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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12447

Chapter 12447 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Morris, A.; Kingsley, L.A.; Groner, G.; Lebedeva, I.P.; Beard, C.B.; Norris, K.A., 2004:
Prevalence and clinical predictors of Pneumocystis colonization among HIV-infected men

Yang, J-Fu.; Dai, C-Yen.; Chuang, W-Long.; Lin, W-Yi.; Lin, Z-Yau.; Chen, S-Cherng.; Hsieh, M-Yuh.; Wang, L-Yen.; Tsai, J-Fa.; Chang, W-Yu.; Yu, M-Lung., 2006:
Prevalence and clinical significance of HGV/GBV-C infection in patients with chronic hepatitis B or C

Dai, C-Yen.; Yu, M-Lung.; Lin, Z-Yau.; Chen, S-Cherng.; Hsieh, M-Yuh.; Wang, L-Yen.; Tsai, J-Fa.; Chuang, W-Long.; Chan, W-Yu., 2004:
Prevalence and clinical significance of SEN virus infection among volunteer blood donors in southern Taiwan

Bombelli, M.; Sega, R.; Facchetti, R.; Corrao, G.; Polo Friz, H.; Vertemati, A.Maria.; Sanvito, R.; Banfi, E.; Carugo, S.; Primitz, L.; Mancia, G., 2005:
Prevalence and clinical significance of a greater ambulatory versus office blood pressure ('reversed white coat' condition) in a general population

Liaskos, C.; Rigopoulou, E.; Zachou, K.; Georgiadou, S.; Gatselis, N.; Papamihali, R.; Dalekos, G.N., 2005:
Prevalence and clinical significance of anticardiolipin antibodies in patients with type 1 autoimmune hepatitis

Sinico, R.A.; Di Toma, L.; Maggiore, U.; Bottero, P.; Radice, A.; Tosoni, C.; Grasselli, C.; Pavone, L.; Gregorini, G.; Monti, S.; Frassi, M.; Vecchio, F.; Corace, C.; Venegoni, E.; Buzio, C., 2005:
Prevalence and clinical significance of antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies in Churg-Strauss syndrome

Shah, J.S.; Hughes, D.A.; Sachdev, B.; Tome, M.; Ward, D.; Lee, P.; Mehta, A.B.; Elliott, P.M., 2005:
Prevalence and clinical significance of cardiac arrhythmia in Anderson-Fabry disease

Wanachiwanawin, W.; Luengrojanakul, P.; Sirangkapracha, P.; Leowattana, W.; Fucharoen, S., 2003:
Prevalence and clinical significance of hepatitis C virus infection in Thai patients with thalassemia

Germenis, A.E.; Yiannaki, E.E.; Zachou, K.; Roka, V.; Barbanis, S.; Liaskos, C.; Adam, K.; Kapsoritakis, A.N.; Potamianos, S.; Dalekos, G.N., 2005:
Prevalence and clinical significance of immunoglobulin A antibodies against tissue transglutaminase in patients with diverse chronic liver diseases

Ionescu, A.; Fraser, A.G.; Butchart, E.G., 2003:
Prevalence and clinical significance of incidental paraprosthetic valvar regurgitation: a prospective study using transoesophageal echocardiography

Palatini, P.; Winnicki, M.; Santonastaso, M.; Mos, L.; Longo, D.; Zaetta, V.; Dal Follo, M.; Biasion, T.; Pessina, A.C., 2004:
Prevalence and clinical significance of isolated ambulatory hypertension in young subjects screened for stage 1 hypertension

Rigopoulou, E.I.; Davies, E.T.; Pares, A.; Zachou, K.; Liaskos, C.; Bogdanos, D-P.; Rodes, J.; Dalekos, G.N.; Vergani, D., 2005:
Prevalence and clinical significance of isotype specific antinuclear antibodies in primary biliary cirrhosis

Pelliccia, A.; Maron, B.J.; D.P.olo, F.M.; Biffi, A.; Quattrini, F.M.; Pisicchio, C.; Roselli, A.; Caselli, S.; Culasso, F., 2005:
Prevalence and clinical significance of left atrial remodeling in competitive athletes

