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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12325

Chapter 12325 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Burreson, E.M.; Reece, K.S.; Dungan, C.F., 2005:
Molecular, morphological, and experimental evidence support the synonymy of Perkinsus chesapeaki and Perkinsus andrewsi

Heinrichs, J.; Groth, H.; Lindner, M.; Feldberg, K.; Rycroft, D., S., 2004:
Molecular, morphological, and phytochemical evidence for a broad species concept of Plagiochila bifaria (Hepaticae)

Dragavtsev, V.A., 2006:
Molecular, ontogenetic, populational and phytocenotic level of ecologo-genetic organization of economical important plant determinants

Buckner, R.L.; Snyder, A.Z.; Shannon, B.J.; LaRossa, G.; Sachs, R.; Fotenos, A.F.; Sheline, Y.I.; Klunk, W.E.; Mathis, C.A.; Morris, J.C.; Mintun, M.A., 2005:
Molecular, structural, and functional characterization of Alzheimer's disease: evidence for a relationship between default activity, amyloid, and memory

Sugihara, I.; Shinoda, Y., 2004:
Molecular, topographic, and functional organization of the cerebellar cortex: a study with combined aldolase C and olivocerebellar labeling

Butina, T.V.; Denikina, N.N.; Kondratov, I.G.; Belikov, S.I.; Durymanova, A.A.; Blinov, V.M.; Shestopalov, A.M., 2003:
Molecular-and-genetic comparisons of morbilliviruses caused epizooty in Baikal and Caspian seals

Kurokawa, Y.; Matoba, R.; Takemasa, I.; Nagano, H.; Dono, K.; Nakamori, S.; Umeshita, K.; Sakon, M.; Ueno, N.; Oba, S.; Ishii, S.; Kato, K.; Monden, M., 2004:
Molecular-based prediction of early recurrence in hepatocellular carcinoma

Yao, G.; Tan, W., 2004:
Molecular-beacon-based array for sensitive DNA analysis

Kolar, M.; Cekanova, L.; Vagnerova, I.; Kesselova, M.; Sauer, P.; Koukalova, D.; Hejnar, P., 2004:
Molecular-biological analysis of vancomycin-resistant enterococci isolated from a community in the Czech Republic

Udalov, M.B.; Poskryakov, A.V.; Ben'kovskaya, G.V.; Nikolenko, A.G., 2003:
Molecular-biological methods of monitoring the resistance to insectoacaricides in arthropod populations

Telkova, I.L., 2005:
Molecular-cellular effects of insulin and possible mechanisms of insulin resistance development in patients with ischemic heart disease (CAD)

Bazian, A.S.; Grigor'ian, G.A., 2006:
Molecular-chemical basis of emotional states and reinforcement

Enns, G.M.; Bai, R-Kui.; Beck, A.E.; Wong, L-Jun., 2006:
Molecular-clinical correlations in a family with variable tissue mitochondrial DNA T8993G mutant load

Nadji, Mehrdad, 2005:
Molecular-friendly histopathology: Validation of a robust platform

Kumaramanickavel, G.; Joseph, B.; Narayana, K.; Natesh, S.; Mamatha, G.; Shanmugam, M.P.; Elamparathi, A.; Biswas, J., 2003:
Molecular-genetic analysis of two cases with retinoblastoma: benefits for disease management

Antonov, V.A.; Iliukhin, V.I., 2005:
Molecular-genetic approaches to diagnosis and intraspecific typing of causative agents of glanders and melioidosis

Trtkova, J.; Raclavsky, V., 2006 :
Molecular-genetic approaches to identification and typing of pathogenic Candida yeasts

Hulsebos, T.J.M.; Troost, D.; Leenstra, S., 2004:
Molecular-genetic characterisation of gliomas that recur as same grade or higher grade tumours

Scherbinina, S.P.; Romanova, E.A.; Zborovsky, S.S., 2005:
Molecular-genetic diagnosis of hereditary hemochromatosis

Naumova, E.S.; Sukhotina, N.N.; Naumov, G.I., 2004:
Molecular-genetic differentiation of the dairy yeast Kluyveromyces lactis and its closest wild relatives

Tsymbalyuk, V.I.; Semenova, V.M.; Medvedev, V.V., 2005:
Molecular-genetic mechanisms of neuroonthogenesis

Dubileĭ, S.A.; Ignatova, A.N.; Shemiakin, I.G., 2005:
Molecular-genetic method of identification of drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Smirnova, N.I.; Cheldyshova, N.B.; Zadnova, S.P.; Kutyrev, V.V., 2004:
Molecular-genetic peculiarities of classical biotype Vibrio cholerae, the etiological agent of the last outbreak Asiatic cholera in Russia

