflammatory effects in the knees of rabbits with antigen-induced arthritis

Yang, L.; Shirakata, Y.; Tamai, K.; Dai, X.; Hanakawa, Y.; Tokumaru, S.; Yahata, Y.; Tohyama, M.; Shiraishi, K.; Nagai, H.; Wang, X.; Murakami, S.; Sayama, K.; Kaneda, Y.; Hashimoto, K., 2005:
Microbubble-enhanced ultrasound for gene transfer into living skin equivalents

Sharma, P.K.; Gibcus, M.J.; van der Mei, H.C.; Busscher, H.J., 2005:
Microbubble-induced detachment of coadhering oral bacteria from salivary pellicles

Barak, M.; Katz, Y., 2005:
Microbubbles: pathophysiology and clinical implications

Yoon, J-Hoon.; Kim, I-Gi.; Oh, T-Kwang.; Park, Y-Ha., 2004:
Microbulbifer maritimus sp. nov., isolated from an intertidal sediment from the Yellow Sea, Korea

Gong, X.; Vedula, A.A.; Glick, S.J., 2004:
Microcalcification detection using cone-beam CT mammography with a flat-panel imager

Cheng, H.D.; Wang, J.; Shi, X., 2004:
Microcalcification detection using fuzzy logic and scale space approaches

Metreveli, N.O.; Hamicheĭshvili, L.O.; Dzhariashvili, K.K.; Chikvaidze, E.N.; Mrevlishvili, G.M., 2006:
Microcalorimetric and electron spin resonance study of the influence of UV radiation on collagen

Chadha, R.; Kashid, N.; Jain, D.V.S., 2004:
Microcalorimetric evaluation of the in vitro compatibility of amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and ampicillin/sulbactam with ciprofloxacin

Zheng, D.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, X-Juan.; Shen, Y-Fen., 2006:
Microcalorimetric investigation of the toxic action of Cr(VI) on the metabolism of Tetrahymena thermophila BF(5) during growth

Xiaoyan, L.; Yi, L.; Peng, L.; Songsheng, Q.; Ziniu, Y., 2004:
Microcalorimetric investigation on the growth model and the protein yield of Bacillus thuringiensis

Ruan, L.; Wang, Y.; Yan, Q.; Hoi-fu, Y., 2006:
Microcalorimetric studies on the polyhydroxyalkanoates production of recombinant Escherichia coli

Khachidze, D.G.; Monaselidze, D.R., 2000:
Microcalorimetric study of human blood serum

Monaselidze, J.; Barbakadze, S.; Majagaladze, G.; Topchishvili, L., 2002:
Microcalorimetric study of microalgae Spirulina platensis cells in the temperature range (2-55)degreeC

Yang, Y.; Zhu, J.; Liu, Y.; Shen, P.; Qu, S., 2005:
Microcalorimetry is a sensitive method for studying the effect of nucleotide mutation on promoter activity

Aruldhas, M.Michael.; Subramanian, S.; Sekhar, P.; Hasan, G.Chandra.; Govindarajulu, P.; Akbarsha, M.A., 2004:
Microcanalization in the epididymis to overcome ductal obstruction caused by chronic exposure to chromium - a study in the mature bonnet monkey (Macaca radiata Geoffroy)

Charles, P., T.; Rangasammy, J., G.; Anderson, G., P.; Romanoski, T., C.; Kusterbeck, A., W., 2004:
Microcapillary reversed-displacement immunosensor for trace level detection of TNT in seawater

Martin-Banderas, L.; Alvarez-Fuentes, J.; Holgado, M.H.; Fernandez-Arevalo, M., 2003:
Microcapsulas de famotidina de liberacion programada para administracion oral

Shutava, T.; Zheng, Z.; John, V.; Lvov, Y., 2004:
Microcapsule modification with peroxidase-catalyzed phenol polymerization

Lazko, J.; Popineau, Y.; Renard, D.; Legrand, J., 2004:
Microcapsules based on glycinin-sodium dodecyl sulfate complex coacervation

Dea-Ayuela, M.A.; Rama-Iñiguez, S.; Torrado-Santiago, S.; Bolas-Fernandez, F., 2006:
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Microglial activation induced by neurodegeneration: a proteomic analysis

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Microglial activation precedes dopamine terminal pathology in methamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity

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Microglial activation state and lysophospholipid acid receptor expression

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Microglial activation with atypical proinflammatory cytokine expression in a rat model of Parkinson's disease

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Microglial cell activation following retinal detachment: a comparison between species

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Microglial cell cycle-associated proteins control microglial proliferation in vivo and in vitro and are regulated by GM-CSF and density-dependent inhibition

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Microglial cell death induced by polyamines

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Microglial cells from psychologically stressed mice as an accelerator of cerebral cryptococcosis

