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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12347

Chapter 12347 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tieleman, B.; Williams, J.; Ricklefs, R., 2004:
Nest attentiveness and egg temperature do not explain the variation in incubation periods in tropical birds

Ellis, J.C.; Good, T.P., 2006:
Nest attributes, aggression, and breeding success of gulls in single and mixed species subcolonies

Gill, S., A.; Stutchbury, B., J.M., 2005:
Nest building is an indicator of parental quality in the monogamous neotropical buff-breasted wren (Thryothorus leucotis)

Mennill, D., J.; Ratcliffe, L., M., 2004:
Nest cavity orientation in black-capped chickadees Poecile atricapillus: do the acoustic properties of cavities influence sound reception in the nest and extra-pair matings?

Remes, Vladimir, 2005:
Nest concealment and parental behaviour interact in affecting nest survival in the blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla): an experimental evaluation of the parental compensation hypothesis

Albrecht, T.; Klvana, P., 2004:
Nest crypsis, reproductive value of a clutch and escape decisions in incubating female mallards Anas platyrhynchos

Moskat, Csaba, 2005:
Nest defence and egg rejection in great reed warblers over the breeding cycle: are they synchronised with the risk of brood parasitism?

Hogstad, Olav, 2004:
Nest defence strategies in the Fieldfare Turdus pilaris: The responses on an avian and a mammalian predator

Wilson, S.; Arcese, P., 2006:
Nest depredation, brood parasitism, and reproductive variation in island populations of song sparrows (Melospiza melodia)

Kosciuch, K.L.; Parker, T.H.; Sandercock, B.K., 2006:
Nest desertion by a cowbird host: an antiparasite behavior or a response to egg loss?

Buhl, Jérôme.; Gautrais, J.; Deneubourg, J-Louis.; Theraulaz, G., 2004:
Nest excavation in ants: group size effects on the size and structure of tunneling networks

Veiga, J.P.; Polo, V.; Vinuela, J., 2006:
Nest green plants as a male status signal and courtship display in the spotless starling

Knaden, M.; Wehner, R., 2005:
Nest mark orientation in desert ants Cataglyphis: what does it do to the path integrator?

Millar, J.S.; Havelka, M.A.; Sharma, S., 2004:
Nest mortality in a population of small mammals

Burton, Niall Hk, 2006:
Nest orientation and hatching success in the tree pipit Anthus trivialis

Polo, V.; Veiga, Jé.P., 2006:
Nest ornamentation by female spotless starlings in response to a male display: an experimental study

Rowe, J., W.; Coval, K., A.; Dugan, M., R., 2005:
Nest placement, nest-site fidelity and nesting movements in midland painted turtles (Chrysemys picta marginata) on Beaver Island, Michigan

Baldi, A.; Batary, P., 2005:
Nest predation in European reedbeds: different losses in edges but similar losses in interiors

Schaefer, H.C.ristian; Eshiamwata, G.W.; Munyekenye, F.B.; Griebeler, E.M.ria; Boehning Gaese, K., 2005:
Nest predation is little affected by parental behaviour and nest site in two African Sylvia warblers

Muchai, M.; D.P.essis, M.A., 2005:
Nest predation of grassland bird species increases with parental activity at the nest

Roos, S.; Part, T., 2004:
Nest predators affect spatial dynamics of breeding red-backed shrikes (Lanius collurio)

Delgadillo Villalobos, J.A.; Reynolds Mckinney, B.; Heredia Pineda, F.; Gibert Isern, S., 2005:
Nest record of Sorex milleri from Maderas del Carmen, Mexico

Gibb, H.; Hochuli, D.F., 2003:
Nest relocation in the golden spiny ant, Polyrhachis ammon: Environmental cues and temporal castes

Easton, J.; Chao, N.; Dimoto, E., 2005:
Nest robbery of West African Thrush Turdus pelios by Pied Hornbill Tockus fasciatus in Gabon

Wysocki, D.; Walasz, K., 2004:
Nest sharing by two Blackbird Turdus merula females

Fisher, R.J.; Wiebe, K.L., 2005:
Nest site attributes and temporal patterns of northern flicker nest loss: effects of predation and competition