Tikhonov, V.N., 2005:
Molecular-genetic problems in microevolution of swine breed population in connection with dynamics of heterozygosity

Huang, Y-San.; Karashima, T.; Yamamoto, M.; Hamaguchi, H-o., 2005:
Molecular-level investigation of the structure, transformation, and bioactivity of single living fission yeast cells by time- and space-resolved Raman spectroscopy

Heise, H.; Hoyer, W.; Becker, S.; Andronesi, O.C.; Riedel, D.; Baldus, M., 2005:
Molecular-level secondary structure, polymorphism, and dynamics of full-length alpha-synuclein fibrils studied by solid-state NMR

Hanski, I.; Saccheri, I., 2006:
Molecular-level variation affects population growth in a butterfly metapopulation

Gundersen, E.; Fan, K.; Haas, K.; Huryn, D.; Steven Jacobsen, J.; Kreft, A.; Martone, R.; Mayer, S.; Sonnenberg-Reines, J.; Sun, S-Ching.; Zhou, H., 2005:
Molecular-modeling based design, synthesis, and activity of substituted piperidines as gamma-secretase inhibitors

Poole, K.; Khairy, K.; Friedrichs, J.; Franz, C.; Cisneros, D.A.; Howard, J.; Mueller, D., 2005:
Molecular-scale topographic cues induce the orientation and directional movement of fibroblasts on two-dimensional collagen surfaces

Ueda, H.R.; Chen, W.; Minami, Y.; Honma, S.; Honma, K.; Iino, M.; Hashimoto, S., 2004:
Molecular-timetable methods for detection of body time and rhythm disorders from single-time-point genome-wide expression profiles

Mueller, W.E.G.; Klemt, M.; Thakur, N.L.; Schroeder, H.C.; Aiello, A.; D'esposito, M.; Menna, M.; Fattorusso, E., 2004:
Molecular/chemical ecology in sponges: Evidence for an adaptive antibacterial response in Suberites domuncula

Rosen, M.R.; Cohen, I.S., 2005:
Molecular/genetic determinants of repolarization and their modification by environmental stress

Pişkin, E., 2004:
Molecularly designed water soluble, intelligent, nanosize polymeric carriers

Raeber, G.P.; Lutolf, M.P.; Hubbell, J.A., 2005:
Molecularly engineered PEG hydrogels: a novel model system for proteolytically mediated cell migration

Podsiadlo, P.; Choi, S-Youl.; Shim, B.; Lee, J.; Cuddihy, M.; Kotov, N.A., 2005:
Molecularly engineered nanocomposites: layer-by-layer assembly of cellulose nanocrystals

Abraham, S.; Brahim, S.; Ishihara, K.; Guiseppi-Elie, A., 2005:
Molecularly engineered p(HEMA)-based hydrogels for implant biochip biocompatibility

Liu, Z.; Huan, S.; Jiang, J.; Shen, G.; Yu, R., 2008:
Molecularly imprinted TiO(2) thin film using stable ground-state complex as template as applied to selective electrochemical determination of mercury

Silvestri, D.; Cristallini, C.; Ciardelli, G.; Giusti, P.; Barbani, N., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted bioartificial membranes for the selective recognition of biological molecules

Silvestri, D.; Cristallini, C.; Ciardelli, G.; Giusti, P.; Barbani, N., 2005:
Molecularly imprinted bioartificial membranes for the selective recognition of biological molecules. Part 2: release of components and thermal analysis

Wang, H.Ying.; Xia, S.Ling.; Sun, H.; Liu, Y.Kun.; Cao, S.Kui.; Kobayashi, T., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted copolymer membranes functionalized by phase inversion imprinting for uracil recognition and permselective binding

Liang, H.-Jing; Ling, T.-Rong; Rick, J., F.; Chou, T.-Chuan, 2005:
Molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor able to enantroselectivly recognize D and L-tyrosine

He, C.; Liu, F.; Li, K.; Liu, H., 2006:
Molecularly imprinted polymer film grafted from porous silica for selective recognition of testosterone

Cai Ling Shuang; W.C.i Ying; Mei, S.R.ng; Zeng Zao Rui, 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polymer for theophylline retention and molecular recognition properties in capillary electrochromatography

Nilsson, J.; Spégel, P.; Nilsson, S., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polymer formats for capillary electrochromatography

Yang, M.Li.; Li, Y.Zong., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polymer with salicylaldehyde-Cu(OAc)2 as template

Suedee, R.; Intakong, W.; Dickert, F., L., 2006:
Molecularly imprinted polymer-modified electrode for on-line conductometric monitoring of haloacetic acids in chlorinated water

