Section 13
Chapter 12,320

Molecular cloning and construction of plant expression vector of farnesyl phosphate synthase gene from Menthor spicata L

Cui Hong; Guo Xiao Ling; Shi Xiang Dong; Liu Guo Shun

Xiamen Daxue Xuebao (Ziran Kexue Ban) 43(2): 253-255


Accession: 012319737

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Farnesyl phosphate synthase is a key enzyme in the biosynthesis pathway of sequiterpenoids, which play an important role in tobacco pathogen-resistance response. By RT-PCR technology, the cDNA of fps gene of Menthor spicata L was cloned and sequenced. The result demonstrated that the sequence of coding region was 1 050 bp,encodes a protein of 349 amino acid. In order to transfer fps gene into tobacco, plant expressing vector pBinARfps was constructed.

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