Raventos, N., 2006:
Nest site characteristics and nesting success of the five-spotted wrasse Symphodus roissali in the north-western Mediterranean Sea

Nguyen, L., P.; Hamr, J.; Parker, G., H., 2004:
Nest site characteristics of Eastern Wild Turkeys in central Ontario

Shields, R.D.; Flake, L.D., 2004:
Nest site characteristics of eastern wild turkey in northeastern South Dakota

Velando, A.; Freire, J., 2003:
Nest site characteristics, occupation and breeding success in the European Shag

Doody, J Sean; Guarino, E.; Georges, A.; Corey, B.; Murray, G.; Ewert, M., 2006:
Nest site choice compensates for climate effects on sex ratios in a lizard with environmental sex determination

Mooney, K., A.; Haloin, J., R., 2006:
Nest site fidelity of Paraphidippus aurantia (Salticidae)

Nordmoe, E.D.; Sieg, A.E.; Sotherland, P.R.; Spotila, J.R.; Paladino, F.V.; Reina, R.D., 2004:
Nest site fidelity of leatherback turtles at Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Hilaluddin; Shah, J.N.; Shawl, T.A., 2003:
Nest site selection and breeding success by Cattle Egret and Little Egret in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India

Gjerdrum, C.; Elphick, C., S.; Rubega, M., 2005:
Nest site selection and nesting success in Saltmarsh breeding sparrows: The importance of nest habitat, timing, and study site differences

Kamel, S.-Jill; Mrosovsky, N., 2004:
Nest site selection in leatherbacks, Dermochelys coriacea: individual patterns and their consequences

Pulliainen, E.; Saari, L., 2002:
Nest site selection of hole-nesting passerines in natural habitats in eastern Finnish Forest Lapland

Li, X.; Li, D.; Ma, Z.; Schneider, D., C., 2006:
Nest site use by crested ibis: dependence of a multifactor model on spatial scale

Winton, B., R.; Leslie, D., M.J., 2003:
Nest sites and conservation of endangered Interior Least Terns Sterna antillarum athalassos on an alkaline flat in the south-central Great Plains (USA)

Martin, K.; Aitken, K., E.H.; Wiebe, K., L., 2004:
Nest sites and nest webs for cavity-nesting communities in interior British Columbia, Canada: Nest characteristics and niche partitioning

Fargallo, J.A.; Davila, J.A.; Potti, J.; D.L.on, A.; Polo, V., 2004:
Nest size and hatchling sex ratio in chinstrap penguins

Herranz, J.; Traba, J.; Morales, M.B.; Suarez, F., 2004:
Nest size and structure variation in two ground nesting passerines, the Skylark Alauda arvensis and the Short-toed lark Calandrella brachydactyla

Lopez Iborra, G.M.; Pinheiro, R.T.; Sancho, C.; Martinez, A., 2004:
Nest size influences nest predation risk in two coexisting Acrocephalus Warblers

De-Neve, L.; Soler, J.-Jose; Soler, M.; Perez-Contreras, T., 2004:
Nest size predicts the effect of food supplementation to magpie nestlings on their immunocompetence: an experimental test of nest size indicating parental ability

Vasconcellos, A.; Santana, G.G.; Souza, A.K., 2004:
Nest spacing and architecture, and swarming of males of Dinoponera quadriceps (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) in a remnant of the Atlantic forest in Northeast Brazil

Minkley, N.; Fujita, A.; Brune, A.; Kirchner, W.H., 2006:
Nest specificity of the bacterial community in termite guts (Hodotermes mossambicus)

Fisher, R., J.; Poulin, R., G.; Todd, L.D.nielle; Brigham, R.M., 2004:
Nest stage, wind speed, and air temperature affect the nest defence behaviours of burrowing owls

Chiappe, L., M.; Schmitt, J., G.; Jackson, F., D.; Garrido, A.; Dingus, L.; Grellet-Tinner, G., 2004:
Nest structure for sauropods: Sedimentary criteria for recognition of dinosaur nesting traces

Nguyen, L.P.; Nol, E.; Abraham, K.F., 2003:
Nest success and habitat selection of the semipalmated plover on Akimiski Island, Nunavut