Piletsky, S.A.; Nicholls, I.A.; Rozhko, M.I.; Sergeyeva, T.A.; Piletska, E.V.; El'skaya, A.V.; Karube, L., 2005:
Molecularly imprinted polymers - Tyrosinase mimics

Ye, L.; Haupt, K., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polymers as antibody and receptor mimics for assays, sensors and drug discovery

Yan, Mingdi, 2002:
Molecularly imprinted polymers as antibody mimics: Applications in immunoassays and recent developments

Jenkins, A., L.; Bae, S., Y., 2005:
Molecularly imprinted polymers for chemical agent detection in multiple water matrices

Alvarez-Lorenzo, C.; Concheiro, A., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polymers for drug delivery

Harvey, S.D., 2005:
Molecularly imprinted polymers for selective analysis of chemical warfare surrogate and nuclear signature compounds in complex matrices

Chassaing, C.; Stokes, J.; Venn, R.F.; Lanza, F.; Sellergren, B.; Holmberg, A.; Berggren, C., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polymers for the determination of a pharmaceutical development compound in plasma using 96-well MISPE technology

Bolisay, L.D.; Culver, J.N.; Kofinas, P., 2006:
Molecularly imprinted polymers for tobacco mosaic virus recognition

Courtois, J.; Fischer, G.; Sellergren, B.; Irgum, K., 2006:
Molecularly imprinted polymers grafted to flow through poly (trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate) monoliths for capillary-based solid-phase extraction

Spégel, P.; Schweitz, L.; Nilsson, S., 2003:
Molecularly imprinted polymers in capillary electrochromatography: recent developments and future trends

Ansell, R.J., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polymers in pseudoimmunoassay

Rachkov, A.; Hu, M.; Bulgarevich, E.; Matsumoto, T.; Minoura, N., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polymers prepared in aqueous solution selective for (Sar1, Ala8)angiotensin II

Urraca, J.L.; Marazuela, M.D.; Merino, E.R.; Orellana, G.; Moreno-Bondi, M.C., 2006:
Molecularly imprinted polymers with a streamlined mimic for zearalenone analysis

Mahony, J.O.; Nolan, K.; Smyth, M.R.; Mizaikoff, B., 2005:
Molecularly imprinted polymers-potential and challenges in analytical chemistry

Szumski, Mł.; Buszewski, Bław., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polymers: a new tool for separation of steroid isomers

Cormack, P.A.G.; Elorza, A.Zurutuza., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polymers: synthesis and characterisation

Turiel, E.; Martin-Esteban, A., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polymers: towards highly selective stationary phases in liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis

Ramanaviciene, A.; Ramanavicius, A., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted polypyrrole-based synthetic receptor for direct detection of bovine leukemia virus glycoproteins

Lai, E.P.C.; Feng, S.Y., 2003:
Molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction for rapid screening of metformin

Wu, S.G.; Lai, E.P.C.; Mayer, P.M., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction-pulsed elution-mass spectrometry for determination of cephalexin and alpha-aminocephalosporin antibiotics in human serum

Feng, S.Y.; Lai, E.P.C.; Dabek-Zlotorzynska, E.; Sadeghi, S., 2004:
Molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction for the screening of antihyperglycemic biguanides

Zurutuza, A.; Bayoudh, S.; Cormack, P.A.G.; Dambies, L.; Deere, J.; Bischoff, R.; Sherrington, D.C., 2005:
Molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction of cocaine metabolites from aqueous samples

Ding, L.; Li, H.; Tang, F.; Yao, S., 2006:
Molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction of epicatechin from tea beverage

Zhang, Z.; Long, Y.; Nie, L.; Yao, S., 2005:
Molecularly imprinted thin film self-assembled on piezoelectric quartz crystal surface by the sol-gel process for protein recognition

Thiery-Vuillemin, A.; Nguyen, T.; Pivot, X.; Spano, J.P.; Dufresnne, A.; Soria, J.C., 2005:
Molecularly targeted agents: their promise as cancer chemopreventive interventions

Morgan, M.A.; Reuter, C.W.M., 2006:
Molecularly targeted therapies in myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemias

Mughal, T., I.; Goldman, J., M., 2006:
Molecularly targeted treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia: beyond the imatinib era

Yu, J.C.C.; Krushkova, S.; Lai, E.P.C.; Dabek-Zlotorzynska, E., 2005:
Molecularly-imprinted polypyrrole-modified stainless steel frits for selective solid phase preconcentration of ochratoxin A

Jaitovich, A.; Etcheverry, G.-Jaim, 2004:
Moleculas de adhesion su papel en la fisiopatologia cardiovascular