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Microglial cells initiate vigorous yet non-protective immune responses during HSV-1 brain infection

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Microglial cells kill prion-damaged neurons in vitro by a CD14-dependent process

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Microglial expression of chemokine receptor CCR5 during rat forebrain development and after perinatal hypoxia-ischemia

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Microglial glutamate uptake is coupled to glutathione synthesis and glutamate release

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Microglial imaging with positron emission tomography and atrophy measurements with magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosis: a correlative study

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Microglial major histocompatibility complex glycoprotein-1 in the axotomized facial motor nucleus: regulation and role of tumor necrosis factor receptors 1 and 2

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Microglial morphology and its transformation after challenge by extracellular ATP in vitro

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Microglial morphology in healthy and degenerating brain estimated by keratan sulfate immunohistochemistry

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Microglial phagocytosis induced by fibrillar beta-amyloid and IgGs are differentially regulated by proinflammatory cytokines

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Microglial phagocytosis of fibrillar beta-amyloid through a beta1 integrin-dependent mechanism

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Microglial reactivity to beta-amyloid is modulated by astrocytes and proinflammatory factors

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Microglial response is poorly correlated with neurodegeneration following chronic, low-dose MPTP administration in monkeys

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Microglial response to early ischemia-induced changes in the rat spinal cord

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Microglial response to unilateral spinal cord compression in rabbits

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Microglial responses in the avascular quail retina following transection of the optic nerve

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Microglial stability and repopulation in the retina

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Micrografting of ASBVd-infected avocado (Persea americana) plants

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Microgranular and t(11;17)/PLZF-RARalpha variants of acute promyelocytic leukemia also present the flow cytometric pattern of CD13, CD34, and CD15 expression characteristic of PML-RARalpha gene rearrangement

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Micrographic analysis of Erythroxylum coca, Phaseolus vulgaris, and Canavalia ensiformis samples from the archaeological textile collection of the Museo de la Plata, Argentina

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Micrographical ecological differences between two populations of Akodon cursor (Rodentia, Sigmodontinae) in a Brazilian Restinga

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Microgravimetric flow analysis of nucleic acid based on adsorption of nanoparticle-bioconjugate

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Microgravity effects on fine motor skills: tying surgical knots during parabolic flight

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Microgravity simulation: physical and psychological workload evaluation tests in an underwater environment

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Microgravity-induced modifications of the vestibuloocular reflex in Xenopus laevis tadpoles are related to development and the occurrence of tail lordosis

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Microgrooved fibrillar collagen membranes as scaffolds for cell support and alignment

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Microhabitat affinities of small mammals in southwestern Oklahoma

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Microhabitat and morphological variation in fresh water Blennothrix ganeshii - (Oscillatoriaceae, Cyanophyceae) populations in streams of central Mexico

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Microhabitat and prey odor selection in the foraging pigmy rattlesnake

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Microhabitat and sex distribution in Marchantia inflexa, a dioicous liverwort

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Microhabitat association and temporal stability in reef fish assemblages on massive Porites microatolls

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Microhabitat de Habia rubica (Vielllot) a Trichothraupis melanops (Vieillot) (Aves, Emberizidae, Thraupinae), em uma floresta atlantica do sul do Brasil

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Microhabitat effect on spider distribution (Arachnida, Aranei) in agroecosystem

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Microhabitat features influence the movements of red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) on unfamiliar ground

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Microhabitat preference and vertical use of space by patas monkeys (Erythrocebus patas) in relation to predation risk and habitat structure

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Microhabitat preference of the Cabrera vole in a Mediterranean cork oak woodland of southern Portugal

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Microhabitat preferences of six Drosera (Droseraceae) from Tibagi river basin, Parana State, Brazil

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Microhabitat requirements of the federally endangered Dalea foliosa, with recommendations on establishment of new populations

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Microhabitat selection and co-occurrence of Pachistopelma rufonigrum Pocock (Araneae, Theraphosidae) and Nothroctenus fuxico sp. nov. (Araneae, Ctenidae) in tank bromeliads from Serra de Itabaiana, Sergipe, Brazil

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Microhabitat selection and daily movements of two rodents (Necromys lasiurus and Oryzomys scotti) in Brazilian Cerrado, as revealed by a spool-and-line device

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Microhabitat selection by the Pacific treefrog, Hyla regilla

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Microhabitat selection of Peromyscus leucopus and P. maniculatus in mid-successional vegetation

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Microhabitat use and density of sigmodontine rodents in Spartina densiflora freshwater marshes, Argentina

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Microhabitat use and preferences of the endangered Cottus gobio in the River Voer, Belgium

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Microhabitat use and segregation of two sibling species of Calandrella larks during the breeding season: Conservation and management strategies