Gault, K., E.; Walters, J., R.; Tomcho, J.,. Jr.;; Phillips, L., F.; Butler, A., 2004:
Nest success of Southeastern American Kestrels associated with red-cockaded woodpeckers in old-growth longleaf pine habitat in Northwest Florida

Jehle, G.; Adams, A., A.Y.ckel; Savidge, J., A.; Skagen, S., K., 2004:
Nest survival estimation: A review of alternatives to the Mayfield estimator

Skagen, S.K.; Adams, A.A.Yackel; Adams, R.D., 2005:
Nest survival relative to patch size in a highly fragmented shortgrass prairie landscape

Hepp, G.R.; Folk, T.H.yes; Manlove, C.A., 2005:
Nest temperature, incubation period, and investment decisions of incubating wood ducks Aix sponsa

Lohmus, A.; Sellis, U., 2003:
Nest trees a limiting factor for the Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) population in Estonia

Meyer, M.D.; Kelt, D.A.; North, M.P., 2005:
Nest trees of northern flying squirrels in the Sierra Nevada

Ota, K.; Kohda, M., 2006:
Nest use by territorial males in a shell-brooding cichlid: the effect of reproductive parasitism

van Wilgenburg, E.; Ryan, D.; Morrison, P.; Marriott, P.J.; Elgar, M.A., 2006:
Nest- and colony-mate recognition in polydomous colonies of meat ants (Iridomyrmex purpureus)

Maurakis, E., G.; Maurakis, G., E., 2004:
Nest-building and spawning behaviors in Nocomis effusus (Actinopterygii: Cyprinidae)

Fernandez-Marin, H.; Zimmerman, J.K.; Wcislo, W.T., 2003:
Nest-founding in Acromyrmex octospinosus (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Attini): Demography and putative prophylactic behaviors

Rodewald, Amanda, D., 2004:
Nest-searching cues and studies of nest-site selection and nesting success

Sullivan, B.L.; Kershner, E.L.; Finn, S.P.; Condon, A.M.; Cooper, D.M.; Garcelon, D.K., 2003:
Nest-site characteristics and linear abundance of cliff-nesting American Kestrels on San Clemente Island, California

Warkentin, I.G.; Roberts, S.E.; Flemming, S.P.; Fisher, A.L., 2004:
Nest-site characteristics of Northern Waterthrushes

Bai, M.L.ng; Wichmann, F.; Muehlenberg, M., 2005:
Nest-site characteristics of hole-nesting birds in a primeval boreal forest of Mongolia

Schradin, Carsten, 2005:
Nest-site competition in two diurnal rodents from the succulent karoo of South Africa

Nalwanga, D.; Lloyd, P.; D.P.essis, M.A.; Martin, T.E., 2004 :
Nest-site partitioning in a strandveld shrubland bird community

Lloyd, J.D.; Martin, T.E., 2004:
Nest-site preference and maternal effects on offspring growth

Cuervo, Jose Javier, 2004:
Nest-site selection and characteristics in a mixed-species colony of Avocets Recurvirostra avosetta and Black-winged Stilts Himantopus himantopus

Zhao, L.; Zhang, X.A., 2004:
Nest-site selection and competition coexistence of horned larks and small skylarks

Rounds, R.A.; Erwin, R.M.chael; Porter, J., H., 2004:
Nest-site selection and hatching success of waterbirds in coastal Virginia: some results of habitat manipulation

Datta, A.; Rawat, G.S., 2004:
Nest-site selection and nesting success of three hornbill species in Arunachal Pradesh, north-east India: Great Hornbill Buceros bicornis, Wreathed Hornbill Aceros undulatus and Oriental Pied Hornbill Anthracoceros albirostris

Stanevicius, Vitas, 2004:
Nest-site selection by marsh harrier (Circus aeruginosus) in the shore belt of helophytes on large lakes

Guy, C., J.; Ratajczak, R., E.J.; Grossman, G., D., 2004:
Nest-site selection by southern two-lined salamanders (Eurycea cirrigera) in the Georgia Piedmont

Moran-Lopez, R.; Sanchez-Guzman, J.M.; Costillo-Borrego, E.; Villegas-Sanchez, A., 2006:
Nest-site selection of endangered cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus) populations affected by anthropogenic disturbance: present and future conservation implications