Maconi, G.; D.S.batino, A.; Ardizzone, S.; Greco, S.; Colombo, E.; Russo, A.; Cassinotti, A.; Casini, V.; Corazza, G.Roberto.; Bianchi Porro, G., 2005:
Prevalence and clinical significance of sonographic detection of enlarged regional lymph nodes in Crohn's disease

Thaman, R.; Gimeno, J.R.; Murphy, R.T.; Kubo, T.; Sachdev, B.; Mogensen, J.; Elliott, P.M.; McKenna, W.J., 2005:
Prevalence and clinical significance of systolic impairment in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Cho, Y-Seok.; Choi, M-Gyu.; Jeong, J-Jo.; Chung, W-Chul.; Lee, I-Seok.; Kim, S-Woo.; Han, S-Won.; Choi, K-Yong.; Chung, I-Sik., 2005:
Prevalence and clinical spectrum of gastroesophageal reflux: a population-based study in Asan-si, Korea

van den Hoogen, B.G.; van Doornum, G.J.J.; Fockens, J.C.; Cornelissen, J.J.; Beyer, W.E.P.; de Groot, R.; Osterhaus, A.D.M.E.; Fouchier, R.A.M., 2003:
Prevalence and clinical symptoms of human metapneumovirus infection in hospitalized patients

Mosca, M.; Chimenti, D.; Pratesi, F.; Baldini, C.; Anzilotti, C.; Bombardieri, S.; Migliorini, P., 2006:
Prevalence and clinico-serological correlations of anti-alpha-enolase, anti-C1q, and anti-dsDNA antibodies in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

D.S.yza, A.; Morris, K.; McDowell, A.; Doherty, C.; Archer, L.; Perry, J.; Govan, J.R.W.; Corris, P.A.; Gould, K., 2004:
Prevalence and clonality of Burkholderia cepacia complex genomovars in UK patients with cystic fibrosis referred for lung transplantation

Chaturvedi, A.K.; Myers, L.; Hammons, A.F.; Clark, R.A.; Dunlap, K.; Kissinger, P.J.; Hagensee, M.E., 2005:
Prevalence and clustering patterns of human papillomavirus genotypes in multiple infections

Grant, B.F.; Stinson, F.S.; Dawson, D.A.; Chou, S.Patricia.; Dufour, M.C.; Compton, W.; Pickering, R.P.; Kaplan, K., 2004:
Prevalence and co-occurrence of substance use disorders and independent mood and anxiety disorders: results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions

Wenzel, S.L.; Tucker, J.S.; Elliott, M.N.; Hambarsoomians, K.; Perlman, J.; Becker, K.; Kollross, C.; Golinelli, D., 2004:
Prevalence and co-occurrence of violence, substance use and disorder, and HIV risk behavior: a comparison of sheltered and low-income housed women in Los Angeles County

Ancoli-Israel, S.; Cooke, J.R., 2005:
Prevalence and comorbidity of insomnia and effect on functioning in elderly populations

Franko, D.L.; Thompson, D.; Barton, B.A.; Dohm, F-Anne.; Kraemer, H.C.; Iachan, R.; Crawford, P.B.; Schreiber, G.B.; Daniels, S.R.; Striegel-Moore, R.H., 2005:
Prevalence and comorbidity of major depressive disorder in young black and white women

Jacobs, M.J.; Kleisli, T.; Pio, J.R.; Malik, S.; L'Italien, G.J.; Chen, R.S.; Wong, N.D., 2005:
Prevalence and control of dyslipidemia among persons with diabetes in the United States

Roman, M.J.; Shanker, B-Ann.; Davis, A.; Lockshin, M.D.; Sammaritano, L.; Simantov, R.; Crow, M.K.; Schwartz, J.E.; Paget, S.A.; Devereux, R.B.; Salmon, J.E., 2003:
Prevalence and correlates of accelerated atherosclerosis in systemic lupus erythematosus

Cuspidi, C.; Meani, S.; Valerio, C.; Fusi, V.; Catini, E.; Sala, C.; Magrini, F.; Zanchetti, A., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of advanced retinopathy in a large selected hypertensive population. The Evaluation of Target Organ Damage in Hypertension (ETODH) study

Smalbrugge, M.; Pot, A.M.; Jongenelis, K.; Beekman, A.T.F.; Eefsting, J.A., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of anxiety among nursing home patients

