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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 12486

Chapter 12486 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Li, R.; Ye, J.; Li, S.; Wang, J.; Han, Y.; Ye, C.; Wang, J.; Yang, H.; Yu, J.; Wong, G.Ka-Shu.; Wang, J., 2005:
ReAS: Recovery of ancestral sequences for transposable elements from the unassembled reads of a whole genome shotgun

Hunter, C.; Poethig, R.Scott., 2004:
ReFUSing to grow up

Scaranello, Carla-Alessandra, 2005:
Reabilitacao Auditiva Pos Implante Coclear

Park, S.Young.; Kim, J-Keun.; Kim, I.Jin.; Choi, B.Kyu.; Jung, K.Yong.; Lee, S.; Park, K.Jin.; Chairoungdua, A.; Kanai, Y.; Endou, H.; Kim, D.Kyung., 2005:
Reabsorption of neutral amino acids mediated by amino acid transporter LAT2 and TAT1 in the basolateral membrane of proximal tubule

Staneloni, M., C.; Maffione, L.; Greco, A.; Longarini, V.; Santucci, C.; Hermilla, V.; Martin, M.; Basilio, V.; Matteo, P.; Yanivello, V.; Goyeneche, B.; Filinger, E., 2004:
Reaccion cutanea severa a drogas: Sindrome de Stevens-Johnson y necrolisis epidermica toxica

Rubiales, A.S.; Del-Valle, M.L.; Gomez, L.; Una, E.; Hernansanz, S.; Flores, L.A., 2005:
Reaccion de llamarada en el cancer de mama avanzado

Bonilla-Porras, M.; Moyano-Sierra, N.; Capilla-Montes, C.; Delgado-Silveira, E.; Garcia-Diaz, B., 2004:
Reacciones adversas a beta bloqueantes

Roy, A.H.; Faust, C.L.; Freeman, M.C.; Meyer, J.L., 2005:
Reach-scale effects of riparian forest cover on urban stream ecosystems

Marks, P.D., 2004:
Reaching a balance between privacy, privilege and planning: a look at barriers to obtaining information for patients with criminal involvement

Stashkevich, I.S.; Kulikov, M.A., 2004:
Reaching behavior of rats during realization of a lateralized motor food skill

Angelucci, A.; Bullier, J., 2004:
Reaching beyond the classical receptive field of V1 neurons: horizontal or feedback axons?

Angelucci, A.; Bullier, J., 2003:
Reaching beyond the classical receptive field of VI neurons: horizontal or feedback axons?

Dijkerman, H.C.; McIntosh, R.D.; Anema, H.A.; de Haan, E.H.F.; Kappelle, L.J.; Milner, A.D., 2005:
Reaching errors in optic ataxia are linked to eye position rather than head or body position

Brown, V.J., 2003:
REACHing for chemical safety

Stieglitz, K.A.; Yang, H.; Roberts, M.F.; Stec, B., 2005:
Reaching for mechanistic consensus across life kingdoms: structure and insights into catalysis of the myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase (mIPS) from Archaeoglobus fulgidus

Linn, J.G.; Neff, J.A.; Theriot, R.; Harris, J.L.; Interrante, J.; Graham, M.E., 2003:
Reaching impaired populations with HIV prevention programs: a clinical trial for homeless mentally ill African-American men

Zoia, S.; Castiello, U.; Blason, L.; Scabar, A., 2005:
Reaching in children with and without developmental coordination disorder under normal and perturbed vision

Sanger, T.D.; Kaiser, J.; Placek, B., 2005:
Reaching movements in childhood dystonia contain signal-dependent noise

Favilla, M., 2005:
Reaching movements in children: accuracy and reaction time development

Lidke, D.S.; Lidke, K.A.; Rieger, B.; Jovin, T.M.; Arndt-Jovin, D.J., 2005:
Reaching out for signals: filopodia sense EGF and respond by directed retrograde transport of activated receptors

Blank, S.; Gallagher, K.; Washburn, K.; Rogers, M., 2005:
Reaching out to boys at bars: utilizing community partnerships to employ a wellness strategy for syphilis control among men who have sex with men in New York City

Dorval, J-Francois.; Anderson, T.; Buithieu, J.; Chan, S.; Hutchison, S.; Huynh, T.; Jobin, J.; Lonn, E.; Poirier, P.; Title, L.; Walling, A.; Tran, T.; Boudreau, G.; Charbonneau, F.; Genest, J., 2005:
Reaching recommended lipid and blood pressure targets with amlodipine/atorvastatin combination in patients with coronary heart disease