Xu, J.; Szakal, C.W.; Martin, S.E.; Peterson, B.R.; Wucher, A.; Winograd, N., 2004:
Molecule-specific imaging with mass spectrometry and a buckminsterfullerene probe: application to characterizing solid-phase synthesized combinatorial libraries

Csaba, G.; Inczefi-Gonda, A., 2005:
Molecules acting on receptor level at weaning, durably influence liver glucocorticoid receptors

Mastronardi, F.G.; Moscarello, M.A., 2005:
Molecules affecting myelin stability: a novel hypothesis regarding the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis

Goodman, M.B.; Lumpkin, E.A.; Ricci, A.; Tracey, W.Daniel.; Kernan, M.; Nicolson, T., 2004:
Molecules and mechanisms of mechanotransduction

Koch, M.A.; Kiefer, C., 2006:
Molecules and migration: biogeographical studies in cruciferous plants

Bowman, J.L., 2006:
Molecules and morphology: comparative developmental genetics of the Brassicaceae

Springer, M.S.; Stanhope, M.J.; Madsen, O.; de Jong, W.W., 2006:
Molecules consolidate the placental mammal tree

Raju, K.K.; Gautam, S.; Sharma, A., 2006:
Molecules involved in the modulation of rapid cell death in Xanthomonas

Latif, N.; Sarathchandra, P.; Taylor, P.M.; Antoniw, J.; Yacoub, M.H., 2005:
Molecules mediating cell-ECM and cell-cell communication in human heart valves

Liu, Z.; Shi, W.; Ji, X.; Sun, C.; Jee, W.S.S.; Wu, Y.; Mao, Z.; Nagy, T.R.; Li, Q.; Cao, X., 2003:
Molecules mimicking Smad1 interacting with Hox stimulate bone formation

Rangarajan, S.Erumbi.; Tocilj, A.; Li, Y.; Iannuzzi, P.; Matte, A.; Cygler, M., 2003:
Molecules of Escherichia coli MobB assemble into densely packed hollow cylinders in a crystal lattice with 75% solvent content

Lorence, A.; Nessler, C., L., 2004:
Molecules of interest - Camptothecin, over four decades of surprising findings

Holden-Dye, L.M.; O'connor, V.M.; Stephenson, F.A., 2006:
Molecules of the mind: integrating synaptic biochemistry to understand brain function

Giribet, G., 2005:
Molecules, development and fossils in the study of metazoan evolution; Articulata versus Ecdysozoa revisited

Schein, C.H.; Zhou, B.; Oezguen, N.; Mathura, V.S.; Braun, W., 2004:
Molego-based definition of the architecture and specificity of metal-binding sites

Goette, A.; Lendeckel, U.; Klein, H.U., 2004:
Molekularbiologie der Herzvorhofe - Neue erkenntnisse zur pathophysiologie des vorhofflimmerns sowie klinische implikationen

Vom-Dorp, F.; Wullich, B.; Gulbins, E.; Eisenhardt, A., 2005:
Molekularbiologische erklarungsansatze einer lymphknotenmetastasierung

Wunder, A.; Grimm, J.; Mueller-Ladner, U., 2003:
Molekulare Bildgebung bei rheumatoider Arthritis

Schneider, Volker, 2004:
Molekulare Diagnostik der zervikalen Neoplasie: Zukunft oder lrrweg?

Schmidt, Olaf, 2003:
Molekulare and physiologische Charakterisierung von Hausschwamm-Arten

Lamprecht, P., 2006:
Molekulare pathogenese primar systemischer vaskulitiden

Appel, H.; Sieper, J.; Rudwaleit, M., 2006:
Molekulare pathomechanismen von HLA-B27 und anderen genen bei spondloarthritiden

Riggenbach, C.; Stranzinger, G.; Poncet, P.A.; Glowatzki, M.L.; Muntwyler, J.; Gaillard, C.; Rieder, S., 2005:
Molekulargenetische Untersuchungen beim Einsiedler-Pferd

Zienkiewicz, A.; Tretyn, A.; Kopcewicz, J., 2004:
Molekularne i fizjologiczne podstawy funkcjonowania roslinnego zegara okolodobowego

Zander, Richard, H., 2005:
Molendoa ogalalensis (Bryopsida, Pottiaceae) new to Mexico

Nauta, Marijke, 2004:
Mollisia en verwanten in Nederland. 1. Belonopsis

Horsak, Michal, 2006:
Mollusc community patterns and species response curves along a mineral richness gradient: a case study in fens

Arruda, E.; Domaneschi, O.; Amaral, A., 2003:
Mollusc feeding guilds on sandy beaches in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Hickman, C.S., 2003:
Mollusc-microbe mutualisms extend the potential for life in hypersaline systems