Cuspidi, C.; Meani, S.; Fusi, V.; Valerio, C.; Sala, C.; Zanchetti, A., 2006:
Prevalence and correlates of aortic root dilatation in patients with essential hypertension: relationship with cardiac and extracardiac target organ damage

Kitamura, A.; Iso, H.; Imano, H.; Ohira, T.; Sato, S.; Naito, Y.; Iida, M.; Shimamoto, T., 2004:
Prevalence and correlates of carotid atherosclerosis among elderly Japanese men

Disney, E.R.; Kidorf, M.; King, V.L.; Neufeld, K.; Kolodner, K.; Brooner, R.K., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of cocaine physical dependence subtypes using the DSM-IV in outpatients receiving opioid agonist medication

Santibanez, S.S.; Garfein, R.S.; Swartzendruber, A.; Kerndt, P.R.; Morse, E.; Ompad, D.; Strathdee, S.; Williams, I.T.; Friedman, S.R.; Ouellet, L.J., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of crack-cocaine injection among young injection drug users in the United States, 1997-1999

Falck, R.S.; Wang, J.; Carlson, R.G.; Siegal, H.A., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of current depressive symptomatology among a community sample of MDMA users in Ohio

Lawrence, J.M.; Standiford, D.A.; Loots, B.; Klingensmith, G.J.; Williams, D.E.; Ruggiero, A.; Liese, A.D.; Bell, R.A.; Waitzfelder, B.E.; McKeown, R.E., 2006:
Prevalence and correlates of depressed mood among youth with diabetes: the SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth study

Williams, R.M.; Turner, A.P.; Hatzakis, M.; Bowen, J.D.; Rodriquez, A.A.; Haselkorn, J.K., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of depression among veterans with multiple sclerosis

Chou, K-Lee.; Chi, I., 2004:
Prevalence and correlates of depression in Chinese oldest-old

Papadopoulos, F.C.; Petridou, E.; Argyropoulou, S.; Kontaxakis, V.; Dessypris, N.; Anastasiou, A.; Katsiardani, K.P.; Trichopoulos, D.; Lyketsos, C., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of depression in late life: a population based study from a rural Greek town

Shear, K.; Jin, R.; Ruscio, A.Meron.; Walters, E.E.; Kessler, R.C., 2006:
Prevalence and correlates of estimated DSM-IV child and adult separation anxiety disorder in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication

Goode, P.S.; Burgio, K.L.; Halli, A.D.; Jones, R.W.; Richter, H.E.; Redden, D.T.; Baker, P.S.; Allman, R.M., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of fecal incontinence in community-dwelling older adults

Ng, T-Pin.; Niti, M.; Chiam, P-Chiang.; Kua, E-Heok., 2006:
Prevalence and correlates of functional disability in multiethnic elderly Singaporeans

Shin, C.; Joo, S.; Kim, J.; Kim, T., 2003:
Prevalence and correlates of habitual snoring in high school students

Zuckerman, B.; Stevens, G.D.; Inkelas, M.; Halfon, N., 2004:
Prevalence and correlates of high-quality basic pediatric preventive care

Keinan-Boker, L.; Dictiar, R.; Garty, N.; Green, M.S., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of hormonal therapy among Israeli women in the post-WHI era

Ahmed, N.U.; Ahmed, N.S.; Semenya, K.A.; Elzey, J.D.; Larson, C.; Bennett, C.Ray.; Hinds, J.E., 2004:
Prevalence and correlates of initiation of smoking behavior among preteen black and white children

Cuspidi, C.; Meani, S.; Fusi, V.; Valerio, C.; Catini, E.; Sala, C.; Sampieri, L.; Magrini, F.; Zanchetti, A., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of left atrial enlargement in essential hypertension: role of ventricular geometry and the metabolic syndrome: the Evaluation of Target Organ Damage in Hypertension study

Duran, B.; Sanders, M.; Skipper, B.; Waitzkin, H.; Malcoe, L.Halinka.; Paine, S.; Yager, J., 2004:
Prevalence and correlates of mental disorders among Native American women in primary care

Cankurtaran, M.; Halil, M.; Yavuz, B.Balam.; Dagli, N.; Oyan, Bşak.; Ariogul, S., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of metabolic syndrome (MS) in older adults

Ohayon, M.M., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of nonrestorative sleep complaints