Holmes, N.P.; Snijders, H.J.; Spence, C., 2006:
Reaching with alien limbs: visual exposure to prosthetic hands in a mirror biases proprioception without accompanying illusions of ownership

Silva, L., M.; Roselino, A.-Maria, F., 2003:
Reacoes de hipersensibilidade a drogas (farmacodermia)

Oliveira, L., C.O.; Cozac, A.-Paula, C.N.C., 2003:
Reacoes transfusionais: Diagnostico e tratamento

Incoccia, C.; Formisano, R.; Muscato, P.; Reali, G.; Zoccolotti, P., 2004:
Reaction and movement times in individuals with chronic traumatic brain injury with good motor recovery

Yavari, I.; Djahaniani, H.; Nasiri, F., 2003:
Reaction between alkyl isocyanides and dimethyl acetylenedicarboxylate in the presence of polyhydroxybenzenes. Synthesis of 4H-chromene derivatives

Dorogi, M.; Milano, F.; Szebenyi, K.; Varo, G.; Giotta, L.; Trotta, M.; Agostiano, A.; Maroti, P.; Nagy, L., 2005:
Reaction centers in lipids

Straganz, G.D.; Nidetzky, B., 2005:
Reaction coordinate analysis for beta-diketone cleavage by the non-heme Fe2+-dependent dioxygenase Dke1

Best, R.B.; Hummer, G., 2005:
Reaction coordinates and rates from transition paths

Myers, R.S.; Amaro, R.E.; Luthey-Schulten, Z.A.; Davisson, V.Jo., 2005:
Reaction coupling through interdomain contacts in imidazole glycerol phosphate synthase

Rodríguez-Hornedo, Nír.; Nehm, S.J.; Seefeldt, K.F.; Pagan-Torres, Y.; Falkiewicz, C.J., 2006:
Reaction crystallization of pharmaceutical molecular complexes

Means, S.; Smith, A.J.; Shepherd, J.; Shadid, J.; Fowler, J.; Wojcikiewicz, R.J.H.; Mazel, T.; Smith, G.D.; Wilson, B.S., 2006:
Reaction diffusion modeling of calcium dynamics with realistic ER geometry

Leonhauser, J.; Rohricht, M.; Wagner Dobler, I.; Deckwer, W.D., 2006:
Reaction engineering aspects of microbial mercury removal

Kobayashi, T.; Adachi, S., 2004:
Reaction equilibrium for lipase-catalyzed condensation in organic solvent systems

Bannwarth, M.; Heckmann-Pohl, Dée.; Bastian, S.; Giffhorn, F.; Schulz, G.E., 2006:
Reaction geometry and thermostable variant of pyranose 2-oxidase from the white-rot fungus Peniophora sp

Ose, T.; Fujino, A.; Yao, M.; Watanabe, N.; Honma, M.; Tanaka, I., 2003:
Reaction intermediate structures of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase: insight into PLP-dependent cyclopropane ring-opening reaction

Manuel, R.C.; Hitomi, K.; Arvai, A.S.; House, P.G.; Kurtz, A.J.; Dodson, M.L.; McCullough, A.K.; Tainer, J.A.; Lloyd, R.Stephen., 2004:
Reaction intermediates in the catalytic mechanism of Escherichia coli MutY DNA glycosylase

Schopfer, L.M.; Voelker, T.; Bartels, C.F.; Thompson, C.M.; Lockridge, O., 2005:
Reaction kinetics of biotinylated organophosphorus toxicant, FP-biotin, with human acetylcholinesterase and human butyrylcholinesterase

Zhang, H.; Lemley, A.T., 2006:
Reaction mechanism and kinetic modeling of DEET degradation by flow-through anodic fenton treatment (FAFT)

Yoshikawa, S., 2005:
Reaction mechanism and phospholipid structures of bovine heart cytochrome c oxidase

Sun, Q-An.; Su, D.; Novoselov, S.V.; Carlson, B.A.; Hatfield, D.L.; Gladyshev, V.N., 2005:
Reaction mechanism and regulation of mammalian thioredoxin/glutathione reductase