Antoniadou, C.; Koutsoubas, D.; Chintiroglou, C.C., 2005:
Mollusca fauna from infralittoral hard substrate assemblages in the North Aegean Sea

Alexandrowicz, Witold-Pawel, 2000:
Molluscan assemblages from cave and slope sediments of the Czestochowa Upland (Poland)

Cummins, S.F.; Schein, C.H.; Xu, Y.; Braun, W.; Nagle, G.T., 2005:
Molluscan attractins, a family of water-borne protein pheromones with interspecific attractiveness

Valdes Gonzalez, A.; Flores Rodriguez, P.; Flores Garza, R.; Garcia Ibanez, S., 2004:
Molluscan communities of the rocky intertidal zone at two sites with different wave action on Isla la Roqueta, Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

Beasley, C.R.; Fernandes, C.M.; Gomes, C.P.; Brito, B.A.; Dos Santos, S.M.Lima; Tagliaro, C.H., 2005:
Molluscan diversity and abundance among coastal habitats of northern Brazil

Malaquias, M.A.E., 2006:
Molluscan diversity caught by trawling fisheries: a case study in southern Portugal

Sousa, R.; Guilhermino, L.; Antunes, C., 2005 :
Molluscan fauna in the freshwater tidal area of the River Minho estuary, NW of Iberian Peninsula

Apte, Deepak, 2004:
Molluscan fauna of Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary Part 1: Gastropoda

Kurihara, K.'ichi; Kawabe, F., 2003:
Molluscan faunal changes across the Cenomanian/Turonian boundary: A comparison between the Oyubari area, Hokkaido, Japan and the Western Interior, USA

Yokoyama, Y.; Nanayama, F.; Ando, H.; Otsuka, K., 2003:
Molluscan fossil assemblages and sedimentation of the Holocene marine clay deposits: Results of Shimonada core in Iyonada Sea, Seto Inland Sea, Southwest Japan

Hedegaard, C.; Bardeau, J.-Francois; Chateigner, D., 2006:
Molluscan shell pigments: An in situ resonance Raman study

Parsons Hubbard, Karla, 2005:
Molluscan taphofacies in recent carbonate reef/lagoon systems and their application to sub-fossil samples from reef cores

Dalfreddo, C.; Giovannelli, M.M.; Minelli, A., 2000:
Molluschi terrestri e d'acqua dolce del Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi

el-Sayed, K.Abass., 2006:
Molluscicidal activities of aqueous extract of the sea anemone Parasicyonis actinostoloides against vector snails Bulinus truncatus and Lymnaea natalensis

El Babili, F.; Fabre, N.; Moulis, C.; Fouraste, I., 2006:
Molluscicidal activity against Bulinus truncatus of Croton campestris

Kumar, P.; Singh, D.K., 2005:
Molluscicidal activity of Ferula asafoetida, Syzygium aromaticum and Carum carvi and their active components against the snail Lymnaea acuminata

Wang, H.; Cai, W-Min.; Wang, W-Xian.; Yang, J-Min., 2006:
Molluscicidal activity of Nerium indicum Mill, Pterocarya stenoptera DC, and Rumex japonicum houtt on Oncomelania hupensis

Singh, S.K.; Yadav, R.P.; Singh, A., 2004:
Molluscicidal activity of different organic solvent latex extracts of some common euphorbiales against freshwater harmful snails

Silva, T.M.S.; Camara, C.A.; Barbosa, T.P.; Soares, Aé.Z.; da Cunha, L.C.; Pinto, A.C.; Vargas, M.D., 2004:
Molluscicidal activity of synthetic lapachol amino and hydrogenated derivatives

Tantawy, A.A., 2006:
Molluscicidal effect of fenitrothion and anilofos on Lymnaea natalensis and Biomphalaria alexandrina snails and on the free larval stages of Schistosoma mansoni

Chapman, M.G., 2005:
Molluscs and echinoderms under boulders: Tests of generality of patterns of occurrence

Rittschof, D.; McClellan-Green, P., 2005:
Molluscs as multidisciplinary models in environment toxicology

Ostroumov, S.A.; Kolesnikov, M.P., 2003:
Molluscs in biogeochemical flows (C, N, P, Si, Al) and water self-purification: Effects of surfactants

Kato, Z.; Tsubouchi, K.; Kondo, N., 2005:
Molluscum contagiosum prevents progression of staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome

Tyring, S.K., 2003:
Molluscum contagiosum: the importance of early diagnosis and treatment

Bogatov, V.V.; Starobogatov, Y., I.; Prozorova, L.A., 2005 :
Mollusks of the genus Colletopterum (Anodontinae, Bivalvia) from Russia and adjacent territories