Chen, K.; Sheth, A.J.; Elliott, D.K.; Yeager, A., 2004:
Prevalence and correlates of past-year substance use, abuse, and dependence in a suburban community sample of high-school students

Moody-Ayers, S.Y.; Stewart, A.L.; Covinsky, K.E.; Inouye, S.K., 2006:
Prevalence and correlates of perceived societal racism in older African-American adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Bonora, E.; Corrao, G.; Bagnardi, V.; Ceriello, A.; Comaschi, M.; Montanari, P.; Meigs, J.B., 2006:
Prevalence and correlates of post-prandial hyperglycaemia in a large sample of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Jones, R.N.; Marcantonio, E.R.; Rabinowitz, T., 2003:
Prevalence and correlates of recognized depression in U.S. nursing homes

Rakowski, W.; Breen, N.; Meissner, H.; Rimer, B.K.; Vernon, S.W.; Clark, M.A.; Freedman, A.N., 2004:
Prevalence and correlates of repeat mammography among women aged 55-79 in the Year 2000 National Health Interview Survey

Phillips, B.; Hening, W.; Britz, P.; Mannino, D., 2006:
Prevalence and correlates of restless legs syndrome: results from the 2005 National Sleep Foundation Poll

Dobbels, F.; Vanhaecke, J.; Desmyttere, A.; Dupont, L.; Nevens, F.; D.G.est, S., 2005:
Prevalence and correlates of self-reported pretransplant nonadherence with medication in heart, liver, and lung transplant candidates

Johns, L.C.; Cannon, M.; Singleton, N.; Murray, R.M.; Farrell, M.; Brugha, T.; Bebbington, P.; Jenkins, R.; Meltzer, H., 2004:
Prevalence and correlates of self-reported psychotic symptoms in the British population

Manne, S.; Lessin, S., 2006:
Prevalence and correlates of sun protection and skin self-examination practices among cutaneous malignant melanoma survivors

Wood, E.; Montaner, J.S.G.; Tyndall, M.W.; Schechter, M.T.; O'Shaughnessy, M.V.; Hogg, R.S., 2003:
Prevalence and correlates of untreated human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection among persons who have died in the era of modern antiretroviral therapy

Rossini, M.; Del Marco, A.; Dal Santo, F.; Gatti, D.; Braggion, C.; James, G.; Adami, S., 2004:
Prevalence and correlates of vertebral fractures in adults with cystic fibrosis

Chen, G-Den.; Hu, S-Woan.; Chen, Y-Ching.; Lin, T-Li.; Lin, L-Yau., 2003:
Prevalence and correlations of anal incontinence and constipation in Taiwanese women

VanderVeen, D.K.; Coats, D.K.; Dobson, V.; Fredrick, D.; Gordon, R.A.; Hardy, R.J.; Neely, D.E.; Palmer, E.A.; Steidl, S.M.; Tung, B.; Good, W.V., 2006:
Prevalence and course of strabismus in the first year of life for infants with prethreshold retinopathy of prematurity: findings from the Early Treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity study

Thomas, M.; Massa, G.; Craen, M.; de Zegher, F.; Bourguignon, J.P.; Heinrichs, C.; D.S.hepper, J.; D.C.ju, M.; Thiry-Counson, G.; Maes, M., 2004:
Prevalence and demographic features of childhood growth hormone deficiency in Belgium during the period 1986-2001

Andrews, E.B.; Eaton, S.C.; Hollis, K.A.; Hopkins, J.S.; Ameen, V.; Hamm, L.R.; Cook, S.F.; Tennis, P.; Mangel, A.W., 2005:
Prevalence and demographics of irritable bowel syndrome: results from a large web-based survey

Elizur, Y.; Perednik, R., 2003:
Prevalence and description of selective mutism in immigrant and native families: a controlled study

Molano, M.; Weiderpass, E.; Posso, H.; Morré, S.A.; Ronderos, M.; Franceschi, S.; Arslan, A.; Meijer, C.J.L.M.; Muñoz, N.; van den Brule, A.J.C., 2003:
Prevalence and determinants of Chlamydia trachomatis infections in women from Bogota, Colombia

Stürmer, T.; Erb, A.; Marre, R.; Brenner, H., 2004:
Prevalence and determinants of antibiotic resistance in faecal Escherichia coli among unselected patients attending general practitioners in Southwest Germany