Yoshikawa, S.; Muramoto, K.; Shinzawa-Itoh, K.; Aoyama, H.; Tsukihara, T.; Ogura, T.; Shimokata, K.; Katayama, Y.; Shimada, H., 2006:
Reaction mechanism of bovine heart cytochrome c oxidase

Honda, Y.; Kitaoka, M.; Hayashi, K., 2003:
Reaction mechanism of chitobiose phosphorylase from Vibrio proteolyticus: identification of family 36 glycosyltransferase in Vibrio

Penalver, M., J.; Fenoll, L., G.; Rodriguez-Lopez, J., N.; Garcia-Ruiz, P., A.; Garcia-Molina, F.; Varon, R.; Garcia-Canovas, F.; Tudela, J., 2005:
Reaction mechanism to explain the high kinetic autoactivation of tyrosinase

Ma, Ying Shih, 2004:
Reaction mechanisms for DBPS reduction in humic acid ozonation

Bertrand, E.; Sakai, R.; Rozhkova-Novosad, E.; Moe, L.; Fox, B.G.; Groves, J.T.; Austin, R.N., 2005:
Reaction mechanisms of non-heme diiron hydroxylases characterized in whole cells

Lin, W.; Lu, C.; Du, F.; Shao, Z.; Han, Z.; Tu, T.; Yao, S.; Lin, N., 2006:
Reaction mechanisms of riboflavin triplet state with nucleic acid bases

Steinkamp, T.; Liesener, Aé.; Karst, U., 2003:
Reaction monitoring of enzyme-catalyzed ester cleavage by time-resolved fluorescence and electrospray mass spectrometry: method development and comparison

Khripach, V.A.; Zhabinskii, V.N.; Kuchto, A.I.; Fando, G.P.; Zhiburtovich, Y.Y.; Lyakhov, A.S.; Govorova, A.A.; Groen, M.B.; van der Louw, J.; de Groot, A., 2004:
Reaction of (13S)-13-iodo-6beta-methoxy-3alpha,5-cyclo-13,14-seco-5alpha-androstane-14,17-dione with hydroxylamine and its application to the synthesis of new 13,14-seco steroids

Alonso, C., M.A.; Neves, M., G.P.M.S.; Tome, A., C.; Silva, A., M.S.; Cavaleiro, J., A.S., 2005:
Reaction of (2-amino-5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrinato)nickel(II) with quinones

Ibatullin, F.M.; Shabalin, K.A.; Jaenis, J.V.; Shavva, A.G., 2003:
Reaction of 1,2-trans-glycosyl acetates with thiourea: A new entry to 1-thiosugars

Aly, A.A.; E.S.aieb, K.M., 2004:
Reaction of 1,8-diaminonaphthalene with some selected pi-acceptors; prospective optically active non-linear cyanovinylated naphthalenes as well as synthesis of novel perimidin and pleiadene derivatives

Gawandi, V.B.; Liskey, D.; Lima, S.; Phillips, R.S., 2004:
Reaction of Pseudomonas fluorescens kynureninase with beta-benzoyl-L-alanine: detection of a new reaction intermediate and a change in rate-determining step

Trampitsch, C.; Slavica, A.; Riethorst, W.; Nidetzky, B., 2005:
Reaction of Trigonopsis variabilis D-amino acid oxidase with 2,6-dichloroindophenol: kinetic characterisation and development of an oxygen-independent assay of the enzyme activity

Yoon, M.; Patwardhan, A.; Qiao, C.; Mansoorabadi, S.O.; Menefee, A.L.; Reed, G.H.; Marsh, E.Neil.G., 2006:
Reaction of adenosylcobalamin-dependent glutamate mutase with 2-thiolglutarate

Kannan, R.; Kumar, K.; Sahal, D.; Kukreti, S.; Chauhan, V.S., 2004:
Reaction of artemisinin with haemoglobin: implications for antimalarial activity

Islam, M.Mainul.; Hayashi, H.; Kagamiyama, H., 2003:
Reaction of aspartate aminotransferase with C5-dicarboxylic acids: comparison with the reaction with C4-dicarboxylic acids

Yoshimatsu, M.; Hatanaka, F., 2004:
Reaction of beta-ethoxyvinyl lithiums generated from phenyltellanyl- and ethyltellanylacetaldehyde diethyl acetals with aldehydes and ketones and successive hydrations

Chen, H.; Ouyang, W.; Lawuyi, B.; Martoni, C.; Prakash, S., 2005:
Reaction of chitosan with genipin and its fluorogenic attributes for potential microcapsule membrane characterization