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Microhabitat use and social structure in Linnet Carduelis cannabina and Corn Bunting Miliaria calandra at a winter roost in central Spain

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Microhabitat use by Iberian nase Chondrostoma polylepis and Iberian chub Squalius carolitertii in three small streams, north-west Portugal

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Microhabitat use by a post-settlement stage estuarine fish: Evidence from relative abundance and predation among habitats

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Microhabitat use by the soldier crab Mictyris brevidactylus (Brachyura: Mictyridae): Interchangeability of surface and subsurface feeding through burrow structure alteration

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Microhabitat use of juvenile Atlantic cod in a coastal area of Newfoundland determined by 2D telemetry

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Microhabitat utilisation patterns in cryptobenthic coral reef fish communities

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Microhabitat-scale influences of resources and refuge on habitat selection by an estuarine opportunist fish

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Microhardness and fracture toughness of dental materials by indentation method

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Microhardness as a predictor of sound and carious dentine removal using alumina air abrasion

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Microheterogeneity of the major grass group 6 allergen Phl p 6: Analysis by mass spectrometry

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Microhimenopteros parasitoides de Chrysomya megacephala

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Microhomology-dependent end joining and repair of transposon-induced DNA hairpins by host factors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Microincisional cataract surgery and Thinoptx rollable intraocular lens implantation

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Microinfusion using hollow microneedles

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Microinjection of CART peptide 55-102 into the nucleus accumbens blocks amphetamine-induced locomotion

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Microinjection of L-NAME into dorsal raphe nucleus inhibits nociceptive response in sigmoid pain model of rats

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Microinjection of an antibody against the cysteine-protease involved in male chromatin remodeling blocks the development of sea urchin embryos at the initial cell cycle

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Microinjection of bicuculline into the central nucleus of the amygdala alters gustatory responses of the rat parabrachial nucleus

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Microinjection of carbachol in the supramammillary region suppresses CA1 pyramidal cell synaptic excitability

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Microinjection of galanin-like peptide into the medial preoptic area stimulates food intake in adult male rats

de Menezes, R.C.A.; Zaretsky, D.V.; Fontes, M.A.P.; DiMicco, J.A., 2006:
Microinjection of muscimol into caudal periaqueductal gray lowers body temperature and attenuates increases in temperature and activity evoked from the dorsomedial hypothalamus

Burghardt, P.R.; Wilson, M.A., 2005:
Microinjection of naltrexone into the central, but not the basolateral, amygdala blocks the anxiolytic effects of diazepam in the plus maze

Pollock, M.S.; Mistlberger, R.E., 2005:
Microinjection of neostigmine into the pontine reticular formation of the mouse: further evaluation of a proposed REM sleep enhancement technique

Wang, J-Zhen., 2004:
Microinjection of neuropeptide Y into periaqueductal grey produces anti-nociception in rats with mononeuropathy

Orzeł-Gryglewska, J.; Jurkowlaniec, E.; Trojniar, W., 2005:
Microinjection of procaine and electrolytic lesion in the ventral tegmental area suppresses hippocampal theta rhythm in urethane-anesthetized rats

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Microinjection of prostaglandin E2 and muscimol into the preoptic area in conscious rats: comparison of effects on plasma adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH), body temperature, locomotor activity, and cardiovascular function

Naghdi, N.; Rezaei, M.; Fathollahi, Y., 2005:
Microinjection of ritanserin into the CA1 region of hippocampus improves scopolamine-induced amnesia in adult male rats

Soleimannejad, E.; Semnanian, S.; Fathollahi, Y.; Naghdi, N., 2005:
Microinjection of ritanserin into the dorsal hippocampal CA1 and dentate gyrus decrease nociceptive behavior in adult male rat

Chartoff, E.H.; Pliakas, A.M.; Carlezon, W.A., 2006:
Microinjection of the L-type calcium channel antagonist diltiazem into the ventral nucleus accumbens shell facilitates cocaine-induced conditioned place preferences

Monti, J.M.; Jantos, Héctor., 2004:
Microinjection of the nitric oxide synthase inhibitor L-NAME into the lateral basal forebrain alters the sleep/wake cycle of the rat

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Microinjection of urocortin 2 into the dorsal raphe nucleus activates serotonergic neurons and increases extracellular serotonin in the basolateral amygdala

Chitravanshi, V.C.; Sapru, H.N., 2005:
Microinjections of nociceptin into the nucleus ambiguus elicit tachycardia in the rat

Stankus, J.J.; Guan, J.; Fujimoto, K.; Wagner, W.R., 2005:
Microintegrating smooth muscle cells into a biodegradable, elastomeric fiber matrix

Ewing, T.; Sawicki, J.; Ciaravino, G.; Rumore, G.J., 2004:
Microinvasive Paget's disease

