Section 13
Chapter 12,316

Modular kinetic analysis of the adenine nucleotide translocator-mediated effects of palmitoyl-CoA on the oxidative phosphorylation in isolated rat liver mitochondria

Ciapaite, J.; Van Eikenhorst, G.; Bakker, S.J.L.; Diamant, M.; Heine, R.J.; Wagner, M.J.; Westerhoff, H.V.; Krab, K.

Diabetes 54(4): 944-951


ISSN/ISBN: 0012-1797
PMID: 15793231
DOI: 10.2337/diabetes.54.4.944
Accession: 012315559

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To test whether long-chain fatty acyl-CoA esters link obesity with type 2 diabetes through inhibition of the mitochondrial adenine nucleotide translocator, we applied a system-biology approach, dual modular kinetic analysis, with mitochondrial membrane potential (Delta psi) and the fraction of matrix ATP as intermediates. We found that 5 mu mol/l palmitoyl-CoA inhibited adenine nucleotide translocator, without direct effect on other components of oxidative phosphorylation.

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