Maas, A.H.E.M.; van der Schouw, Y.T.; Mali, W.P.Th.M.; van der Graaf, Y., 2004:
Prevalence and determinants of breast arterial calcium in women at high risk of cardiovascular disease

Vles, W.J.; Steyerberg, E.W.; Essink-Bot, M-Louise.; van Beeck, E.F.; Meeuwis, J.Dik.; Leenen, L.P.H., 2005:
Prevalence and determinants of disabilities and return to work after major trauma

Oberman, A.; Prineas, R.J.; Larson, J.C.; LaCroix, A.; Lasser, N.L., 2006:
Prevalence and determinants of electrocardiographic left ventricular hypertrophy among a multiethnic population of postmenopausal women (The Women's Health Initiative)

Bottenberg, P.; Declerck, D.; Ghidey, W.; Bogaerts, K.; Vanobbergen, J.; Martens, L., 2003:
Prevalence and determinants of enamel fluorosis in Flemish schoolchildren

Rothenbacher, D.; Löw, M.; Hardt, P.D.; Klör, H-Ulrich.; Ziegler, H.; Brenner, H., 2005:
Prevalence and determinants of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency among older adults: results of a population-based study

Shin, H-Rim.; Franceschi, S.; Vaccarella, S.; Roh, J-Won.; Ju, Y-Hee.; Oh, J-Kyoung.; Kong, H-Joo.; Rha, S-Hee.; Jung, S-Il.; Kim, J-Il.; Jung, K-Yeol.; van Doorn, L-Jan.; Quint, W., 2004:
Prevalence and determinants of genital infection with papillomavirus, in female and male university students in Busan, South Korea

Niiranen, T.J.; Jula, A.M.; Kantola, I.M.; Reunanen, A., 2006:
Prevalence and determinants of isolated clinic hypertension in the Finnish population: the Finn-HOME study

Conrady, A.O.; Rudomanov, O.G.; Zaharov, D.V.; Krutikov, A.N.; Vahrameeva, N.V.; Yakovleva, O.I.; Alexeeva, N.P.; Shlyakhto, E.V., 2004:
Prevalence and determinants of left ventricular hypertrophy and remodelling patterns in hypertensive patients: the St. Petersburg study

Rivera-Rivera, L.; Lazcano-Ponce, E.; Salmerón-Castro, J.; Salazar-Martínez, E.; Castro, R.; Hernández-Avila, M., 2004:
Prevalence and determinants of male partner violence against Mexican women: a population-based study

Mdegela, R.H.; Kusiluka, L.J.M.; Kapaga, A.M.; Karimuribo, E.D.; Turuka, F.M.; Bundala, A.; Kivaria, F.; Kabula, B.; Manjurano, A.; Loken, T.; Kambarage, D.M., 2004:
Prevalence and determinants of mastitis and milk-borne zoonoses in smallholder dairy farming sector in Kibaha and Morogoro districts in Eastern Tanzania

Lietzau, S.; Stürmer, T.; Erb, A.; Von Baum, H.; Marre, R.; Brenner, H., 2004:
Prevalence and determinants of nasal colonization with antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus among unselected patients attending general practitioners in Germany

Dahaghin, S.; Bierma-Zeinstra, S.M.A.; Reijman, M.; Pols, H.A.P.; Hazes, J.M.W.; Koes, B.W., 2004:
Prevalence and determinants of one month hand pain and hand related disability in the elderly (Rotterdam study)

Aekplakorn, W.; Chaiyapong, Y.; Neal, B.; Chariyalertsak, S.; Kunanusont, C.; Phoolcharoen, W.; Suriyawongpaisal, P., 2004:
Prevalence and determinants of overweight and obesity in Thai adults: results of the Second National Health Examination Survey

Ashar, B.H.; Miller, R.G.; Getz, K.J.; Powe, N.R., 2004:
Prevalence and determinants of physician participation in conducting pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical trials and lectures

Tsai, P-Shan.; Ke, T-Lu.; Huang, C-Jen.; Tsai, J-Chen.; Chen, P-Ling.; Wang, S-Yi.; Shyu, Y-Kae., 2005:
Prevalence and determinants of prehypertension status in the Taiwanese general population