Mori, K.; Saito, Y., 2004:
Nest-size variation reflecting anti-predator strategies in social spider mites of Stigmaeopsis (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Tramontano, A.; Knight, T.; Vizzuso, D.; Makker, S.P., 2006:
Nested N-terminal megalin fragments induce high-titer autoantibody and attenuated Heymann nephritis

Buergelt, C.D.; Williams, J.E., 2004:
Nested PCR on blood and milk for the detection of Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis DNA in clinical and subclinical bovine paratuberculosis

Fuessel Haws, A.L.; He, Q.; Rady, P.L.; Zhang, L.; Grady, J.; Hughes, T.K.; Stisser, K.; Konig, R.; Tyring, S.K., 2004:
Nested PCR with the PGMY09/11 and GP5(+)/6(+) primer sets improves detection of HPV DNA in cervical samples

Hellmann, N.; Weber, R.E.; Decker, H., 2003:
Nested allosteric interactions in extracellular hemoglobin of the leech Macrobdella decora

Posada, D.; Crandall, K.-A.T.mpleton, A., R., 2006:
Nested clade analysis statistics

Grinnell, F.; Rocha, L.B.; Iucu, C.; Rhee, S.; Jiang, H., 2005:
Nested collagen matrices: a new model to study migration of human fibroblast populations in three dimensions

Donlan, C.Josh.; Knowlton, J.; Doak, D.F.; Biavaschi, N., 2005:
Nested communities, invasive species and Holocene extinctions: evaluating the power of a potential conservation tool

Yu, P.; Ma, D.; Xu, M., 2005:
Nested genes in the human genome

Gibson, C.W.; Thomson, N.H.; Abrams, W.R.; Kirkham, J., 2005:
Nested genes: biological implications and use of AFM for analysis

Ibarra, A.; Park, Y S.; Brosse, S.; Reyjol, Y.; Lim, P.; Lek, S., 2005:
Nested patterns of spatial diversity revealed for fish assemblages in a west European river

Takahashi, T.; Nakayama, T.; Tamura, M.; Ogawa, K.; Tsuda, H.; Morita, A.; Hara, M.; Togo, M.; Shiota, H.; Suzuki, Y.; Minami, M.; Ishikawa, H.; Miki, K.; Shikata, E.; Takahashi, S.; Kuragano, T.; Matsumoto, K.; Sawada, S.; Mizutani, T., 2005:
Nested polymerase chain reaction for assessing the clinical course of tuberculous meningitis

Jouglard, S.Denize.Dorneles.; Simionatto, S.; Seixas, F.Kommling.; Nassi, F.Lima.; Dellagostin, O.Antônio., 2006:
Nested polymerase chain reaction for detection of pathogenic leptospires

Renshaw, I.; Davids, K., 2004:
Nested task constraints shape continuous perception-action coupling control during human locomotor pointing

Lin, O.; Cardillo, M.; Dalbagni, G.; Linkov, I.; Hutchinson, B.; Reuter, V.E., 2003:
Nested variant of urothelial carcinoma: a clinicopathologic and immunohistochemical study of 12 cases

Ooi, S.Min.; Vivian, J.; Sinniah, R.; Troon, S., 2006:
Nested variant of urothelial carcinoma: a rare presentation

Li-Ying; Zhang-Jin-Cai; Zhang-Yun-Hui, 2005:
Nested-PCR detection of human cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, herpes simplex virus type 1 in the subgingival plaques and association with chronic periodontitis

Benjamin, Suresh, P., 2004:
Nesticella marapu sp. n., a blind nesticid (Araneae: Nesticidae) from Sumba, Indonesia

Wang, R.; Li, J.; Yashpal, N.; Gao, N., 2005:
Nestin expression and clonal analysis of islet-derived epithelial monolayers: insight into nestin-expressing cell heterogeneity and differentiation potential

Schiffer, D.; Manazza, A.; Tamagno, I., 2006:
Nestin expression in neuroepithelial tumors

Toti, P.; Regoli, M.; Nesi, G.; Occhini, R.; Bartolommei, S.; Fonzi, L.; Bertelli, E., 2005:
Nestin expression in normal adrenal gland and adrenocortical tumors

