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Production of nuclear transfer llama (lama glama) embryos from in vitro matured llama oocytes

Sansinena, M.J.; Taylor, S.A.; Taylor, P.J.; Denniston, R.S.; Godke, R.A.

Cloning and Stem Cells 5(3): 191-198


ISSN/ISBN: 1536-2302
PMID: 14588137
DOI: 10.1089/153623003769645857
Accession: 012453697

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To date, there have been no reports of somatic cell nuclear transfer in llamas. The application of this methodology to the camelid industry could be helpful in the propagation of genetically valuable animals. The objective of this study was to produce nuclear transfer llama embryos comparing the development of these llama embryos cultured in either CR1aa medium (treatment A) or G1.2 medium (treatment B) medium.

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