Wallace, T.W.; Abdullah, S.M.; Drazner, M.H.; Das, S.R.; Khera, A.; McGuire, D.K.; Wians, F.; Sabatine, M.S.; Morrow, D.A.; de Lemos, J.A., 2006:
Prevalence and determinants of troponin T elevation in the general population

Glen, S.; Burns, J.; Bloomfield, P., 2004:
Prevalence and development of additional cardiac abnormalities in 1448 patients with congenital ventricular septal defects

Tepper, S.J.; Dahlöf, C.G.H.; Dowson, A.; Newman, L.; Mansbach, H.; Jones, M.; Pham, B.; Webster, C.; Salonen, R., 2004:
Prevalence and diagnosis of migraine in patients consulting their physician with a complaint of headache: data from the Landmark Study

Sandoz, M.S.; Ess, S.M.; Keusch, Gérald.W.; Schwenkglenks, M.; Szucs, T.D., 2004:
Prevalence and direct medical costs of end-stage renal disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in Switzerland for 2001

Bauer, M.S.; Altshuler, L.; Evans, D.R.; Beresford, T.; Williford, W.O.; Hauger, R., 2005:
Prevalence and distinct correlates of anxiety, substance, and combined comorbidity in a multi-site public sector sample with bipolar disorder

Theil, D.; Horn, A.K.E.; Derfuss, T.; Strupp, M.; Arbusow, V.; Brandt, T., 2004:
Prevalence and distribution of HSV-1, VZV, and HHV-6 in human cranial nerve nuclei III, IV, VI, VII, and XII

Belmahi, L.; Sefiani, A.; Fouveau, C.; Feingold, Jé.; Delpech, M.; Grateau, G.; Dodé, C., 2006:
Prevalence and distribution of MEFV mutations among Arabs from the Maghreb patients suffering from familial Mediterranean fever

Frone, M.R., 2006:
Prevalence and distribution of alcohol use and impairment in the workplace: a U.S. national survey

Frates, M.C.; Benson, C.B.; Doubilet, P.M.; Kunreuther, E.; Contreras, M.; Cibas, E.S.; Orcutt, J.; Moore, F.D.; Larsen, P.Reed.; Marqusee, E.; Alexander, E.K., 2006:
Prevalence and distribution of carcinoma in patients with solitary and multiple thyroid nodules on sonography

Splieth, C.; Schwahn, C.; Bernhardt, O.; John, U., 2004 :
Prevalence and distribution of root caries in Pomerania, North-East Germany

Castle, K.T.; Kosoy, M.; Lerdthusnee, K.; Phelan, L.; Bai, Y.; Gage, K.L.; Leepitakrat, W.; Monkanna, T.; Khlaimanee, N.; Chandranoi, K.; Jones, J.W.; Coleman, R.E., 2004:
Prevalence and diversity of Bartonella in rodents of northern Thailand: a comparison with Bartonella in rodents from southern China

King, T.M.; Rosenberg, L.A.; Fuddy, L.; McFarlane, E.; Sia, C.; Duggan, A.K., 2005:
Prevalence and early identification of language delays among at-risk three year olds

Khan, M.-Athar; Razamara, S.-Ali; Younus, M.; Khan, M.-Sarwar; Khan, I.; Abbas, T., 2006:
Prevalence and effect of helminthiasis on haematological parameters in the migratory sparrows (Alauda arvensis) and treatment with an antihelmintic, fenbendazole

Canales, B.K.; Zapzalka, D.M.; Ercole, C.J.; Carey, P.; Haus, E.; Aeppli, D.; Pryor, J.L., 2005:
Prevalence and effect of varicoceles in an elderly population

Kessler, R.C.; Akiskal, H.S.; Ames, M.; Birnbaum, H.; Greenberg, P.; Hirschfeld, R.M.A.; Jin, R.; Merikangas, K.R.; Simon, G.E.; Wang, P.S., 2006:
Prevalence and effects of mood disorders on work performance in a nationally representative sample of U.S. workers

Tada, H.; Ito, S.; Naito, S.; Kurosaki, K.; Ueda, M.; Shinbo, G.; Hoshizaki, H.; Oshima, S.; Nogami, A.; Taniguchi, K., 2004:
Prevalence and electrocardiographic characteristics of idiopathic ventricular arrhythmia originating in the free wall of the right ventricular outflow tract

