Section 13
Chapter 12,364

Notes on the introduction of Cape Buffalo to Doornkloof Nature Reserve, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

Venter, J.A.

South African Journal of Wildlife Research il; 34(1): 95-99


Accession: 012363083

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Two groups of Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) were released on Doornkloof Nature Reserve. The first group of four subadult animals was introduced in 2000 and the second group of seven adult and three subadult animals in 2002. Both groups were kept in short-term confinement for a few weeks before they were released. The first group showed several behavioural problems, splitting up and escaping from the reserve on several occasions. The second group showed no behavioural problems after release. Although inadequate fencing and the use of a water-body as a physical barrier contributed to individuals of the first group escaping from the reserve, the reason for the behavioural problems can be attributed to incorrect group structure and inadequate group size.

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