Cazaplewski, N.J.; Morgan, G.S.; Naeher, T., 2003:
Molossid bats from the late Tertiary of Florida with a review of the Tertiary Molossidae of North America

Wei, P.; Yuan, J-Xiang.; Jin, X.; Hu, Z-Yuan.; Liu, Y-Xun., 2003:
Molsidomine and N-omega-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester inhibit implantation and apoptosis in mouse endometrium

Chander, V.; Chopra, K., 2005:
Molsidomine, a nitric oxide donor and L-arginine protects against rhabdomyolysis-induced myoglobinuric acute renal failure

Luppi, T.A.; Spivak, E.D.; Bas, C.C.; Anger, K., 2004:
Molt and growth of an estuarine crab, Chasmagnathus granulatus (Brachyura: Varunidae), in Mar Chiquita coastal lagoon, Argentina

Artem, A.V., 2004:
Molt and nest overlapping in long-distant migrants: main regularities of plumage replacement in the pied flycatcher, Ficedula hypoleuca (Passeriformes, Muscicapidae), from Karelia

Willoughby, Ernest, J., 2004:
Molt and plumage terminology of Howell et al. (2003) still may not reflect homologies

Felix, M., M.L.; Petriella, A., M., 2003:
Molt cycle of the natural population of Palaemonetes argentinus (Crustacea, Palaemonidae) from Los Padres Lagoon (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Spees, J.L.; Chang, S.A.; Mykles, D.L.; Snyder, M.J.; Chang, E.S., 2003:
Molt cycle-dependent molecular chaperone and polyubiquitin gene expression in lobster

Pyle, P.; Mcandrews, A.; Velez, P.; Wilkerson, R.L.; Siegel, R.B.; Desante, D.E., 2004:
Molt patterns and age and sex determination of selected southeastern Cuban landbirds

Carlisle, J.D.; Kaltenecker, G.S.; Swanson, D.L., 2005:
Molt strategies and age differences in migration timing among autumn landbird migrants in southwestern Idaho

Marin, Manuel, 2003:
Molt, plumage, body mass, and morphometrics of a population of the White-throated Swift in southern California

Polverini, E.; Cugini, G.; Annoni, F.; Abbruzzetti, S.; Viappiani, C.; Gensch, T., 2006:
Molten globule formation in apomyoglobin monitored by the fluorescent probe Nile Red

Rashid, F.; Sharma, S.; Baig, M.A.; Bano, B., 2006:
Molten globule state of human placental cystatin (HPC) at low pH conditions and the effects of trifluoroethanol (TFE) and methanol

Tuckey, R.C.; Bose, H.S.; Czerwionka, I.; Miller, W.L., 2004:
Molten globule structure and steroidogenic activity of N-218 MLN64 in human placental mitochondria

O'connor, N., J.; Judge, M., L., 2004:
Molting of fiddler crab Uca minax megalopae: stimulatory cues are specific to salt marshes

Naseem, F.; Ahmad, B.; Ashraf, M.T.shfeen; Khan, R.H.san, 2004:
Molton globule-like folding intermediate of asialofetuin of acidic pH

Zahalak, M.; Pratte, B.; Werth, K.J.; Thiel, T., 2004:
Molybdate transport and its effect on nitrogen utilization in the cyanobacterium Anabaena variabilis ATCC 29413

Harris, J.Robin.; Reiber, A.; Therese, H.Annal.; Tremel, W., 2005:
Molybdenum blue: binding to collagen fibres and microcrystal formation

Schwarz, G., 2005:
Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis and deficiency

Matthies, A.; Nimtz, M.; Leimkühler, S., 2005:
Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis in humans: identification of a persulfide group in the rhodanese-like domain of MOCS3 by mass spectrometry

Teksam, O.; Yurdakok, M.; Coskun, T., 2005:
Molybdenum cofactor deficiency presenting with severe metabolic acidosis and intracranial hemorrhage

Arnold, G.L.; Anbar, A.D.; Barling, J.; Lyons, T.W., 2004:
Molybdenum isotope evidence for widespread anoxia in mid-Proterozoic oceans

Helz, G.R.; Vorlicek, T.P.; Kahn, M.D., 2004:
Molybdenum scavenging by iron monosulfide

Mentes, A.; Sarbay, M.; Hazer, B.; Arslan, H., 2005:
Molybdenum tetracarbonyl complexes with linear chain polyether-containing Schiff base ligands and their reactivity in the polymerization of methyl methacrylate

Ritleng, V.; Yandulov, D.V.; Weare, W.W.; Schrock, R.R.; Hock, A.S.; Davis, W.M., 2004:
Molybdenum triamidoamine complexes that contain hexa-tert-butylterphenyl, hexamethylterphenyl, or p-bromohexaisopropylterphenyl substituents. An examination of some catalyst variations for the catalytic reduction of dinitrogen