Biedermann-Brem, S.; Biedermann, M.; Grob, K., 2004:
Reaction of epoxidized soya bean oil (ESBO) with hydrogen chloride formed in PVC: investigation on model systems

Jantschko, W.; Furtmüller, P.G.; Zederbauer, M.; Neugschwandtner, K.; Jakopitsch, C.; Obinger, C., 2005:
Reaction of ferrous lactoperoxidase with hydrogen peroxide and dioxygen: an anaerobic stopped-flow study

Cysyk, R.L.; Parker, R.J.; Barchi, J.J.; Steeg, P.S.; Hartman, N.R.; Strong, J.M., 2006:
Reaction of geldanamycin and C17-substituted analogues with glutathione: product identifications and pharmacological implications

Svistunenko, D.A., 2005:
Reaction of haem containing proteins and enzymes with hydroperoxides: the radical view

Romero, N.; Radi, R.; Linares, E.; Augusto, O.; Detweiler, C.D.; Mason, R.P.; Denicola, A., 2003:
Reaction of human hemoglobin with peroxynitrite. Isomerization to nitrate and secondary formation of protein radicals

O'Coinceanainn, M.; Bonnely, S.; Baderschneider, B.; Hynes, M.J., 2004:
Reaction of iron(III) with theaflavin: complexation and oxidative products

Matsushita, Y.; Fujita, K.; Ikegami, N.; Ohata, S., 2004:
Reaction of juvenile flounder to grid separators

Rudnik, M.P.; Veide, A.A.; Balakhonov, S.V.; Tepliakova, L.I.; Mikhailov, L.M., 2003:
Reaction of latex agglutination for food laboratory monitoring

Weder, Jürgen.K.P.; Kahleyss, R., 2003:
Reaction of lentil trypsin-chymotrypsin inhibitors with human and bovine proteinases

Sotoca, E.; Bouillon, J.-Philippe; Gil, S.; Parra, M.; Portella, C., 2004:
Reaction of lithium enediolates with perfluoroketene dithioacetals. Synthesis of alpha-trifluoromethyl gamma-dicarboxylic acid derivatives

Shpakova, A.P.; Bulycheva, T.I.; Kutyina, R.M.; Lyubimova, L.S.; Demidova, I.A.; Aleksandrova, I.Y.; Rossiev, V.A.; Boldyreva, M.N.; Alekseev, L.P.; Savchenko, V.G., 2005:
Reaction of mixed lymphocyte culture and PCR-genotyping in transplantation ofallogenic bone marrow: comparison of the results

Shamirzaev, N.K.; Djabbarov, N.N.; Nazarov, S.K., 2005:
Reaction of muscle tissue in implantation of new surgical retention suture, silk, wicker, sterile surgical suture

Gammans, N.; Bullock, J.M.; Gibbons, H.; Schönrogge, K., 2006:
Reaction of mutualistic and granivorous ants to ulex elaiosome chemicals

Straube, E.; Völkel, W.; Bringmann, G.; Dekant, W., 2006:
Reaction of nitroso derivatives of dinitropyrenes with sulfhydryl groups of peptides and hemoglobin in vitro and in rats

Kim, K.; Gurol, M.D., 2005:
Reaction of nonaqueous phase TCE with permanganate

Nishizawa, C.; Takeshita, K.; Ueda, J-Ichi.; Nakanishi, I.; Suzuki, K.T.; Ozawa, T., 2006:
Reaction of para-hydroxybenzoic acid esters with singlet oxygen in the presence of glutathione produces glutathione conjugates of hydroquinone, potent inducers of oxidative stress

Okunrobo, L., O.; Usifoh, C., O., 2006:
Reaction of phthalimido alkyl acids with isopropylamine: synthesis, anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive properties

Fujita, R.; Hoshino, M.; Nishiuchi, Y.; Tomisawa, H., 2006:
Reaction of pyridinium salts with active methylene compounds

Kang, Z.; Li, H.; Li, G.; Yin, D., 2005:
Reaction of pyridoxamine with malondialdehyde: mechanism of inhibition of formation of advanced lipoxidation end-products

Karsten, W.E.; Ohshiro, T.; Izumi, Y.; Cook, P.F., 2005:
Reaction of serine-glyoxylate aminotransferase with the alternative substrate ketomalonate indicates rate-limiting protonation of a quinonoid intermediate