Fujita, S.; Hideshima, K.; Ikeda, T., 2006:
Nestin expression in odontoblasts and odontogenic ectomesenchymal tissue of odontogenic tumours

Delacour, A.; Nepote, V.; Trumpp, A.; Herrera, P.Luis., 2004:
Nestin expression in pancreatic exocrine cell lineages

Mellodew, K.; Suhr, R.; Uwanogho, D.A.; Reuter, I.; Lendahl, U.; Hodges, H.; Price, J., 2004:
Nestin expression is lost in a neural stem cell line through a mechanism involving the proteasome and Notch signalling

Mizuno, Y.; Ohama, E.; Hirato, J.; Nakazato, Y.; Takahashi, H.; Takatama, M.; Takeuchi, T.; Okamoto, K., 2006:
Nestin immunoreactivity of Purkinje cells in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Thomas, S.K.; Messam, C.A.; Spengler, B.A.; Biedler, J.L.; Ross, R.A., 2004:
Nestin is a potential mediator of malignancy in human neuroblastoma cells

Beech, R.D.; Cleary, M.A.; Treloar, H.B.; Eisch, A.J.; Harrist, A.V.; Zhong, W.; Greer, C.A.; Duman, R.S.; Picciotto, M.R., 2004:
Nestin promoter/enhancer directs transgene expression to precursors of adult generated periglomerular neurons

Michalczyk, K.; Ziman, M., 2005:
Nestin structure and predicted function in cellular cytoskeletal organisation

Wang, X.; Hu, J.; Zhao, D.; Wang, G.; Tan, L.; Du, L.; Yang, J.; Hou, L.; Zhang, H.; Yu, Y.; Zhang, H.; Deng, H.; Ding, M., 2005:
NestinnegCD24low/- population from fetal Nestin-EGFP transgenic mice enriches the pancreatic endocrine progenitor cells

Lobo, M.V.T.; Arenas, M.I.; Alonso, F.Javier.M.; Gomez, G.; Bazán, E.; Paíno, C.L.; Fernández, E.; Fraile, B.; Paniagua, R.; Moyano, A.; Caso, E., 2004:
Nestin, a neuroectodermal stem cell marker molecule, is expressed in Leydig cells of the human testis and in some specific cell types from human testicular tumours

Sclafani, A.M.; Skidmore, J.M.; Ramaprakash, H.; Trumpp, A.; Gage, P.J.; Martin, D.M., 2006:
Nestin-Cre mediated deletion of Pitx2 in the mouse

Ernst, C.; Christie, B.R., 2005:
Nestin-expressing cells and their relationship to mitotically active cells in the subventricular zones of the adult rat

Drapeau, J.; El-Helou, V.; Clement, R.; Bel-Hadj, S.; Gosselin, H.; Trudeau, L-Eric.; Villeneuve, L.; Calderone, A., 2004:
Nestin-expressing neural stem cells identified in the scar following myocardial infarction

Krylyshkina, O.; Chen, J.; Mebis, L.; Denef, C.; Vankelecom, H., 2005:
Nestin-immunoreactive cells in rat pituitary are neither hormonal nor typical folliculo-stellate cells

Treutelaar, M.Kay.; Skidmore, J.M.; Dias-Leme, C.L.; Hara, M.; Zhang, L.; Simeone, D.; Martin, D.M.; Burant, C.F., 2003:
Nestin-lineage cells contribute to the microvasculature but not endocrine cells of the islet

Amoh, Y.; Yang, M.; Li, L.; Reynoso, J.; Bouvet, M.; Moossa, A.R.; Katsuoka, K.; Hoffman, R.M., 2005:
Nestin-linked green fluorescent protein transgenic nude mouse for imaging human tumor angiogenesis

Ueno, H.; Yamada, Y.; Watanabe, R.; Mukai, E.; Hosokawa, M.; Takahashi, A.; Hamasaki, A.; Fujiwara, H.; Toyokuni, S.; Yamaguchi, M.; Takeda, J.; Seino, Y., 2005:
Nestin-positive cells in adult pancreas express amylase and endocrine precursor Cells