Braune, S.; Pohlman, M.; Kazmaier, U., 2004:
Molybdenum-catalyzed stannylations as key steps in heterocyclic synthesis

Hille, R., 2004:
Molybdenum-containing hydroxylases

Takahashi, Y.; Yamaoka, K.; Nishikawa, M.; Takakura, Y., 2005 :
Moment analysis for kinetics of gene silencing by RNA interference

Gove, Jeffrey, H., 2003:
Moment and maximum likelihood estimators for Weibull distributions under length- and area-biased sampling

Menegaldo, L.Luporini.; de Toledo Fleury, A.; Weber, H.Ingo., 2004:
Moment arms and musculotendon lengths estimation for a three-dimensional lower-limb model

Bremer, A.K.; Sennwald, G.R.; Favre, P.; Jacob, H.A.C., 2006:
Moment arms of forearm rotators

Hiebeler, D., 2006:
Moment equations and dynamics of a household SIS epidemiological model

Hill, W.G.; Weir, B.S., 2004:
Moment estimation of population diversity and genetic distance from data on recessive markers

Malicka, Lwona, 2004:
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Monitoring and Risikobewertung bei Campylobacter-Infektionen

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Monitoring and telemedicine support in remote environments and in human space flight

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Monitoring chaperone engagement of substrates in the endoplasmic reticulum of live cells

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Monitoring cholesterol organization in membranes at low concentrations utilizing the wavelength-selective fluorescence approach

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Monitoring fish wheel catch using event-triggered video technology

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Monitoring for adverse effects of antiepileptic drugs

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Monitoring for polyomavirus BK And JC in urine: comparison of quantitative polymerase chain reaction with urine cytology

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Monitoring in the field

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Monitoring of BHT-quinone and BHT-CHO in the gas of capsules of Asclepias physocarpa

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Monitoring of acidic precipitation's effects on forest ecosystems - Rainwater chemistry at FFPRI in Tsukuba

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Monitoring of active but non-culturable bacterial cells by flow cytometry

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Monitoring of air pollution in the atmosphere around Oman Liquid Natural Gas (OLNG) plant

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Monitoring of algal bloom at Seomjin River estuary, Southern Coast of Korea

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Monitoring of analgesia and amnesia during the general anesthesia in surgeries made on the lungs

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Monitoring of antibiotic resistance in bacterial isolates from bacteremic patients

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Monitoring of antimicrobial resistance on the basis of the E.U. Zoonoses Directive

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Monitoring of antioxidant properties of uric acid in humans for a consideration measuring of levels of allantoin in plasma by liquid chromatography

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Monitoring of atmospheric particulate matter around sources of secondary inorganic aerosol

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Monitoring of insect pest problems on pearl millet

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Monitoring of microenvironmental changes in the major and minor grooves of DNA by dan-modified oligonucleotides

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Monitoring of microevolution and breed formation in pigs on the basis of the molecular-immunogenetic analysis

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Monitoring of nevus density in children as a method to detect shifts in melanoma risk in the population

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Monitoring of nutrients, pesticides, and metals in waters, sediments, and fish of a wetland

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Monitoring of orchid populations in a unique area of their concentration in the Middle Urals

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Monitoring of oxygen in the gas and liquid phases of bottles of wine at bottling and during storage

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Monitoring of paramagnetic metal cations in aqueous systems by the nuclear magnetic relaxation method

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Monitoring of patients with heart failure

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Monitoring of physical activity and heart rate variability in patients with chronic heart failure using cardiac resynchronization devices

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Monitoring of phytoplankton in the area of a sea farm in Vostok Bay (Sea of Japan)

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Monitoring of pigmented surfaces in accelerated ageing process by ATR-FT-IR spectroscopy and multivariate control charts

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Monitoring of polychlorinated biphenyls in Belgian human adipose tissue samples

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Monitoring of populations of Adonis vernalis L. and Astragalus dasyanthus Pall. in the regional landscape park Hranitno-Stepove Pobuzhia

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Monitoring of premitotic and postmitotic apoptosis in gamma-irradiated HL-60 cells by the mitochondrial membrane protein-specific monoclonal antibody APO2.7

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Monitoring of priority hazardous substances in Estonian water bodiaas and in the coastal Baltic Sea

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Monitoring of rabbit cornea response to dehydration stress by optical coherence tomography

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Monitoring of radiation-induced germline mutation in humans

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Monitoring of radionuclide concentrations in marine algae from the Turkish Black Sea coast and bosphorus during the period of 1984-2001

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Monitoring of reintroduced beavers (Castor fiber) in Denmark

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Monitoring of scoliosis surgery with epidurally recorded motor evoked potentials (D wave) revealed false results