Lemp, E.; Guenther, G.; Castro, R.; Curitol, M.; Zanocco, A., L., 2005:
Reaction of singlet molecular oxygen, O-2((1) Delta(g)), with the Cinchona tree alkaloids - Effect of absolute configuration on the total rate constant

Adhikary, S.K.; Mian, I.H., 2004:
Reaction of some plant species and rice germplasms to Bipolaris sorokiniana

Hirose, J.; Nasu, M.; Yokoi, H., 2003:
Reaction of substituted phenols with thermostable laccase bound to Bacillus subtilis spores

E.N.gdi, W.M.A.; Youssef, M.M.A.; Moustafa, Z.R., 2004:
Reaction of sugar beet varieties to Meloidogyne incognita root-knot nematode based on quantitative and qualitative yield characterstics

El-Ashry, E.S.H.; Abul-Ghani, M.M., 2004:
Reaction of sugars with 2-hydrazinopyridine, precursors for seco C-nucleosides of 1,2,4-triazolo(4,3-a)pyridine

Stengl, V.; Marikova, M.; Bakardjieva, S.; Subrt, J.; Oplustil, F.; Olsanska, M., 2005:
Reaction of sulfur mustard gas, soman and agent VX with nanosized anatase TiO2 and ferrihydrite

Kutala, V.Kumar.; Parinandi, N.L.; Zweier, J.L.; Kuppusamy, P., 2004:
Reaction of superoxide with trityl radical: implications for the determination of superoxide by spectrophotometry

Kirihara, M.; Noguchi, T.; Kakuda, H.; Akimoto, T.; Shimajiri, A.; Morishita, M.; Hatano, A.; Hirai, Y., 2006:
Reaction of tertiary cyclopropyl silyl ethers with diethylaminosulfur trifluoride. Part 2: The Friedel-Crafts allylation and cyclopropylation of electron-rich aromatic compounds

Ogamino, J.; Mizunuma, H.; Kumamoto, H.; Haraguchi, K.; Tanaka, H., 2005:
Reaction of the 2 '-silyl and 2 '-stannyl derivatives of 6-(bromomethyl)dimethylsilyl-1 ',2 '-unsaturated uridine under radical conditions

Boyko, N.; Rudnitskaya, O.; Korniyenko, G., 2005:
Reaction of the sturgeon larvae blood cells on stimulation by hormone preparations thyroxine and cortisol

Zwickenpflug, W.; Tyroller, S., 2006:
Reaction of the tobacco alkaloid myosmine with hydrogen peroxide

Vechet, Lubomir, 2006:
Reaction of winter wheat cultivars and breeding lines to Blumeria graminis f.sp tritici

Konovalov, Yu, B.; Shaimyardyanov, N.A., 2004:
Reaction on pinching ear as index of drought-resistance of wheet

Hu, Y.; Parekh-Olmedo, H.; Drury, M.; Skogen, M.; Kmiec, E.B., 2005:
Reaction parameters of targeted gene repair in mammalian cells

Singh, J.; Kumar, M.M.; Saxena, A., K.; Kumar, S., 2005:
Reaction pathways and product yields in mild thermal cracking of vacuum residues: A multi-lump kinetic model

Perez-Benito, J.F., 2004:
Reaction pathways in the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by copper(II)

Snyrychová, I.; Pospísil, P.; Naus, J., 2006:
Reaction pathways involved in the production of hydroxyl radicals in thylakoid membrane: EPR spin-trapping study

Grewe, P.Hubert.; Müller, K.Michael.; Lindstaedt, M.; Germing, A.; Müller, A.; Mügge, A.; Deneke, T., 2005:
Reaction patterns of the tracheobronchial wall to implanted noncovered metal stents

Kato, K.; Saito, T.; Seelan, S.; Tomita, M.; Yokogawa, Y., 2005:
Reaction properties of catalytic antibodies encapsulated in organo substituted SiO2 sol-gel materials

Taubert, D.; Breitenbach, T.; Lazar, A.; Censarek, P.; Harlfinger, S.; Berkels, R.; Klaus, W.; Roesen, R., 2003:
Reaction rate constants of superoxide scavenging by plant antioxidants

Yang-Shi-Ying; Lou-Li-Ping; Wu-Xiao-Na; Chen-Ying-Xu, 2006:
Reaction site and mechanism in the UV or visible light induced TiO2 photodegradation of Orange G

