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Phylogenetic analysis of sigmodontine rodents (Muroidea) , with special reference to the akodont genus Deltamys

D'elia, G.; Gonzalez, E.M.; Pardinas, U.F.J.

Mammalian Biology 68(6): 351-364


ISSN/ISBN: 1616-5047
DOI: 10.1078/1616-5047-00104
Accession: 012415719

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We present a comprehensive phylogenetic analysis based on cytochrome b gene sequences of sigmodontine rodents. Our particular interest is to estimate the phyletic position of Deltamys, a taxon endemic to a small portion of the La Plata river basin in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, and to assess its generic status. The three primary conclusions derived from our analyses are: (1) cotton rats (Sigmodon) are the sister group of the remaining sigmodontines, (2) the tribe Akodontini is monophyletic with moderate support, and (3) Deltamys falls outside of a clade containing all species of subgenera of Akodon yet examined, and thus we grant Deltamys status of full genus.

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