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Monitoring of seasonal variation in the water quality of Ubu river in Ekwusigo and Nnewi local government areas of Anambra State, Nigeria

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Monitoring of sodium balance during long-term isolation of humans in a ground-based space station model

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Monitoring of some organochlorine pesticide residues of butter in Konya, Turkey

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Monitoring of stress response in infants during operation and its clinical significance

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Monitoring of technical oils in supercritical CO(2) under continuous flow conditions by NIR spectroscopy and multivariate calibration

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Monitoring of teratogenic effects in vitro by analysing a selected gene expression pattern

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Monitoring of the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) resistance to transgenic potato using morphological markes

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Monitoring of the conversion from triptolide to tripchlorolide in Triptergium wilfordii by micellar electrokinetic caillary chromatography

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Monitoring of the elasticity index of melon fruit in a greenhouse

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Monitoring of the heat-shock response in Escherichia coli using an optical biosensor

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Monitoring of the intestinal mucosal perfusion using laser Doppler flowmetry after multivisceral transplantation

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Monitoring of the lateral spread response in the endovascular treatment of a hemifacial spasm caused by an unruptured vertebral artery aneurysm. Case report

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Monitoring of the quality of modified atmosphere packaged broiler chicken cuts stored in different temperature conditions B. Biogenic amines as quality-indicating metabolites

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Monitoring of the resistance of Colorado potato beetle populations to insecticides

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Monitoring of the sugarcane early shoot borer, Chilo infuscatellus Snellen population by using light traps

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Monitoring of the tissue distribution of fibroblast growth factor containing a high mannose-type sugar chain produced in mutant yeast

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Monitoring of therapy in androgen-dependent prostate tumor model by measuring tumor proliferation

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Monitoring of toxicity and intermediates of C.I. Direct Black 38 azo dye through decolorization in an anaerobic/aerobic sequential reactor system

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Monitoring of trace elements in breast milk sampling and measurement procedures

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Monitoring of trophic chains

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Monitoring of unfolding and refolding in fungal phytase (phyA) by dynamic light scattering

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Monitoring of urinary acrolein concentration in patients receiving cyclophosphamide and ifosphamide

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Monitoring of vasculogenesis-inhibiting activities in sewage effluents by using medaka embryos

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Monitoring of vegetation damage caused by the 2000 Miyake Island volcanic eruption using satellite remote sensing and field surveys

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Monitoring of vegetation degradation in typical grassland with grassland health index

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Monitoring of vegetation development in technogenically disturbed areas of the Usinskoe oil field

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Monitoring of ventilation during exercise by a portable respiratory inductive plethysmograph

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Monitoring of verapamil enantiomers concentration in overdose

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Monitoring of viable airborne SARS virus in ambient air

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Monitoring of water content and water distribution in ischemic hearts

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Monitoring oral anticoagulant therapy by telephone communication

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Monitoring oral anticoagulation may require determination of single coagulation factor activities in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome

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Monitoring organic microcontaminants in the marine environment: principles, programmes and progress

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Monitoring organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls in Baiyangdian Lake using microbial communities

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Monitoring organophosphorus pesticides and their degradation products formed by Fenton's reagent using solid-phase extraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Bonnick, S.Lou.; Shulman, L., 2006:
Monitoring osteoporosis therapy: bone mineral density, bone turnover markers, or both?

Abello, M.T.; Flamme, G., 2005:
Monitoring ovulatory cycles in Western lowland gorillas Gorilla gorilla gorilla at Barcelona Zoo

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Monitoring oxygen delivery in the critically ill

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Monitoring patients on methotrexate: hepatic fibrosis not seen in patients with normal serum assays of aminoterminal peptide of type III procollagen

Beaugrand, Gregory, 2005:
Monitoring pelagic ecosystems using plankton indicators

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Monitoring peptide modification by SELDI-TOF mass spectrometry

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Monitoring perchlorate exposure and thyroid hormone status among raccoons inhabiting a perchlorate-contaminated site

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Monitoring periodontal disease status in smokers and nonsmokers using a gingival crevicular fluid matrix metalloproteinase-8-specific chair-side test

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Monitoring perspiration from palms of hypohidrosis patients with a stopped-flow conductometric mini-system

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Monitoring phenolic compounds during biological treatment of Kraft pulp mill effluent using bacterial biosensors

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Monitoring photodynamic therapy of localized infections by bioluminescence imaging of genetically engineered bacteria

Latini, G., 2005:
Monitoring phthalate exposure in humans

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Monitoring plant diversity in the Northern Apennines, Italy. The GLORIA project

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Monitoring plasma concentrations to individualize treatment with clomiphene citrate

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