Wislet-Gendebien, S.; Bruyère, Fçoise.; Hans, Gégory.; Leprince, P.; Moonen, G.; Rogister, B., 2004:
Nestin-positive mesenchymal stem cells favour the astroglial lineage in neural progenitors and stem cells by releasing active BMP4

Priddel, D.; Wheeler, R., 2003:
Nesting activity and demography of an isolated population of malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata)

Ghosh, P.; Mazumdar, S.; Saha, G., 2005:
Nesting and breeding behaviour of Grey and Night herons in an urban heronry of Kolkata

Lindbloom, A.J.; Reese, K.P.; Zager, P., 2003:
Nesting and brood-rearing characteristics of Chukars in west central Idaho

Lagueux, C.J.; Campbell, C.L.; Mccoy, W.A., 2003:
Nesting and conservation of the hawksbill turtle, Eretmochelys imbricata, in the Pearl Cays, Nicaragua

Melletti, M.; Penteriani, V., 2003:
Nesting and feeding tree selection in the endangered white-backed woodpecker, Dendrocopos leucotos lilfordi

Greeney, H., F.; Dobbs, R., C.; Martin, P., R.; Halupka, K.; Gellis, R., A., 2005:
Nesting and foraging ecology of the Rufous-crowned Tody-Tyrant (Poecilotriccus ruficeps) in eastern Ecuador

Skoufas, George, 2005:
Nesting and hatching success of the sea turtle Caretta caretta on Marathonissi island (Zakynthos, Ionian Sea, Greece)

Crampton, W., G.R.; Hopkins, C., D., 2005:
Nesting and paternal care in the weakly electric fish Gymnotus (Gymnotiformes: Gymnotidae) with descriptions of larval and adult electric organ discharges of two species

Reisen, W.K.; Wheeler, S.S.; Yamamoto, S.; Fang, Y.; Garcia, S., 2005:
Nesting Ardeid colonies are not a focus of elevated West Nile virus activity in southern California

Laut, M.E.; Banko, P.C.; Gray, E.M., 2003:
Nesting behavior of Palila, as assessed from video recordings

Detrich, H William IIi; Jones, C.D.; Kim, S.; North, A.W.; Thurber, A.; Vacchi, M., 2005:
Nesting behavior of the icefish Chaenocephalus aceratus at Bouvetoya Island, Southern Ocean

Zanette, L.R.S.; Soares, L.A.; Pimenta, H.C.; Goncalves, A.M.; Martins, R.P., 2004:
Nesting biology and sex ratios of Auplopus militaris (Lynch-Arribalzaga 1873) (Hymenoptera Pompilidae)

Karubian, J.; Castaneda, G.; Freile, J.F.; Salazar, R.T.; Santander, T.; Smith, T.B., 2003:
Nesting biology of a female Long-wattled Umbrellabird Cephalopterus penduliger in north-western Ecuador

Solomon, S.E.; Mueller, U.G.; Schultz, T.R.; Currie, C.R.; Price, S.L.; Da-Silva-Pinhati, A.C.Oliveira; Bacci, M.J.; Vasconcelos, H.L., 2004:
Nesting biology of the fungus growing ants Mycetarotes Emery (Attini, Formicidae)

Starr, Christopher, K., 2004:
Nesting biology of the solitary wasp Pison argentatum (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae) in Borneo and the Philippines

Winter, M.; Johnson, D.H.; Shaffer, J.A.; Svedarsky, W Daniel, 2004:
Nesting biology of three grassland passerines in the northern tallgrass prairie

Lopez-Castro, M.C.; Carmona, R.; Nichols, W.J., 2004:
Nesting characteristics of the olive ridley turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) in Cabo Pulmo, southern Baja California

Monadjem, A.; Garcelon, D.K., 2005:
Nesting distribution of vultures in relation to land use in Swaziland

Rosengaus, R., B.; Moustakas, J., E.; Calleri, D., V.; Traniello, J., F.A., 2003:
Nesting ecology and cuticular microbial loads in dampwood (Zootermopsis angusticollis) and drywood termites (Incisitermes minor, I. schwarzi, Cryptotermes cavifrons)

Davis, Stephen, K., 2003:
Nesting ecology of mixed-grass prairie songbirds in southern Saskatchewan