Pendino, G.Maria.; Mariano, A.; Surace, P.; Caserta, C.Antonio.; Fiorillo, M.Teresa.; Amante, A.; Bruno, S.; Mangano, C.; Polito, I.; Amato, F.; Cotichini, R.; Stroffolini, T.; Mele, A., 2005:
Prevalence and etiology of altered liver tests: a population-based survey in a Mediterranean town

Sezer, S.; Ozdemir, F.N.; Tutal, E.; Bilgic, A.; Haberal, M., 2006:
Prevalence and etiology of anemia in renal transplant recipients

Pourshams, A.; Malekzadeh, R.; Monavvari, A.; Akbari, M.R.; Mohamadkhani, A.; Yarahmadi, S.; Seddighi, N.; Mohamadnejad, M.; Sotoudeh, M.; Madjlessi, A., 2005:
Prevalence and etiology of persistently elevated alanine aminotransferase levels in healthy Iranian blood donors

Sullivan, M.B.; Lindell, D.; Lee, J.A.; Thompson, L.R.; Bielawski, J.P.; Chisholm, S.W., 2006:
Prevalence and evolution of core photosystem II genes in marine cyanobacterial viruses and their hosts

Khuwaja, A.K.; Qureshi, R.; Azam, S.I., 2004:
Prevalence and factors associated with anxiety and depression among family practitioners in Karachi, Pakistan

Valencia-Flores, M.; Cardiel, M.H.; Santiago, V.; Resendiz, M.; Castaño, V.A.; Negrete, O.; Rosenberg, C.; García-Ramos, G.; Alcocer, J.; Alarcón-Segovia, D., 2004:
Prevalence and factors associated with fibromyalgia in Mexican patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Weder-Cisneros, N.D.; Téllez-Zenteno, J.F.; Cardiel, M.H.; Guibert-Toledano, M.; Cabiedes, J.; Velásquez-Paz, A.L.; García-Ramos, G.; Cantú, C., 2004:
Prevalence and factors associated with headache in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Florence, E.; Schrooten, W.; Dreezen, C.; Gordillo, V.; Nilsson Schönnesson, L.; Asboe, D.; Koitz, G.; Colebunders, R., 2004:
Prevalence and factors associated with sexual dysfunction among HIV-positive women in Europe

Hudziak, J.J.; Althoff, R.R.; Derks, E.M.; Faraone, S.V.; Boomsma, D.I., 2005:
Prevalence and genetic architecture of Child Behavior Checklist-juvenile bipolar disorder

Zintz, C.; Bok, K.; Parada, E.; Barnes-Eley, M.; Berke, T.; Staat, M.A.; Azimi, P.; Jiang, X.; Matson, D.O., 2005:
Prevalence and genetic characterization of caliciviruses among children hospitalized for acute gastroenteritis in the United States

Whitaker, J.M.; Cristol, D.A.; Forsyth, M.H., 2005:
Prevalence and genetic diversity of Bacillus licheniformis in avian plumage

Kalkan, A.; Ozdarendeli, A.; Bulut, Y.; Saral, Y.; Ozden, M.; Keleştimur, N.; Toraman, Z.Asci., 2005:
Prevalence and genotypic distribution of hepatitis GB-C/HG and TT viruses in blood donors, mentally retarded children and four groups of patients in eastern Anatolia, Turkey

Lu, C-Liang.; Lang, H-Chu.; Chang, F-Young.; Chen, C-Yen.; Luo, J-Chyuan.; Wang, S-Sang.; Lee, S-Dong., 2005:
Prevalence and health/social impacts of functional dyspepsia in Taiwan: a study based on the Rome criteria questionnaire survey assisted by endoscopic exclusion among a physical check-up population

Sutton, T.L.; Martinko, T.; Hale, S.; Fairchok, M.P., 2003:
Prevalence and high rate of asymptomatic infection of Chlamydia trachomatis in male college Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets

Dørum, A.; Blom, G.P.; Ekerhovd, E.; Granberg, S., 2005:
Prevalence and histologic diagnosis of adnexal cysts in postmenopausal women: an autopsy study

Lancaster, H.; Ready, D.; Mullany, P.; Spratt, D.; Bedi, R.; Wilson, M., 2003:
Prevalence and identification of tetracycline-resistant oral bacteria in children not receiving antibiotic therapy

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Prevalence and impact of arthritis among nursing home residents

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