Toney, M.D., 2004:
Reaction specificity in pyridoxal phosphate enzymes

Gordon, P.H.; Yu, Q.; Qualls, C.; Winfield, H.; Dillon, S.; Greene, P.E.; Fahn, S.; Breeze, R.E.; Freed, C.R.; Pullman, S.L., 2004:
Reaction time and movement time after embryonic cell implantation in Parkinson disease

Blough, D.S., 2004:
Reaction time signatures of discriminative processes: differential effects of stimulus similarity and incentive

Harden, C.L.; Kossoy, A.; Vera, S.; Nikolov, B., 2004:
Reaction to epilepsy in the workplace

Hermeling, S.; Jiskoot, W.; Crommelin, D.J.A.; Schellekens, H., 2006:
Reaction to the paper: interaction of polysorbate 80 with erythropoietin: a case study in protein-surfactant interactions

Blaszczyk, J.; Shi, G.; Li, Y.; Yan, H.; Ji, X., 2004:
Reaction trajectory of pyrophosphoryl transfer catalyzed by 6-hydroxymethyl-7,8-dihydropterin pyrophosphokinase

Garcia-Viloca, M.; Truhlar, D.G.; Gao, J., 2003:
Reaction-path energetics and kinetics of the hydride transfer reaction catalyzed by dihydrofolate reductase

Ghorpade, A., 2004:
Reactional tattoo inoculation borderline tuberculoid leprosy with oedematous tattoos

Walker, F.J.; Singleton, R.J.; Bulkow, L.R.; Strikas, R.A.; Butler, J.C., 2005:
Reactions after 3 or more doses of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine in adults in Alaska

Ouyang-Bin; Fang-Hao-Jie; Zhu-Cheng-Zhu; Dong-Wen-Bo; Hou-Hui-Qi, 2005:
Reactions between the SO4 center dot- radical and some common anions in atmospheric aqueous droplets

Daghfous, R.; El-Aidli, S.; Jday, A.; Kastalli, S.; Klouz, A.; Srairi, S.; Lakhal, M.; Loueslati, M.-Hedi; Belkahia, C., 2005:
Reactions de type allergique au paracetamol

Lisov, A.; Leontievsky, A.; Golovleva, L.; Evans, C., 2004:
Reactions of hybrid Mn-peroxidase of the white rot fungus Panus tigrinus with benzylic alcohols in the presence of mediators

Clough, S.; Gupton, J.; Ligali, A.; Roberts, M.; Driscoll, D.; Annett, S.; Hewitt, A.; Hudson, M.; Jackson, E.; Miller, R.; Norwood, B.; Kanters, R.; Wyre, H.; Petruzzi, H., 2005:
Reactions of (Z)-3-aryl-3-chloropropenals with nucleophiles: stereoselective formation of (E)-vinylogous esters, (E)-vinylogous amides, and vinamidinium salts

Nakamura, M.; Shishido, N.; Akutsu, H., 2004:
Reactions of 1-methyl-2-mercaptoimidazole with hypochlorous acid and superoxide

Takeya, T.; Kondo, H.; Otsuka, T.; Doi, H.; Okamoto, I.; Kotani, E., 2005:
Reactions of 1-naphthols with pi-acceptor p-benzoquinones: oxidative aryl coupling vs. non-oxidative electrophilic arylation

Quan, H-Ji.; Koyanagi, J.; Hagiwara, K.; Cui, X-Ri.; Isshiki, Y.; Kondo, S.; Komada, F.; Saito, S., 2006:
Reactions of 26-iodopseudodiosgenin and 26-iodopseudodiosgenone with various nucleophiles and pharmacological activities of the products

Azev, Yu, A.; Lork, E.; Djulks, T.; Gabel, D., 2005:
Reactions of 3-alkylsulfonyl derivatives of 1,2,4-triazine and pyrimido-triazine with sodium mercaptododecaborate: Simple pathways to boron-containing as-triazines and thioesters of sulfinic acid

Petersen, D.R.; Doorn, J.A., 2004:
Reactions of 4-hydroxynonenal with proteins and cellular targets

Manini, P.; Napolitano, A.; d'Ischia, M., 2005:
Reactions of D-glucose with phenolic amino acids: further insights into the competition between Maillard and Pictet-Spengler condensation pathways