Austin, J.E.; Pyle, W.H., 2004:
Nesting ecology of waterbirds at Grays Lake, Idaho

Freedberg, S.; Ewert, M.A.; Ridenhour, B.J.; Neiman, M.; Nelson, C.E., 2005:
Nesting fidelity and molecular evidence for natal homing in the freshwater turtle, Graptemys kohnii

Eichler, B., G.; Whiting, R.M.ntague,. Jr.;, 2004:
Nesting habitat of eastern wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo sylvestris) in east Texas

Gilbert, G.; Tyler, G.A.; Dunn, C.J.; Smith, K.W., 2005:
Nesting habitat selection by bitterns Botaurus stellaris in Britain and the implications for wetland management

Heneberg, P.; Simecek, K., 2004:
Nesting of European bee-eaters (Merops apiaster) in Central Europe depends on the soil characteristics of nest sites

Reynaud, P.-Adrien; Kushlan, J., A., 2004:
Nesting of the Agami Heron

Brown, G., P.; Shine, R., 2005:
Nesting snakes (Tropidonophis mairii, Colubridae) selectively oviposit in sites that provide evidence of previous successful hatching

Palestis, Brian, G., 2005:
Nesting stage and nest defense by Common Terns

Van Dyck, S.; Gynther, I., 2003:
Nesting strategies of the Water Mouse Xeromys myoides in southeast Queensland

Ottvall, R.; Larsson, K.; Smith, H.G., 2005:
Nesting success in Redshank Tringa totanus breeding on coastal meadows and the importance of habitat features used as perches by avian predators

Lacki, M.J.; Yacek, H.F.Jr; Baker, M.D., 2004:
Nesting success of forest songbirds in mixed mesophytic forests in eastern Kentucky

Hitchins, P.M.; Bourquin, O.; Hitchins, S., 2004:
Nesting success of hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) on Cousine Island, Seychelles

Rushbrook, B.; Barber, I., 2006:
Nesting, courtship and kidney hypertrophy in Schistocephalus-infected male three-spined stickleback from an upland lake

Moreno, J.; Merino, S.; Sanz, J.J.; Arriero, E.; Morales, J.; Tomas, G., 2005:
Nestling cell-mediated immune response, body mass and hatching date as predictors of local recruitment in the pied flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca

Vali, U.; Lohmus, A., 2004:
Nestling characteristics and identification of the lesser spotted eagle Aquila pomarina, greater spotted eagle A. clanga, and their hybrids

Gilbert, G.; Tyler, G.; Smith, K.W., 2003:
Nestling diet and fish preference of Bitterns Botaurus stellaris in Britain

Engelbrecht, D.G.; Dippenaar, S.M., 2005:
Nestling growth, plumage development and rate of prey delivery at a nest of the desert cisticola, Cisticola aridula

Naguib, M.; Riebel, K.; Marzal, A.; Gil, D., 2004:
Nestling immunocompetence and testosterone covary with brood size in a songbird

Palmer, A.G.; Nordmeyer, D.L.; Roby, D.D., 2004:
Nestling provisioning rates of Peregrine Falcons in interior Alaska

Madden, J.R.; Kilner, R.M.; Davies, N.B., 2005:
Nestling responses to adult food and alarm calls: 1. Species-specific responses in two cowbird hosts

Madden, J.R.; Kilner, R.M.; Davies, N.B., 2005:
Nestling responses to adult food and alarm calls: 2. Cowbirds and red-winged blackbirds reared by eastern phoebe hosts

Goodship, N.M.; Buchanan, K.L., 2006:
Nestling testosterone is associated with begging behaviour and fledging success in the pied flycatcher, Ficedula hypoleuca

Dapporto, L.F.ndelli, L.T.rillazzi, S., 2006:
Nestmate recognition and identification of cuticular hydrocarbons composition in the swarm founding paper wasp Ropalidia opifex

Buchwald, R.; Breed, M.D., 2005:
Nestmate recognition cues in a stingless bee, Trigona fulviventris

Chapuisat, M.; Bernasconi, C.; Hoehn, S.; Reuter, M., 2005:
Nestmate recognition in the unicolonial ant Formica paralugubris

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