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Microinvasive cervical adenocarcinoma (FIGO stage 1A tumors): results of surgical staging and outcome analysis

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Microinvasive germ cell tumor of the testis

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Microinvasive germ cell tumour (MGCT) adjacent to testicular germ cell tumours

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Microionization chamber for reference dosimetry in IMRT verification: clinical implications on OAR dosimetric errors

Kovács, Péter.; Dénes, Vória.; Kellényi, Lóránd.; Hernádi, Ián., 2005:
Microiontophoresis electrode location by neurohistological marking: Comparison of four native dyes applied from current balancing electrode channels

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Microirradiation of cells with energetic heavy ions

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Microkalorimetry determination of the metabolic activity of blood and bone marrow cells under low dose of irradiation influence

Shimmura, S.; Miyashita, H.; Uchino, Y.; Taguchi, T.; Kobayashi, H.; Shimazaki, J.; Tanaka, J.; Tsubota, K., 2006:
Microkeratome assisted deep lamellar keratoprosthesis

Busin, M.; Zambianchi, L.; Arffa, R.C., 2005:
Microkeratome-assisted lamellar keratoplasty for the surgical treatment of keratoconus

Busin, M.; Arffa, R.C., 2005:
Microkeratome-assisted mushroom keratoplasty with minimal endothelial replacement

Kolios, E.; Moran, M., E., 2004:

Ikeda, F.; Vanni, D.; Vasconcelos, A.; Podgaec, S.; Abrão, M.Simões., 2005:
Microlaparoscopy vs. conventional laparoscopy for the management of early-stage pelvic endometriosis: a comparison

Knobloch, L., A.; Meyer, T.; Kerby, R., E.; Johnston, W., 2005:
Microleakage and bond strength of sealant to primary enamel comparing air abrasion and acid etch techniques

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Microleakage evaluation of intraorifice sealing materials in endodontically treated teeth

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Microlepidoptera in Nederland in 2001-2002

Langmaid, Jr; Young, Mr, 2003:
Microlepidoptera review of 2002

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Microlepidoptera vom Kaiserstuhl in Baden-Wurttemberg

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Microlesions of the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus: effects on sociosexual behaviors in male rats

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Microlinguistic deficits in the narrative discourse of adults with traumatic brain injury

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Microlithiasis of the epididymis and the rete testis

Rodriguez, N.; Fernandez-Gonzalez, I.; Mateo, C.P.scual; Espinales-Castro, G.; Angulo-Cuesta, J.; Berenguer-Sanchez, A., 2006:
Microlitiasis testicular

Fernandes, P.; Cabral, J.M.S., 2006:
Microlitre/millilitre shaken bioreactors in fermentative and biotransformation processes - a review

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Micromachined devices: the impact of controlled geometry from cell-targeting to bioavailability

Ho, C-Ta.; Lin, R-Zeng.; Chang, H-You.; Liu, C-Hsien., 2005:
Micromachined electrochemical T-switches for cell sorting applications

Wu, C-C.; Lee, G-B.; Chen, M-H.; Luo, C-H., 2005:
Micromachined oxygen gas sensors for microscopic energy consumption measurement systems

Liao, C-Sheng.; Lee, G-Bin.; Wu, J-Jong.; Chang, C-Ching.; Hsieh, T-Min.; Huang, F-Chun.; Luo, C-Hsing., 2004:
Micromachined polymerase chain reaction system for multiple DNA amplification of upper respiratory tract infectious diseases

Schabmueller, C.G.J.; Loppow, D.; Piechotta, G.; Schütze, B.; Albers, J.; Hintsche, R., 2005:
Micromachined sensor for lactate monitoring in saliva

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Micromamiferos (Didelphimorphia y Rodentia) de norpatagonia extra andina, Argentina: Taxonomia alfa y biogeografia

Teta, P.; Andrade, A.; Pardinas, U., F.J., 2005:
Micromamiferos (Didelphimorphia y Rodentia) y paleoambientes del Holoceno tardio en la Patagonia noroccidental extra-andina (Argentina)

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Micromammal taphonomy of el-Wad Terrace, Mount Carmel, Israel: distinguishing cultural from natural depositional agents in the Late Natufian

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Micromammalian distribution and abundance in the Western Cape Province, south Africa, as evidenced by Barn owls Tyto alba (Scopoli)

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Micromammals and barn owls in the Free State, South Africa: Prey distribution and predator behaviour

Szarzynska, B.; Szweykowska-Kulinska, Z.; Jarmolowski, A., 2005:

Paliulis, L.V.; Nicklas, R.Bruce., 2004:
Micromanipulation of chromosomes reveals that cohesion release during cell division is gradual and does not require tension

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