Iriarte Capaccio, C.A.; Varela, O., 2004:
Reactions of Diels-Alder adducts of a sugar-derived dihydropyranone leading to fused polycyclic compounds

Ray, M.; Malhi, P., 2005:
Reactions of Indian adolescents to the 9/11 terrorist attacks

Jacewicz, D.; Lapińska, A.; Dabrowska, A.; Figarski, A.; Woźniak, Mł.; Chmurzyński, L., 2006:
Reactions of *NO2 with chromium(III) complexes with histamine and pyridoxamine ligands studied by the stopped-flow technique

Pfrang, C.; Tooze, C.; Nalty, A.; Canosa-Mas, C., E.; Wayne, R., P., 2006:
Reactions of NO3 with the man-made emissions 2-methylpent-2-ene, (Z)-3-methylpent-2-ene, ethyl vinyl ether, and the stress-induced plant emission ethyl vinyl ketone

Delipetar-Grudl, A.; Solar, S.; Getoff, N., 2006 :
Reactions of OH-radicals with procarbazine. A pulse radiolysis and computer simulation study

Goldstein, S.; Russo, A.; Samuni, A., 2003:
Reactions of PTIO and carboxy-PTIO with *NO, *NO2, and O2-*

Hua, R.; Takeda, H-aki.; Abe, Y.; Tanaka, M., 2004:
Reactions of a carbamoylstannane with acid chlorides: highly efficient synthesis of alpha-oxo amides

Saraiva, M.A.; Borges, C.M.; Florêncio, M.Helena., 2006:
Reactions of a modified lysine with aldehydic and diketonic dicarbonyl compounds: an electrospray mass spectrometry structure/activity study

Tong, G.C.; Cornwell, W.K.; Means, G.E., 2004:
Reactions of acrylamide with glutathione and serum albumin

Hryntsevich, I.B.; Shadyro, O.I., 2005:
Reactions of alpha-hydroxyethyl radicals with flavonoids of various structures

Salas, E.; Fulcrand, Hélène.; Meudec, E.; Cheynier, Véronique., 2003:
Reactions of anthocyanins and tannins in model solutions

Drew, M.G.B.; Metcalfe, J.; Dascombe, M.J.; Ismail, F.M.D., 2006:
Reactions of artemisinin and arteether with acid: implications for stability and mode of antimalarial action

Ksendzova, G.A.; Sorokin, V.L.; Edimecheva, I.P.; Shadyro, O.I., 2004:
Reactions of arylamine and aminophenol derivatives, and riboflavin with organic radicals

Henderson, A.P.; Barnes, M.L.; Bleasdale, C.; Cameron, R.; Clegg, W.; Heath, S.L.; Lindstrom, A.B.; Rappaport, S.M.; Waidyanatha, S.; Watson, W.P.; Golding, B.T., 2005:
Reactions of benzene oxide with thiols including glutathione

Teilmann, J.; Tougaard, J.; Miller, L., A.; Kirketerp, T.; Hansen, K.; Brando, S., 2006:
Reactions of captive harbor porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) to pinger-like sounds

Paukner, A.; Anderson, J.R.; Fujita, K., 2004:
Reactions of capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) to multiple mirrors

Wang, L.; Arey, J.; Atkinson, R., 2005:
Reactions of chlorine atoms with a series of aromatic hydrocarbons

Chang Chien, S.W.; Wang, M.C.; Huang, C.C., 2006:
Reactions of compost-derived humic substances with lead, copper, cadmium, and zinc

Bartesaghi, S.; Trujillo, M.; Denicola, A.; Folkes, L.; Wardman, P.; Radi, R., 2004:
Reactions of desferrioxamine with peroxynitrite-derived carbonate and nitrogen dioxide radicals

Villegas, M.L.; Bertolotti, S.G.; Previtali, C.M.; Encinas, M.V., 2005:
Reactions of excited states of phenoxazin-3-one dyes with amino acids

Marcon, G.; Messori, L.; Orioli, P.; Cinellu, M.Agostina.; Minghetti, G., 2003:
Reactions of gold(III) complexes with serum albumin

Andreadou, I.; Tsantili-Kakoulidou, A.; Spyropoulou, E.; Siatra, T., 2003:
Reactions of indole derivatives with cardioprotective activity with reactive oxygen species. Comparison with melatonin

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Real-time PCR for mRNA quantitation

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